Red mullet with sweet chili sauce it's about being adventurous and having the confidence to go off peace and being a little bit more daring so when you start combining peanuts chili flakes and this amazing fish red mullet trust me you're in for an amazing treat we're gonna make a really nice light sweet chili sauce.

First off your chili off with the top in half on those seeds inside are very powerful incredibly hot but full of flavor garlic two cloves of garlic slice the garlic nice and thin so it helps the puree the chilies in the pasta water garlic in.

Salt and it will touch sugar in and then start grinding push down first the salt and the sugar really helps to puree the chili and the garlic.

Fish sauce always a base to a chili sauce two tablespoons in a touch of rice wine vinegar fish sauce gives it the saltiness the vinegar gives it a nice acidic wake up three tablespoons of olive oil nice mix that up beautiful look at the colors.

Incredible now spring onions I want the texture and the crunch spring onions in the coriander slice it once in fresh lime and that goes brilliantly with a red mullet just really wakes up the chili the garlic and reminds the sauce that we're serving with fish now taste.

Look at that beautiful the longer that chili sauce sits there the better it gets now for the peanuts and chili that's going to coat the top of the red mullet peanuts in salt and that helps to really grind the peanuts down some beautiful dried chili.

Flakes creates a nice sort of warm heat I'm using fresh chili for the sauce but dried chili flakes for the coating which will really crunch up when cooking just a little bit of the coriander mix the coriander in to the peanuts and look I like them quite textured I don't want them too small as a powder otherwise they'll burn.

But crushed lightly to coat the fish with the chili and peanut seasoning in a separate Bowl beat two eggs along with a splash of fish sauce take your fillet lay in your red money dip it in shake up your peanuts and then in and make sure you push that down cover that red Monet oh beautiful.

Now make sure that Pan's really nice I'm piping hot if you put the fish in and the Pan's cold all those wonderful peanuts and chili just going to slide off the fish so we need to sear it in and get it nice and crisp in and lay away from you peaceful.

If the pan starts getting a little bit too hot get your eyeball and just Place Another teaspoon of olive oil around the outside so it starts to heat up as it hits the center and it really helps to stay so much more in control and turn nice and gently.

We want that nice sort of toasted sauteed crispness which adds A really lovely flavor tilt the pan and just baste the top of the red mullet with a really nice piping hot olive oil you've got that really nice roasted Crunch and it goes brilliantly with that soft sweetness of that fish inside gas off.

And just leave them sitting in there and finish with lime and just go over each one now we'll take them out and sauce and the tail of each fish now to round that off serving some fragrant rice sauteed broccoli.

Amazing and there you have a delicious peanut encrusted red mullet with a wonderful sweet chili sauce cooking with chilies isn't all about blow your head off heat this dish uses the exciting Taste of a chili but has a deliciously elegant and subtle flavor my next recipe is a proper British classic that's super simple to cook and.

Costs next to nothing a delicious apple crumble crumbles are the perfect way to use fruit when it's in season there's lots of it about it's nice and cheap but most importantly the fruits at its absolute best foreign make a really nice light caramel pan on.

Nice and low great two apples and this helps to almost sort of pure the Apple so much quicker there's a lot of flavor in the skin so don't worry about peeling the fruit whether it's pears plums peaches flavors in the skin nice to start the camera a couple of tablespoons of sugar the sugar helps to.

Get rid of the tartness in the Apple a touch Cinema that starts to make it a little spicy open up your vanilla and just scrape out all those seeds now this just makes it light and fragrant all those seeds in to the Sugar We're making caramel be patient and always swirl the dish instead of stirring it.

When the sugar goes Brown add the Apple starts to sort of cool down the caramel but it gives it a really nice sort of caramelized puree apples almost disintegrating smells incredible turn the gas down slice up two apples it's a crumble That's Got No Frills straight forward no faffing around no peeling on the skin I.

Want them to sort of stand out from the camera apples in now those nice thick chunks of Apple sort of almost bedding itself into the puree dried cranberries gives it that nice sort of shock in the texture sweet.

Chewy I want it to sort of taste zesty spicy so sit the lemon zest on top of your apples and cranberry fresh lemon juice over and that just gives that extra acidic kick takes the Cranberries the apples the caramel and the cinnamon to another level turn the gas off that says let's concentrate on the crumble flowering.

A couple of tablespoons of Demerara sugar sugar helps to get the topping nice and crispy butter in give that a nice little rub what we're looking for is like a breadcrumb mixture lightly season it with a touch of cinnamon and the dinner sugar sort of helps to get a nice fine crumble mix and it stops.

The butter from sort of melting in that flour so that's the basic crumble mix but I'm not finished yet muesli two-thirds crumble one third muesli mix that in if you haven't got muesli then crunchy granola works brilliantly too lovely now start off in the center and work your way around.

I want the crispiness on the top the puree on the bottom of the caramel and then the texture in the center a good tip hand the gas back on I want it bubbling before it goes in the oven because then you just got to cook the top so as soon as you see that caramel starting to Bubble down the side in she goes let's.

Go all right bake it 200 degrees Celsius for 12 to 14 minutes until golden brown smells amazing still bubbling and look at it a delicious but very simple crumble with apples at their.

Absolute best beautiful foreign