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– [SliceofOtaku] So right now, the story of My Hero Academia is pretty crazy. The tonal shift is more than apparent and at this point, undeniable. The revelations to be had with each and every installment for a while now, have been pretty groundbreaking. It's to the point where arguably, each week, something changes everything. It's a really exciting time to be a fan.

Of the series, for sure. Most recently an assassin sent by All for One has just begun their assault on Deku. Things right now are looking pretty intense, either by way of underestimating the progression of Deku, or the sheer capability of this yet to be named villain. This was no doubt, a rather brazen attack. However, this ruthlessness was not exclusive to our main character.

Unfortunately, it seems to have been extended to his mentor, All Might as well. In tandem with this sudden ambush, All Might's car was bombed with him in it. Now, although I honestly don't imagine this explosion will spell about his demise. It does stand to corroborate the previous sentiments of Deku. Nobody around him is safe, to work with Deku at this time,.

Is to have a target on your back by proximity. Meanwhile, the very reason Deku decided to leave UA was to avoid such a fate for those he holds dear. And at that, this bit of information is liable to absolutely set Deku off. I mean, you have to understand what All Might means to this kid. This is not only the heroic figure that he is idolized for his entire life.

This isn't just the person that allowed him to live his dream as a hero and be the first to believe in him. All Might is like a father to him and so to target him in this way, is to invoke Deku's unbridled wrath. Man, forget killing, to really threaten those he holds dear is the gravest of mistakes. Deku is notoriously willful, over the course of the series.

We have bore witness to many instances of borderline insanity in pursuit of selflessness and heroism, in his case. And past his overwhelming willfulness, Deku is additionally known to be quite the crybaby. However, the last time Deku has shed a single tear was when Bakugo was gravely wounded by an All for One possessed, Shigaraki. And at that time, what we saw from Deku.

Was an incomparable rage, that if not for the invasion of his quirk, by way of All for One, I don't imagine anyone short of Gigantomachia, would have been able to stop him. And mind you in the time since then, Deku has progressed tremendously as the wielder of One for All. Something to furthermore remember, are the words of Lariat on the subject of anger.

Anger stands to further the use and/or development of the quirk, One for All tremendously. One for All requires a very strong will and indomitable spirit from its possessors. When someone is so greatly angered, they may forgo their own sensibility and/or rationality. They simply do and deal with the consequences after the fact. Due to loss, injury or extension of a threat.

Towards All Might would surely invoke such a response and perhaps, subsequent progression. Now Deku has always been a passionate guy, sure, but when was the first occurrence of such rage and aggression from this character? Well, from what I can remember, that was his first fight against Muscular. A fight in which he was woefully outmatched and was brutalized horribly,.

By way of his opponent and at times, his own attacks. But through his rage and determination, we bore witness to One for All 1,000,000%, a name Horikoshi later clarified to be simply be theatrics. But nevertheless, the extent to which Deku was able to push himself in the event of such feelings coming to pass, is unreal. But now then, one has to wonder, “Why attack All Might in the first place?”.

Realistically, it's not as if he had any major role to play in all this in regards to combat. So, why? Well, perhaps such anger is precisely the desire of All for One. At the end of the day with this guy, we have to assume that nothing is without reason and nothing is a coincidence. He goaded Deku's anger previously,.

As to allow for his invasion of One for All. In this instance, perhaps All Might isn't dead. But, in the event that this assassin fails to apprehend Deku, the capture of All Might, at the very least, will no doubt trigger a lack of sensibility and a great desire to save him. Not to mention the icing on the cake of this being All for One's once ever troubling nemesis. Deku and the heroes at large, have thus far,.

Been unsuccessful in their pursuit of the League. Which is to say, that if All Might is taken, the likelihood of them finding him thereafter is rather low. With this, a subsequent desperation is to be expected on the part of Deku. And to follow in the wake of such overwhelming desperation, is foolishness. Unnecessary mistakes and slip-ups, that ultimately place him right where the opposition wants him to be.

Now at the very least, in such an instance, Deku may be able to find solace in the knowledge that All Might yet lives, by way of his vestige within one for all. But certainly, the measure of one's wellbeing isn't solely indicated by mortality. Now, beyond the convention of a generalized boost in power or output, in regards to specifics, beyond the possibility of his two new Quirks.

That have yet to be unveiled, being well, unveiled, I believe an improvement to Danger Sense could be an interesting possibility. When figuratively compared to tools, Danger Sense was likened to a crime radio. And as we have seen from the likes of Black Whip, which was compared to a rope, Deku has subsequently devised a myriad of different and interesting ways to use said power or tool.

In truth, a rope can be used in many different ways. And with that in mind, in relation to a crime radio, being able to fine tune that frequency to a specific channel, to me, doesn't sound so farfetched. And so, perhaps in his desperation to find and save All Might, his capabilities with Danger Sense may flourish and benefit by extension. Now, perhaps all of this will be conveyed throughout this bout with this unnamed villain,.

Or perhaps this will occur after the fact. From my perspective, beyond the reasoning of All for One, narratively, Horikoshi certainly did this for a reason. All Might isn't exactly the national treasure he once was. I'm sure that people still love him, but killing him now isn't going to have the same degree of impact as it would during his time as a Symbol of Peace. This is without a shadow of a doubt, for the sake of Deku in some capacity.

For ages on this channel, we have anticipated the demise of All Might, but I really don't believe that time has come just yet. My stance towards it happening hasn't changed much at all really, but if nothing else, this is merely a precursor. The death of a mentor is a pretty common Shonen trope, that beyond One for All blossoming by way of anger is something to be seen in many Shonen stories.

That being said, only so many really go through with it and don't just bait. And as sad as it may be to lose a character we hold near and dear to our hearts. Those are the moments talked about for years and years to come. Those are the moments where fans are able to come together and mourn the fictional. Whatever the case, Deku will not be happy about any of it.

And I don't imagine his desire for solitude will be uplifted anytime soon. How do you guys think Deku will react to all of this? Let me know in the comments and if you have yet to do so, be sure to subscribe to Plot Armor, with notifications on, because with things progressing as they have been, you won't want to miss out on any of the hype to come. And to never miss a thing when it comes to the latest and greatest anime and manga news,.

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