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REINER AND ANNIE DESTROY THE YEAGERISTS!!! – Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10


Now this is more like it this is what i'm talking about attack on titan season 4 part 2 episode 10 was a banger and based on how this one went i'm willing to believe that the one after it will be a banger as well now flock was prepared from the moment he suspected the john and ankapon situation was a ploy it seems like he was considering.

Countermeasures against any would-be traders now the whole reason the avengers as we'll call them were here at all was for the sake of securing the flying boat necessary for them to make their way to marley in time to contest aaron and stop the rumbling everything hinged upon the success of this plan and the only reason the flying boat was.

Still around was on account of the technological loss to be found in the wake of his destruction alongside the end of the rest of the world and apparently it would take decades before they were able to restore that sort of thing so fair enough i can understand the hesitation especially if their concerns were all based on assumptions.

Not only that but for the sake of ensuring the entire world besides them is in fact wiped out they would need the flying boat to be most efficient but the necessity of that obviously came second to the danger posed by those attempting to contest the rumbling if nothing else even with aaron being such a titanic force of epic proportions and virtually.

Incomparable power flock knew that those opposing him would be his friends so even if they couldn't overpower him if they could manage to talk to him in hopes of changing his mind everything they had fought for would be jeopardized and remember to subscribe to the channel with notifications on suffice to say that for the avengers this mission was.

Inherently difficult even with 5 of the nine titans on their side along with mikasa being a pseudo shifter of sorts as an ackerman but regardless either way a mission like this was child's play compared to their ultimate goal of stopping aaron which they would be reminded of by way of the immense amount of smoke to be seen over the ocean by.

Way of the many colossal titans fastest and he would begin to take charge expressing that for this to work they would need to eliminate all enemy forces simultaneously using all their combined might and weaponry however there would be a bit of reluctance to do so for various reasons the first we propose a mikasa in regards to the azumabito.

Potentially becoming casualties of such an ensuing conflict although this would be disregarded by annie considering the fact that the azumabito had attacked their homeland which is seriously ironic all things considered however peak and later on yonkopon would provide validity to this claim as without the azumabito mechanics they would be unable to make.

Use of the aircraft's wings this situation was already difficult enough but the reluctance of the pirates members within the collective would only stand to add to that difficulty as they did not want to kill any of the jaegers attempting to stop them especially considering they had all known each other since they were cadets now in.

Relation to this annie would be the logical leader of this operation and would immediately question if armin had some grand plan to miraculously make all of this work like how he did when it came to cornering her as a female titan but he had no such thing it was either kill or let kill now annie has been away for a while so she may not know but.

Armin in season 4 isn't exactly the genius we once knew him to be perhaps this was for the sake of emphasizing aaron's brilliance at this point but yeah armin hasn't really felt all too brainy to me in a very long time from which point connie would express that their desire here was to save people then wondering why they had to murder.

Their friends to do so and there it is the harsh reality of what they are doing to take down aaron and say the world would require sacrifices they were not the sort of world-saving heroes that would get to walk away from all of this without any losses they were not going to save the world in storybook fashion and connie is with no disrespect the.

Least intelligent person here and regrettably that does include gabi and falco because at the very least they grew up in a more advanced nation but in exchange for that missing intelligence the guy wears his heart on his sleeves and so when it comes to moral crossroads like these having a person like that present is a very interesting thing if.

Nothing else but hearing all this annie would begin to pull back a bit understanding that how they felt could not be helped and that they would be of no use in a situation like this believing that unlike her and reiner these guys probably would not have gone through with the destruction of the walls which caused reiner himself to.

Recall something aaron had said to him while the two were in marley as at the time aaron confirmed to himself that the two were in fact the very same which is to say that aaron's enactment of the rumbling although certainly on a grander scale was not much different from reiner's willingness to topple the walls which is to furthermore say that the.

Smoke goes both ways from which point reiner would let the others know that they could stay behind and avoid engagement letting them all stay out of sight for the sake of staying out of mind but that didn't exactly make things any better not really at least as in that case they would be turning a blind eye to the slaughter of their friends.

For the sake of stopping another which isn't much of an improvement hundj would now rejoin the others and declare that she had no intentions of sitting things out not only that but the speed to wishy rumbling was occurring was quite the surprise and by now the rumbling had made its way to marley and more specifically the closest cities in the.

Northeast much to the visible dismay of reiner and annie and now knowing this magoth was furious and would take it out on none other than yelna who was just sitting there minding her own business and this was pretty brutal but it was enough for her to shift her stance to an extent and no longer desire death i was willing to comply if she was permitted.

To follow along with them from which point magov would catch a glimpse of gabi who he seems to feel a sort of parental bond towards and this would then provoke him to issue apologies towards these so-called devils among them firstly addressing them all by their names he would undo the same in regards to the warriors of marley.

Denouncing what he had done and furthermore apologizing to them all with his head lowered asking them to all close their eyes until it is over however armin would refuse if this was going to happen they would be getting their hands dirty as well and at that the whole lot of them besides falco at this point have a whole lot of blood in.

Their hands it just so happens that by being a part of this the members from pirates will be made to kill their own people which unless you're looking at things from the perspective of them all being aldians as opposed to their regional upbringings is something the others have never been made to do all the while flock was being an absolute.

Villain as he spoke to kiyomi and at this point he had already killed some of her people who you might imagine lashed out but despite these circumstances kiyomi would keep it real with this man letting him know that even if they eradicate the rest of the world and shrink things down that would not inherently prevent their own people from.

Killing one another but listen logic is like poison to a madman and despite taking note at this point flock wasn't much of a fan of it and would subsequently place his weapon to the side of her head again they were seeking to preserve the technology of the hizuru however if they were to determine that ignorance in regards to such things was.

For the better well then there would be no need to keep those non-aldeans alive but just before things escalated further in that regard armin from outside would cry out to flock expressing that the kart and armored titans were swimming away in pursuit of aaron for the sake of stopping the rumbling and so they would need the flying boat prepared by the.

Azumabito for the sake of stopping them and my goodness was this an unconvincing lie at this point the car and armored titans alone would be useless against aaron and absolutely incapable of swimming that great distance in such a short span of time a better lie would be one that includes the likes of jon at the very least considering flock is.

Bound to have suspicions in that regard and furthermore one that includes mikasa now that would most definitely be cause for concern on accounts of her connection to aaron but moving on from there we would have what for me was the best aspect of this entire episode and that's armin and connie's interactions with daz and samuel two characters these.

Guys have known since they were all scouts now they are minor characters so if it has been a while since you have seen the first season you may not remember them all too well but yeah they've all known each other for a very long time now and have fought alongside one another in some pretty precarious situations and with these two being.

Jaegerous to me just makes a priori sentiment of hunjis in regards to all those who had died in the past denouncing aaron's path seem even stupider but yeah there were actually explosives strapped onto the flying boat as a precaution nadas and samuel would slow these two down and begin talking to them admitting that they had been told.

The two were suspected of working with marley to stop the rumbling and whether it announced such a reality the two still uneasy would choose to believe their longtime friends now mind you daz in particular has always been a character that has struggled with horrible anxiety and so them gaslighting him like this only made it that much.

More painful and even when dash trusted them against his better judgment and disconnected the detonator the guilt was written all over the faces of these two and let me just say that the expressions to be seen in this episode were absolutely on point as opposed to the previous one this was very well done in that regard now flock would then.

Consider all that had been expressed by armin and was incredibly suspicious as things simply were not adding up and so his ultimate decision would be to remove his concerns by killing the engineers however he would be stopped and in the anime version they added a bit of additional suspense by way of focusing upon the fall of a nearby chair prior to.

Several shots going off and those were essentially these shots heard around the world as any hope of a peaceful solution was killed in that very moment kiyomi had flock in a hold and from there all hell would break loose mikasa was about that action and flock would soon escape to let all of them know that these guys were traitors from there daz would.

Immediately go back to hooking up the explosives up to the detonator as samuel would shoot armin several times over all while knowing him to be a titan shifter so those shots would not be fatal and based on their expressions and the words exchanged this was an incredibly painful betrayal indeed from there however as he battled rajon reiner and annie would.

Pull up in brilliant fashion and shift into the titan form simultaneously and this looks so cool oh my goodness just behind the beast titan the female titan is my personal favorite so to see her triumphant return like this was an absolute pleasure when it comes to squashing ants and swatting flies annie is a beast and definitely proved that.

Yet again now in the midst of these transformations connie actually managed to knock samuel down what would be followed by a bloodied arm and doing the very same tadas before having a weapon pointed at him too samuel would continue to question their actions wondering why they were doing what they were doing it was now abundantly clear that neither.

Side wanted to kill each other but that's when armin began to recall the words of bertolt that someone has to be the one to stain their hands with blood only for connie to remove the gun from samuel's hands and shoot dos dead then doing the same to his friend samuel despite his outcries and so now they really knew what it was like to be.

Traitors to kill those who they once called comrades and friends yet another line has been crossed for the sake of what they believe in and in doing such horrendous things they can only hope that it was all worth it thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.