Caramelized figs with ricotta slow cooking can also take desserts to a whole new level a gentle long cook can really bring out that wonderful Rich sticky sweetness and that depth of flavor in fruits these are black figs they are suited to slow cooking roasting better than the green figs because this outside skin is.

So durable this is an amazing way of roasting figs and it's so easy yet so delicious lay your figs out in rows take some Rosemary and just peel that down get that really nice fragrant stem get your scissors trim the edge almost we've got a bit of a sort of sharp Point bring your three figs together.

And just thread the top of each fig nice and gently Rosemary works wonderfully with sweet dishes as the figs roast in the oven the stock will impart a lovely subtle flavor useful the figs with icing sugar then coat them with a generous splash of balsamic vinegar leave them to sit there for five minutes they sort of marinade I know it.

Sounds odd to use vinegar in your dessert but trust me it gives the dish a fantastic sweet and sour taste I'm gonna make a really nice caramel four or five tablespoons of sugar now flatten that out and get it nice and even when the sugar is even caramel Cooks evenly it's changing now you can see it melting from the outside in the one thing you.

Don't do is shake the pan rapidly and sit almost like sort of a lake defrosting and it's hitting to the center it's bubbling it's still not dark enough yet it's getting there turn the gas down and stay in control let the sugar melt until it turns a dark amber color the secret behind any good.

Caramel is just stopping it from overcooking lovely take that off the gas another butter in there gently whisking the butter is cooling the camel down you'll see it changing color to like a cafe Olay.

Next add a dug of the balsamic vinegar beautiful for that nice dark richness of a camel a little touch of water in there that way the camel doesn't go too thick now put the caramel back on the heat take a fix and sort of place them in gently.

Lovely and then just added all that lovely little marinade don't waste that it's amazing stuff there icing sugar and Balsam and vinegar so tasty based those figs because the skin gets.

Nice and crispy on the outside and the Fig sort of just absorbs the caramel delicious so easy now into the oven 190 for 10 minutes almost doubled in size now look at the color on them they smell.

Is incredible onto your plate they're a lot heavier because they've actually started absorbing that camera now douse the figs with caramel and serve with ricotta cheese the freshness of that ricotta goes brilliantly well with the figs.

I'm gonna finish that now zest and then some little nibbed almonds and the rich creamy Jam texture of the Fig with a ricotta brilliant that is an amazing way of slow roasting fruit and taking figs to a completely new.

Level spicy chutney with Chutney standing by in the fridge you can always add that special little touch to a simple supper prove that thinking ahead always pays off pan on to start toasting those spices keep the pan nice and low cumin very.

Aromatic very fragrant and it's almost like a light spice next nice little coriander seeds coriandering now you're going to get a bit of heat in the Chutney mustard seeds well smaller than coriander seeds but so much more powerful mustard seeds in now Curry leaves they don't actually smell much dry but the flavor they give.

Off is extraordinary Curly's in really important not to burn them otherwise you'll have that bitter taste across the Chutney keep the gas nice and low the secret is sort of toastable so it releases that oil and tensifies the spice a touch of salt and then a couple of small powerful.

Chilies keep them whole no one's going to eat them but it gives that real nice burst of heat now let them toast gently there we're not going to chop the onion we're going to grate it why because it sort of breaks down to a really nice puree in the Chutney when.

You grate it hold the root in the palm of your hand and just push nice long straight I want those nice long shards look I've almost got a nice sort of onion puree but it's nice and clear touch a volleyball spices nicely toasted onions in.

Three nice cloves of garlic crush them lay it nice and flat and just slice the garlic nice thin slices garlic in taking your time to get the owners caramelized beautifully will really reap.

Rewards in the long run Tamarind paste and sugar in with the sugar first three nice tablespoons of sugar that will give a really nice syrup effect a sort of nice rich syrupy texture to Chutney Tamarind paste you can get Tamarind paste in most delis and the big supermarkets.

It's really nice thickening Asian but it gives that tartness the Chutney and it's sort of bridge sugary spicy next in with my coconut add four nice tablespoons that will give a nice body a really nice texture to the Chutney cut that coconut out and now add the carrot greater the carrot just gives the Chutney a.

Really nice sort of punch but also helps to sort of cool down the spice carrots in the water comes out of the carrot flavors the Chutney beautifully but gives that nice sort of vibrant bright color to it as well and grating it almost sort of it Cooks.

Instantly but I want a bit of texture through here turn down the gas and just let that simmer for five minutes if the cars are that moist and juicy then put a couple of tablespoons of water in there to help it along now five minutes just so those carrots start going nice.

And soft don't overcook them you want that nice texture in there slightly spicy slightly sweet gas off keep those chilies in there for that it's beautiful nice and gooey delicious and ready to go in his jar AS that sits in the fridge just gets better and better and better.

I love to eat this chutney with cold meats or even cold fish but with ham it's amazing it's a really nice way of livening up the ham just sort of roll it up get a nice spoon of Chutney I mean it looks fantastic Chuck me onto the plate serve and that is a nice little.

Gem in the fridge that is worth prepping in advance for