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One Punch Man Manga Changes that You Missed! Alternate Realities


When series like when punch man change publishing formats like going from webcomic to manga there can be a lot of changes within the story or art but even within the manga itself the artist or author can want to change chapters drastically and that has happened a number of times already some of these changes involve introducing new.

Characters too soon or even ending a fight in a completely different way after a redraw today we'll be looking at some of the most interesting and sometimes even strange changes the one punch man's manga has gone through in chronological order child emperor vs phoenix man starting with chapter 98 regardless of.

The version the focus is on child emperor and his usage of the brave giant robot that he can climb into and pilot in case you need a refresher he had the disassembled parts lying in weight inside the monster association's hideout in anticipation of a fight with someone or something too strong for his regular gadgets that turned out to be phoenix.

Man who was able to revive himself and gain a power boost at the same time in both the original and the redrawn version the time allotted for him to use brave giant is the same it's just the inside and outside this mecca that is kind of different now this is where it gets tricky there's actually two older versions of chapter 98 as i guess.

Maratha had difficulty deciding of the final look of the brave giant and the fight he ended up drawing chapter 98 three times in the first version the timer for brave giant's battery was more obvious for readers but the panel of child emperor inside its body was much smaller it made it harder to see the details of the mecca and its inner.

Workings there is also a panel of child emperor with a split screen showing the robot's face as if there were a team working together rather than him piloting it in the second version of the chapter morata added a section well child emperor is blowing out a breath to calm himself due to the time crunch but he also has a robotic equipment strapped.

To his face to indicate him being inside brave giant because of that wiring design in the second version of the chapter he looks more like a character in the matrix it covers a lot of his cheeks and head leaving only his eyes and mouth visible perhaps her robotic sections of his body make it look more like evangelion too in the second.

Version of the final redraw murata redrew the robot because he thought it looked too generic in the first version but in my opinion the robot's design looked very close to how it ended up being in the final version anyway plus the mecha comes through the wall at a different angle in the different versions which makes it difficult to.

Compare them seeing as brave giant isn't in these same positions if i had to choose i'd say the boyish rounded look of the original mech match child emperor's style more but oh well missing saitama as much as i want to say that is the end of the fight with phoenix man it isn't in chapter 100 the battle continues but.

Things weren't always the way they ended up being in the original version of the chapter the story focused solely on the battle between child emperor and phoenix man in fact phoenix men had an additional transformation into diamond eagle mode that now does not exist if you recall in the final version phoenix man instead relies on psychological.

Tactics while he looks like a small penguin but what's more is due to saitama being nowhere near this fight in the original version there is no one to protect waganma from harm like he does in the redrawn version not only that but the tony confrontation is much darker in the original than it was in the one including saitama let's get into the.

Details without saitama child emperor is able to put many more attacks on display such as being chisel that he tries to use on the evolved phoenix man as it fails phoenix man rips off brave giant's arm that was securely holding organma and makes off with it with less than a minute left of power that's when phoenix man spots some.

Corpses of subterranean people child emperor is able to slash him with brave blade shots but the fight turns more desperate with obama panicking inside the shield one thing that does happen in all versions is the ninja duo being resurrected by phoenix man and continuing to fight his location but the results are quite different in the older.

Version they joined the slew of monsters that were revived and four child emperors who launched a massive blast called giggle volt smash and disintegrate them all whereas in the final version saitama punches them both with the same hit and knocks him out easily bringing us his trademark nonchalant comedy he does much of the.

Same to the subterranean people and yeah child emperor does use geckoball smash in the redraw but is more so as a distraction to exit the robot thankfully saitama is there to help with the little escape but back to the originals fight it's looking pretty bleak as phoenix man takes off but some small robots fly in from above and child emperor has them.

Combined fandom kicking wagon in the shield like a ball would soccer shoot because well child emperor is still a kid afterwards with a few seconds of power left child emperor reconnects his brave giant with a sidearm and blasty life out of phoenix man and his evolved body with millennium emperor nova this is a large-scale attack that makes it.

Seem almost like genos when he uses his authentic focused equipment but it somehow does not kill phoenix man like in the final version though tickle bugs saves the day the names are slightly different but whatever same result however a big difference is chad emperor's behavior when phoenix man rips his suit off in the old version he turns.

Sadistic and comes at him with a giant saw blade called gem buster attachment he slices and dices until phoenix man is completely stripped of his costume and looking more like a scarred up deadpool after this horror looking scene we finally have a glimpse of saitama walking through the tunnels and the robot ninjas attempt to attack him but.

Can't be bothered with another fight what happened in the redraw well for one thing child emperor warned phoenix man to remove his suit if he didn't want to die from laughing to death with a noticeably more sympathetic expression on his face as we know phoenix man doesn't listen and ends up losing his power as hurting the chick man with.

Ogami being the more sadistic one trying to step on him i wonder if the lack of saitama in the older version is what made it so much more intense and violent or perhaps is the fact that child emperor has no adult hero supporting him like in the redraw either way both are very interesting takes on the fight let's move on now to a sweet mash.

Chapter but before we get into how the idle heroes monster's behavior was cut out and replaced with less monstrous stuff don't forget to subscribe with notifications on and smash that like button for some polymer today not so sweet mask with the chapter carrying his name sweet mask is a big focus of chapter 102 and 103 but atomic.

Samurai's disciples get some much needed love as well in the original they face off with barinki's private squad looks more menacing than in the redraw this is mostly due to the extra focus on duos and the larger shot of her hyper-sexualized outfit however there is one shot in the original where she sends one of these squad members after eion.

That looks much better in the redraw and this is because we get a sense of his power and his thoughts while he's fighting in the older version the focus was split between yayan bushy drill and okama itachi all in smaller panels the new version allows for attention on the disciples that isn't so fragmented and hard to follow also there's a lot more.

Sexy shots of the female fighters when they go up against akama itachi in the redraw overall everyone is given more time to shine in their own panels in the redraw due to added pages and then sweet mask arrives in both versions he's overconfident and rude sending them away so he can fight alone what changes is the actions he takes next in the.

Original version okama itachi naively thinks he is going to sing to the narinki squad and break them out of their brainwashing what he does instead is treat them like monsters to destroy and slaughters them all in cold blood i assume this is because he thinks the brainwashing cannot be undone thankfully in the redraw eyeon is worried about the.

Violent behavior and they arrived just in time to stop the horrible outcome what's worse is what happens after the original version though not only does sweet mask kill all those innocent people but when faced with a pleading us he shows absolutely no mercy this is expected i know but his expression is beyond cruel and then he snaps her neck.

While covered in blood it's hard to tell which of them is really the monster in this version of events sure dues still gets her just desserts from him in the redraw but it comes after she attacks his face and accuses him of being a monster if you are a webcomic reader then you know he doesn't want that information known so it makes sense why.

He ended her but without the redraw it would have been obvious what kind of dark secret sweet mask is hiding early on back versus superhuman morata was on a roll with these redraw chapters another he redid was 104 which was originally called superhuman rather than back and i'll explain the name change in a bit to.

Summarize all the versions atomic samurais disciples faced devil longhair in the beginning of the chapter they are fighting against small fry monsters but depending on the version the rinky squad is there for support we'll skip that since we know why sweet mask you murderer back to devil longhair in both versions once okama itachi stops.

Swooning over the mysterious being they prepare to use air blade all attacks are created equal though and the pose and art for the original far surpass how the final version looks the expression was stronger the body's positioning was better the hand placement was nicer there's just so much to love about the original panel after much hair cutting.

Trying to keep double long hair at bay the trio come up with a solution in the original version we got a flashback power up for yayan who remembered what atomic samurai told him about becoming something beyond human in the redraw however okama itachi realizes that if they press their backs to one another they could easily fend off the attacks.

Coming from all directions without having to worry about their blind spot with that said superhuman reversely flashed back in the original version and the trio transfers are past their limits while back refers to strategy they use to win in the final version of course one title sounds more epic than the other but that's another topic vacuum.

Monster the changes for chapter 107 previously chapter 105 focus more on the monster side of things in love revolution we get a look at how puri pudi prisoner faces his monster opponents this doesn't change for either version in both he fights off these smaller monsters until they try to escape and are heartlessly sucked in by.

Bakuma in the original version bakuma looked completely different with only the long elephant trunk being the same the old version showcased a thick more animal looking monster with arabic style clothing and pointed toe genie style shoes and one might argue it looked a lot more like a borderline racist stereotypical caricature meanwhile the.

New version is slim and floating on a disc shaped device has a cane a businessman suit as well as gloves when the kuma transforms the two versions look more alike with the circular spots of light around them but the old version looked more menacing with the dark lighting and beaming eyes appearing from the darkness whereas a sleek and more.

Humor-like body type on the new version takes away from his overall monstrosity he is a violent creature after all he should probably look the part additionally the monster's name used to be translated as vakuma which is a combination of his acting like a vacuum with the word akuma which roughly translates to demon or devil but seeing.

As he knew design has the letters bqm translators had no choice but to stick with bakuma another major change that also altered the tone of the chapter was the addition of the couple among the fleeing monsters in the old version the small group of low-level monsters are sucked in and consumed as a means to power bakuma up afterwards when putting.

For a prisoner kills the monster chunks fly everywhere but those victims are nowhere to be found with the addition of the couple fighting to stay together in the redraw we have more of a sense of their individuality it also gives us a chance to connect and understand them more even if they are bad guys you can't help but feel bad for electric catfish.

Man who lost his girlfriend mycoplasma and you're also glad to see them escape together when bakuma is slain the same way people can be grey so too can monsters if their priorities change and their redraw really demonstrates that but i still prefer the old scary design bakuma had speaking of which the next two chapters we'll be discussing feature.

Some pretty creepy and downright ugly monsters saitama fighting orochi in chapter 112 sacrifice which used to be aptly named orochi versus saitama some big changes occurred the original had a more comedic feel to it seeing saitama didn't expect anything from the octopus-looking monster king and he was.

Right by that i mean he was very right to underestimate him and yes he knew version has a similar comedic feel with saitama nagging orochi for causing tremors and making too much noise he's more like an angry neighbor than a hero performing his duty basically he doesn't have any strong opinions on killing the monster king back to the older version.

Saitama karochi's monster intimidation speech off to say that he didn't think he'd be much of an opponent then saitama obviously punched him a few times caused a cave-in for a train also but ultimately ended up beating him with some normal punches due to the fight though some lightning flew up from where he was battling because orochi shot the.

Blast at him and missed the heroes inside the monster association's base had to dodge or redirect the attack like bang and bomb with atomic samurai epically cutting it with his sword even if morata and one wanted to keep the fight longer as it is in the redraw they could have kept those cool shots of them easily dealing with the massive blast.

Marochi but i suppose with the introduction of god and disney fairy sacrifice as well as the altar that orochi found in the underground there wasn't much need to show off the s-class heroes right away plus saitama ends up using a serious sport gun rather than simply some normal punches so i guess it evens out at least we get more of a.

Sense of hiroshi's power level with saitama trying a bit harder but let's go on to a truly ugly monster now the ugmon appears the chapter that is now called mirror was originally called terrible luck and honestly both of those names fit the situation that sweet mass ends up in so well both versions start pretty much the same with supermass.

Destroying a lab and carrying a decapitated monster head but where it changes is how the idol hero encounters future ugly in the new version sweet mask is getting scared not knowing what is coming for him and feels a shiver at whatever it is while he is checking his appearance in the old version he can hear ugly laugh from afar and the.

Monster executive speeds towards him without using mirror tricks to play with him psychologically in advance instead of the slow build up that we get in the new version sweet mass is stopped in his tracks when he finally gets a good look at the monster and how ugly he is he seems too disgusted and shocked to attack like he planned to i'd argue that.

The fact that ugly doesn't play up his ugliness well in advance causes an even bigger unpleasant surprise for sweet masks in the original chapter the results of the beginnings are the same but somehow the tones don't share that quality the original version may fear ugly seem more like a physical threat right away than in the newer version.

Where he's just using his ugliness to subdue sweet mask and twin with him in a way ugly feels like he could have been a stronger executive had they stuck with the old version of him he wouldn't have been ganged up on by the other executive so easily and then chased off or maybe he deserved it in the end blast and his crew our final chapter is.

One that came out not too long ago chapter 164 the abominable fist that turned against god also comes in two flavors but there are exciting scenes and revelations in both in the original we had the return of blast watching the fight between saitama and garo from another dimension his secret group from a previous chapter also returned and we.

Get a good look at some of the members an elf looking woman with dark hair one that looks like boros and one that looks like beast king just as they are rushing to stop the fight since it is causing the world to bulge and messing up the planet saitama takes down garrow and he gives up quickly the ending shot was of them in an abandoned and destroyed house.

Floating in the water preparing for a discussion with garwin's monster mode looking like a scolded child they sit across from each other preparing for a deep conversation in the new version god is instead utilized to offer garo some extra power as he sees no way of winning even with his monsterization and garl gains his power even though he tries to.

Reject it we also get those giant terrifying god feet walking across the land and then of course garrow's final form cosmic fear mode although the fight ended sooner in the original version and prepared to wrap up the ark with this extended fight and gar was morphing into something beyond even a monster we get to see just how powerful garo is not.

Only that but we get the addition of how much it would take for saitama to go all out he is still nowhere close though also i think the main reason they removed blast and his friends from the chapter is to better use them in 167 with the heroes being affected by radiation and garl using nuclear fission attacks it makes more sense that a.

Powerful galactic team would be involved since it is even too much for blast if only they weren't still in the shadows though i guess we still won't be seeing their faces or powers for a while in the end most of the redraws were to provide either more visuals or more storyline connections and even some development for side characters but at times the.

Tone and decisions in the older versions were better suited and less predictable especially considering this is a parody series at its core which redraws that you like or hate let us know in the comments as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.