All right so this last chapter of one piece was just full of insane surprises that stand to heavily impact the future of the series as we know it with the previous chapter we opened up to the furtherance of yamato vs kaido wherein it was revealed that yamato's devil fruit is in fact the inuinu nomi.

Model okuchi no makami an especially rare wolf mythical devil fruit a legendary beast heralded as the guardian spirit of wano and as such kaido would command yamato to fulfill this role for his sake however this wasn't the sort of protection yamato had in mind.

As all kaido really wanted was for wano to continue being a massive weapons factory and so yamato would refuse and declare that wano and its samurai would instead finally be granted their freedom and truly become a part of the wider world.

As just then a chilling breath attack would emerge from his mouth then clashing with that of kaidos as communication was clearly pointless between these two elsewhere in the banquet hall we'd have robin visited by the vestiges of her dearly departed mother professor clover and saul what was.

Ultimately a very cruel guy is intended to fool her however robin is all too aware of reality to be fooled by such things but at the same time considering she doesn't even have so much as a picture of the three and hasn't seen them in over 20 years this was still enough to bring tears to.

Her eyes in actuality these three were just a couple of kaido's lackeys but along with robin was brooke who could certainly relate to the feelings robin possessed and so he was also unaffected by black mario's illusionary mist now mario would give chase to these two.

For a while but eventually robin would face her by her lonesome elsewhere luffy and the harp pirates would make it to land where they would meet up with momonosuke and shinobu meanwhile they would be observed by caribou who was betting on luffy's victory for the sake of getting off the island.

Himself as we would then have luffy telling momonosuke that he'd need him to turn into a dragon and fly him back up there to begin this latest chapter we'd continue with robin vs black maria mario would immediately make note of robin's anger here.

However such a use of her power was clearly taxing as robin was breathing pretty hard however she would make it clear that she intended to finish his fight quickly as she would swiftly go onto the attack swiveling her arms back and forth towards maria then grabbing hold of her various legs robin would then go for her.

Face here but mario was unfazed and would retaliate with a swing of her weapon which would cut into robin's arm and as maria continued her assaultier she would realize that robin's real body was injured simultaneously much to her delight as suddenly she had an even larger target to work with.

But even beyond that those very spider legs robin had been gripping onto were also poison tipped and just like that the battle suddenly shifted in the favor of black maria as she now had robin bound by webbing with this she would spread robin's arms rendering her defenseless and with that mario would then put on.

Some brass knuckles and admit that she is a martial artist at heart as she would now go to the large version of robin and just start beating into her viciously and she was certainly enjoying herself here as robin was experiencing horrible pain so much so that she'd be forced to retract her power.

Which made mario assume that robin intended to run away however robin's hands would yet again close in on maria all of which then being blocked by her webbing and it seems like all of mario's moves begin with her name which is interesting what's even more interesting is that mario's webs are also flammable.

As she would have her spider-faced abdomen spread fire to the webbing which would quickly claim the entirety of the room at this point mario was completely dominating this fight and with how much she enjoys mocking her opponents she would remind robin of how she had expected to settle this conflict quickly.

And yet again she would just insult sanji so yeah maria is certainly a trash talker and she just does not stop she would then ask robin if she was going to try and bloom any more limbs as she would love to see how well they can last while robin would admit to letting her guard down.

Mario would then ask why robin didn't ask for a little bit of help from brooke but to brooke mario was an idiot that did not realize the predicament that she was in right now but nevertheless all the while mario would just keep on beating into robin calling her by her notorious moniker of devil child.

She would repeat her prior statement that robin is nothing more than dead weight to her crew and that the only thing of worth she possesses is her mind so she may as well not have any limbs and you know what this beating would literally knock the sense into robin as she would think back to her.

Time with the revolutionary army at the time koala was attempting to teach her a very special punch however robin would question if slapping wasn't enough but koala would insist that if an opponent is going for the kill she should at the verily strike with her palm we would then have the interjection.

Of sabo who would offer to teach robin his signature dragon claw fist instead which would prompt hack to speak up as well now saying that they shouldn't pressure robin as she was plenty capable regardless but the two are worried and wanted to help her stay safe.

Even when she leaves them and to this robin had no complaints and was willing to give it a shot much to their delight now this is something she had actually made use of since his tutelage but she has yet to do so in combat as it was considered to be a trump card of sorts for her.

And so with that robin would make use of a fishman karate technique taught to her by koala but rather than striking black maria she targeted the roof above them thus causing it to cave in on them and douse the flames but when black maria took her eyes off the roof what she saw was a devil.

A massive darkened woman with horns and a sizeable set of wings robin's face was now sinister with elongated fangs to boot and i mean she was willing to fully embrace her role as a devil if it meant helping out those who count on her and maria was absolutely shook attempting to flee.

Here but robin would grab her all the same and bring up mario's previous point about not needing limbs but mario would express that she was not referring to herself as it was robin who was truly helpless but boy oh boy would robin prove her wrong as she would then take this massive arachnid.

Woman and break her apart internally and this form is just oh so crazy like the shot itself is ridiculous but man finally finally robin has armament hockey and she just makes it look so damn good like i've been waiting years for this moment i have been saying since i was in.

High school how badass robin would be with armorman hockey and here we are guys i am so very happy and as always robin proves herself to be oh so brutal as she just breaks mario apart like crab legs in the south i mean it is so bad it is so disruptive.

That mario's little minions could hear the crunching and cracking of their masters horribly contorted body as he devil herself robin had won and yoho brook is too cold man they line themselves up and he should have bodied them all in a flash but from there it seems like this devil form of robins.

Is like monster point is the chopper or gear third was to luffy once as she seems to have shrunken down a bit here claiming to have overdone it a bit but as we can see cp0 may very well be aware of these recent developments so that is a lot more intriguing to be added onto this pile of incredible.

Incredible developments i need robin's bounty raised yesterday but making our way back to luffy and the others karabu had apparently revealed himself and provided to luffy a whole month's worth of food that he'd stored within himself what's probably the coolest thing about.

His fruit to be honest that endless carrying capacity and boy was luffy chowing down here ripping this food apart but bart would ask for a status update from luffy here and honestly luffy is the worst person to ask for a recap especially when he is eating but to close things out we would have momentosuke and.

Shinobu a little ways away from the rest of the group as shinobu would claim that she could do what momentosuke was asking of her but to do so would be insane it was simply too dangerous up there and so she would refuse but if he did not act he would say all of wano.

Would be destroyed shinobu would further express that if she does what he's asking of her he would never be able to return to normal but would still possess the heart and mind of a child but momonosuke did not care he was willing to live with that if it meant that he could transform into.

A bigger dragon as he was now begging shinobu to use her double fruit ability to turn him into an adult and that was the chapter now i was under the impression that shinobu's devil fruit is only able to impact inanimate objects but i guess she's able.

To actually do this because she said that she could actually do it which is interesting i'm really curious how this is actually going to go because i thought that was kind of like bonnie's fruit ability but maybe i'm mistaken i don't know regardless of the logistics considering this can actually be done.

Momonosuke becoming an adult is such a major play it certainly would make him a more picture-perfect leader but oh man what that dragon form of his will look like when he is bigger has me so excited again the reveal of his dragon form to kaido is something i've been looking forward to for.

Ages and this prospect only makes it that much cooler the sheer thought of luffy riding into his final battle against kaido on a dragon sounds so cool i mean that's so hard you really gotta love one piece this series is way too goaded man i'm having so much fun covering this week to week so.

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