Foreign crispy waffle fries I've just beengetting the potatoes ready I cut the potatoes and then I soaked them in waterfor an hour just to remove the starch now before I fry the potatoes I need toPat them really dry there's a little bit of a knack to cutting the potatoes let me walkyou through it I cut the end off of a potato then using a mandolin with the crinkle slicerI cut down the First Slice is always a crinkle I rotated the potato 90 degrees cut down andthere it was a thin waffle fry just be very careful with that mandolin it is sharp so I keptgoing cutting and rotating until I had a big pile for the first stage of frying I'm going to putthe potatoes in vegetable oil that's been heated.

To 260 degrees and I'm just going to fry them fortwo minutes for the initial stage no matter what kind of fries I make I always fry them twiceokay the potatoes have had their first fry they're really soft so I'm going to takethem out of the oil and let them drain all right I'm going to turn the heatup under the pot and I'm going to heat the oil to 325 and then I'll return thepotatoes to the pot for another three minutes okay the potatoes are ready to come outI stopped short of them getting too Brown they are beautifully golden these are so thinthey're on the verge of being potato chips now what makes these fries extra delicious is thissimple seasoning mix let me tell you how to throw it together okay seasoning mix coming right up Iadded a teaspoon of seasoned salt to a bowl along.

With half a teaspoon of paprika half a teaspoon ofblack pepper a fourth a teaspoon of garlic powder a fourth a teaspoon of onion powder an eighthof a teaspoon of cayenne and mixed it together we'll get these fries onto aplatter oh they look amazing it's sour cream and onion dip made with half acup of mayo half a cup of sour cream a teaspoon of Dijon fourth a teaspoon of garlic powder fourtha teaspoon of onion powder fourth a teaspoon of black pepper the same amount of salt a tablespoonof chopped chives and you guessed it everything is mixed together a few stirs and the dip is donethis dip is the perfect partner for these fries


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