And just like that we yet again have a brand new chapter of one punch man to enjoy with the previous chapter we had the ever heated power struggle between bang and his former protege turned destructive monster gato these two would go below for blow for quite some time before garo began to assume the stance bay technique his former master had.

Sealed away long ago what is known to be the explosion release fist a technique he was able to grasp with only but a single reading of the scroll containing it and a site that would remind bang of his rugged past as bang two was quite a troublemaker in his youth an out-of-control martial artist that beat down anyone he presumed to be strong a.

Direction that warranted his big brother bomb's intervention the two would indeed fight and after bang's defeat he reflected on his life and decided to follow a different path he sealed the explosion release fist and instead developed the water stream rock smashing fist he opened his dojo and overall made his brother very proud when news of the.

Hero hunter began to spread bang insisted on handling the issue by his lonesome but bomb managed to convince bang to let him tag along for the sake of protecting his own dojo what was ultimately just an excuse however in the present bang was being overwhelmed now he could have very well resorted to using the dreaded technique of his youth.

But refused to do so however in the midst of all this he would gradually begin to communicate with garo by way of each successive movement and to him bang would convey that after all this was said and done he intended to retire from heroism and furthermore hoped that the two of them would be able to become master and disciple once more as well a.

Fresh start a sentiment that would cause there to be a literal break in the hardened exterior of godo elsewhere however jenos was being torn limb from limb by the black s's as tornado was being jumped as well jenos was desperate and would manage to take out three of them in his hopeless flailing however there were still 444.

Billion 100 million 712 thousand and 554 of these things remaining victory was far from possible the two heroes would be taunted and stomped out until a certain sound would catch the army of monsters collective attention with this latest chapter titled the greatest obstacle we would open up to a spread of our various forces still at play here as.

He texts reads in the midst of battle evil awakens and from there we would resume the carpet bombardment of homeless emperor upon our struggling swordsmen they were desperately fighting for their lives here putting their all into each and every swing as homeless would recognize their stubbornness he'd furthermore admit that controlling the.

Temperature of his blast was a difficult task when simultaneously attempting to maintain a certain rhythm however such a thing may be considered practice after all considering he planned on exterminating billions of people after this current conflict a terrifying prospect that further puts into perspective how much is on the line here.

And all the while homeless was charging up what looked like a death ball that continuously ranged smaller yet entirely devastating blasts of power as well atomic samurai student would defend against his attacks and call out to his master who'd respond by saying that he only needed them to keep it up for a little while longer while he figured out.

How to unsheath the blade from here atomic would recall a previous conversation with nichiren on the same subject as it turns out the fabled sunblade was a telepathic sentient blade one that actually gauged its wielder deciding if they were worthy of possessing its power that if one isn't accepted unsheathing the blade would be.

An impossibility and to atomic at the time the prospect of such a mythological sword sounded like a fairy tale but now now as he clutched the hilt with his very own hands he understood he could feel as it searched from within his very being homeless emperor would then launch the entirety of the aforementioned deathball at the group an attack that.

They absolutely had no chance at repelling atomic would seek an answer from the sunblade as well he questioned what sort of blade it was and what sort of vessel was it willing to lend its power to and in that very moment what came to mind was the man he considered to be his rival bang.

A master of his craft who mentally maybe like into a stream of water and so with this atomic samurai would in turn have his mind be akin to a reflective water surface furthermore dispelling the explosive sound of said surface to an unparalleled state of concentration and with this the sunblade would respond as in a flash atomic would go from simply.

Believing in the legend to becoming one himself as he split the massive ball of death to everyone's shock as this one massive cleave would then reveal itself to in fact be an innumerable number of them as atomic remained at its former center the power he now wielded was awe-inspiring.

If not wholly unsettling this is the evil previously described in response to this homeless emperor would shift his attention to atomic entirely and send countless spheres of energy at him all of which being thwarted with ease as atomic cut the distance faster than homeless could blink the blade had then drawn blood that day.

Not that of homeless mind you but rather golden s who came to his allies defense the blade had cut into the forearm all along the body and diced the entirety of the ground beneath them homeless had been pushed back and at this point golden s would recognize he malice behind his opponent's power so much so that he would immediately question if.

This was a result of monsterization but would just as quickly come to a senses and deduce that it might just be because of this new sword of his and so with that the only logical conclusion to be made was to break the sword and so he clutched onto the blade which suddenly shifted to be like a whip and entirely cleaved golden s arm in two which is a.

Way bigger deal than it looks as this was effectively the simultaneous deaths of 12 trillion black s's and mind you prior to this stage of the battle the s's were straight a bullying atomic i mean he couldn't even take out one but despite this tremendous feat and the fear he had now placed in his enemies atomic would.

Suddenly sheath the blade as a swelling of power would be seen and gradually diminish in size as out of nowhere atomic would violently cough up blood as it turns out he assimilated with the blade and it had completely taken over his spirit but now having seen the danger atomic poses both homeless and gold would rally to destroy him while.

He's weakened atomic would immediately tell his student to take mustachio and make a run for it meanwhile homeless had charged up yet another terrifying ball of death as golden s would approach it was clear to him that atomic was all out of strength he'd furthermore tell all the remaining heroes who form an orderly line and await their deaths one by one.

However to interrupt this proclamation they too would hear the sound this was a sound of the king engine revving up as the strongest man on earth king himself would stand before this collection of calamities given form genos who was limbless and shielding tornado with his own body would be relieved to know that.

The mighty king had finally entered the fray meanwhile the black esses would bring up the rumor that king had destroyed elder centipede with a single attack what we of course know to have actually been the doing of saitama metal bat would appear as well but rather than entering the ongoing battle.

He would remain on standby considering king would be more than able to handle things by his lonesome and so he figured the best approach would be to cull off any of the flink stragglers that would inevitably arise as king would face the monsters down with his expression and body unwavering at this point some of the black asses.

Were getting impatient and irritated by this show of bravado and would bring up the satisfaction of beating down the world's strongest human however golden s would tell them to stand down for now and not act rashly as before them was a hero association's strongest fighter he was king the greatest obstacle they needed to be more cautious with him.

Than even tornado at full power and so with that they all decided that they needed to face him as a collective force in response to this king's expression would finally shift and shift to that of a single chuckle now mentally king was absolutely freaking out he had no idea what he was doing and even if jenna's in trouble it wasn't like he could do.

Anything about it but the monsters would recognize a laugh and assume king was looking down on them but he absolutely was not he wanted no part in all of this these monsters were all beyond the typical sword and they were so strong that his name alone would not suffice here at this point he was sure that his days were over.

With that he would think to himself if only saitama was here which would be followed by actually where the hell is saitama which i'm sure plenty of us have been thinking for a while now not in terms of where he is exactly but when is he actually going to show up and just then he would hear his name be called from behind from what he hoped was.

Saitama however in reality it was just child emperor and prisoner emerging from underground happy to see him and believing the day to finally be saved meanwhile king was over here just sweating bullets and that was a chapter okay so before i did say that i hope we don't see every perspective on the battlefield before seeing saitama emerge.

But you know what i take it all back this chapter was phenomenal atomic samurai was way too cool to be overlooked i mean i am now super invested in seeing what he'll be capable of with the sunblade going forwards i also think it's really interesting how this series is able to play with our expectations so thoroughly typically.

King arriving is essentially confirmation that saitama is just over the horizon so to now have king betting on that fact as well only to be disappointed is pretty damn clever one punch man chapters are always an absolute treat to read and furthermore cover so i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please be sure to.

Subscribe to plot armor with notifications on to be here for plenty plenty more because when it comes to bringing you some of the best one punch man content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm celeste botaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.