All right so this latest chapter of one punch man was very interesting as we would have saitama sirius punch one of god's avatars as well as the unlikely duo of garo and metal bat previously garo flashy flash and platinum s were in the midst of their three-way clash as our boy flash despite giving it his all could not hang with these two especially.

Not without his sword and so eventually he was given a flintstones nap with rocks for pillows from there garo and platinumest went head to head for a while there before garo would gain the upper hand and capitalize on a bloodied and enraged platinum s allowing himself to find an opening and obliterate his foe in what was most certainly a.

Dazzling display meanwhile as tatsumaki laid on the ground injured and exhausted the visage of blast would appear before her and thanks to these additional pages we would get to see tatsumaki wake up a bit and recognize blast blast would commend her but expressed that if she'd only just had a bit more power she would have.

Been able to handle all the enemies by her lonesome and thanks to his training he now has the ability to bestow power onto others extending his hand he would offer her this power so the two of them might take down all of her enemies an odd expression considering the first bit of wisdom blast ever provided to tatumaki was something she essentially.

Made her mantra all throughout her life that when the time comes she should not expect anyone to come save her and so with that she didn't trust this figure in the slightest and would even question who exactly they were then revealing to us a horrible blend between blast and god that i'm sure the trypophobic fans out there are most definitely disturbed.

By now frustrated the creature would leave as a real blast would appear to take its place at the side of tatsumaki here he would realize that she managed to resist the allure of god's proposal and was proud of how much he has grown now noticing and recognizing king blast would leave tatumaki in his care as apparently he needed to provide backup.

That's right people the number one hero believed to be the strongest man in existence is somewhere out there playing support doing so alongside a whole slew of others in what is one of the most exciting and hype prospects in one punch man right now but once blast was gone suddenly a massive creature would emerge from underground this was sage centipede.

A creature of unknown disaster level that was even more terrifying than elder centipede declaring itself the divine wrath of god alongside its compatriot evil ocean water the two were here to punish those who defy their master meanwhile garrow would be the very first to get a hit in with this latest chapter titled bad boys we'd open up to a shot.

Of garo and metal bat along with the words sorry but i'm gonna win from there we have the beginning of evacuation starting off with the b-class heroes and some others by way of a military helicopter needle star would express that just when they thought the mission was over two new colossal threats suddenly arrived as mizuki would wonder.

If they had called the helicopter too soon ese khingar would just yell at the both of them to get to the chopper meanwhile garo would continue to face sage centipede expressing that an underling of god was no match for someone with moves intended to terrify god and honestly centipede couldn't disagree as garo's hits most definitely.

Hurt but as centipede recoiled garo would notice something in the distance it was the very same helicopter and it would seem as though garu's sight is so impeccable that he was able to see tareo looking out the window with waganma just behind him a sight that brought a smile to garrow's face as he was happy to see the kids safe and sound and getting out.

Of harm's way however he would again have to focus on his opponent as the creature's regenerative capabilities were insane and virtually instantaneous but now knowing of the helicopter being in close proximity gara would decide to draw the creature's attention away from it however despite being a hulking monstrosity the creature was not only.

Sinister but intelligent noticing the shift in garo's attention then going on to say that if garu moves even just an inch it would have evil ocean water destroy it in an instant and so now like a chivalrous hero gar would have his sense of mentality challenged as he would take a direct hit from the monster followed by a deadly torrent of water.

From the other this isn't the first time tareo's endangerment has placed garo in a troublesome situation but each and every time garo accepts the punishment in the stead of the young boy this is also an instance of bullying one might argue as right now it is a two on one fight which garo absolutely hates and as strong as garo may be these attacks most.

Definitely dealt some unsavory damage as sage centipede would now continue to taunt him however something else would draw the creature's attention as some odd movements towards and into the water would occur it was saitama now running on top of the water he'd leap up to the eyes of evil ocean water pull back and deliver a.

Serious punch and in the process with part the sea sage centipede was absolutely flabbergasted and at a loss for words it would seem that the attacks of evil ocean water were getting on saitama's nerves and so he got rid of it and after doing so the aircraft carrier previously overtaken by the monster would be.

Exposed and noticed by saitama however the ship was now too damaged to steer and saitama would decide to help them out but there wasn't exactly anywhere for him to stand and hold on to it and so like the absolutely ridiculously overpowered person he is saitama decided to embed his feet in the ship and use the damn thing like a surfboard yeah you.

Heard me right saitama after splitting the ocean used a nuclear aircraft carrier as a surfboard i love this series same centipede would recognize the death of his comrade and wonder what in the world just happened wondering if this was some sort of tectonic movement of cataclysmic proportions but this thing certainly did.

Not have the luxury of investigation as it would need to fear for its own life knowing to be an issue without a way to blackmail him centipede would head straight for the helicopter asgaro would now give chase as just then leaping from above brimming with fighting spirit it would be metal batu clobber the face of this massive arthropod however the.

Exterior of this monster proved too difficult for the hero to shatter and so he would be disregarded in favor of its aforementioned pursuits now grounded metal bat would arise and lock eyes with garo and immediately recognize him on account of their previous fight what was now a really long time ago i mean that was years ago in terms of the.

Publication this series and funny enough at the time of another centipede attack by way of elder centipede and in recognition of these coincidences metal bat would be enraged by the thought of garo getting in his way of crushing a monster yet again he'd swing and garo would easily evade saying that now was not the time as he would continue to.

Pursue safe centipede with metal bath following along the two left onto the monster as metal bat was really giving garu an earful he'd speak of the hero hunter showing his true colors by becoming a full monster now before the two would notice yet another helicopter overhead this one being a whole lot closer it was a news chopper that sage.

Centipede would immediately try to attack but in seeing this metal bat would rush forward at blistering speeds and defend them meanwhile gara would jump onto the helicopter directly going on to terrify those inside as the cameras continue to roll before leaping off much metal bat shock but what was even more alarming was the sudden kick.

Of garrosh hurtling in melba's direction bat would defend but garo wasn't aiming for him at all instead he hit the monster directly what ultimately resulted in a series of strikes all along its massive form as the two made it back to the ground they would stand back to back reading themselves and looking like a proper duo here metal bat.

Would question garrow's actions as he wasn't exactly behaving like a monster in fact he seems to be closer to a good samaritan as a monster than he ever was as a human garo would then put up a front by saying that it was just him seizing the opportunity to show off just how scary he can be to the public and more importantly he would tell metal bat.

About the other helicopter that was in danger he'd bring up the mission of the heroes being to protect some kid who happened to be on the inside and so we'd urge the hero to help him distract the thing enough for them all to escape despite not expecting much from him furthermore labeling metal bat to be better off as a decoy which would really.

Piss off middle bat as he would place his boot on garo's head and refusal of being ordered around he wasn't about to team up with some monster who'd beat him up before even if he was being a good guy all of a sudden again bringing up the past garwood then retaliate by saying how he was just about ready to roll that metal bat pack up when he was.

Only just a human so who was this man trying to get crazy with not only that but saving the kid should be his top priority as an s-class hero but as these two went back and forth yelling at one another sage centipede would move to attack them as they would knock him into next week together telling it to shut up from there we would have the very.

Newscast with garo's face being front and center the news anchor would question if the s-class heroes could handle this threat with that we would then see suiko and suiru suiko was visibly concerned due to the sight but suiru had a different outlook the helicopter didn't crash despite making direct contact with the monster and even.

More than that he didn't feel any sort of killing intent from those visuals metal bat and gara are relatively similar characters in terms of personality in fact an extra comic i am a big fan of is one where metal bat while taking a stroll with his little sister is alerted to two cats in a box flowing downstream metal bat being the.

Hero that he is immediately leaps in to save them but when he gets to the box garo is there as well the two immediately break out into a fight but in the process still managed to save both animals metal bats hosting the lighter one to his sister and garo hurling the darker one to tareo it's a really charming and simple story that i.

Feel exemplifies the core values of these two characters i mean garo stopped fighting metal bad for his little sister's sake he's really not a bad guy at his core even despite beating the breaks off of several heroes the most he'll do is reserve them a stay at the hospital and healthcare in japan is pretty much free.

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