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Videos for all of you today my lovelies I am back with part two of my Daiso shopping spree this is a completely unfettered shopping spree that I did I found out that I could order a Daiso online if you're not familiar with Daiso Daiso is an equivalent to a dollar store in Japan although with Worldwide inflation things are no longer 100 yen.

Or one dollar for that matter out of habit I know I'm probably going to say this cost me a dollar but actually things cost 1.75 alrighty so let's go ahead and get started this is how big the box is this is incredible is it not and this is a gyoza or a dumpling maker has instructions on the back how to use it and basically it's a press.

And it's a fast way to make dumplings or in Japanese they're called gyoza as a child it was my job to make the dumplings before my mom got home she had the stuffing prepared and the wrappers and it was my job to make them and we did not have a cabbage it like this although I've seen gadgets like this now I went to the grocery store and I got.

Wonton wrappers Unfortunately they are not round they're square but we will make this work because we have a knife press this a bit into there and I'm just going to cut the corners off here I have some doubling filling that I made earlier this happens to be vegan it's made of tofu and some vegetables wet the perimeter with water.

So that's probably about a teaspoon of filling but you can hold it in the middle like that fold over like that three on that side and then you can do three on this side so that's one way another way is just to start on the end and just to fold as you go along like that I like to give them a little.

Tap so they sit down let's try the maker out now I've moistened the wrapper around the edge placed this right in there and I'm going to place my stuffing in there Donna wow look at that totally works it doesn't really make true pleats it kind of just makes a ribbed kind of pattern more like a ruffle potato chip you know.

What I mean this is basically just folding it in half with a little bit of faux pleating if you want a pan fry gyoza these ones kind of sit nice and flat because they have a bottom while the one that's made out of the maker doesn't really want to sit not as pretty as the OG but not bad guess what we're having for.

Dinner good I just couldn't resist it this is a Pom-Pom light it is an egg shaped light it's it's like a nightlight that's shaped like an egg isn't that great look dude it sits like this and of course it needs batteries there isn't it cute to turn it off and on you can just do this.

That is the Pom-Pom egg light this is an egg Gadget this is supposed to cook your egg with very minimal oil it's supposed to be kind of calorie saving directions in English which I really appreciate and this is the product itself it's made out of silicone I'm going to place this in the center.

And the yolk is supposed to fall down into there so I'm going to give it a little poke hopefully I won't break it my egg's a little bit big okay it's in there I think okay wait 30 seconds pour one tablespoon of water into this little concave bed which is hard to do.

Once that evaporates it says add another tablespoon of water It's tricky to get the water to get into that slot I have to say I don't know about this one lovely's I don't know point is that you're not supposed to be using any oil you're just using this product and water let's see what happens if we lift this up all.

Right is it done oh no that looks pretty toasted to me and it does have some residual egg stuff on the top I guess you call that egg white my eggs does not look like their egg let's see if it tastes like an egg so before I eat my egg let's try another product and this is a soy sauce spray.

Bottle it's specifically to dispense your soy sauce on your food oh yeah this is so essentially this is a spray bottle but I love the fact that it's so specific two this is just soup base but it's like soy sauce but a little bit better we love this on our eggs my youngest child in particular loves this stuff.

Get it to go in the dis oh look at that oh perfect I'm not wasting any I usually pour some into a little dish a saucer and then I end up having to pour the rest of that down the drain this is so much more efficient this is actually very nicely cooked if you like this kind of a runny egg.

Itadakimasu pretty good although the bottom is a little bit overcooked for me that could also be user error because I've never cooked with this kind of Gadget before wouldn't use the egg Gadget again this I would definitely use next I have this gadget this is an aluminum butter knife and it says use the heat conductivity of.

The aluminum to transfer heat from the hand to melt the butter and make it easier to pick up a little butter knife but look it has a little palm and Casey and a little bit of a beveled Edge butter and let's see if it makes it easier to scrape.

Seemingly I can't believe I don't have any bread on me oh this is terrible I could just use a kill as a wrapper because I don't have any bread so this is a just imagine that this is bread okay let's see how it spreads ah.

I don't know I I don't see that much of a difference I think in fact it would probably be you know tearing my bread at the moment or toast yeah I don't know if I buy this whole kind of conductivity from your hand into the spatula I'm not really seeing a big difference but very cute little knife.

I think if you've watched any chef's table or any of those types of fancy restaurant behind the scenes things you'll see that they use these and this is a pair of essentially very long tweezers um they look like Chopsticks I know but they're not they're all metal stainless.

Steel comes with a little piece of plastic on the end so that we can separate them and look at that aren't those nice this is a great way to arrange things on a plate as they do in the fancy restaurants or anything that needs any kind of fine manipulation because our fingers can be a little bit.

Stubby for those kinds of things or if you need to grab some olives out of a deep drawer or something now you've got a beautiful pair of tweezers and I have to say the build quality is quite nice I'm gonna put them in my tool drawer right now and this is a sausage Stamper or Cutter it's actually a pair of them it comes with these little decorative.

Skewers but you use these to cut your little tiny sausages so in Japan you can get sausages that are about this size kind of like little smokies and today I'm going to use a hot dog and here's what the little Stamper looks like there's one of them hearts and flowers and this one looks like ovals and stars and make little.

Indentations into it and then it makes these little so it makes like a decorative hot dog hearts these picks I thought were for serving but I think these little picks are actually for cleaning out the tool see how there's some hot dogs stuck in there so you use your tools.

Clean it out so yeah frying up the hot dog makes the patterns appear a little bit more distinctively but what I actually use is kind of a tool probably not I don't really make bentos for my kids since I have a hot dog year why not taste it itadakimous um coldly garlicky.

Frying them make some extra delicious man hot dogs by themselves are super salty really need a bun look at these These are oil absorbing pads that cool oftentimes when I cook in videos people ask me what do you do with the oil I'm grateful that my town has an oil recycling program so we pour our spent oil into drugs and then we just.

Take it to the recycling center and they repurpose it if you don't have that kind of service what you can do is just bottle up and throw it away do not pour it down the drain it will clog up not only your pipes but your neighbor's pipes create fatburgs bad ideas so put it in the trash if you don't have recycling facilities so it says one pad.

Can soak up 120 milliliters 120 milliliters is about two-thirds of a cup three quarters of a cup that's quite a lot of oil I don't have a lot of oil here but I want to see what it does it kind of like old-fashioned maxi pads with some kind of absorbent material inside and then you soak it up.

And it does a beautiful job now this is not a hundred and twenty milliliters but it potentially can do that so that's and then you place this in the trash and it doesn't go down the pipes brilliant next I have these two little gadgets and these are diatomaceous earth.

Spoons and a scoop now they look like they're plastic but they're made out of Diatomaceous Earth which are made out of diatoms which are actually found in the ocean they're like tiny little seashells little sea creatures but they're very very tiny ground up they make a very fine powder they're used in.

Pool filters I've used them in beekeeping as a way to keep insects away because it dries insects out so I can keep ants and things away from the hives so the point of this is if you live in a very humid climate say like Japan in the summertime it absorbs excess moisture so your salt or your tea like matcha tea or cocoa powder.

Doesn't Clump because it absorbs the excess moisture so I've never heard of something like this before so I bought them because I was curious oh my gosh so you could use it like a spoon but flat on the side you see that so it's more just kind of an absorbent block it doesn't really feel that gray in your hand you could scoop with it and.

This too has a kind of flat surface to it it feels like plaster so my idea is to put it in my salt cellar that I keep in the studio see on the side here how it clumps up so I'm just gonna stick this in here and it should absorb any excess water you could use it to scoop with but it is quite a large amount of salt maybe for.

Making pasta and then this one I can store in my cocoa powder which tends to Clump too in the high humidity these are washable kitchen paper towels I've never heard of reusable or washable kitchen paper towels before these were 200 yen so a little bit more expensive here's the roll and I was just really curious about the texture of these are they just.

Really heavy duty paper towels how cloth-like do they feel are they like garage shop towels um and I don't know and it feels kind of like a regular paper towel but it doesn't definitely stronger and thinner so if we rip one.

Perforated just like a regular paper towel pretty thin here's a regular paper towel versus the washable paper towel a little bit wider and the texture is a little bit finer than the regular paper towel let's get them both wet.

Here is the washable paper towel versus the regular paper towel so let's wipe here is the regular paper towel that tears as you would predict and the washable one does not oh look at that it's stretchy and it does not tear easily it's kind of bouncy and stretchy look at that wow the.

Texture is a little bit like some baby wipes you know the baby wipes that are a little bit stretchier it's not as absorbent it's kind of thin it definitely is washable it's washed in water I'm wringing it out and it's not tearing wow nope not tearing.

And it's pretty strong that is cool in terms of lacking in thickness I think you can fold them over itself and then kind of double it up to get some more absorbency but they're definitely a lot tougher like paper towels just rip and tear than the regular paper towels I would be curious to see what these are made of they're plastic and if there's.

Plastic in here or nylon or something then that would be so great because then these wouldn't break down or be compostable but there you have it washable reusable paper towels okay my lovelies last time I had so much fun with the hand bubble maker and I happen to buy another bubble maker because bubble makers are delightful this one is.

In the shape of frog this was 300 Yen this is the same bottle of bubble solution I got last time this of course takes batteries okay okay one two three I've never used one of these before the build quality is pretty good 300 Yen.

Oh I shouldn't spoke so soon look this one has a crack that's a bummer it doesn't have any instructions but I believe I put solution in this Reservoir so we'll do that okay hey it's not working it's blowing but not turning.

Oh I'm so disappointed why aren't you turning okay let me just needs a little help yes oh no it stopped it started working I think maybe this got bent a little bit so you're gonna have to manipulate it a little okay okay let's.

Try it now it works it works I'm so happy it works great actually so if yours doesn't work you might just have to tweak it a little bit with that we're gonna have little froggy send us off.

I'm Gonna Leave the bubble makeup right here because nothing is more joyous and happy than than a room full of bubbles alrighty my lovelies thanks so much for watching and big thanks to Helix sleep for sponsoring this video if you'd like to get yourself a helix sleep mattress please click the link down below or head over to and we made to.

See how you can receive up to 200 off your Helix mattress and two free pillows thanks again for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye.

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