I've got the perfect dish that'll upgrade yourfamily Sunday roast to Friday night status. There's nothing better than cooking somethingdelicious for friends or family, and you don't have to wait to the end of the weekend to doa beautiful roast. Introducing pot-roast pork, wrapped in cured meat with sage and garlic and aside dish of celeriac, spinach, and some compoted apple and rhubarb, oh yes! Let's do this. Sothis is a beautiful piece of pork loin, it's about a kilo. We've removed belly and fat to makeit convenient, so it's going to cook really evenly but we have lost flavour, so we've gotta add itback in. So we'll do that by creating an amazing marinade and wrapping it in the cured meat. Firstup I'm gonna use a fantastic herb, sage, the smell is amazing. And then I'm gonna add a little bit ofsalt and pepper. Take your pestle and smash it up.

Then go in with two cloves of garlic. Oncethe garlic has been smashed then finish off the marinade process with two tablespoons of oiland about a tablespoon or two of red wine vinegar. That my friends is unbelievable flavour potential.Pour it over the pork and then we can have a nice little rub-up. Let's have a look at thecured meat for wrapping, so take a piece of greaseproof paper, we'll rub that with a littleolive oil, and then here I'm using a cured meat called Coppa di Parma. But of course you can useParma ham, use whatever you can get your hands on. And I'm just gonna lay out this incredible curedmeat. Turn this, take that amazing cut of pork, we're using simply rolling and gravity to wrapthat okay. Now at this stage we wanna secure it. So I'm gonna take some string, do a double knot,and pull it fairly tight right, we want to secure.

That to the pork. And there you go something trulybeautiful and ready for cooking. So pan goes on. Just a little bit of olive oil, a little knob ofbutter. And as it starts to bubble and fry we'll go in with this incredible piece of pork. Listento that, come on, that's what it's all about. Now we will just move this pork around and we'llachieve a little bit of light golden colour. While the pork browns slice up a stickof celery, cut the red onion into wedges, and add to the pan with a couple of sprigs ofrosemary. It's just lovely savoury flavours. This is gonna be beautiful so you know, as it starts tofry and get golden and crisp then we add a little chianti – just a little, we don't wanna boil.And that's gonna create the most amazing sort of humid delicious environment where the fat and thechianti is just kind of creating this shiny cream.

That just bastes the meat that's pot roasting.So it's going in the oven for about 40 minutes. Every 10 minutes I'll turn it and baste it andthis will give you golden, delicious, moist pork. What I'll do now is bang this in an oven at180 degrees Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit, it's gonna be truly amazing. So as that beautiful pork cookswhat could go with it? I'm thinking celeriac you can steam it, grill it, you can mash it, you canpretty much treat it like a parsnip or a potato. But also most of the flavour is in the skin soI've had a proper little scrub-up. Generously sort of cut off those lobes of skin, thereyou go. So all I do here is a little seasoning and a little oil. Celeriac cracklings inthe bottom of the oven. Into a new pan add a tablespoon of olive oil, a few sprigs ofthyme, and go in with the chopped celeriac.

And about half an hour of cooking and that willbe beautiful. As that's happening I wanna do a compote. Apples, very very traditional quiteBritish. But then I'm kind of rifting off into the wonderful world of rhubarb. Sour, it'sgot that kind of weird sort of tropical slap. Chunk up the rhubarb and add to the roastingtray, then peel and chop a red and green apple. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, a tablespoonof brown sugar, a splash of red wine vinegar, and throw in a knob of butter. So give it anice little mix-up. This goes in the oven. Let's have a look at our pork and give it justanother drizzle of the chianti. Look at that. Just move it over and just add thatjuice and it's gonna be amazing. Put the pork back in the oven and let it cook awayremembering to turn and baste it every 10 minutes.

Come on! Look at that gorgeous simple,simple sauce. Now I'm gonna let the meat rest in its juices right, about 10 minutes, thatwill give you a tastier more tender cut of meat. And then here we have got the celeriac. I wannabring some greens into the story so baby spinach, two bags, get it in there, use the residual steam.A couple of minutes and then it's plate-up time. So exciting, the smell is phenomenal.Look at this, come on! Colour, flavour, smells, that's what it's about. If I justpush it look at the moisture coming out of it. Dry pork? No longer, no way Jose. Different vibebut it's gonna put a massive smile on your face. The idea of sauce, gravy, right we're not gonnahave pints of the stuff, sorry, but what I'll give you in return is flavor like you've never hadbefore. And we've got a roasted rhubarb and apple.

Compote. Crispy celeriac cracklings. Ladies andgentlemen, pot-roast pork wrapped in cured meat. Oh that is so good, nice bit of theold cured meat, the silky soft pork, and that chianti juice is so good. Littlekiss of sweetness from the compote. That my friend is a littlefork of heavenly beauty. What a way to start the weekend.


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