Foreign I'm making spatchcock barbecue chickenI just prepped a bunch of veggies some carrots I peeled themand cut them into chunks along with some red onion that I cut intobig wedges and I'm basically just making a bed of veggies on a sheet pan so I'm going todrizzle some olive oil over the veggies first and add some salt and pepper very very simple I'll just stir the veggies together justto toss them in the oil all right those are set to go so now I'm going to spatchcockthe chicken flip it over breast side down.

Grab a sharp pair of kitchen shears and you justwant to cut along both sides of the backbone Now flip the chicken over and then you wantto press as hard as you can until you hear that breastbone crack and then when youget it on the pan it'll sit semi-flat you can see how much easier this would roast than if youkept the chicken all together okay now this needs a little more olive oil just to make that skinreally sizzle and a little more salt and pepper now I'm going to get the chicken into a 425degree oven for the first stage of roasting it'll take about 25 minutes all right now we'reon to the second phase of the spatchcock chicken first thing I'm going to do is sprinkleover eight whole cloves of garlic I'm adding them now I didn't want them to burnso I waited before I added them to the pan.

And I'm tossing them with the veggies they'regonna roast and become so soft and luscious now spatchcock barbecue chicken has to have agreat sauce and this one ticks all the boxes let me tell you how to make it it's Apple brownsugar barbecue sauce and I just added a cup of ketchup to a pan along with a cup of dark brownsugar a fourth a cup of apple juice half a cup of apple cider vinegar two finely diced gala appleshalf a cup of applesauce to make it really Appley then I added half a teaspoon each of smokedflavoring onion powder garlic powder ground ginger and kosher salt I stirred everything togetherand cooked it at a simmer for 20 minutes then I pureed it until it was smoothpour it into a container put on the lid I'm going to serve half thesauce with the finished chicken.

And I'm going to use the other half to brush onthe chicken I'll give it a healthy coating now that is a nice thick coating now I'mgoing to get this back into the oven for 30 minutes and I'm going tobaste the chicken every 10 minutes now I'm going to remove thechicken to The Cutting Board and I'm gonna carve it I'll grab hold of thedrumstick and just cut the drumstick and thigh portion put it on the platter last bit of veggiesand I can't forget about this beautiful sauce so there it is spec off barbecue chicken


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