The pan on the heat. Tap it, crack it, whisk it. This is something that my kids love, something that I like to do for breakfast, brunch, lunch, midnight munchies. I’ve grated some nice cheddar cheese. And I have some toast. Let's do this. You can see that the pans got nice and hot.

We're going to go inwith a little bit of oil. We're going to go straight inwith the eggs. As soon as you've done that. Move it around. Look at it. It's like little perfectsilky sheets. The cheese goes in like this, and it will give you the most amazing flavour and seasoning. We're done now. It's finished. And I take my toast.

I'm going to show youthat we created the most incredible texture. Like a croissant, like puff pastry. What you've done is create potentially the most amazing omelette in the world. Look at that! Gooeyness and deliciousness. That is my silky omelette.


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