Might take on classic chocolate brownies is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face and not just when they're fresh out of the oven blondies stock up on these delicious blondies they'll keep for up to a week and it's a great way of getting ahead if you're expecting guests around.

First off melt the butter for the mixture we've had hundreds and hundreds of brownies the sort of white chocolate version I.E blondies are amazing a little bit more subtle keep a little knob of butter for the end just to grease your baking tray turn the gas down.

And gently melt that butter sugar into the bowl let's give that butter a little whisk sort of makes the mixture a bit lighter slightly fluffy off with the gas a pinch of salt in the sugar then making it well in the middle.

And sort of whisk you can see it's already gone nice and blunt love it give that a really good mix and the secret with the butter be slightly warm sort of it melts the sugar lovely a teaspoon of vanilla extract in next lightning whisk and two whole eggs.

Let's give them a little beat this is such a delicious recipe yeah it's so simple whisking the eggs looking for that nice sort of Rich texture smooth paste see why we call these blondies beautiful next teaspoon of baking powder baking powder in and half a teaspoon of baking soda.

Aerates the mixture and gives it that little tartness you'll see this sort of Rise instantly the minute they hit the oven and then your flour whisk with one hand and just slowly add half the flour first get that all mixed up make sure that mixture is really nice and smooth.

Check it occasionally no lumps half flour in and then the other half in you'll feel it sort of almost nice and firm and that's why it's so important to add the flowering stages this stops the mixture going lumpy it should be just dropping off the Whisk beautiful.

Change over from a whisk to a spoon next I want some texture some nice sweet chewiness to the blondies dried cranberries they bake beautifully but it gives the Blondie a really nice sort of chewy sweetness in the center next and white chocolate.

I'm not going to grate it just chop it up just slice it like little bits of shrapnel I want the chocolate my little matchsticks dotted around chocolate in lovely fold that in I want a nice even distribution of those wonderful dried cranberries don't over mix it I want to break up.

And chocolate nice even mix of cranberries and chocolate see the chocolate there'll be parts of the chocolate in the oven that will actually melt it'll be like little pools of white melted chocolate in the center now baking tray.

A small little knob of butter and the grease baking tray and line it some greaseproof paper and just over extend it shiny side out dull side hits the bottom of the tray in increase proof allows me to maximize on the white chocolate inside the mix no grease with paper the chocolate can melt.

And almost stick to the tray so the paper is just a really nice insurance policy secondly won't that rise and that sort of crispness now with the mix get your spatula all the way around I don't see anything left in that bowl position the bowl over your tray nice and carefully love me.

Don't leave that slice in the bowl nobody's licking that one and then just take the back of the spatula go into the corners push and come back into the middle turn the tray around let it work to your advantage try and get it evenly positioned in the tray.

If it goes in even it Cooks evenly make sure you smooth out the top of the Blondie with the back of the spatula and then into the oven it's going to rise it's nice and crisp on that soft gooiness in the center make your blondies at 180 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.

Foreign Edge on the outside and that sort of soft gooey Center leave that to cool down and it's going to sort of firm up and wrinkle but it'll stay nice and gooey in the center once it's cooled down take it out and start slicing.

Half watching blondies a fantastic easy treat to have on hand for yourself or to share delicious slow braised stuffed lamb breast one of the secrets to slow cooking is to be robust and really get stuck in big bold flavors work brilliantly well so don't be precious this is gutsy cooking at its absolute.

Best these are lamb breasts are beautiful cheap cuts and they're sort of tucked alongside the rib they've been boned out the skin has been taken off I'm going to roll them stuff them and braise them braising simply means cooking in liquid on a low heat making the meat divinely tender now open them up and give them a.

Really good seasoning season them both sides inside and out really important it doesn't look like a real weighty dense cup of meat but once it's beautifully slow braised it's just like melting lamb it's incredible I'm going to season the breasts with some dried oregano put a heat in there some chili flakes.

Lemon zest amazing salted anchorries in there now they almost melt inside the lamb so the balance of flavors work beautifully now pull it down towards you and roll that nice and tightly that's what I'm looking for.

A string just need to tie them three times one at each end and one in the middle I fell in love with this dish years ago when I first started working in Paris because we had all the lamb in from the Pyrenees nice thing is they can be done the day before.

Pan on olive oil in look at that oil nice and hot lemon it's really important to get it's a nice color on there whilst they're Browning slice The Onion the Lamb's gonna be cooking for two and a half hours so don't slice the onions too thinly otherwise it'll burn garlic.

And leave whole got a color on them look at that beautiful take them out onions in and garlic straight in lovely that's the secret about slow braising you never change pans why of all the goodness isn't that one pan a few chili seeds in there argano nice pinch.

A little bit of lemon in there and I'll do the onions what I did to the lamb next my capers fry them off get them exploding to the bottom of the pan they get nice and crispy next my black olives now.

White wine bring that up to the boil deglazing the pan as well a rinse in the bottom of that pan and now the flavor in there is just extraordinary now we add our tomatoes puncher.

Those plum tomatoes then simply place the lamb breasts back in the pot and remember to taste that's nice lid on into the oven 170. two two and a half hours and forget about it.

Whoa beautiful all that was reduced down to this amazing nice tomato sauce and the lamb it's kept its color look at that that's braised beautifully very carefully little bits there it's nice off and pull off the little bits of string.

This is why I get really excited the secret is not to slice it too thinly look at that smell the lemon it's hard to believe when you slice through the center there but that is a very cheap cut of meat on salivating I love this I mean it's just incredible pick up the tomatoes and the olives and.

The onions and amazing Rich sauce take your lamb sort of just hit it on it looks incredible that for me is why chefs get so excited with.

Cheap Cuts because the end results are incredible delicious breast of lamb with lemon anchovies chili and oregano