Beef cheeks just think the size of your little cheeks yeah imagine the size of a cow with them and the cheek is right underneath here yeah I want you to give them a really nice season with salt and pepper on there please so bee cheeks very cheap they cut that takes sort of a long time to cook yeah but give it a bit of love let it cook in the oven it comes.

Out like a dream a little touch of oil in the pan what we want to do is get them really nicely colored steer into the pan oh cool lay away see what that is um sitting at the dock of the beach beach.

No matter what the onion chunky cook it for like three three and a half hours so you go down down and then again there and there so it doesn't overcook so a really good color on the cheeks like that so how do you cook these at a.

Restaurants if they take so long they go in the oven literally how about six seven o'clock in the morning three and a half four hours we're ready for lunch and the longer you leave them in their juices yeah and the cooking liquor the better King ice closer garlic good onions in and garlic in please nice where's your Bailey there it is yes.

Get those onions and that garlic really nicely colored put the cheeks back in place right red wine in cool okay the red wine is going to deglaze the pan so deglaze will basically sort of rinse all that flavor off the bottom of the pan yeah okay because that's going to make the most amazing sauce.

Now you could use tomato puree but chopped canned tomatoes you'll make a much better sauce I'm going to top that with some stock so the secret of braising is having little of the meat exposed and 90 of it submerged see them there yeah they're like little crocodile heads popping up out the water turn the gas off and leave the lid just off at.

The end there if we had to cover it completely the steam hits the top yeah the lid and all that water comes running back it's solar still that's right in the oven 140 150 for about three and a half to four hours good job Boom for pudding I'm making one of my absolute favorite Italian desserts panna.

Cotta with that quintessential Italian flavoring espresso start by immersing two leaves of gelatine in cold water and leave to soak into a small saucepan add caster sugar cream milk sugar and a shot of good strong coffee bring to a simmer and remove from the.

Hob squeeze out the soaked gelatin leaves and stir into the hot cream until completely dissolved foreign mixture into a jug and fill your molds just short of the rim rinsing your molds in cold water before filling will make.

It easier to get your panna cotta out once it's set leaving the fridge for at least two to three hours or overnight your cinnamon hazelnut brittle pour caster sugar into a pan and cook over medium Heat.

Until the sugar melts to a deep golden brown scatter toasted hazelnuts into the caramel dust with ground cinnamon and leave to set at room temperature when your panna cotta is firm given each mold a quick dip into boiling water.

Should ensure a perfect stress-free exit onto the plate dress with a Shard of crunchy hazelnut brittle nothing could be so deliciously elegant right Captain Jack quick run through Panna cottas are nearly set beef cheeks I need it cooked we're gonna now do the.

Fig and brighter crostini oh okay let's take the figs we're gonna make a nice slightly spicy fig Jam take off the tops yeah in half and each half into three sugar a touch of salt in there okay we're making a jam but we don't want a bit too sweet and then these little babies what are they.

Ah what's the shape stars star underneath stunnies taken from the fantasy plant yeah and when you're drying like that it's so intensifies the flavor really important to count how many put in there okay yeah so one two three four five so they're just there from flavors and take them out that's right secret here let's get that camera.

Going so when I hear a jam I don't think of caramel no but this is a very fast Jam caramel's starting to color I want you very carefully to drop the figs in there good so the juice out of the figs is starting to break down the camera you know what that is a little sweet vanilla I love that on my challenge got.

That sort of sweet and sour flavor leave that cooking for three four minutes now let's slice our chapati in Italian crostini means little bits of toast but it could be made out of leftover baguette sourdough or any crusty open textured bread we're staying authentically Italian with ciabatta.

In them and then drizzle a little touch of olive oil on there both sides really important because we're going to grill the bread push it down it's a lovely very lovely take it off with the chapata toasted we need to carefully extract the star on these pods from our piping hot fig Jam.

My Jack we've got one little bugger to find oh no look at that yes it is right now we've got the green light to crush integrated in that caramel Alex so nice oh Jack carefully spreads the crostini with our hot fig Jam I can unveil the last element to our starter the creamy.

Italian specialty borata and little money bags looking delicious this looks fun doesn't it we need to season them lightly drizzle over a little olive oil and dust them with lemon zest can you imagine that sat there and you tear some of that off and.

You stick it on top of that and um um back to the main course to match our hearty beef cheeks I've chosen to use papradelli rule number one when cooking pasta salt in first salt and first good olive oil pasta in twist it round so you don't break it no.

Bring that back up the ball that's going to take that through for four minutes flat leaf parsley scrunch it up for me yep and chop him now wait to see these beef cheeks beauties look at them all except they're very soft going to taste.

So good Jack you've just dribbled on your jumper really right drain the pasta salt pepper pasta little drizzle of olive oil I'm going to put your fresh pasta nicely chopped nicely chopped.

Then this is the magic bit okay you take a little Ladle of the juice put that at the bottom and you put pasta on top of that sauce honestly oh my gosh your sisters are gonna love you even more now you know what about when you cook this for your girlfriend one day uh just tell her we.

Got the recipe for me promise promise I don't want you stealing Daddy's Thunder one beautiful jaw on there two beautiful Jaws on there and then the third jaw and then you go over with the sauce how cool is that delicious you've got the burrata.

And I've got the cheeks let's go baby don't be cheeky get it my ultimate Italian dinner quick fig Jam crostini with creamy bodata a main course of slow cooked beef cheek Ragu with Papa Deli and for pudding espresso panna cotta with.

Cinnamon hazelnut brittle a stunning meal to bring the whole family together in the best Italian tradition first things first I'd like you to season the students day a nice spoon of flour mix yeah good girl what's the flower going to do dad the flower helps to.

Brown the beef our seasoned flour will also help to add flavor and thicken the stew marshmallows you do feel a little bit marshmallow don't they look at the size of the chunks of the beef I'm going to cut my carrots literally similar similar sizes right does that.

Mean they'll cook equally that's right now these are little pearl onions I'm going to put them in whole as well everything has to stay the same otherwise it could burn oh we've seen burn garlic before I'm Matilda promise you weren't going to mention that.

What is that time time and what they Bailey's Bailey's good girl tablespoon of oil in the beef goes in first okay in now it's a beautiful color remember the carrots thyme in good job garlic pearl onions in good.

Look at that really good mix up food oh she's easy to make Daddy these shoes are very easy to make providing at the beginning you give it a little bit of love now that's all juicy browned that thing that is beer and that's going to deglaze the pan adding beer or Stout helps to tenderize.

The beef and give it a hearty delicious flavor and that's the only way I want you to taste beer in a stew yeah I'm going to add in a couple of teaspoons of tomato puree please in fact three please very nice.

There's one final thing in there cover this tuna steak with a big stock give that a little mix with Danny please wow that's really funny it's not even cooked yet all these vegetables in when you start um serve it oh yes is the Garlic going to be burnt no excuse me right and we always put the lid with a.

Little bit just a little bit so it can breathe not make the stew or watery into the oven at 150 please tell us for about two and a half hours and now getting focused on your homework time to knock up two delicious hearty potato Classics in one twice baked bubble and Squid jacket potatoes start by baking large potatoes in a.

Preheated oven at 180 degrees shred one third of your savoy cabbage and saute and butter and add a dash of water until tender after about half an hour your potatoes should be crisp on the outside and cooked through in the middle slice them in half and scoop out the soft potato Center.

Then Mash with a couple of knobs of butter mix in the cabbage and season to taste spoon this mixture back into your potato shells and into the oven for a further 10 minutes or until the tops are nice and crispy and golden two delicious hearty potato Classics in one twice baked bubbling squeak jacket.

Potatoes right homework done yeah she was chewing stewing let's get on with our delicious hearty pet tart I've been looking forward to this you and I Chef I'm gonna prep the pears so if you peel I'll top and tail into quarters pears go soft in the oven very very quickly so we're going to put them on a.

Tart we'll need to leave them whole half or in quarter what's that in there Ginger that's right that's stem Ginger so when you use stem Ginger and fresh ginger next add your stem Ginger a little of the stem ginger syrup good girl and some brown sugar to your quartered pears.

And then just grate some fresh ginger off you go so it's a bit of a different one to grate this because it doesn't really come through like the cheese no I'm gonna make that a little bit zesty now we've got some lemons some lemon zest in there right what we need to do now is give that a nice little mix now this is a sweet pastry you can buy.

This stuff we can make it so easy to do so give me your finger that's my center point I want you to get the pairs going around like that in a really nice Circle it's difficult isn't it because the pairs keep on sliding all over the place yeah so egg wash the outside and I'm going to show you a little trick so you.

Lift that up like a bit of a glue that's right crimple this with our finger the pastry forms this nice little shelf like a little money bag are you going to do anything with the spare pairs oh yeah I'm building that up then you see the fresh ginger and those nice little bits of stem.

Ginger let me go around my egg be my glow just on top Tilly's last job is to give our tart a good dusting of icing sugar so that caramelizes it and colors the pears beautifully it's a bit like snow isn't it now that glazes the pastry so the pastry has this really nice shine on there as well.

Finally the lemon on top put that there 180 and in she goes can you smell the beef wow it's even gone down a bit more hasn't it just I was hoping you'd asked taste.

how's that takes now you're not allowed anymore dumpling time flowering please I'm using self-raising flour for a fluffy result but if you like your dumplings hard use plain flour next The Dumpling essential suet that makes the dumplings nice and moist.

by a generous dollop of grain mustard two fingers start rolling the fingers round Another Touch of warm water here your fingers are now a nice little whisk fingers are getting tired right now put your hand in there now you should bring all that dough together.

Show you the best way to get that nice and clean sprinkles and flour on your hands rub them together all that will come off it's a good way is it now we've got this wonderful dumpling mixture how squid is that oh a little flower on your hands okay roll these lengthways.

And then I want you to follow my lap in your hand I'll figure smell that mustard in there huh come on other trust you or something like that yes please tell me.

Gently let's go in at 12 o'clock one o'clock 12 in the center put that back into the oven 20 minutes to cook the dumplings now if you open the door for daddy I'm going to take out that tart oh it smells so nice doesn't it our petard has had 35 minutes in the.

Oven look at that baby foreign would you like me to start testing yes please the others are gonna love this it looks a bit like a snowy cake doesn't it good job now very carefully carry that to the table how nice does that look delicious okay.

I'll check on the dumplings now look they've sort of doubled in size well definitely a final sprinkle of chopped parsley and our stew is ready for the table I might have to have a quick taste before we go just to check I mean we have to be sure we have to be.

Ready that is an amazing hearty beef stew dumpling smoke the twice baked loaded potatoes and we are ready this is my ultimate Hearty dinner a comforting Rich beef stew with mustard dumplings and twice baked bubbling squeak jacket potatoes.

And to make sure your sweet tooth is completely satisfied a rich and zingy pear and Ginger galette