(upbeat music) – Hi, everybody. Today is a breakfast idea,I'll make nurungji. Nurungji is actually scorched rice, but I'm going to add someseeds and multigrains. We are going to have some nutritious and healthy, toasty,and delicious nurungji. You go to Korean grocery store, you will see this nurungjikind of packets are sold.

Homemade nurungji just like this is going to be a really saveyour money, plus gift idea. I just add quinoa. Quinoa is a seeds grown in South America, very, very healthy, and itcontains a lot of protein. So I just made this together,and it turned out so good and nutty, toasty. You will see. Okay, let's get started. Brown rice. Brown short-grain rice.

You can find anywhere, any grocery store. I prefer short-grainrice, more little sticky. But if you cannot find,just use long-grain, any, medium-grain. This is my pressure cooker.It's a rice pressure cooker. I will just use just one cup. So one cup brown rice. This is, I use glutinous rice. So I like to make it justlittle stickier. One cup.

And this is quinoa. There's a color, three different colors, and black, kind of alittle white, and red. I wanted to have some red color because kind of feel like more healthier. I'm not sure. It's a one cup. So one cup red quinoa. And black rice, quarter cup.

Quarter cup black rice. All this grain and quinoa seeds, three cups plus quarter cup. So three and quarter cup. Look at that. Looks very healthy. Let's wash. Grabbing like this and wash. Pour out. There's milky water. Wash it again.

The seeds are very light, so easily, you can pour out. So be careful. Slowly, slowly, carefully. I pour out as much as I can. So I'm going to add threecups water. Measure. You guys maybe, “Oh, I don'thave a pressure cooker. What should I do?” You can use a thick bottom pot. You need to soak this overnight.

Or just at least three hours. Then start making rice. You can follow my multigrainrice recipe video. So today, I'm using this,my electric rice cooker. (gentle upbeat music) My rice is done just now.16 by 12-inch baking sheet. And this is parchment paper. And I'm going to bring this, I'll put the rice all over here.

Ooh, wow. This is my rice scoop. Color is all dark and nicereddish, really beautiful. Spread this rice evenly. Wow, smells very earthyand good nutty smell. I spread this rice veryevenly and same thickness. Put some water and just press down. By pressing down, thisnurungji is going to be flat.

And stick to each other. Look at that. It looks great. Isn't it beautiful? Purpleish and brownishand sometimes black rice. Its color is a black dot. So pretty. That's why I chose a red quinoa. Now I'm going to bake this,basically, until very crispy. I just preheated my oven at 400. Put this.

I putted this in themiddle rack and one hour. (timer ticks) Use a spatula. Flip it over, like this. And like this. You can use a knife. Knife, or I'm using this scraper. When this is hot, we have to cut. Now we need to make thismore crunchy and nutty.

We need to bake another 30 minutes. My nurungji is well-doneand toasty and crunchy. So I'll just put it here. So this is nurungji. You can put this in Ziploc bag, and whenever you need, takeit out, and make nurungji. Koreans love this nurungji. Some companies make a nurungji company. You can find this at aKorean grocery store.

Not this. This one isespecially made homemade. You can't find it anywhere else. I'm going to make this nurungji for you. Add water. It's cold water. Maybe around the two cups. And cover this and boil. I just cook this 12 minutes,but you guys can cook longer. Nice, beautiful, red color. Look at that. Oh, my. Smells so good.

Around 10 minutes after,lower heat and then simmer, until you satisfied the kind of thickness. Okay, I will show youthis, my side dishes. Dried anchovies, and then I'm usually, when I make nurungji likethis, I just dip it and eat it. And also kimchi. Kimchi, and this yellow corvina. This is a gulbi, kind of a salty fish. Usually somebody has to cut.

Like this. It's a bones. Remove the bones. And I just pan fry, so crunchy. Mm! This grains have some toasted flavor. And also, quinoa is just tiny. When I chew this, it tasteslike a little bit couscous. I need to chew a lot. I all time eat this way. Cheers! Radish kimchi.

Today, I shared my recipehow to make nurungji, multi-grain nurungji with quinoa. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye! (upbeat music)


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