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RENGOKU EPIC SOLO MISSION! – Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 1


All right guys he wait for demon slayer season 2 is finally over the long-awaited continuation of the hit series that took the world by storm and very thoroughly stimulated the japanese economy when it needed the most is here and man oh man was his first episode an absolute treat and a very welcome surprise not in the sense of receiving.

It at all as we here at plot armor have pretty much been counting the other days to the release of the season but rather in regards to its contents now we knew what to expect it had been reported that season 2 of the anime would be beginning with the mugen train arc previously encapsulated within the first theatrical film this actually being an approach we.

Had seen from the likes of other massive series like dragon ball super however when it comes to demon slayer the quality to be expected is so great that we don't mind a rehash at all in fact it is honestly more than welcomed as for any newcomers to the series it will make the viewing experience that much more enjoyable and seamless as opposed to.

Having to jump to a film and then back to the anime but even with all that being said this first episode was rather different indeed as it contained events that were not present in the movie or even the manga this was straight up anime exclusive content the sort of thing that you might just call filler but i don't want that to be associated.

With a negative connotation here because this was incredible no doubt a filling in of events prior to the train from the perspective of rengoku a concept that largely seemed to stem from providing reasoning for him having all those bentos on the train which ultimately ended up being something really really amazing i mean even as a manga fan with.

The series having been completed any bit of new demonstrator content at all is really appreciated and it is all too clear that ufo table did not play around with this episode one bit as usual with this series the visuals were absolutely stunning and you know what as someone who would have loved more run goku action prior to the train this was.

Perfect in fact there were so many moments of this episode that not only got me hype but even gave me chills from his constant outbursts of appreciation for delicious foods to his train track chase of the demon or even the parallels between himself and his father there is just so much to love about all this in fact i'm left to wonder if the creator.

Of the series gotoge themselves had a hand in this as well the isolated story structure of a hashira on a mission being very similar to some of the one shots they have made in the past or at the very least ones that they have signed off on stories unlikely to be adapted by the anime that we have covered on the channel so if you are.

Interested in seeing you tomioka on a mission with shinobu or even run goku on his very first mission as a demon slayer i highly suggest checking those out now the demon in this episode was clearly way out of his league against ashira and overall wasn't all too magnificent the typical i'm the fastest around kind of villain that inevitably gets outclassed.

And defeated and there's nothing wrong with that at all especially when it comes to a one episode threat there is no reason to over complicate things in fact the simplicity of this enemy very much serves to exemplify the virtues of run goku not only as a hashira but as a person when it came to the woman once assailed by the slasher as opposed to.

Only being concerned with her physical well-being run goku clearly put thought into her long-term mental wellness as well i mean you have to understand that encountering a demon as a regular human in this world is incredibly traumatizing and honestly only made that much worse when everyone in your life proceeds to gaslight you under the pretense that.

Demons don't exist but like rengoku said demons really shouldn't exist and so the denouncing of their existence outright by the mass populace isn't the worst thing ever people should not have to live in that sort of fear and terror and that is precisely why the demon slayers strive to eliminate all demons and again demon slayer is such a beautiful anime.

That i'm not all too concerned with how the end product will end up looking but i do wonder how it will compare to the visuals of the movie which were incredible but you know what if this episode is any indication of what is to come i would love to see the mugen train and its various elements further expanded upon now for the sake of.

Avoiding spoilers in case some of you haven't actually seen the film just yet or are perhaps watching this video at a far later point i've been avoiding talking about what's to come but i will say that if they would like to there is a potential to expand for sure and i'd argue that this is one of those rare opportunities where manga fans have no.

Reason to be upset with the creative liberties of an anime adaptation considering we already received a very faithful rendition by way of the movie and you know what the short at the end of the episode was also pretty neat as we received the sentiments of the various sashira on run goku and the fact that everyone likes him even the more.

Reserved members which was pretty nice i mean it's hard to dislike such a forward yet genuine person even if your personalities don't exactly blend it's like when someone says they don't like dogs but end up falling in love with one it exposed for too long in the comments please let us know how you feel about this start to demon slayer season 2. we.

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