Alright so this last chapter of one piece was pretty damn ridiculous in the funniest ways possible truly it is this sort of content in the midst of such important events that makes one piece one piece and truly one of a kind with the previous chapter we had absolute mayhem ensue or at least a bit.

More than moments before as thanks to thomas declaration a number of kaido's forces suddenly turned against one another in pursuit of his ultimate defeat and the victory of the straw hats meanwhile nami and zeus would definitively rekindle their relationship as zeus's status would be risen from.

Servant to sidekick beyond this the mysterious figures that make up cp0 would have a pretty interesting conversation in regards to their true objective here the tide of the battle was seemingly shifting in some pretty considerable ways.

But more than anything they needed to confirm the death of one particular individual and at that they themselves seemed to be a bit in the dark when it came to the true purpose of this task but even still they did not expect their target to even survive his encounter with one of the former warlords of the.

Sea jinbei thus making it very clear that the person they were referring to was in fact who's who and this battle between him and jinbei was definitely intense he'd firstly make his second hand animosity towards luffy as he bearer of not only shanks his former straw hat but also the devil.

Fruit he was once made to transport very much known again and again these two would clash but despite this who's who had questions he desired to be answered namely in regards to a tale he had clung onto in prison regarding a legendary warrior believed to one day.

Save all slaves the sun god nika a subject we had thoroughly covered with the previous chapter discussion as there were a number of past instances worth recounting for the sake of further understanding now the reason who's who even brought this subject up was because jimbei was previously.

The captain of the sun pirates a crew made up of many former slaves and so he'd hoped that there might be some sort of connection there and truly the moment this was brought up jimbei's mood suddenly shifted to being deadly serious as he would suddenly make use of a fishman karate secret art.

Demon brick fist and by way of this he would finish off who's who while warning him against touching upon history he is not prepared to face so certainly some interesting things you cover when it comes to jimbei not to mention the whole mystery surrounding what jinbei was really up to after the whole cake island arc which we.

Also covered thoroughly in a video of its own so be sure to check that one out if you are so interested but with this latest chapter we firstly open up with queen versus sanji or at least a blip of it a fight in which queen would make use of his many cybernetic.

Augmentations as a number of beam attacks would go off the likes of what sanchi would consider to potentially be of interest to frankie and not too far away from there we would have zoro's impromptu doctor's appointment a comedically concerning one at that but.

Now taking a step away from the battlefield entirely on the wano c we would have the submarine of the heart pirates who after having recently rescued luffy from the same very sea pumped all the water out of him but were still concerned about his condition they would all begin to wonder what sort.

Of medical attention they should provide to him but truly luffy only wanted one thing in his current state and that is meat he was hungry and he needed food a pretty funny concept but one i doubt they will really be able to fulfill with the contents of the submarine alone.

Perhaps they may have some rations amidst their supplies but truly if they want to satisfy this guy's appetite they'll probably have to look elsewhere and of course right now wano is in the midst of celebrating its fire festival so i'm sure there is plenty of food to enjoy there past this we would transition to what is.

Known as the right brain tower where just like in many other locations a number of headliners have turned on their former comrades for the sake of their new master tama and this was also the location of frankie and his opponent sasaki of the topiropo who would both.

Come to know of this sudden shift now frankie would actually compliment sasuke here for just how resilient he is having withstood so many of his attacks so far a sentiment that was pretty much mutual among them and so from here sasuke would shift his approach a bit he would take on a hybrid zoan form.

Now looming over frankie he planned on going to the live floor and taking care of all the traitors himself as he would furthermore reveal a blade of his that had several miniature blades along the side of it which suddenly began to move like a blender however of course frankie still was not willing to let him through.

And he himself wasn't exactly sure why there was such a sudden shift in allegiances but if it meant more friends on his side he wasn't exactly complaining and to this a few of them would begin to cheer him on although he would furthermore let them know that he was fined by his lonesome that they.

Should go and help some other people but again saseki intended to handle this situation himself as suddenly his neck flap headpiece thing i seriously have no idea what to call this sort of thing began to spin around as suddenly like a helicopter he'd just take off now actually flying a.

Very strange series of events which many of these lesser goons would recognize to be really dangerous now warning frankie this was triceracopter what to me sounds like the sort of ride you would expect to find at a dinosaur theme park a move that would straight up mow.

Through a bunch of these people but sasuke was not done yet as he would whirl back upwards and attempt to do the very same to frankie but would instead be met by a sword kept to repel him and as he redirected this assault into the ground frankie could not help but mention just.

How weird all this was as he had no idea he would be getting into an aerial battle and according to our paleontologist of the year sasuke over here the triceratops is a very special breed of dinosaur but i know damn well it's not that special however this revelation did.

Actually stand to increase asiki's speed a bit so it was troubling for sure and now again sasuke's flesh propeller thing would begin to spin around as frankie would ready himself for another attack but as it turns out sasuke was spinning it in the wrong way and ended up moving pretty far back much.

To frankie's confusion something that a now embarrassed and visually blushing sasuke would try and cover up by making it seem like he did this on purpose to back up for his next attack in reasoning frankie was not buying at all but even still sasuke would then actually charge.

Forwards and this time actually hit frankie sutier unfortunately hitting his shoulder cannon as it would then misfire causing a bit of an explosion and from there frankie would grip firmly onto sasuke here and straight up suplex the guy and now.

Seeing this as an opportunity to strike his weaker underbelly frankie would lift his sword once more and strike but he would miss as sasuke made his way back up into the air and for frankie someone not so heavily versed in the art of swordsmanship this was a bit frustrating.

And in the next moment matters only got that much worse as his blade would be split in two and he would immediately take off in the other direction running and at this point he would turn to betting on an all or nothing one-shot comeback sasuke would question if frankie wasn't ashamed.

For running like this but frankie would just keep on running until they were both back on the live floor and here sasuke would spin up again with his propeller and launch another attack as frankie would retaliate as well preparing a general cannon and successfully.

Launch the dino man like a home run at a baseball game and this seriously hurt satsuki but it was not enough to take him out as he would tell frankie that it is thanks to toby ropo that the beast pirates are so feared and so he should not be underestimated and again.

Would slam right into frankie suit here driving it into the ground as frankie himself would eject and prepare a final attack now successfully following up with a radical beam again directly to that weaker underbelly a decisive blow that won him the fight yet another.

Victory for the straw hats and yet another toby ropo that has been taken care of the straw hats may be outnumbered here but when it comes to major forces the beast pirates are beginning to dwindle for sure but to close out the chapter we would find ourselves finally back to kaido and his.

Son yamato with their continued clash of conquerors haki kaido would tell his son what a wonderful addition to their strength he would be a statement yamato was not really fond of but kaido would continue by saying that he had gone through a lot of work to procure the devil fruit.

Yamato possesses and so he wasn't about to let him use its power freely and in response yama told her tort that he only ate it because he was hungry and had no idea what it would do to him that all he wanted to do was set sail.

Yet now he couldn't even swim a story that sounds very similar to luffy's whole devil fruit situation in the very beginning and clearly yamato is getting worn out through the duration of this battle but remember that his position here his reasoning for fighting his father in.

This instance is not to take him down but to prolong his stance here to keep him until luffy is ready again and yamato would furthermore admit to having tried to kill his father on several occasions and each and every time he was defeated but it was those defeats that made him resilient and strong and.

That furthermore it wasn't just because of his father that he remained in wano that if he were to abandon this country how could he possibly call himself odin as we would then see it yamato's hybrid zoan form and that was the chapter now this is a.

Very interesting form to be had here truly the beast pirates have provided us interesting zoan types to last us a lifetime but boy oh boy is this cool so kaido made it expressively clear that this particular zohan type devil fruit was especially hard to come by and of course when it comes to this.

Devil fruit classification the most difficult to procure would be a mythical zoan of some sort and in seeing this form my immediate knee-jerk thought was that this was a kitsune or nine-tailed fox but i had to from there remind myself that that specific fruit.

Was already taken by katarina devon of the blackbeard pirates and so i had to look a bit further so since i couldn't pick the mythical creature that came along with naruto i went with the next best thing sasuke or at least the mythical creature inspiration behind his ultimate lightning style technique.

Kid in now kirin is also a mythical creature of legend one that was originally chinese but like a lot of cultural influences and such was at some point taken and adopted by the japanese and interestingly enough it is said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious.

Ruler which makes plenty of sense to me considering the passing of odin and the coming of age of momonosuke now kirin are often regarded as unicorns or chinese unicorns when translated to english context but it is in fact a very different thing and so despite many depictions.

Possessing a single horn they may also be depicted with two horns which accounts for yamato's horns and kirin are also said to have vaguely dragon-like features as well which fits pretty well considering kaido is yamato's father-in-law kirin are also depicted to possess an.

Incredibly strong sense of justice which may be attributed to yamato's unwillingness to allow such injustices to persist in one-o without a proper fight they're very much described to be a sort of chimera and so the visuals associated with one may differ from depiction to depiction however often in art they may be found.

To be covered in flames which could tie into yamato's prior relationship with ace and finally they have also been known to possess fluffy and or curly tufts of hair which we may certainly see here so yeah a lot of reasons to believe this is a kirin model devil fruit what.

May perhaps be a bit confusing considering we already have a giraffe model devil fruit and the word for giraffe in japanese is pretty much the same for historical reasons all in all this was a pretty fun chapter of one piece frankie did his job and yamato developments are always nice.

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