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One Punch Man Love Story Reveal Just Confused Everyone – One Punch Man Chapter 175


After the Cliffhanger of saitama facing off against headphone man uh Forte we are now gearing up for the fight that a lot of webcomic readers are dying to see we get a flashback to how psychos ended up not getting away as smoothly as predicted and her history of fabuki is shown more clearly but we're getting ahead of ourselves let's not waste any.

More time and jump right into the chapter now because this Arc is called psychic sisters we are given another beautiful shot of fubuki this time looking very elegant and ready to go to a fancy ball though she barely showed up in the previous chapter she's about to play a much bigger role in the upcoming ones in this chapter called visitor we.

Continue where we left off with Forte frustrated with saitama's rude attitude and asking him to step outside but before that confrontation can happen saitama slowly opens his apartment door and checks on his new pets well at least one of them is a bat the other is just black ass pretending he can be of assistance to saitama again in fact he.

Begs to be lit inside and not forgotten outside and to be fair we all know that it wouldn't be too out of character for zaitama to forget that he had living creatures outside his door and as previously said he decides that he'll be setting up some kind of dog house after all it's almost as if he already forgot.

That he said that before but anyway that does not matter what's important is that saitama has the great idea to wager on his fight with Forte the loser has to take care of these guys is What saitama suggests mainly because he's too lazy to be a good pet owner and he doesn't even want to fight Forte steps out to check on what he would have to take care of a.

Dog and uh what is this thing yeah we know how you feel Forte it's not an easy thing to guess that's for sure right on cue afraid to be found out by Heroes not as gullible as saitama black s against his monkey noises to try and convince Forte upon closer inspection grabbing black s roughly by the antenna by the way he asked where saitama found.

Something like this and to that blandly hit Baldi admits that it just followed him butterfly in the back looking a bit strong again immediately wonders if this is some kind of dangerous monster instead to cover up that fear black s starts his jumping monkey routine once more trying to appear as a harmless creature after all even if saitama.

Doesn't kill him who's to say that one of these A-Class Heroes will not meanwhile black s is desperate to stay alive and worries how long he will have to pretend to be something he's not Forte is over it though with a confident grin he admits a witchering on the fight will make them take it more seriously and I'm pretty sure he means that Tom.

Would have to stop insulting his abilities like he did before whatever the case the bet is on and the rules are set all that's left is to have Forte become a pet sitter I mean come on we all know that he's not going to beat saitama Forte suggests they go somewhere with more open space and has a parking lot in mind for their Face-Off from the.

Massive building next to them we can assume it is a parking lot next to the hero Association complex with very few vehicles around either chain and Toad as well as butterfly DX stand on the sidelines to cheer on their friend likely open for their own Justice from Saint Thomas cruel words Forte stands with his hands in his pockets while the.

Wind wishes past them like some kind of Western clash in the desert saitama interestingly is wearing Croc looking shoes and has his fist balled up and waiting and so he seems to be taking it somewhat seriously or at least by saitama standards Forte announces confidently that saitama might end up getting hurt after this hoping there.

Won't be any hard feelings when that is the outcome he is really out here peddling lies okay honestly it might as well be saitama facing Moomin rider for how much damage he is about to inflict on our hero but then with a shocked face and a sweat drop it Dawns a saitama that he might end up with someone else wants to be his disciple when he inevitably.

Wins again and so he makes sure that Forte knows that he won't be taking him in and not to beg for his training Janos is certainly more than enough of course butterfly laughs readily at this clearly knowing nothing about saitama and his Feats I guess only the higher level heroes have that privilege kind of like how they were made aware a blast secret.

Mission butterfly and miss any respects like Thomas confidence if nothing else since timid heroes are pretty worthless chain and Toad is slightly more reasonable as he reveals this is his first time seeing 4K fight but it does not mean his usage of a rhythm in battle is pointless in fact even first-right martial artists do this but then again.

We all know how saitama feels about martial arts though he nearly gave sudu a mental breakdown from his hot takes but now before we get back to the parking lot brawl be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on and smash that like button for some more plotomer today toad is not done schooling saitama though he warns him.

That dismissing this style of fighting will lead to a world of hurt because it has been reached through a lot of experience okay so maybe he's not as reasonable as we thought saitama has fought so many powerful creatures and people it is hard to even keep track at this point with all that out of the way though Forte puts on his booming music.

Vibrated with the loudness of it he starts to shift from leg to leg building up his momentum and getting ready to strike but something is wrong saitama has his eyebrow raised noticing something behind the Rhythm hero the music is too loud though and he cannot hear a word saitama is saying even when he starts pointing and yelling to get.

His attention through his headphones finally noticing how worried taitama is Forza removes one side of his headphones assuming saitama plans to back out of their fight but that's when saitama shouts there is a car coming behind you but it's too late Forte is flying through the air whirling like a tornado hit by a recognizable black car honestly.

Forte has some bad luck how often do people get hit while standing in a parking lot these people clearly do not know how to drive properly and who else could it be except eyelashes and Mountain ape at least they seem to be a bit guilty about what happened with mountain ape asking if Forte is okay it's a bit late for that now though as.

Expected the beating wearing hero cannot speak because he is knocked out as other members of fabuki's group come out to check on him they realize it is worse than they thought he is an A-Class hero likely far above their ranking and also Tama has to say about this accident is that Forte should understand how dangerous it is to listen to music while.

Fighting chain and Toad is visibly shaken by the totally uncalled for comment especially since it was a freak accident that fabuki's group caused taitama going back to his words somewhat tells her to apologize to Forte later when he wakes up fabuki seems surprised to find saitama at the hero Apartments maybe knowing something about the.

Association that he does not she even says you don't actually live here do you while holding onto her white fur coat saitama and Mitzi lives there because the apartment was destroyed is that all weren't you tired of all the monsters around your place Kate baldy fabuki has no response to saitama's statement but we do get a good view of just how many.

People she has brought with her for her secret meeting and man she never travels with that many members you know something big is going down we move on to another parking lot next but this time it is underground a shadowy figure is meeting some businessmen who have called for his help there is a strange lightly colored thick.

Aura around the person and he has a mask on that is frankly pretty chilling and judging from his car he is certainly doing well in whatever shitty business he conducts as his Aura begins seeping further out of him fabuki finally senses it with her eyes pointed downward clearly in distress it is safe to say that this Mass person is a problem not.

Only that but he is also not far from them either way fubuki thinks this is his perfect timing since she could use saitama's help with her plan she doesn't ask him though it's more of an order probably because she still sees him as part of her new fabuki group from their time working together during the monster Association Arc without batting an eye.

She announces I grant you her mission to accompany us seeing as he is a special admission of her group saitama's veins start to pop out of his forehead with irritation telling her that full of herself as usual at her announcement Mount nape and eyelashes couldn't believe what they had just heard saitama is already in a class but then again why.

Wouldn't he be that aside black s isn't sure what they should do now to see loser of the fight was meant to take care of satama's pets and technically saidama won but Forte is still unconscious because of that turn of events saitama really hands Rover over the butterfly expecting him to take responsibility since Forte is out of.

Commission funnily enough saitama continues on by saying it is partially my fault for letting them tag along so let's take turns taking care of them in other words saitama is making Forte's allies also be part of the wager and take care of his pets as he dashes off to healthy fabuki group regardless they get more of a sense of who saitama is.

Seeing as how they have met the people who gather around him like fabuki and S-Class Heroes butterfly even begins to wonder if they are the only ones out of the loop when it comes to saitama without letting him know the details bubuki brings to Tama and her people to a secret location they walk through a hall standing out a.

Lot with their large numbers while people working in the building can help but stare when saitama tries to get some more info fubuki says that he will see when they arrive a sign gives a hint as to their goal it reads hero Association headquarters internment facility once they reach the reception desk the bookie says that they are there to see an.

Inmate currently being held calmly the receptionist tells her that she won't be able to visit seeing as someone is already there seeing them not only that but the inmate is going to be transferred elsewhere afterwards this causes fabuki to panic immediately calling for the visit to stop this is an emergency she says all of her team.

Including the unwilling saitama are taken aback by her Outburst fubuki demands that they be brought to the captive right away meanwhile on floor B13 we see just who is visiting said prisoner it is the same mass man from earlier with the frightening Aura the guard who lets him in says that she is harmless because they've got her on.

Medication and with that that we get the reveal of just who this in demand inmate is psychos the head of the monster Association she instructed a cheer and clearly unable to move or do much Beyond sleep the masked man wastes no time before he asks about her power wanting to confirm that she was able to fight on par with tatsumaki which she of course.

Was for a short while the men who brought in this mysterious threat seemed shocked that he knows so much since they couldn't even get records of what happened on the battlefield that day the mass villain yes we're going to assume he's bad from his Aura and Sinister mask okay is glad that she was provided to them first of all who is us and what.

Right do these men have to give away people even if they are modified I mean if the public knew about this surely their faith in the hero Association would dwindle even further the businessmen say that is nothing since they are short on funding in other words they agree to do this unethical transaction in order to get a large sum.

Of money from this man and whoever he represents events one of them then clarifies that all her rights have been stripped because she is now listed as a monster and no longer human they encourage the masked man to conduct whatever experiments he wants to seeing as she is now his specimen finally The Man reveals his organization named.

Sukuyomi and how their group will be able to accomplish so much by having her as a sample at that psychos begins to slowly wake up from her medications she overheard the name of the organization and it is evident that just hearing it brings back dramatic memories as our eyes begin to bulge she immediately goes into full fight mode blasting the room.

With psychic powers the masked man holds it back with a single hand but this mass does fly off his face behind him the three men are blown back but mostly unharmed they can't believe even with so much medication she is still this powerful but the tsukuyomi member points two fingers at her seeming to shock her with his power she screams and begins to.

Drool and cry tormented by whatever he has used as he draws his fingers back like a gun her head falls back against her chair and she is no longer able to speak or move without much worry he says this would all be for not if we ended up damaging your precious brain talk about a terrifying Prospect for psychos as he cuts her head in his hand speaking as if.

She is suddenly precious he reveals that psychos has something within her called the third eye and there is a possibility they could use that to see into the future if they can find the secret lock inside the ability when the businessman speaks up offering facilities for the mysterious person if they want to torture the information out of psychos.

Still holding on to her the person with a massive scar across her forehead admits that they will be doing a craniotomy on her back at the lab one this person looks that they've already had some kind of brain surgery done on themselves which could possibly explain why they are so powerful and two psychos is in a lot of trouble if they do take.

Her away because she is basically just going to become organ donor for zukuyomi's plan to find a way to see is the future no wonder fabuki is so adamant about getting to psychos first oh and side note this person is somehow just as scary without the mask as they are with it yikes we jump back to fabuki and her Posse plus saitama of course try.

To make their way to psychos before anything bad happens we see them all riding in a gigantic elevator made for transporting much bigger beings than people it's likely what they use to hold any captured monsters that would otherwise be impossible to carry Kabuki remains deep in thought remembering the events of the war against the monster.

Association psychos is shown hiding behind the rubble panting from trying to get away nearby people discuss how Garo has escaped and they need to find him this means that it happened at the exact same time that saitama allowed Garo to flee and he jumped into the sky while they were all occupied with the human monster fabuki had Tracked Down psychos.

Who was too injured to make her own Escape upon seeing her psychos reveals that she knows all about fabuki a Batum much for her time just gathered some Intel in fact she knows that fabuki is the president of the society for Supernatural research something we have never heard of before meanwhile fabuki just responds by saying it's been a.

While former vice president psychos of the third eye from the sound of it they were in the same group that had vastly different goals in mind and considering where they ended up won a hero and the other in Monster hybrid they have certainly taken different paths towards gaining power with a Darkness around fabuki that we hardly ever see she.

Warned psychos that it is over and that she should stop using her powers because it could endanger her life without beat up she is but of course psychos is just as hard-headed as these psychic sisters and attempts to fight back while standing up and using some colorful language to describe fabuki who doesn't stop getting in her way and if one.

Flashback wasn't enough here is another it is Flashback Inception Cycles has shown in a student outfit looking more Innocent but on the verge of turning evil she reveals that back when she was 17 fabuki was worried about her power surpassing hers so fabuki seals Cycles his powers away but hold on a minute now this is a very interesting panel indeed.

As if you look closely fabuki here is leaning into psychos while gently touching her leg beneath this shaded tree it's a very shoujo-esque scene that seems to imply that a kiss was shared a deduction only furthered back by the fact that immediately afterwards psychos touches their own lips while blushing profusely very interesting but now back.

To psychos during the events of the monster Association aftermath she is heavily injured and begins to growl and froth at the mouth with how much he cannot stand Kabuki and her long time meddling after all given what we saw her first kiss was ultimately just an explosive way to limit her future potential with fabuki's hidden face she.

Agrees that she was a self-centered person and that means thatama would argue that she still is but anyway fabuki explains that because his plan to exterminate Humanity caused a lot of uproar people around her and they accused psychos of having lost her mind fubuki admits that she did not care so much that the plan would involve getting.

Rid of so many people but rather that she would have no one to flaunt her impressive Powers too once she passed tatumaki's level and quite frankly that is a terrible reason to want to keep humans alive but at least it would ensure not so many people would die I'm not sure how we should take this but going even further fabuki thought that.

Psychos was trying to prevent her from realizing her own dream she is trying to take the losers away from me so self-centered psychos is my enemy seeing these thoughts it is obvious that tatsumaki's Twisted view of the world with power being the only necessity had rubbed off too much on fabuki considering they had such different.

Lives with hatsumaki protecting fabuki from any harm or Prejudice why do fabuki feel they need to be the strongest had tatumaki treated her own sister so poorly that she turned into a monster like that only striving to become the best either way psychos can not forget fabuki for what she had done in the past and so she prepares to crush her.

Literally with spiked rocks as she raises above her head with one hand she tells fabuki I am nothing like I was in our school days because she will not hesitate to kill her classmate this time with rocks and debris flying everywhere the fabuki group members look on in shock confused as to what is happening they worry that their leader has been.

Seriously injured in The Clash but fabuki is mostly uninjured floating away as psychos tries to hit her with any and all pieces of debris nearby and it ends there we know considering that fabuki is fine now and that psychos is struck to a chair being sold for inhumane experiments it is pretty safe to assume that fabuki wins the fight but that's.

Just the beginning of the intense battles to come there are more reveals and high stakes fights on the way and no we do not mean a rematch between Forte and saitama with that said did you enjoy the chapter do you think they will arrive in time to save psychos from a terrible fate let us know your thoughts in the comments down below as always I'm.

Celestial otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you