You can't get more classic than a centuries-old midday meal of bread cheese and beer reinvented and marketed by pubs as a plan one's lunch in the 60s I'm now giving it my 21st century take plumbers with the most amazing but super simple beer baked bread hearty and full of flavor for a really quick and easy bread dough.

Sieve a mix of wholemeal and self-raising white flour with a good pinch of salt salt is really important to breath it's the first thing I do once I've cracked it and smelt you want to smell that salt baked throughout beer in about 250 ml of beer the reason why this recipe works so well.

Is that the beer it's got that yeast so naturally it's going to work beautifully give that a really good mix I'm looking for the mix to be quite wet because the dough becomes too firm then it's going to cook dry in the center just as it starts to fall through the Whisk that's perfect beautiful this mix will work really well.

As one large loaf but I want to make my plan ones a little bit more special small tins give it that kind of intimacy and I quite like having my own little loaf the molds are really nice lining with butter make sure you butter the top now a tablespoon of flour dust inside.

The mold that will stop your mixture sticking tap out any excess three quarters fill your little molds and we're going to allow it to sort of Rise just so it comes above the mold and forms this really nice miniature loaf onto the tray centimeter apart into the oven 25 to 30 minutes at 180.

Foreign something quite nice about the smell of Home baked bread in the kitchen delicious no plan once it's complete without pickled onions Red Onion is a lot sweeter less harsh than a white onion the early days of plowmans you've got those ghastly sharp pickled onions that make you almost cry.

When you're crunching them on a lightly pickle my red onion just push your fingers through so you get these nice sort of onion rings little touch of salt a little sprinkle the sugar and then a couple of cloves in there that gives it a really nice sort of perfume and sort of makes the pickling slightly more mellow.

Red wine vinegar now Jim got red wine vinegar white wine vinegar it's just as good but red matches the Red Onion so it goes hand in glove a couple of tablespoons of vinegar let's give that a really good mix to speed up the pickling process use a weight to put pressure on the onions.

As the weight presses down on the onions the clove the salt the sugar the vinegar work their magic and it comes up with a really nice light fragrant pickle for my 21st century plowmans I'm creating an all-in-one salad and bringing the traditional elements together with a Punchy dressing a tablespoon of English mustard a.

Tablespoon of honey a touch of salt and pepper and finish off with white wine vinegar and olive oil now generally it's sort of three parts oil to one part vinegar that's the sort of General base hmm you don't really think of a vinaigrette with a plan ones but this is.

A really nice sort of modern approach to plant ones for my plan one salad I'm using a mixture of robust and crunchy romaine lettuce and Punchy Watercress if I was making a Watercress soup I'd use the stalks but the stalks a little bit better so I just grabbed them like that pinch them and.

Then twist very peppery very hot but so juicy Watercress in your celery chop it nice and finely it's the one thing that every leaves is that stick of celery so scatter it amongst the salad a bit of oomph and color from some sliced radishes and sweetness from a.

Thinly sliced Apple whilst you're busy throwing your Plowman salad together do not forget about your beer bread before it comes out I'm going to glaze the top a little touch of milk that'll put a really nice finish to the bread back in for the last five minutes now for the magic and the plowmans.

Generally you'd see it as a ham or cheddar or Stilton Salmon's it's hard to dictate which one's the best so for the ultimate plowmans I'm adding all three for your cheddar peel some nice shards of that delicious creamy cheddar let's get them dancing on top.

Your dressing drizzle around in circles and then finally are delicious lightly pickled onions and the good squeeze and not just dot the onions around bread is ready it's got that nice yeasty smell warm crusty and delicious.

And there you go that is my classic modern version of a traditional stunning plowmans wow my delicious all-in-one plan one salad with individual beer bread loaves updated for the 21st century a delicious saffron flatbread with mussels it doesn't get any healthy than.

That first job the super easy saffron flatbread put the saffron into the bowl and a couple of teaspoons of hot water that starts to infuse the saffron and so you can maximize on the color across your flatbeds to make the dough simply add plain flour a pinch of salt.

And pepper to a bowl and then pour in a dash of olive oil that makes the dough nice and silky and Rich you'll saffron water you'll see how concentrated it is now and you'll need cold water then simply need to bring the dough together mop up all your flour you can see now.

Saffron's activated it's got that really nice color beautiful use your wrist and just knead it nicely we'll do now is smoothing out the gluten strands push and tuck in push and tuck in and each every time you do this getting softer you just sort of.

Form like this perfect beautiful though it smells delicious that saffron is a powerful now sit that in your bowl cover your cling film let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes this relaxes the dough making it easier to roll and gives it time to infuse with.

The saffron I'm going to cut that into three and then roll them nice and thinly now lightly flour the surface and then just bring that it's like a perfect ball on the board your rolling pin and just roll it out.

Now it doesn't get any simpler than that and just lightly flour that on top a little salt cooking the flatbread is easy just pop in a hot dry pan and they're ready in minutes as it hits the pan it starts to blister.

Is ready for turning beautiful get that color on there now you want it nice and crisp almost blistering on both sides because it's nice and thin it's cooked once browned on both sides just cool on a rack flatbread done now onto the muscles now the secret behind cooking.

Great mussels is in the speed you're cooking the key is to chop and prep your ingredients before you start cooking first thing pancetta I want it quite chunky if you can't get pancetta I always like to use a sort of streaky bacon because I want to sort of render all.

That flavor add this tricky bacon now Tomatoes garlic and chili cherry tomatoes that's just going in whole the garlic just crush the garlic it's all that flavor comes out chili I want some heat in here that's everything prepped now to get it.

Cooked a little touch of olive oil pancetta in foreign takes moments once it's brown and crisp put your garlic chili and whole cherry tomatoes into the pan muscles go in okay and I'm using dry sherry I think it.

Works better in this recipe than white wine which is classically used at this stage then oregano finely chopped stalks and all I go on and then just give that a little mix and see those muscles start to open lid goes on you've got to lock in that flavor gotta.

Lock in that heat the muscles will take four to five minutes to steam in the meantime cut your flatbreads into strips crispy and crunchy now the mussels wow that is incredible my goodness me now that is one lunch I definitely don't.

Want to miss healthy and delicious it doesn't get any better than that incredible steam mussels with saffron flatbreads made in minutes and packed with protein and vitamins this is one fast food meal that really is healthy first of all cinnamon eggy bread with.

Quick stewed apples I've never forgotten I think I was about six years of age where Mum brought this huge tray of eggy bread to the table and it was like wow man we've died and gone to heaven start off with a slightly stale bread four five day old loaf left over if it's a fresh bread then it absorbs too much.

Of the egg so therefore it gets soggy you never get it fried and Crisp And if you're not going to use the breadcrumbs eggy bread is a must in France they call it pan Perdue the Lost loaf now thank you bread is great on its own but serving it with stewed apples is delicious so the secret here.

Keep the skins on it's a lot of flavor in the skin and also it stops the Apple from breaking down too quickly they get these nice chunks as opposed to sort of Apple puree now get your pan nice and hot and sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of sugar take the sugar down to a light caramel.

It's quite incredible how cheap it is to make this and yet it was so filling if you haven't got apples this recipe will work pretty much with any fruit you've got in to mix a pear and an apple a banana and a pineapple just chew it lightly tossing the caramel get a little knob of butter that makes a nice toffee Apple flavor.

Really simple now you can see what's happening the apples are caramelizing but they're staying intact because the skins on the apple and the caramel is turned into this nice rich butterscotch sauce once you've glazed all the apples a couple of tablespoons of water in there.

Bring that to the ball and let that cook out now the eggs three whole eggs what's got the eggs add about four tablespoons of milk you want the egg thick and Rich and then lightly sprinkle in a couple tablespoons of sugar that sweetens up the mixture and when.

You start frying the bread it caramelizes it beautifully a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon that gives the bread that really nice spicy deliciousness apples are glazing Goose Fleet and put them on a low heat and get a pan on now for the bread teaspoon of oil and stops the butter.

From burning butter in so that starts frothing get your bread in it's going to be pretty quick now now you don't leave the bread soaking drain and in the pan once your egg bread has browned flip it over 90 seconds each side that butter gives.

That nice golden brown color of the egg beautiful absolutely beautiful it's quite remarkable isn't it a couple of eggs splash of milk leftover apples and all of a sudden you've got this stunning breakfast now my apples they've all glazed beautifully.

Get a nice spoon of that amazing juice and drizzle that over wow if my mum saw me doing this it should kill me you're getting all Posh again none of them I'm using a touch of iced sugar to make it look stunning that for me takes me back to when I was six years of age and I thought.

I just won the lottery that is incredible thank you Brad you won't get more breakfast for your buck my mum's incredibly delicious cinnamon eggy bread with quick stewed apples