Okay guys, potatoes are a thing of beauty. So here is a little collection of my favourite potato recipes. I think you’re gonna love it. Lovely people we are going to celebrate the creation of the perfect roast potato.

That’s not just a potato, this is the perfect roast potato. And if you think I’m going mad, it’s because I’m mad for roast potatoes. Crispy outside and fluffy inside. We’re gonna do it three ways. Goose fat potatoes, butter clementine, rosemary garlic.

The Maris piper is an incredible, incredible potato. Fluffy and starchy the peeling of the potatoes, you don’t need to see that. I’ve got them parboiling in here in salted boiling water. They’re kind of that size.

Cook them for about ten minutes. The best roast potatoes I’ve ever made have come from a time when I almost felt I’d overcook them and created mashed potatoes, okay. So you need to tread that line very, very, very carefully.

I can see they’re just kind of thinking about breaking up. Pour it into the colander. This steaming part here now is also incredibly incredibly important. It’s starting to get starchy, see it go kind of fluffy and white and a little kind of flecks and flakes of broken bits of potato.

These are the things that are gonna give you crispy bits and we love crispy bits, and a crispy outside, okay. Really, really important. In tray number one: olive oil, three tablespoons. Lower in saturated fats, so we love that.

We’re gonna move on; butter and olive oil, half as much. And then a nice knob of butter. Butter is gonna give you incredible flavour and it’s sort of lovely sweetness. But also a strong contender for gorgeousness is goose fat.

You can get it in all the supermarkets, three or four tablespoons in there. You’re gonna get a richer flavour. It could be pork fat, it could be beef tallow, I love all of them. But I generally sway for the butter and the olive oil, but at Christmas I kind of go for the goose fat cuz it’s so good.

A little secret ingredient that I do; a swig, a tablespoon of red wine vinegar. It’ll disappear and what’s left is a really subtle kind of tang, that just helps make the perfect roast potato. Then herbs, so let’s go to the olive oil here, getting some lovely rosemary.

Put it under a hot tap. If you put it under a hot tap, it just wakes up the natural oils in the rosemary. Okay so rosemary goes in, and of course best friends with garlic. Leave the skin on, the skin will protect the garlic and it will release the garlic-ness very gently.

The whole bulb of garlic, trust me guys. Then we’re going to go to the olive oil and butter. Sage is a classic. Beautiful, beautiful fragrant herb that goes in, and then we’ve got coming to you just the zest.

Lovely. That will make a difference, it’s gonna be really, really good. Last but not least, goose fat. Just go brave on bay leaves, dried ones are okay, fresh amazing. Four, five, six and then go in with some thyme.

We’re gonna hit these up with some salt and pepper, olive oil, rosemary, garlic. Clementine, butter, olive oil and sage. And bay, thyme and goose fat. Delicious. Now back over here, while these little bad boys are steaming hot, all right, we need to ‘chuf’ them up, scratching and scraping the edge.

‘Chuffing’, all right, I’ve made it up, okay. Look what I’m doing, look what I’m doing. Woohoo. See how I’ve beaten that up, right. So that’s good, so we’re gonna go in while they’re hot. Just mix up all of these, absolutely gorgeous.

So I’m gonna cook these in an oven at about 180, 190, which is about 350 Fahrenheit. Over the period of about 50 minutes, maybe an hour, they’re gonna get gorgeous and golden and crispy. But after about 40 minutes I want to show you the last little tip to make these incredible.

Take the tray out of the oven after 40 minutes, place the potato masher on top, and then just let it pop and let the lovely starchy inside just puff out, and then create a flatter surface area on the bottom and the top.

Just do that around the whole tray and then pop it back in for another ten minutes. You can hear the sizzle. Have a little shake up. You can see and you can hear there is crispy perfection in the house.

Goose fat potatoes, the butter potatoes with the Clementine, the smell in this room is off the chart. And last but not least the rosemary, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Crispy, fluffy, perfect, tangy, little gorgeous.

Everything in the world goes with roast potatoes. I know you feel the same way as I do. Oh crispy and fluffy, yeah baby. Just give me a little bit of peace. Can I just have a little moment on my own? Go on, off you go.

Hi guys, okay so we’re gonna make the most incredible potato salad. Potato salad is the best but many of us get them from the supermarkets. I don’t think they’re very good so real-deal potato salad. The flavours are phenomenal and the textures as well.

And I’m going to show you them three ways almost like an evolution of this very, very simple, simple salad. Here we have got new potatoes boiling. Always put the new potatoes into boiling water, as opposed to cold and bringing them up.

This preserves the flavour and the nutrients. So these are been cooking for about 15 minutes. You can sort of tell when they’re cooked, when you can get them out and you can just squash them. Lovely. Let’s drain these.

Cut them up into little quarters. If some completely break up and sort of smash into almost like potato snow that’s fine because it’ll make your dressing more interesting, so don’t be worried about that.

Gorgeous extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil. Season with some salt and pepper. And we’re gonna go in with some lemon. We don’t have to waste the skin. If you’ve got one of these little fine graters, give it a few little swoops of the lemon skin.

No bitterness there at all, just pure flavour. And then the juice going in. Often when you flavour things when they’re cold it just sits on the outside. Because it’s hot you know, whatever you put in now, will go into the actual veggie.

So this is beautiful. So with our bowl, we’ll give it a nice little toss and that is your basic salad. Then we’re gonna add our flavours. So some chives, parsley, a little bit of mint. We’ll roll it up almost like a kind of herby cigar.

We’ll just finely slice it the best we can chives have got that very delicate onion smell, very gentle. This is rock chopping, you can easily do a great job by cross chopping. And that’s the simplest safest way.

Just grab your hand flat like that, and just go through it. Into the potatoes right there. We’ll have a little taste. Mmm, really happy with that. As it is gorgeous, but we can take it on a little bit, okay.

So if you wanted it to be a little creamy you could just slap a load of mayonnaise in there. But to be honest mayonnaise is nice, but I prefer really good quality yogurt. And it will give you that creaminess.

So 2 or 3 tablespoons of yogurt and just toss that up. That’s perfectly lovely, but I think we could add some flavour to that as well. English mustard for me, a teaspoon, is the way to do it. It just gives it a really nice hum.

So I’m really happy with that, but there’s more we can do. Get two or three rashes of bacon. Smoked, it has to be smoked. And just finely slice the bacon, and in a matter of minutes you can get them super crispy.

So the fat will render out of the bacon, crispy and golden. Get the bacon out and let this cool down. That’s going to give an amazing crunch, and then that fat is just absolutely gagging to have bread crumbs cooked in it.

So crispy bacon bits, crispy bread crumbs, another level. This is a really, really delicious thing to do. So there are our crispy bacon bits. We’ll just sprinkle those over the potato salad. Smokiness, little crunch, little savoury bread crumbs over the top.

It should sizzle. You got all the lovely flavour from that bacon into bread crumb. Delicious, good flavour. Clean, crunchy, soft. So really, really nice. Love this on picnics, barbecues. Serving it with roasted meats.

So there you go potato salad three ways. So I’m going to give you one of my very favourite potato side dishes, you are gonna love it. This is an ‘Al Forno’, a bake of sliced potatoes, fennel, onions, parmesan, cream.

It’s gonna be so delicious and moorish. Brilliant with meat, fish, even as a veggie dish, minus the anchovies. But basically this is the king of potato dishes, I just love it. So first up get yourself a kilo of Maris Piper potatoes and you want to peel those and then slice thinly as you can.

And then I want two white onions. Just peel it and finely slice it. Two fennel goes in and remove the herbs and we’re gonna save this for later. Put the herbs in cold water so they don’t dry up. So the stalky part here, just finely slice and then when you get the bulb, cut it carefully in half, and we’ll finely slice this.

So we’ve got all of our sliced veg there, so just mix it up, pack it down as much as you can. It looks like a lot but it’s gonna cook down, trust me, it’s gonna be amazing. Now what we got to do now is earn flavour, so a pot goes on.

I’ve got 600 mls of whole milk, and then 400 mls of double cream. This is supposed to be indulgent so as that comes up to temperature I will lightly season this, and then we’re going to go in to some other clever fragrances.

First up just a bit of rosemary and bay, and all I’ve done is tie it up like that. So think of it like an infusion. You just plot this in here and the flavour that you’re going to get from the bay and the rosemary is gonna be savoury and meaty and delicious.

And then a quarter of a nutmeg. Oh, it smells amazing. And then I want eight cloves of garlic, and we’re gonna crush this garlic. If you’ve got a nice little crusher. Who makes this? It’s a really good- Oh Jamie Oliver.

A subtle plug, that’s what you like. So garlic goes in and then, this is a really divisive ingredient, anchovy. You’ve got the oil which is beautifully scented, and then five or six fillets. Now when I put this in the cream, it would just melt, it will disappear.

It will give you depth of flavour. As this comes to the boil you can see a few little bubbles now. Just have a look at this. Oh! hallelujah. It just smells amazing. What I want to do now is just put about 50 grams of parmesan into this cream off the heat.

And these fine graters are fantastic at getting those hard cheeses sort of really nicely grated. And another wonderful product available on the Jamie Oliver shop. At this stage in the game this herb has done its job.

If you taste that. Oh yes. Come on. This is what cooking is all about right. You take your standard frumpy old potato and then you create a taste sensation, to die for. So we’ll finish this with just a little kiss of parmesan.

I want to cover it in some tinfoil, and we’re gonna cook it for half an hour at 180 degrees Celsius. So it’s gonna help the potatoes cook and absorb all that beautiful flavour, and it will shrink down a bit.

Then I’ll rip it off and we’ll do 40 minutes, or until golden, blippy, and so outrageously beautiful, you’re nearly gonna rip the door of the oven to get it on the dinner table. All right, wrap it up.

Now the good news is if you had a dinner party or a busy occasion and you wanted to do this the day before, absolutely fine. And you can just bang it in the oven tomorrow but I am gonna cook this right now, and you’re gonna love it.

So the potato and fennel ‘Al forno’ has had an extra 40 minutes after I’ve taken the tinfoil off, and it’s now golden, blipping and delicious. I’ve had a little peek, it’s all very exciting. So at this stage in the game we can kind of retrieve these beautiful fennel fronds from the water.

It looks amazing and it tastes really perfumed and fragrant. So out they come. Right it’s time to have a look at our potato and fennel ‘Al Forno’. Look in there man. Oh yes! Come on. Golden, delicious, blipping away, the smell is phenomenal.

So look, all I would do is serve it at the table finished with these beautiful fennel fronds, and that is just gorgeous. This is one of those techniques, one of those recipes, that always makes a meal.

And as you go through the seasons you can swap out fennel for asparagus, or celeriac, or celery, or mushrooms. You can just have fun with it but ultimately it’s just a beautiful thing. I am gonna serve a little bit up.

Really get in there. Come on man. Oh the smell. You get some of those juices. On its lonesome, but frankly I don’t care because it’s so blooming good. Joy. Big, bold, delicious and totally scrumptious.

You’ve gotta have a go this, you’re gonna love it. Mmm, I love it.