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Saitama & Blast Finally Team Up to Fight God’s S-Class Army! – One Punch Man Chapter 196


The cover page of one punch Man chapter 196 is a simple one of flashy flash we picked things up where the last chapter left off inside the hero Association flashy flash had decided to confront blast sure that the number one S-Class hero knows something about the connection between God and the ninja Village he was raised in Blast only.

Looked at his Junior hero not saying anything recognizing the tense Vibe Monaco wondered what flashy flash meant by Ninja Village that's when saitama remembered Speedo sound Sonic galewind and hellfire flame mentioning something about a village or something like that blast had to be the one that destroyed the place and sought to confirm his.

Suspicions Monaco and saitama were waiting for his response too s just closed his eyes clearly aware of the truth himself blast took a seat he couldn't blame flashy flash for holding a grudge since his home was destroyed the ninja just scoffed it was actually the opposite he was relieved by it blast was intrigued by that in fact he was.

Surprised that it took a manlike flashy flash so long to realize the truth he suspected that the Shinobi must have really tried hard to completely forget about the place at this point saitama was pretty lost and wanted a more thorough explanation they all turned to flashy flash waiting for him to elaborate flashy flash let them all know.

That he grew up in the Ninja Village which was pretty much a facility that trains people to become assassins the place was deep in the mountains and further fortified from the outside world thanks to a barrier its founder had created one coincidentally shaped like a box 9 years ago flashy flash fled from the village and almost immediately.

Afterwards it was totally out by someone it seems like his Escape compromised the facility that's why every other ninja wants him dead he didn't really care about the details of the event since he had already managed to liberate himself but an important memory about the location came back to him recently so while saitama took three panels to find.

Monaco fashy flash used that time to check things out a speed that actually impressed saitama so just being around saitama for a little while has clearly impacted flashy flash because he is already breaking the fourth wall too Monaco then comp complimented him for not getting lost which really pissed flashy flash off they seriously will not.

Let go of the whole monster Association Fiasco when flashy flash finally returned to the Village it was thoroughly ruined it looked like a big block of cheese he stared at it for a while in Surprise then he went inside and descended a ridiculous amount of stairs but I guess for highly trained ninja they're not so bad he walked.

Through a previously sealed gate that now had two huge holes through it with a no entry sign above it a similar display of Destruction would be found at the site he'd come to see this was where one of the god cubes that he and Sonic encountered his children was kept when flashy flash saw all the spherical shapes carved out of the building he.

Instantly surmised that it must have been blast doing he questioned if the man had attacked the village to get the cube again blast remains silent it was thanks to dealing with his annoying upper classman galewind and hellfire flame that he was finally able to put things together with his memories this entailed the cube that had been.

Enshrined the facility itself which had clearly been modeled after it and one more thing something that astonished both him and Sonic they found a bizarr looking man it was the founder of their Village who had been kept sleeping in a recovery capsule he barely looked human at all even then flashy flash wanted to confirm if the guy had been granted.

Powers by God blast only maintained his silence for a little while longer but finally he admitted it the founder of the Ninja Village was once his partner the two of them used to hunt tubs together flashy flash was shocked the first time we heard about him was during the S-Class secret Intel briefing and just like we presumed he had been.

Corrupted by God's offer of power but now we finally have a better look at him as a hero his name was empty void after he monsterized he refused to use that name and apparently went by Batman in front of his disciples flashy Flash and sitama dramatically repeated the villain's name although saitama thought of it as boiled before being corrected.

By blast meanwhile Monaco cracked open a dictionary to see that empty void was yet another redundant name for a ninja still sounds cool though after that blast continued to reveal the truth empty void was the only person with the power to open the gate of the celestial Rock cave this connects to the dimension.

In which God hides it's why he's been desperately searching for a way to make his former partner human again hence the monster experimentation and it might even explain his understanding of why saitama flashy flash keep Monaco around as a useful monster just then their conversation was interrupted by a woman's entrance apparently the hero.

Association had just received a letter meant for flashy flash it was a letter of Challenge from speed o sound Sonic they all listened as he read it quote that man has awakened he's after your head running will do you no good it's time to settle the score come to my Hideout I await you alone at the place where childish dreams are seen blast.

Considered the mention of that man's Reawakening sit was concerned but considered a convenient timing blast recalled that it had been 15 years since his former partner escaped from their battle with grave injuries and impressively it doesn't look like blast sustained any damage from the fight even his signature facial scar wasn't from.

This blast was sure that empty void could have recovered long ago but was just waiting for the right time to make his comeback flashy flash thought to himself that blast was too soft since he couldn't even deliver the final blow but looking over the letter saitama wasn't so sure it was Sonic since there was no way his handwriting could be this pretty.

But flashy flash corrected him it was definitely Sonic's handwriting apparently he taught the guy how to write as a kid that just pissed saitama off since that could only mean that all the letters of challenge he received from the guy were just lazy scribbles flashy flash looked at the letter again and focused on the final words I await.

You alone at the place where childish dreams are seen flashy flash came to the conclusion that Sonic must must have already fallen under that man's control he assumed that his fellow ninja had been forced to write such a letter to lure him out he could only guess that if he goes that man would show up too to try and finish him off turning to blast.

He figured this was the perfect opportunity for the top hero to redeem himself against his friend turned opponent after that they all immediately left hero Association headquarters but flashy flash stepped away from them he insisted that there was something he needed to handle ahead of all this for that reason he wanted blast to go to the.

Hideout ahead of him with his arms folded blast didn't have a problem with the idea however he did wonder if the address for The Hideout that was written on the back of the letter was real or not but flashy flash just nodded with confirmation Monaco wondered if the fools remember the fact that they're ninjas at all from there blast turned to.

Saitama and asked that the other hero would be coming along too saitama dramatically allowed his cape to flow through the wind while agreeing to since he had nothing better to do with that blast warped the three of them away after telling flashy flash that that he should hurry over there once he's done flashy flash paused for a moment then he.

Let the way with Incredible speed as he traveled he recalled a conversation from his youth he remembered Sonic mentioning the fact that flash came to the Village when he was a kid sitting around a campfire with the quse of a giant bat monster and the village in the distance Sonic confirmed that the time flashy flash spent in the outside world was.

Keeping his current sense of self- supported on the other hand someone like Sonic had actually been born inside the facility he had been forced to live his life according to the training program from the very beginning while breaking a stick he figured that his friend must be wondering how he managed to avoid being yet another brainwashed shobi he was.

Widely considered to be a failure by all the instructors but didn't believe that that was true in reality he had actually been born with a distinctly powerful Soul which was why they weren't able to control him and I can't help but wonder if that had anything to do with the deadly diarrhea he had after eating that monster cell but I doubt it more.

Seriously I also wonder if the whole powerful Soul thing is the case with galewind and hellfire flame too since they were outliers as well looking at flash a young Sonic admitted that he has a certain dream for the future he planed to climb his way to the top of the totem within their Village he would tear down the current system and raise orphans.

With situations like theirs in a more free and open environment pretty much he wanted to become the Hokage and after one punch man recently did a parody of Dragon Ball I wouldn't be surprised if we see a few Naruto jokes thrown around in the chapters to come Sonic mentioned how assassination techniques are good for nothing out side of killing people.

What he believed was truly valuable was the power to live life as a person pleases which was something they didn't have at the moment with a smile he was sure that his buddy flash would help out after all he could see that his friend's eyes looked a lot like his own pulling out a map Sonic made it clear how much he had been thinking about all this.

Since he already had an idea for where the new Village could be flash was happily surprised their shared enthusiasm was clear once they began looking down at it Sonic pointed to a specific spot the very mountainous location flashy flash was currently running to finally he made it and touched down on a pile of trash while.

His opponent looked in his Direction Sonic appreciated the fact that flashy flash actually bothered to show up and fair enough he thought that the Deep Sea King stood him up and I'm sure saitama doesn't really respond to the challenge letters he gets with a glaring expression on his face flashy flash recited the Letter's final words about a.

Place where child's dreams are seen Sonic smiled a little after hearing that flashy flash remembered son explained that a few years ago the road at the foot of the mountain was opened it seemed as though a place in the mountains that was far away from prying eyes was a convenient place for Industrial Waste companies to dump their.

Garbage what they both stood upon were tons of illegal dumping evidence Sonic smiled with the belief that this place was the perfect setting he drew his sword for the end of an achievable dream that is flashy flash un sheath his blade as well we then dramatically received the name of the chapter the place where dreams end Sonic's fights actually tend.

To be pretty entertaining so against someone like flashy flash this is bound to be epic I'm honestly really fascinated by Sonic's growth over the course of the series for him to clash against flashy Flash and do well will be a major signifier but I'm expecting flashy flash his thoughts on blast sentimentality to be turned around on.

Him in the end here and we still need to learn the exact details of his departure from the village but you already know that we've got you guys covered when it comes to one punch man so make sure you're here for all the action as always I'm SL Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.