The great thing about street food is anything goes the Only Rule is they've got to be really fast and really tasty now these tacos makes them Mexican and Japanese flavors into a delicious meaty mouthful first off get that pan really nice and hot these are sirloin steaks sear it in the pan with all that fat on.

I'll add flavor salt and pepper a couple tablespoons of olive oil in pan nice and hot hold of the stake and lay it in always lay away to the Pano a little shake and it stops the steak from sticking we're looking for color.

That it sticks it's gonna burn while the steaks are cooking I can go with my super quick marinade now two tablespoons of me soup paste that's a fermented soybean that gives a really nice sort of Rich sweetness tablespoon of sugar a couple tablespoons rice wine that gives it a really nice.

Fengary kick a couple of tablespoons of olive oil salt and pepper I'm looking for a nice sort of thick Rich marinade mayonnaise done it's time to turn the steaks I saw the pan into the other steaks a little based all.

We're doing every time is just adding more and more flavor take your tongs and sort of lift the steak on its back and really melt all that fat down off of the gas take them out just take your knife see all that fat there just slice that off.

I don't want any of that now in to the marinade useful tacos are one of Mexico's most popular Street Foods they've been made from beef pork chicken or fish and are loaded up with amazing sauces and spices.

Now I want something sort of pickly cabbage these are Chinese cabbages slice it in half and look at it really crisp and really tasty I'm gonna slice that into quarters and then just shred it and take your time think of cabbage here and you think of sort of braised.

Overcooked cabbage nothing worse but attacker you want freshness a little season of chili flakes they sort of discreetly give it a little bit of heat a little touch of rice wine vinegar if you haven't got that fresh lemon juice small drop of toasted sesame seed oil give that.

A really good mix now I need something to sort of bring it together we take some Wasabi paste very hot very spicy a sort of thumbnail size I'm going to mix that a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise give that a really good mix these are basic corn tortilla the trick is.

To sort of color them and then shape them actually place it on the guest room use some tongs so it's not to burn yourself you can also toast your tacos in a frying pan from there I'm just gonna place it.

On the rolling pin literally 30 seconds as it cools down the great thing about serving tacos is people can fill them themselves just the way they want them cabbage just squeeze out let marinade nice rustic Little Mountain mayonnaise on wait to see how soft and delicious and.

Almost sort of melting in the mouth texture we've got on this amazing sirloin so I've got that really nice see you around the outside just nice and pink in the middle start off with my crispy shell back of the spoon with the Wasabi mayonnaise inside taco just sprinkle.

That delicious pickled cabbage and then just start lining my attacker with three or four slices touch more am I spicy Maya that is how I'd make.

The perfect attacker sponge with fresh ginger bacon is part chemistry part imagination but you've got to rely on the rules for great results it's the only time you'll see me reaching for the scales first off eggs sugar butter and when I say weigh out the ingredients it does.

Literally mean way out to the final Gram 175. now 175 grams sugar that's 350 grams in total cream the butter and the sugar let's get a delicious light sponge start carefully on slow speed only speed up as the butter and sugar really start to cream together.

Keep that really nice and light you can see how it's changed color so important at the beginning eggs in give them a little whisk adding one egg at a time stops the mix from separating second again third one in.

That's what we're looking for a really nice sort of light aerated texture now I'm gonna flavor the sponge a little teaspoon of vanilla extract like perfumes the mix one teaspoon of baking powder that gives lightness 175 grams of flour and we're going to sieve it a to get rid of any lumps and B to keep it really nice and fine.

175 We're not gonna beat that out we're just gonna lightly fold that in now what I'm looking for is a really nice loose dough that's looking a little bit too firm so just a little splash of milk a couple of tablespoons that relaxes the mixture down helps create that nice almost dropping consistency.

That's what I want see how it's starting to drop take a non-stick loose bottom cake tin greasy with butter then coat it with flour to avoid the sponge sticking give the handle a shake getting all the rim now just get the back of the spatula make sure you've got no Peaks on my.

Sponge to make sure the sponge bakes nice and evenly tap the tin a few times to knock out any air pockets that might have formed in the mixture now into the oven bake for 30 to 35 minutes at 180 degrees as that's cooking prepare the ginger cream for the center 300 mL of cream.

Give that a nice whisk whisking cream by hand gives you so much more control and it's so easy to over whip cream I want that nice light Ginger cream in the center I don't want it grainy nothing worse when cream starts to separate now let's get into that three-quarter stage little stiff peaks.

Stop that for two minutes fresh ginger now got a really nice large slice of Ginger it's that's incredible it's so fragrant Ginger is like sort of peeling a potato to take all those little dark spots now get your grater you haven't got a grater you can chop the ginger really finely.

I've got almost like a puree of Ginger going through but the juice as well take a knife just scrape all that taste it's incredible it's fragrant it's not sweet it's got a really nice taste set that in the fridge foreign.

Smells incredible run a knife around the outside to ensure the cake doesn't stick to the tin before turning it out no get your hands under push up and out why your cake cools I'm gonna do like a really nice sweet chocolate coating pour 300 mL of double cream into a saucepan.

Add two tablespoons of golden syrup to make the top nice and glossy then whisk chop this up really thinly so as it melts quickly 50 grams of butter that's going to give the chocolate a really nice shine boil your cream and mix it in give that a really good stir as a.

Chocolate the butter melts it thickens look how shiny that is so nice to finish with something sweet on top ping done time to build your sponge cake look at the halfway mark there just gently slice and really take your time all the way through.

Lift that's delicious a nice big dollop in the middle it'll be stingy don't be tight with a cream another dollop on top spread that very carefully lift the lid and just sit there on top that's why I start off with a little extra cream in there so I want to squash.

It down the cream just pushes out to the side I'm not finished poor the luxurious chocolate topping over the sponge be generous and make sure the cake is coated thoroughly to give it a gorgeous finish get the bottom of the ladle and spread.

Whoa one more you'll know when to say stop and something looks that delicious I just want to dive in there foreign.