Crispy phyllo delicious with a simple honey yogurt now these are beautiful Fila pastry sheets now it is possible to make it but to be honest to try and stretch the pastry that thin and get it even it's an absolute nightmare Life's too.

Short to make it at home when you can buy amazing phyllo pastry so when working with it always get a nice damp cloth and just lay the damp cloth over it that keeps it nice and moist and it stops the filo pastry from actually drying out.

Put a pan on to melt your butter it's the butter that gives the crispiness to the filo pastry have you ever got a brush or coat feel a pastry with butter and make sure that butter is nicely seasoned you take your first layer layer onto the balls nice brush that with your butter.

And the nice thing about filo pastry is that it can be used for Savory and sweet these are going to have a fragrance Savory flavor with thyme black pepper and parmesan cheese so no need for salt lift up the corner and fold very quickly brush the ends and just nip.

Those ends together non-stick pan on a little splash of olive oil fry the pastry for one to two minutes on each side so you want them to sort of puff up the secrets get them quickly you can smell that cheese in that time you're looking for them to become golden and crispy simple as that and then out.

Smells delicious and as they sit and cool down instantly they become really nice and crispy the filo goes fantastically well with thick creamy Greek yogurt and a drizzle of runny honey and there's something quite sort of Middle East and about the herb the yogurt and the honey and the sort of.

Crispy textures of the filo pastry an alternative savory breakfast when you want a stunning and sophisticated breakfast that mixes fragrant herbs and cheese with glorious honey yogurt this Middle Eastern treat hits the spot and it's so simple to make gorgeous grilled lamb copters with my incredible Twist on the Middle Eastern.

Classic hummus first job glorious beetroot hummus I'm gonna blend and puree the cooked chickpea and the beetroot now the beetroot gives that pickly delicious flavor to the hummus beetroots in with the chickpea a nice seasoning of salt and pepper a tablespoon of olive oil a tablespoon.

Of tahini this is roasted sesame seeds pounded and mixed with oil crushed garlic and toasted cumin seeds grind then pop into a blender I love that nice dark Rich color and you finish it with a nice lemon slice it in half.

Take out the seeds and squeeze the fresh lemon juice at the end just wakes up the acidity in the beetroot but really cuts the richness of the chickpea and the lemon juice is pivotal it really brings the beetroot and the chickpeas together chickpeas are packed with protein very dense and it needs that kind of acidity one more.

Little blend lovely nice little taste that's delicious homemade beetroot hummus so tasty and it really is that easy to make to finish some toasted cumin seeds and sumac that is delicious it's a sort of Middle Eastern spice.

And then some sesame seeds finish that off with margarine almost done now for my copters panel onion nice and finely diced garlic three nice clothes squeeze the garlic over the onions onions.

Garlic in you get a really nice color on them after that a nice teaspoon of chili flakes beautiful now into our pestle and mortar with a teaspoon of toasted cumin give that a little bit of salt in there helps grind it down that is such a lovely smell.

Aromatic exciting spicy intriguing once ground to a fine powder sprinkle your spices into the onion and garlic to create a wonderful aromatic paste now for the lamb mints lightly season it and then add all that wonderful flavor next for some freshness parsley and mint.

Roughly chopped and a glug of olive oil put your hands in there and give that a really good mix traditionally you can see koftas on little sticks barbecue skewers and depending Where You Are they have different sort of variations and shapes and sizes I much prefer the nice little sort of.

Almost like little mini Burgers like little mini sliders but these can be griddled these can be fried in a pan or even cooked on the barbecue start by Rolling the mix into a golf pool size then flatten out always lightly oil your plate.

That way when you set them in the fridge don't need to be all again they're just going straight into the pan because they've got oil underneath and all on top keep your hands lightly oiled and it helps stop the lamb from sticking to your fingers then pop them into the fridge to set and firm up before cooking.

Now you can cook the kofta in a frying pan on the barbecue or an amazing little griddle pan gets the plaque really nice and hot whilst that heats I'm making a yogurt dip I love a nice sort of fresh minted yogurt put fresh mint leaves salt and a pinch of toasted cumin and black pepper into a.

Pestle and mortar to grind as you start to sort of blend the mint almost turns into a nice fresh mint puree and smell out of that it's incredible add yogurt and I like Greek best and a squeeze of lemon look at that now.

Beautiful now the copter so they go on one of the biggest problems on cooking copper is that they move them too early and they start to break up but let them Grill and by grilling them they'll naturally lift off the bar once they're charcoaled and so literally two two and a half minutes each side.

Now turn it over beautiful smell is incredible once browned on both sides they're ready to serve on delicious I absolutely love lunches like.

This because it's sort of bold food that's packed full of freshness and great flavors these quick and easy minty lamb koftas serve with beetroot hummus are perfect for a relaxed meal your family and friends will all want to tuck into foreign