thank you greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back so today lovelies we're going to be tasting some meals I discovered while researching thick water if you missed my thick water video I'll put a link to that down below but in.

Essence thick water is water that has been thickened with a gel substance for people that have trouble swallowing today I'm not going to be tasting water today I'm going to be tasting food I found a selection of instant meals made by Hormel under the thick and easy brand and these are instant meals it can just heat up the microwave that have been.

Pureed and they're called texture modified food so they're pureed for those with swallowing difficulty and I found several of them this one is roasted turkey I have roasted chicken french toast Italian style lasagna and scrambled eggs because I spent a lot of time describing the experience of eating and tasting Foods I know texture is.

Pretty important in that experience it's not just about how it tastes but how it feels in our mouths and as we're chewing things and I especially noticed this post-covered when I lost my sense of taste and smell all I had was texture so I was really acutely aware of texture this is kind of similar in the sense that this is going to be an absence of a.

Sense the texture is going to be completely removed they're all going to have the same texture yet I will have flavor and taste very curious to see what this is going to be like so let's go ahead and get started I'm airing up my kitchen it smells like fried food so that's why I'm wearing my vest alrighty let's go ahead and try the first one on.

The top oh boy this is Italian style lasagna with meat sauce so there it is thick and easy Italian style lasagna instructions on the back and nutritional information so this is shelf stable no Refrigeration needed and all I have to do is puncture the top and several spots and microwave on high.

For one minute that's it super fast so this is an instant meal you certainly could make lasagna and blend it up in the food processor and serve it that way but this is supposed to be an easy time saving product well let's see how thick this consistency is Park so here it is and before seeing anything it smells like those little Chef.

Boyardee cups never have one of those little SpaghettiOs my tummy is grumbling by the way I have not had lunch so I'm giving this the best chance possible of that because I'm hungry I might like this even more uh okay let's open it up and see alrighty and be careful in opening this these are wicked hot all right so my microwave I think runs a.

Little hot it looks a little overcooked on the edges that looks like a sweet potato pie but it does not smell like sweet potato pie look at that so let's Stir It wow it is very thick and it's much Browner than I expected it to be it smells like spaghetti or lasagna a smell tomato some.

Onion some garlic not really anything cheesy but uh this is the consistency pretty smooth very thick it's hard to imagine adding Thicket to this to make it even thicker alrighty Italian style lasagna itsadakimasu.

Mmm oh I got something Sandy in there hmm it doesn't taste bad in fact it tastes just like those little one cup microwave meals in terms of the flavor tastes like spaghetti sauce but the texture is very odd it's very thick and it's a paste but my first reaction is to try to chew it there's nothing really to chew and.

Certainly no harm is done by chewing it there's little pieces of kind of almost like sand in there I'm not sure what that is but it's very smooth in terms of consistency it's thicker than applesauce I would say it's about as thick as pumpkin pie filling kind of like that if you take pumpkin pie filling and you would mush it all up so it's not kind of.

Gel I suspect if this is completely cold this would be sliceable yeah see it just stays on the spoon like that so very thick I do taste some of that kind of Meatball flavor too like the meatballs in Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs like that kind of meat flavor although this is certainly not nearly as sweet as SpaghettiOs at all the consistency is.

Very disappointing because there's nothing to bite into nothing to chew nothing to stretch nothing to pull nothing to bite or experience in your mouth it's just very consistent warm mush but you know this is exactly what it's supposed to be it's supposed to be thick and easy to eat alrighty so that one didn't taste bad.

Let's try this one this one I when I first saw this one I was a bit concerned scrambled eggs this is potatoes cheese and bacon with it so this is kind of like a breakfast casserole so let's go ahead and try this one and microwave this same process one minute okay here are our scrambled eggs let's.

See how these are that does not look like scrambled eggs I was expecting it to be more yellow it smells like baking bits a little bit scrambled eggs potatoes and bacon consistency is a bit like cooked squash okay let's give our breakfast meal a taste eggs scrambled eggs itadakimasu.

Oh no this one is not good the texture is very similar to the last one a little bit softer but it doesn't really taste of egg I do taste a kind of smokiness a bit like liquid smoke or bacon bits foreign makes a weird squeaking noise when I bite into it the consistency while thick and paste like kind of similar to.

Pumpkin Pie again and consistency this one's a little bit grainy you feel a little kind of dried grainy bits in there yeah I wouldn't want to serve that to anyone let's try this one this one is roasted turkey on the cover fees they have what looks like some kind.

Of a sauce each one they have some kind of suggestion it says try it with gravy cranberry jelly or cheese sauce for a change of taste and so this is roasted turkey with bread stuffing and green beans not just roasted turkey so it's kind of like a turkey dinner all right let's see what this one looks like this is what's.

Shown on the box it looks a little bit more like sweet potatoes and this is what you get a little bit more pea soupy this one smells like poultry seasoning I smell a little bit of celery salt some sage and canned green beans this one feels fluffier than all the others this one's a little bit.

Lip thick kind of like the consistency of when you open up a can of split pea soup and you dump it out it's kind of like that alrighty let's give that a taste itadakimasu this one finishes a little bit bitter and can definitely oh there's a dog outside hope the dog's all right let me taste it I already forgot my train of.

Thought definitely tastes strongly of poultry seasoning I'm not sure what the bitterness comes from maybe the green beans yeah not a fan of this one either it's plenty salty all of them have enough salt I feel just the flavors aren't really working with me does it.

Taste like turkey though I think if someone were to give this to me I would say bread stuffing more like but this is supposed to have bread stuffing okay so this is supposed to be like stuffing that's when I think I'm tasting more than turkey or green beans I smell the green beans.

Yeah this one's not very good either yeah I I don't like that one nope next let's have a little sweet breakfasty dessert French toast with maple cinnamon this one looks just like the pie filling like some kind of custard filling look at that.

It's completely set smells Pleasant it smells like artificial maple oatmeal you know we get those little quicker oats packets and you add water to them it smells just like that and this one actually looks pretty accurate to what is portrayed in terms of color and let's stir this one up oh this one's.

Really thick this one is similar to the lasagna it's more paste like all right let's let's try that itadakimasu hmm I had high hopes for this one because it smelled pretty good but it's really gloopy very very pasty I.

Think I would prefer a mushed up sweet potato with a little bit of maple syrup a million times more than this this tastes artificial it has an artificial maple syrup sauce which is fine but something about the texture of the the paste it's off-putting let me just see if I can put my finger on it ah mm-hmm yeah it's like paste I think.

Because something like a sweet potato would have its more of its inherent sweet potato flavor along with maple syrup on top and this feels like someone ground up something it could be anything paper added water to it and then just put some of that flavoring to it so far I like the Lasagna one the most that wasn't even that great I'm gonna close.

My window the dog outside seems to be unhappy okay and for the last one we're going to taste roasted chicken this is roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots sounds like that might be a decent combination rather than green beans so it's more orange.

And looks pretty close to what's Illustrated it smells all right it's a little bit like tomato soup let's stir this one around oh this one's fluffy too oh yeah I'm smelling more of the chicken in this one now all right let's give this one a taste this one kind of finishes slightly.

Bitter too this one tastes a bit like soup if you have some kind of canned soup a little bit like that and I do taste a kind of canned chickeny flavor similar to chicken soup or chicken noodle soup or even canned chicken that comes in a can like kind of like tuna fish that kind of chicken it has that canned chickeny flavor I do.

Taste that the consistency is just like the other is very thick but this one's a little bit more whipped and wet which I appreciate not so pasty the flavor of it is still not that great I think you might be better off taking a can of chicken noodle soup and pureeing it straining out most of The Soup part and eating that although it might be very.

Very salty then you would have more of that kind of chickeny soup flavor rather than this this just tastes like an artificially flavored paste so all of these foods are pretty disappointing but I was expecting them to be so I was trying to purchase with it as open a mind as possible but I feel there's a lot of room for improvement because a.

While back many years ago I tasted some astronaut food and they were foods that were packaged in tubes kind like toothpaste tubes so the food was completely pureed and the astronauts squeezed them into their mouths so I was able to taste them and they did taste actually pretty good tasted better than these surely but same kind of.

Consistency as if you can imagine kind of like a paste and that was the first time I had an experience of realizing how important texture is to enjoyment of food at least for me and I imagine perhaps for you too texture is wonderful the Big Crunch of a tortilla chip or the pole of a cheese pool when you're eating a slice of pizza or the crispness.

Of a nicely toasted piece of bread all of those heighten and are a huge part of the enjoyment for me for tasting and eating food and sadly these are all missing them because they need to be ground up for safety so yes these Foods were about as disappointing as I expected I was happy to taste them and if anything I think I'm grateful for a.

Moment of empathy for those that have to eat foods like this to really Savor and enjoy the meals and the textures and crunches and flavors that I get to eat every single day alrighty my lovelies I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something thanks again for watching please share this video with your friends follow me on social media.

Like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye thank you alrighty now it's time to go get some actual lunch I think a piece of toast with something on top sounds just great