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Saitama DESTROYS The Hero Association in One Punch Man!


Saitama is destroying the hero Association before our very eyes right now everyone is worried about a ton of different threats we've got the recent formation of Neo Heroes a rival organization that's stolen a bunch of high-profile and S-Class Heroes and recruited a ton of really strong new ones too there are internal forces.

Trying to corrupt the association from the inside characters like Drive Knight and Jos know that Metal Knight is secretly trying to rule the world the increasing threat of God has a ton of top heroes doing things they otherwise wouldn't and of course there is the increase in mysterious beings and their skyrocketing power levels yet no one.

Seems to realize how destructive saitama's presence is because unknown to all of them he is either related or connected to every one of those problems he is the biggest threat to the hero Association as we know it first although the one punch Man manga is over 10 years old now the inor passage of time is shorter a lot shorter to put things into.

Perspective it's only been 2 months since Janos became saitama's disciple kith Baldi hasn't been a professional hero for very long but since becoming one he's defeated a ton of monsters criminals and even heroes alike not to mention the three years he spent as an independent hero but we'll get back to that you might think that because.

Saitama is so strong he's been nothing but a Saving Grace for Humanity without them even knowing but that's not totally true don't get me wrong the hero Association has a ton of dirty laundry and no shortage of Dark Secrets but at the very least they do have proper protocols and rules all of which saitama pretty much completely ignores right.

After becoming professional Heroes Jos and saitama were called into a lecture hall where pretty much everything they needed to know was covered and the entire time saitama was chewing gum and not listening at all it's clear snck explained everything from disaster levels to hierarchies and even the identities of various S-Class Heroes.

They were even given a booklet explaining everything they needed to know but saitama never read his and lost it Jos is the only reason saitama ended up learning about these things later on if it wasn't for him saitama would have been kicked out of the association at cclass he had no idea that he needed to do something heroic every week at that.

Rank then again Jos is the only reason saitama learned about the hero Association in the first place saitama has casually defeated a ton of monsters without the hero Association knowing but unlike Jos who tends to completely incinerate his targets saitama just leaves monster corpses all over the place.

And this isn't just a simple case of littering which funny enough saitama seems to be against one of the most straightforward causes of monsterization is obviously the consumption of monster Parts beast king was the house of Evolution's second strongest creature just behind Carnage Kabuto and above mosquito girl saitama of course had no.

Trouble turning into mush but it's not like he cleaned up afterwards instead a flock of crows gobbled it up and pretty much immediately transformed into little monsters themselves mind you crows are already some of the smartest animals in the world they're said to possess levels of intelligence comparable to those of a seven-year-old child they're not the.

Same mysterious beings but we've even seen three disaster level demon crows end up being members of the monster Association another time saitama killed the final survivor of the sea folk who claimed to be the new Deep Sea King afterwards he left its body parts in the water for the local fish to eat mind you this was in K City's Nature Park a place.

Where people often go fishing and even if they're not eaten just touching monster corpses can still end up being poisonous to humans there's no doubt a ton of reasons for Monsters to arise but I can't help but notice just how many of them are related to animals for every monster saitama kills he can end up causing even more to exist but they're.

Not the only ones munching on monsters that saitama beats because he does too the association Paces Heroes based on their feet and since saitama doesn't report anything he is extremely poor at one point his bank account balance was 20 Yen or 133 cents USD so eating monster meat is an affordable alternative for him combo Infinity.

Severely injured both spring Mustachio and Golden Ball two a Class Heroes reinforcements were called in but by the time they got there the monster was already gone and seeing the devastation they assumed a huge monster was responsible and were too afraid to investigate any further in reality saitama ripped off all the creatures.

Hair and added it to his food say he forgot to buy soup stock from the store and the only reason he decided to go after the sea folk was to get a bunch of free Seafood since he missed the bargain sale of the day before again saitama doesn't report anything he ran into a messenger of the sea folk and killed it before any information could be gained.

And when Janos asked him about it he had already forgotten it's so bad that saitama isn't even sure if he's already killed janus's sworn enemy mad cyborg he can barely remember any of the monsters he's killed that's a ton of valuable information that the hero Association doesn't have access to overall the association knows very little about him.

His record prior to becoming a hero is virtually non-existent his only notable achievements have been the defeat of Speedo sound Sonic and helping out his senior Heroes against the giant meteor the deep sea king and the battle against goo that's it they have no idea that he has beaten Sonic 14 times at this point that he was the only reason the meteor.

Was destroyed that he on-shot the Deep Sea King who had already beaten multiple Heroes including S-Class ones or that he was the only one who could stop goo in the end and that's ignoring everything else he's done and that lack of information has been detrimental to pretty much everyone when it came to the meteor the hero Association was so.

Confident that their Heroes would take care of the problem that they didn't tell the local civilians that it was coming until it was 21 minutes from Impact that way when the day was saved their credibility and financial donations would rise tremendously but that's not how things went Metal Knight Jos and bang couldn't do anything to.

Stop it it was solely thanks to saitama that it was destroyed but it wasn't pretty the shattered pieces rained down and caused a ton of damage miraculously nobody died but the results weren't as sweet as the association had hoped for honestly saitama just didn't want the thing to ruin his part of town and he figured the results were good enough but.

Due to their misunderstanding most citizens blamed him for messing things up and ruining the city saitama's response to this made it clear that he does not care what other people think and that really did not help his popularity even if he was only C-Class it was not a good look for the association from then on rumors about.

Saitama began to spread people discredited all his Feats and called him an embarrassment to all heroes Kate Baldi has risen the ranks from C-Class to bclass and later to a class in record time but nobody is willing to give him any credit since most people believe he cheated his way up he even gets hate mail over it not even the executives of.

The hero Association are entirely sure if he's legit or not meanwhile jenos theorizes that if the association actually knew how capable his master is they would have had Metal Knight handle the falling debris and completely avoid Devastation and if that happened saitama would have probably risen to at least S-Class rank five immediately afterwards.

Speaking of Metal Knight boy did saitama ruin this man's plans for the hero Association metal Knight's various contributions have been indispensable after a city was wiped out in seconds by the Dark Matter thieves it was a decided that hero Association headquarters would be expanded it was expected to take the Japanese government several decades to.

Just clear out all the rubble but the hero Association believed they'd be able to handle things in only 10 years to do so they entrusted their entire reconstruction fund to metal KN in the end he got the whole thing done in a week so when they added a residential housing complex for the rich they let him handle their security systems and.

Robots these things had reactive artificial intelligence that let them scale against different disaster levels enemies like the Sky King that attacked their old base to send a message to humanity would have been killed instantly too bad saitama decided to turn two monsters into his pets and bring them home with him the robots.

Attacked and naturally saitama retaliated they tried their best to upscale the response level but saitama crushed them all little did he know that these things cost 9 billion yen or more than $60 million to develop each so yeah there was no way he was going to admit that he destroyed them and just decided to say that they blew up on their own.

After that mess and the fact that he wasn't around for the Alien Invasion or Monster Association threats until all the fighting was over Metal Knight completely lost their trust and funding but it wouldn't be the last time he'd cost the hero association's Affiliates a ton of money for a good while the organization was able to facilitate.

Something known as hero gambling secret investors were brought together to watch Heroes fight monsters and they bet on which hero would manage to take it down this was an off the book's source of income for the association and sometimes they'd Rigg the matches so only the major sponsors present would win they even prepared and send monsters out.

Themselves and disguise higher ranking Heroes as weaker ones to throw people off so when saitama came out of nowhere and one shot what was supposed to be a pretty strong creature it caused a lot of problems their top sponsor was really upset and everyone lost money since no one bet on kith baly in fact the odds of him winning were absolutely horrible the.

Association was also secretly containing an entire floor's worth of demon level monsters and saitama slaughtered all of them to the point where they weren't even recognizable afterwards these monsters were originally supposed to be traded to an outside organization for a ton of cash but thanks to saitama that deal was ruined after that he clashed.

With tatsumaki at headquarters which threw even more dirt on middle Knight's name when the entire building shook the outside of the place was completely devastated and their fight even extended to H City now because the hero Association exists these days most people call on Heroes to save them but that doesn't mean the police aren't a.

Thing anymore they're actually not on the best terms with the organization but despite this the association was really close to having law enforcement in their pocket if that were to happen they would be nearly Untouchable but just before that could happen saitama shut it down he dressed up as a cop and took down a monster for tons of Heroes civilians and.

Reporters to see saitamas also had a pretty big impact on his fellow Heroes after learning about saitama's true power through Dr genus and genos zombie man decided to go on hiatus for a while so he'd be able to focus on breaking his limiter the loss of an S-Class hero while the association was already in the middle of losing a bunch of people to.

Neo Heroes was a heavy blow and now we've got the number one a Class Hero sweet mask being a fan of his too so much so that he refused to endorse or work with a rising Idol group of new recruits that sort of publicity would have been great for them but that can't happen anymore when saitama moved to Hero Association headquarters after.

Becoming a class rank 39 because the guy was such a total mystery the a class rank 31 hero Forte decided to test him saitama didn't actually fight the guy before Forte did end up getting hit by a car because of the interaction that and the fact that he was wearing headphones in the middle of a parking lot saitama is the primary source of King's unreal.

Reputation and status as an Class Hero the hero Association assumed that many of his Feats were actually due to King possessing unparalleled strength and the rumors have only gotten Wilder over time when it comes to Monsters saitama has had a profound impact on their Community as well these days he's looking after three of the monster association's.

Remnants and refuses to let the hero Association mess with them overgrown Rover was a disaster level Dragon monster but now that he's small he's become saitama's pet dog black s is a final Survivor of nearly 54 trillion cells and was one of the most dangerous entities the S-Class Heroes had ever faced but now he's saitama's pet monkey.

Monaco is a sweetheart with an unknown disaster level but is an offshoot of Goro Goro the figurehead leader of the monster Association and now she saitama's friend that he invites over for curry but what's crazy is that even before all these relationships were formed saitama unknowingly gave the monster Association a place to grow the.

Z City ghost town he lived in Possessed an extremely high monster appearance rate compared to others there were several theories as to why this was first was the idea that the monsters could contact one another and continue to draw in others second was that there was a colony of monsters that continues to create new ones the third was that.

There was a queen monster giving birth to Monsters of various different kinds the truth is that rumors about saitama's strength made him out to be an unknown monster and that Drew the attention of several others because of that no humans or even heroes would step foot in the area which made it perfect for the monster Association to set up shop and.

Prepare their forces undisturbed so really it's saitama's fault they were able to become as dangerous as they did even when it comes to goo saitama easily knocked the guy out when they ran into each other not once but twice if he had simply reported the incident gar would have been arrested just like Speedo sound Sonic was or he'd be taken care of.

By bang and bomb before things really got out of hand but at the same time time saitama dealing with extremely dangerous threats without anyone knowing may have also limited the growth of his fellow Heroes and the association as a whole for 3 years saitama had saved the world more times than he could count even just recently he handled a dispute.

Between two groups that span more than 800 years he unsealed the embodiment of Destruction known as a cruel dragon and killed it instantly when the Dark Matter thieves invaded Earth all of the S-Class Heroes were left to fight tooth and nail against grunts while he took care of boros and his two greatest warriors and supposedly one of them was the greatest.

Telekinetic in the universe that would have been a great opportunity for someone like tatsumaki to test her skills but instead of facing serious threats then and there the S-Class Heroes continue to all be full of themselves only to be completely out of their depth during the monster Association Arc not to mention the fact.

That saitama is known as the Abominable fist that has turned against God further in ining the entity's wrath upon them all when the Neo Heroes began their scouting they approached Jos with an offer one that he even extended to saitama this could have potentially saved the hero Association from him but saitama refused and decided to stay.

There is no doubt that he is going to continue causing issues for them but to be fair he is partially responsible for the hero association's Creation in the first place with his very first Act of saving that butchin kid from crab lante he inspired the same kid super rich Grandpa father to create an organization for Heroes so even though saitama is.

Pretty much destroying everything they built you could say that he is shown up to clean house and restore it to what it was originally supposed to be in the comments let me know what you guys think is the worst thing saitama has done to the hero Association as always I am slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.

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