Today I'm going to be attempting to make my first three-dimensional cake I free Drew these shapes onto some paper then placed on top of the cake cut all the pieces out and then I added a layer of buttercream right on top of my base base number two frosted that as well and then added number three and then I added the two chicken breast pieces so around the.

Base of the cake you want to undercut so it looks like it's actually three dimensional you're going to take your red pink buttercream frosting and you're gonna do a crumb coat so now we're gonna add a little bit of blue to the bottom we're gonna put a little bit of buttercream and stick those right on the side there should be a little shelf that.

You've left behind next we're going to take our marzipan and roll those into balls put them all over our turkey and now we're going to cover it with marzipan and drape this one piece of skin all over your turkey this is my final oh