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Origin of Hunter x Hunter’s Nen Demon, Chrollo! Phantom Troupe Origin – Hunter x Hunter Chapter 396


Welcome back to the origin of the Phantom Troupe it's time to see the group form and the first sign of these bright-eyed kids starting to go down a much darker path let's get to it we open on the day of the big screening all of meteor city is told in advance that there's going to be a special event as part of today's congregation and that.

Announcement went well the kids are abuzz with excitement all showing up bright and early father ezel and crolo greet them near the gate to the church both bearing a hefty tray of freshly cooked snacks for their guests both encourage the kids to have as much as they like glad to celebrate the day with them unfortunately on that day Crowell.

Received a grim reminder a hand falls upon his shoulder as a familiar voice growls behind him uvajin has already heard that krollos put his video to good use the gigantic kid glowers at the young actor murderous intent clear in his eyes UVA looks like he's about to murder him here and now in front of everyone in a churchyard thankfully he's.

Not that crazy instead he simply mutters that he's looking forward to the after party before it's linking off Fink shows up right afterwards with phytan following behind him they must have worked out crolo's little substitution trick with the videos by now trying to replicate uvajin's intimidating manner thinks threatens the younger boy with a.

Round of soccer after the screening is done this is somehow way less intimidating than uvo's after party line with that you can imagine some kind of violent beating after the Fun's over soccer just makes us think you want to literally play soccer keep it simple thanks before crolo can respond however something odd happens Finks finds a.

Basket of small snacks thrust in his face looking down the slick-haired street of see sarasa smiling up at him Finks has some difficulty processing this but finally ask the little girl why she's giving him the basket sarasa explains confidently that it's finx's turn to be on snack distribution Duty the tough kid can't believe what he's.

Hearing asking aloud why he's supposed to hand out small food items but a humble look from father Rozelle has Finks reduced to a cold sweat even he's not immune to guilt exasperated but defeated the blonde kid takes the basket and calls out to the kids come get your snacks sarasa grins at crolo proclaiming that Finks is really a big softy at.

Heart she even volunteers to handle uvajin for him too crolo has faith in her skill thanking sarasa for the assistance with such an impossible task Sheila laughs pointing out that Lucifer is living up to his little bro nickname even sarasa the youngest member of the group needs to help protect him crolo winces at that not exactly happy about.

His obvious weakness getting pointed out still paku tells him not to worry she likes him just how he is Everyone likes crolo they appreciate how much he tries to help how he brings flowers to the church every day seeing people talk about the leader of the Phantom troop like this is bizarre this young crolo is a long long way away from his adult self.

It's almost time for the performance to begin the kids are all still filing in laughing and talking with each other as they find their seats the church rapidly filling up some are having to watch from the balcony right at the back Roselle and his assistant get the projector up and running stagehands pull the curtain back revealing the projection screen the.

Lights are dimmed the projector flickers to life and in seconds the show begins a brightly colored group appears on the screen all striking dramatic poses the kids of meteor City look on gaping it off they recognize this group of Heroes even before their leader gives their name the sanitization Sentai has arrived and the cleanup Rangers are ready to go.

The crowd erupts into cheers at this most of the kids are punching the air in sheer excitement this is huge for all of them we see two of the Rangers in civilian mode with one of the girls inviting cleanup red to visit a Tokyo Land Theme Park the kids are barely paying attention to the plot talking animatedly among themselves they're.

Amazed that the recording has the ranger speak the same language as them there's no way they could have aired the show in meteor city right someone must have redone the voices even uvajin and Machi look impressed Finks and fightan seem downright dumbfounded their jaws hitting the floor in awe the possibly shellmark kid has realized that the two Rangers.

Sound like crolo and paku Franklin uses that he'd notice the pair were hiding something this performance must have been what they were up to the show keeps going with two of the female Rangers arguing over their relationship with a schlubby looking scientist the audience eats this up laughing so hard that the kids are practically rolling on the.

Floor behind the stage crolo and the fan dub troop look on in Glee there's nothing quite like seeing everyone enjoy something you made they pulled it off their performance has been a hit with everyone crolo praises the girls pointing out that they have to have practiced a ton to get the delivery of their banter down like this Paco demures.

Calling this nothing next to the amount of work crowlo has to have put in he's managed such different performances for the male cast that the audience still doesn't realize that they've all been played by a single actor the kids are still watching the tape lost in awe but then things go wrong the footage loses sound falling into static before finally.

Even the video goes crolo and the troop are shocked and the crowd seems devastated rizelle explains that the sound tape the kids recorded has gotten Tangled Up they can cut it to fix things up but doing that is going to take time and the kids are already getting discontent at having to wait they finally had something fun to enjoy but.

It didn't last it figures this isn't York new after all they're in meteor City all they get here is junk everyone is Bored distracted taken out of the moment the debut is looking like a failure they'll probably walk out unless something's done crowlo asks Rozelle for the announcement Mike from the back of the church uvajin calls out yelling that.

They should play the rest of the film already Machi tries to shush in the other nearby kids covering their ears UVO remains loud still he gets his wish kind of crolo takes the stage but when he does it's not as himself but as a ranger he's acting the part of cleanup yellow pretending that this intermission is due to his character getting stuck in.

The bathroom crolo even mimics the Rangers mannerisms before shifting into cleanup blue the cool detached Lancer figure of the team the performance is enough to bring the meteor City kids back they're amazed at crolo's skill at how fluently he can shift between these various characters one of the group wonders allowed if he does the other.

Voices too is he'd clean up red the villains crolo doesn't answer directly instead holding up a hand to call for silence without a word the entire church Hall goes quiet now acting the part of the Red Ranger he tells the kid that they're ready to resume the mission uvajin is stunned into silence as crolo asks the hall for a countdown from three.

Every voice in the packed Church joins him calling out at the top of their lungs three two one and with that the footage is back rizelle hasn't had time to restore the sound wheel but crolo doesn't have to wait they're going to do this live he seamlessly launches into his performance starting his red before switching to Green this really is just.

That easy for him the girls come out on stage to join in effortlessly recreating their banter from before the whole group has chronoscript memorized perfectly and can perform it without a hitch the tape has finally reached the villain of the episode a monster named graffino who has kidnapped clean up pink the spray can monster hisses crolo inhabiting the role.

For a moment the kids are terrified to hear him do a voice like that live with kid Crowell this good at acting it's starting to come into question how much of adult crolo's cool demeanor as leader of the Phantom troop is legitimate is that how he truly feels or is he still playing a part even now the soon-to-be spiders are certainly captivated by.

Crolo's villainous performance we see all of them looking on amazed as he keeps going with graffino's monologue they're going to use a gongoro monster's dark makeup to corrupt clean up pink into the service of the main villain the jet black king following that they're going to paint the whole world black this may just be a goofier Sensei than.

Car ranger still it's enough to get this crowd cowering in fear thanks to the performance and never fear crolo is here to oppose himself watching happily into Red's rebuttal there's one thing no amount of makeup can conceal and that's Pink's Pure Heart the onlooking kid's grin as crolo continues talk no jutsuing himself interrupting his own monologue.

To make it clear that the Savvy speech is breaking through the makeup they've got pink back graffino Crowell threatens the other Crow laws if they keep resisting he'll have to get his own hands dirty fighting him directly alongside his slime Army Cruella red tells the graffiti creature to do his worst the whole crew launches into a.

Ranger-style friendship speech crolo shifting between all four male Rangers as they go it's exactly what you'd expect praising the importance of friendship and how stains only endure if you give up they go from that straight into a super powered cleanup mode ending the episode in Old School Sentai style it's just so weird to see The Troop like.

This not everyone was up on stage but this was their founding moment what the spiders were based on and it was heroism the lines about friendship ring true for the troop as we know them now but the rest especially the talk about endurance and never giving up man it hits you hard to remember what happened to this group what they could have been but that's far.

In the future for now everyone's having a blast the excited cheers of the kids Echo all over meteor City Once the episode is done everyone is copying Ranger posies hyped as hell about these fun new show Roselle takes a minute to thank crolo and the Gang for their work placing a gentle hand to the boy's head they've done a big thing here today soon.

Enough the group are strolling back home with Nobunaga now with them the other true members are still buzzing with excitement this was an amazing day and changes everything from meteor City they'll have something to enjoy something to be truly proud of crolo is modest pointing out he couldn't have done it without the three girls but.

Before the conversation can continue we see four familiar Silhouettes lurking ahead of the troop uvajin Machi thinks and fightan UVO has his arms folded it looks like he's here for vengeance Franklin protests that crolo doesn't have to just take he did something good for everyone he doesn't deserve a beating the young boy is philosophical.

About it however he did take the tape he can accept the consequences for what happened given how much joy it brought everyone before he can get too far however sarasa skips ahead of him walking closer to uvajin she turns around and utters words no one was expecting that was pretty amazing you bastard maybe you ain't so bad after all.

Uvajin and crolo both look stunned sarasa turns back to the big guy and gives him a teasing finger gun that was her attempt at dubbing him uvajin still looks petrified but everyone else is grinning the little girl was right on the money they all enjoyed today prolo's work actually brought the squabbling fighting kids together for once it was.

An amazing feeling uvajin asks crolo if there were more episodes on that tape crolo is surprised by the question but admits it there's at least eight full episodes on there this sets UMO up for his main request he wants to join him specifically he wants to play the next monster that opened the floodgates everyone wants a roll Nobunaga wants the.

Green Ranger fightan claims yellow and Fink's blue shellmark wants the genius Professor purple and Pinker in a love triangle with while Franklin has his sights set on the big bad the jet black king and Maji still doesn't want to join well there's always one hold out uvajin takes a second to thank Rollo today hit him harder than any punch he offers a.

Hand to the the smaller kid crolo takes it and with that the troop as we know it was truly born they keep going for a while we see the full cast performed live at the church the crowd continuing to eat this up these kids are all friends by this point Hoover gin and crolo are both excited for more they go over more scripts and start making props.

Hanging out in an old store room both to relax and practice it's a good time everyone was having fun be it mucking around with swords learning their lines or just comparing their villain voices they even try to persuade Machi to finally join the group's performances the half pint remains firm however shutting them down cold uvajin can't.

Understand what her problem is with the role they had in mind people love a good princess Machi retorts that he should play her then the one role she really wants is a villain Franklin suggests that the jet black queen might work for her but since she's supposed to be the purple rangers twin they figured Sheila should play that role and that still.

Leaves the question of who should play the princess up in the air things suggest sarasa could do it since orange is barely in that episode chrolo shoots that idea down however the princess does talk to Orange a bunch just a few episodes ahead of that the recording group clearly needs more people Blondie suggests that they start recruiting and.

Idea Franklin backs up before realizing the implications they're an official group now like professionals Wolverine claims that of course they are they're a theater company that sounds more professional than Nobunaga wants however He suggests that they're more like traveling players it's Paco who suggests the word troop is more fitting for them.

Crolo protests that as a true troop is supposed to have a thousand members but uvajin is having none of it as far as he's concerned each of them is worth a hundred men the whole group seems to have settled on that part though they're struggling to complete their full moniker for now they seem to be settled on literally calling themselves the.

Something troop not the coolest thing possible but hey they're just getting started there's plenty of room to Workshop this for now they've got Logistics to deal with Finks brings up the fact that they could really use a second tape they only have so many episodes to work with uvajin admits that while he's been looking it's not an easy.

Task they're pretty much literally looking for a needle in a haystack here given how big the mountains of rubbish around meteor City get Nobunaga suggests that crolo could just write the scripts themselves the group could just perform them like a play he's pretty sure the audience had been watching them more than the screen for the last few.

Episodes Sheila snarks that more than a few have been watching crolo specifically before throwing the idea over to the group's leader brolo takes a second to think about it but ultimately dismisses the plan as unworkable for the moment if they were going to do this without a video they need way more time and resources this would take costumes.

Props fight scene choreography maybe later they can get into all that but for now they're stuck with the dub format they've got three episodes fully recorded however the group has some time to decide on how best to fix this find another tape shift over to live performance UVO agrees that they can wait to decide what their future will.

Look like until after they're done rehearsing sarasa notes how seriously the big guy is taking their jobs everyone's invested but uvajin's been particularly dedicated to this UVO grins admitting that when they started he was content with the minimum now however he wants to aim for the top crolo asks him what he means by that and uvajin has a.

Simple dream he wants the troop to perform everywhere to leave meteor City and put on shows all over the world that way one day he can be the greatest villain of all a legendary performance that people would remember uvajin has a simple dream but an honest and enjoyable one who wouldn't want a legacy like that later the group are packing up when.

Crolo notices one of them is absent he asks where sarasa has gotten to things explains that she's heading back home crolo is immediately petrified about this she headed out alone Blondie explains that it's just around the corner so she should be fine orange doesn't have many lines in this next episode so sarasa volunteered to take.

Over sorting duty this time at least that's what she told her friends in truth the young girl has headed out deeper into the meteor City trashy mountain ranges she's not worried about the danger of kidnappers instead she's grinning and singing to herself saraza wants to find another video to help the troop she knows about a huge pile of.

Tapes at a corporate dump site near UGA Forest no one else has searched for it she's memorized how cleanup Rangers is written all she's got to do is find that name and she's gold unfortunately the Orange Ranger isn't so lucky the same black truck from last time is still prowling the trashways near meteor City a new round of cargo in its back one of.

The driver's remarks that security around here is getting tougher and his comrade agrees but isn't concerned they've already hit their quota they could go back now but he wants to catch one more kid for sport this is how Things Fall Apart one bit of bad luck leading to another the traffickers drive off laughing about an old-fashioned.

Meteor City hunt unaware of the terrible events they're setting into motion and that was Hunter Hunter chapter 369. wow we really are going all the way with his flashback mini Arc sarasa sure seems to be in trouble well the Phantoms realize what's going on are we going to see them awaken their Nan trying to get sarasa back where do their spider tattoos come.

Into this let us know your thoughts in the comments below thanks for watching I've been Jack Stansbury and have an awesome day