With the current monster association are coming to a close many fans are wondering what to expect next from the popular parody series one punch man will super alloy darkshine recover from his trauma of being beaten by a number of opponents do other people discover saitama as a measurable strength or maybe you're wondering how did sweet.

Mass survive being ripped in half by ugly well as always pod armor has you covered not only will we be dipping into some of the webcomic plot lines to give you a taste of the future arcs but we'll be taking a look at how things could differ with the manga in regards to the expansion of said arcs now if you haven't guessed already garo won't be.

Able to overcome saitama's monster strength and speed just from his constant evolving and this isn't much of a spoiler saitama is the main character after all and he is the strongest that is his whole gimmick but what else happens well for one gara isn't really a villain deep down he's just a young man who went through a bad childhood where.

He couldn't understand why people treated each other the way that they did he even has a long philosophical rant about it in the web comic but that may or may not be cut down as you can imagine saitama gets bored of it and doesn't really take it seriously like when janus was rambling on about his past and meeting dr kucino but what.

Saitama does take away is that garo wanted to be a hero but he was turned off from it and thought it would be better to become the worst monster ever so the world would join together in fear of him which is a bit similar to attack on titan some heroes don't appreciate that saitama overlooked garo's actions and encourages him to just stop playing.

The villain and become a hero instead one of the opposers is child emperor someone who has a clear moral compass he alone sweet mask zombie man and a number of others urged saitama to kill garo somehow though that doesn't seem to reflect their characters within the manga world does it sure sweet mask ends any and all monstrous threats regardless.

Of their danger levels but would zombie man and child emperor do the same when they're shown to possess such understanding personalities zombie man was an intended to kill homeless emperor either so this seems contradictory though if it's explained how powerful garrow's become i guess they don't see him as anything but a monster to be.

Exterminated i'll leave the conclusion of that dispute for you to discover seeing as it may be very different in the coming chapters but before we get into the next arcs details be sure to drop a like and subscribe to plot armor with notifications on but yeah this brings us to the neo hero saga in the aftermath of the war against the monster.

Association much has changed in their society for one saitama does not have a house anymore but he has moved up to a class rank 39 because of that and the fear the growing monster threat has brought the hero association has a facility built to house both a rank and higher heroes as well as the high society members who can afford the extra.

Safety this new saga begins with a single black s cell having survived the battle and a shrunken rover following saitama like a puppy but that's actually not the focus of the first arc instead we get a deeper look into fubuki and tatsumaki's somewhat dysfunctional relationship this section is dubbed these psychic sisters are with less than.

A dozen chapters one makes it glaringly clear that tatumaki's poor upbringing has led her to treat her sister more like a helpless pet than family their clash is due to fabuki discovering psychosis survival and wanting to question her while tatsumaki wants nothing more than to erase her existence completely they have no choice but to go.

Against each other fabuki insisting on being her own person and the fubuki group gets involved at this point they stand no chance and fabuki wants to dismantle the group to keep them safe which already happens in the manga and i expect this means that they will try to convince her to take them back which is also what fabuki agrees on in the.

Webcomic so long as they all get strong enough that she won't have to worry about them the fight goes on without the group with fabuki suffering at her sister's hand due to her overwhelming psychic abilities and fearing her because of it saitama has no choice but to step in between them and if the manga depicts this confrontation to be.

Anywhere near as fun as it is shown in the webcomic while then we are all in for a glorious epic fight oh and as a side note dr bofoy aka metalknight also has an inkling to saitama's true power due to his surveillance machines all over the facility he built so one more person knows how strong cape baldy is and interestingly during the fight with.

Saitama we get a deeper sense of tatumaki's backstory along with the section already known in the manga of her being saved by blast and he seems to be the only person tatsumaki has any connection to other than fabuki meanwhile the hero association struggles with recruiting new heroes to replenish their personnel since garo injured and.

Made so many retire with his rampage as you may have guessed people like super alloy dark shine left the hero world but he turned to something else training and we'll get more into that in a bit later moving on to the slightly more intricate neo heroes introduction arc the hero association faces backlash for what happened against garo and the monsters.

Like the name indicates a new hero company is formed in response to the loss of confidence in the hero association and the scandals that are released about them if you recall phoenix man told child emperor in his phoenix space that they were hiding some dark secrets and it turns out he was not lying and since he is a very upstanding.

Hero child emperor does not hesitate to leave and join the neo heroes instead although this might go differently seeing as how his choice was influenced by the fact that no one paid attention to his research and work whereas in the manga he has zombie man openly in his corner metal bat joins the competition as well but more so to ensure his.

Sister's safety and needing the extra income that they will provide many of the s-class heroes stay with the hero association but they are also busy training themselves after feeling inadequate due to the hard battle they went through in the prior arc among them atomic samurai zombie man with the help of dr genus tank top master and even.

King are focused on becoming stronger the downside is however with the introduction of new characters and the new dynamic of saitama being an a-class hero we don't really get to see their training or how it is progressing but it would be nice if the manga allows for some panels of that here and there to remind us of why so many valuable heroes.

Are not around fighting threats and biologically enhanced monsters created by neo-heroes that build a name for themselves and perhaps we could get some idea of the workouts king is doing with his otaku body with no stamina or muscles one of the new characters who are introduced is the face of the neo heroes a 16 year old boy named blue i.

Know what you're thinking why would they have such a young unknown hero to be the face of a company trying to rival the established hero association as it turns out blue is blast son and we know very little about him too he has a strong sense of justice he works hard he's serious about what he does he doesn't seem to have much of a relationship with.

His father the webcomic didn't have the chance to dive into his character as fully as they could have and so i figured the manga would be the best place to expand on him at the very least i like confirmation as to him being black sun with blast popping in to deny what he claims or to admit it's true and explain who blue's mother is it would be.

A nice way to get information on the warp portal user and his private life and honestly what better way to discuss this than when his alleged son involved but getting back to the neo heroes there was a moment where genos considers switching to their agency just to challenge himself in a new way and catch up to his master but when saitama tells.

Him it is too much work jenos changes his mind and follows his decision instead anywhere his master goes jenos follows i guess as for darkshine he is a physical trainer at the mio heroes headquarters now and officially stopped doing hero work due to the fear of losing he's not even able to spar with the newly hired heroes like the sumo.

Yokozuna hero named ryden because his trauma comes back to him and prevents it in the next short arc we focus more on ninjas as that is the name of it you may have guessed already but it features flashy flash and sonic as well as how they were trained and raised in the ninja village in their younger years not only do we get a better sense of their.

Personalities but we are also shown different sides of both of them especially flashy flash who was more brutal after having lived a nightmare for most of his youth on the other hand having survived the same hellish world sonic took a different route and continued along the path he was guided on to become an assassin without going.

Into too much detail we are informed of how close a friendship the two ninjas had in the past and how it frayed with flashy flash purposefully slaughtering everyone in the village during his graduation this also leads to them having to reunite briefly and work together against any previous ninja graduates who decide to turn on them and.

Kill them there's also the reveal that the village founder and leader who was in a coma for 15 years because a blast has awakened and wants revenge considering how much more information we got in the manga about blast compared to the very few crumbs in the webcomic i think we can expect a decent flashback featuring this fight in question since.

It seems to be so important to this arc also it'd be interesting to see how a ninja village founder fights against someone like blast who we know so little about oh and there's also the matter of flashy flash wanting saitama to become his disciple since seeing his speed and power but do keep in mind flashy flash still underestimates saitama's soul.

Power which is also relevant to the manga version since he was unconscious when saitama faced garo and mind you flashy flash is my personal favorite character in one punch man so i am definitely looking forward to all this coming to the manga the ultimatum is that saitama fixed his sword then and this leads to an interesting encounter.

Between saitama and the ninja village founder he is basically killed off screen and saitama steals all his weapons and offers him to flashy flash and sonic so they will finally leave him alone in the manga this could certainly be fleshed out a bit with saitama at least being shown sending the ninja villain into the ground rather than us.

Just getting the imprint of his body into the concrete but who knows the ninja's arc is followed by a focus on the ever popular sweet mask and his deep involvement with the hero association during the supreme hero arc he is disappointed in the new heroes entering the company so he strives to make saitama the next big hero who can even.

Take his place sweet mask ends up inviting him out for food which is a good way to get saitama's attention and he tries to focus his goals as a hero and create the ideal image but as is the trend for the series saitama begins to shut his mind off to the endless blabbering and is even a little peeved because sweet mass refuses to call him.

Anything except his hero name that's also around the time saitama gets contacted by the hero name victims association wanting to be treated more fairly in terms of well names even though the idol hero has some good ideas and suggestions because of how pushy he is and that he insists saitama gets a makeover the meeting flops justin.

Saitama is rushing away from their meeting place to see genos a monster attacks and then a big reveal happens can you guess what it is the manga doesn't hide the fact that sweet mask is a mysterious character with powers beyond human capabilities and his quick and deadly tempers certainly aren't very becoming of a hero but those things are.

Honestly common among x-class heroes during sweet mass speech for saitama he insists he can't be a hero for much longer because he feels his monsterization will be taking over soon this not only confirms what monster princess had accused him of when she stabbed him in the eye in the previous arc but forces us to see him in an.

Entirely new light it also explains why he survived being ripped apart with not even a scratch to speak of this isn't to say that he wasn't a human at some point considering how many monsters were previously human like garo but that he transformed due to something deep within triggering it but as you recently could likely change and orbit provided more.

Depth within the manga i will refrain from explaining how it happened the situation of sweet mass forces us to face a more complex question how do you decide who's good or bad if a monsterized man like the idol hero can successfully do his work at a high level and another can become a hero hunter while accidentally saving people in the.

Process like tareo who's to say which of them deserves to be treated like something to neutralize although the question is posed society and one punch man doesn't allow for the answer to be anything but elimination of monsters because that's all they've ever done in response thankfully we have saitama who opposes this view more and more not only.

Does he live with two former executives of the monster association rover and black s but he defended both garo and sweet mask who were threatened with execution and yeah you heard that right sweet mass true nature is revealed to the public and he is hunted for it by the same people he protected from how things are going saitama won't be able.

To be a hero for long considering his stance on good and evil as long as someone isn't killing and causing destruction saitama feels no reason to get rid of them regardless of their nature sweet mask had the foresight to understand that saitama would be a more acceptable hero than himself at least in terms of his physiology and that's why.

He wanted to train him to take his place as he new ideal of course he also planned for saitama to kill him in order to gain favor from the public but that's another story saitama's type of heroism might not be an issue until after the neo-hero's true plans and the threat of melania's frustration with saitama's boundless power are under control but.

Eventually the public will turn on him much like in the past this time however it won't be because they think he's taking credit from others instead they might start to question whether he's really human since he is so unbelievably strong and where that power comes from having dealt with sweet masks who shocked them all the public will begin.

To doubt all the heroes who show too much prowess at their job especially since even metal knight's defense system could not detect that sweet mask had any monsterization in him zombie man might be the next one hunted especially if they question his ungodly survival and how it resembles sweet mass powers that wouldn't be much of a stretch.

Considering the idol hero himself accused zombie man of being a monster but that might have been intended to project his own nature onto him to find out what happens after sweet mask is outed as a mysterious being check out the webcomic and i'm sure the twists in there will not disappoint just to give you a taste of what's become far off in.

The manga's future the current webcomic arc is called neo heroes uprising a lot of the series society changes with this arc and possibly some surprising deaths await us as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.