Hey guys so i have been working on building a cat house for these guys see boys and girls my dream kitchen and it's finally done thank you guys so much i'm so excited and today i'm going to.

Pack and clean this kitchen everything so this is going to be my last cooking video in this apartment and later when i took a break i'm going to make a dessert called bom kuhen this messy counter i've been trying to empty the fridge so i don't have much ingredients left but this recipe is pretty simple so it should be good and thank you to sakuraka.

For sponsoring this video and helping me afford my dream kitchen i gotta show the box it's so messy there's not much space to walk oh nagi i don't know you're here sakurako actually inspired me to make.

Bomb kohen today sakurako is a monthly subscription box that delivers traditional japanese snacks and tea from japan to your door so you can have an authentic japanese experience they work with and support local artisan snack makers the box comes with the booklet that explains everything inside.

As well as a japanese culture guide the next box of course will include this it is actually a traditional german cake which is similar to trees growth rings and it's apparently more popular in japan i don't think i can make as good as this one if you sign up for sakura aqua by.

December 31st you can get this box which includes bob mccohen if you're interested the link is in the description box down below all right it's time to click now all right i think i'm gonna start with this one last time before i put it in the box you're good.

You're right are you making me scratch your claws by having me spin this you're so smart you're so helpful okay excuse me one more piece on your butt sorry.

Okay i need this what maybe it's a good balancing exercising you think what cat warrior it fit perfectly good okay tape it.

What are you doing all right next kitchen it's fake you can't eat them so you think it's real and you wanna oh beautiful oh good stretch good stretch okay.

Did you just go behind it yes you did okay maggie are you gonna get out oh no oh no the wall is getting closer to you oh okay.

I'm gonna shut all these drawers they're gonna go inside so you guys really like this spot okay now break time oh sleepy boy you're using pokey as your pillow.

That is so cute as you guys can tell by now there is not much floor space for me to move around my tripod so this is all i have i'm going to use this score pan called tamagoyakiki it's usually used for making royal japanese egg recipe but this pan is.

Perfect for making bomb go ahead and cooking sheet also this part i'm gonna cut it slightly shorter so you can roll around okay i use aluminum sheet to make it slightly.

Thicker but you can use like a paper towel to make it even thicker two eggs sugar and mix well next add milk and melted unsalted butter not used every valentine's day season at least where i have lived.

Like every season everyone makes like chocolates and sweets so this unsalted butter is like always always disappear in a few months this will be very difficult to get whoops unsalted butter melted unsalted butter.

If you mix cold milk and melted butter the butter becomes hard so make the milk warm then pancake mix okay low heat and coat the pan with oil.

We'll keep using this paper towel that's soaked in oil so please don't throw it away spread it evenly then roll it then just keep repeating this process it's pretty satisfying.

Just spread it evenly smells good hi pokey you guys curious oh you're after okay you wanna see oh ta-da.

Smells so good this is just a pound cake mostly but i don't know i like it a lot all right now take out beautiful some people do sugar glaze like a donuts.

Or others do chocolate syrup but my favorite is um like i don't know how to pronounce it creme brulee style i went to a sushi restaurant called sushiro with my wife the other day they have creme brulee style bam kuhn for dessert and we both really liked it so i told her that i would make this it's super simple just.

Sprinkle some sugar and either torch if you have a torch or just make the spoon really hot with the heat of the stove and then just go nice looking great pancake roll pancake i don't know how should i call it.

Anyway or very hot spoon make sure you use one of these i think i can finish back in today the ingredients are super simple if you get a chance please give it a try oh.

I could join nagi's box i have to be careful when i pack to make sure there's no cat done now i'm gonna head to a new house new kitchen i'm so excited so echoey.

Thank you guys so much for watching and see you guys in the new kitchen bye this is mine you didn't go crazy over my bum and cool hand but you like this one okay hakku came too what this is so much better yeah i agree.

I admit i admit yes