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Saitama Forces Tatsumaki Off Earth To Use Full Power But She’s Too Weak – One Punch Man Chapter 178


Saitama is the only person in the world who can treat tatsumaki however he wants to and right now he plans to teach her a lesson one punch Man chapter 178 titled do it outside features fabuki on the cover again but this time seemingly without clothing the psychic sisters are on pretty much every cover at this point after we see the operating sign go from on to off indicating that surgery is over we see who was in that critical condition it's air a hero who is thought to have died when he was shot in the neck by the remains of evil natural water and he wakes up with a jolt in the hospital bed as it turns out he survived thanks to Pig God gained the hero Association agents to rush him away from the looks of it he probably didn't think he'd survive either immediately wondering where am I at least he's not alone next to him is another injured A-Class.

Hero the headphone hero Forte Forte lets air know that they're in the hospital room and it's safe here according to reports the boomerang using hero LED his guard down and was taken out by a monster which just somewhat accurate except that he was looking directly at evil natural water when the shot pierced through him he just couldn't defend himself or react in time on his side Forte's entire right foot is bandaged and he has a Band-Aid next to his mouth on his side of the room are some A-Class Heroes and a TV unlike saitama air seems to recognize that Forte is a hero in his class but Forte also doesn't hesitate to jump in with how he's a higher ranking hero and they should try to get along Forte then admits that he's in no state to be bringing up rank seeing as what also happened to him recently more surprisingly is Forte's belief that saitama used.

Some kind of secret technique to pull off his injury on him which we know is absolutely not the case air having just woken up can't really pay attention to what Forte is talking about since his own voice seems to sound different actually he should have think something is wrong with it some doctors take that moment to come into the room looking more like mad scientists to be honest explaining that the damage was extremely severe and his life was in critical condition tell fix his throat and neck they surgically augmented it with mechanics and that's when they introduce themselves as specialists in cyborg Medical Science brought in by the hero Association one of them points out that their skills are still nothing compared to Dr befoy AKA Metal Knights as usual Forte feels ignored and pointed out crankly but we can't deny that he's sometimes.

Overlooked because he picks the wrong moment to bring things up like when his own friends are in the middle of introducing themselves butterfly DX asks him what he's so mad about and to not take his anger out on others but that good advice is completely ignored ironically because he starts shouting that he'll get his revenge on him as soon as he can leave the hospital yeah Forte is convinced that saitama is evil even portraying him as some kind of sleazy Mastermind at the very least he remembers saitama's name and that's more than some others have done not to mention he's right about saitama not being a normal human being what's worse is that that Forte is convinced that our Cape Baldi had some terrifying abilities that have nothing to do with his actual monsterous power from his perspective saitama went from being in front of him then suddenly.

Moved behind him and slammed into him which led to Forte being in the hospital considering the impact having an injury to his ankle and some Whiplash is pretty reasonable though and of course he points out that the pain feels like he was hit by a car which he literally was he instead believes that saitama is an esper or a sorcerer but are there even any Sorcerers in this universe well either way subscribing to the channel is always a magical experience looking halfway between annoyed and disappointed butterfly DX points out that Forte was hit by a car and chain and toe jumps in to say you should stop using headphones during fights the dark background seems to reflect how discourage Aaron Forte's behavior and it only gets worse in the next panel when their entire bodies are covered in darkness Forte looks very small as he rely is his mistake saying ah for real a car.

Was coming behind me back then saitama even tried to warn Forte but he couldn't hear over his loud music feeling awkward Forte tells his friends to forget what he said and how he thought saitama was like tatsumaki somehow the image he has of her in his head is pretty warped though seeing as Forte hit his head after the collision with a sweat drop he continues to say he thought saitama had cheat level psychic superpowers and used them to win butterfly DX insists that if Forte had faced tatsumaki himself he'd be dead right now finally changing topics Forte brings up the shaking in the complex he felt earlier his hero friends explain that it was Monsters who escaped their containment and went on a rampage and though it's true some did the earthquake as feeling was caused primarily by tatsumaki fighting tsukuyomi members eventually the two decide to leave since Forte is.

Not too badly injured and if he's well enough to want a revenge against saitama they don't really need to stay and watch over him they'd rather go see if they can help out with the monsters instead Shannon toe tells Forte to get some rest before they go and even knowing saitama did nothing to hurt him directly Forte still insists on doing image training to prepare for one he will face him again in the future meanwhile back underground where tatsumaki is ready to destroy fabuki's group since they failed to protect her from harm saitama is still holding her in a firm grip as everything shakes around him there's no way he'd agree to her hurting lower level heroes to the point that they can't do their job anymore so with him being involved tatsumaki's rage just gets worse as she tries to force herself from his grip with a cold look she says to him I'm telling you.

To let go are you deaf but saitama has the same kind of uninterested look she does just for the opposite reason he wants to protect the people around them as he walls and steal and crumble away more frustrated than anything he tells her to calm down but as usual she tells him to shut up and move away so she can do what she intends to with fabuki safety in mind of course when that doesn't get the point across she pushes him through the news wall doing even more damage as they go fabuki and her gang can do anything except move out of the way and try to avoid being hit by debris even while she presses saitama into walls breaking so much of the underground that she does he still keeps a tight hold on her arm if she needed any proof that he was a strong hero this should help but knowing tatsumaki it's never enough not with her overflowing confidence.

And refusal to ever give in taitama speaks to her esper Powers mostly unaffected by them realizing this is what she used to hurl genos away in the past but for him is no different than when he fought the bookie that time she tries to recruit him and he refused like we mentioned tatsumaki is very confident in her abilities so to be compared to her younger sister who she feels is far below her in power must really hit a nerve even fabuki says that he shouldn't provoke tatsumaki like that but of course it is too late and fabuki knows her sister well tatsumaki's face contorts its rage as she grinds to her teeth let go of me but when she expends a massive amount of psychic powers on saitama's body directly it's like sitting in a massage chair for him but behind him the damage is unbelievably bad creating layer after layer of Smashing walls that form a long tunnel.

Through the hero complex it even reaches all the way outside to where we can see the craters made by the war against sea monster Association in the past tatsumaki shocked that he can take that much and not even seem harmed in the least she starts to doubt herself but more so wonders what makes him so strong in a hilarious panel of saitama's features duplicated from the effects of the psychic powers he says my muscles are twitching on their own but that's as much as the esper can do to him even fabuki can't believe what she's seeing that someone anyone really is able to withstand her sister's Monster's psychic powers not only that but it's her full power finally after trying to get rid of him for so long tatsumaki realizes who saitama is it Dawns on her that he's that baldy who's with demon cyborg apparently only knowing genos by his.

Hero name now that she remembers him though she at least drops some of her previous animosity and switches to her default annoyed look tatsumaki demands to know why he's butting in and whether it is because he is also in the fabuki group that really annoys saitama who then calls for pabuki with a lot of the necessary Voice still upset with startles her he then tells her that he'll take care of Miss stubborn so that she can take care of everyone else and evacuate in the meantime without any argument fabuki agrees but the way that saitama call for fabuki sets her big sister off it's clear from her expressions and the veins bulging in her head that she's not very happy with the implications she even questions how he knows her sister if he's not one of her underlings this makes saitama pause for a moment considering what he is to her he admits that he's not really.

Her friend nor are they companions there their relationship isn't even that Mutual either so he guesses they are simply acquaintances nothing more while he says this he shocks all the people around including fabuki's group and the leader herself she even seems hurt by that Revelation probably hoping that he'd seen her as someone of equal standing at least but they're basically just one step above strangers not only does this make tatsumaki care even less about his opinion but she laughs at him for going this far if Ibuki isn't someone he's even close to his response seems to amuse her as she smiles albeit in a menacing way using even more power than before to try and shake her arm free she announces she is going to test him to see if he even deserves to be hanging all over prabuki the phrasing surprises both her little sister and saitama who takes it personally.

And as a major insult from his perspective which is mostly accurate she's always been the one dragging him around and forcing him to get involved in stuff he doesn't want to even in this case she went to his house personally and picked him up so he could help her protect psychos before we can finish explaining that tatsumaki causes more damage to help the hero Association complex and really at this point is it even worth living there with all the intensity that the heroes are causing themselves the walls and rooms are warping out of shape with the fabuki group members falling and trying not to be injured elsewhere parts of the building collapsed with hero Association workers rushing away even the VIP residents can feel the trembling from where they are blaming poor Metal Knight for the current situation they all can play that the building is new and should.

Have been sturdy enough to withstand anything but clearly Dr befoy didn't expect people like saitama and tatumaki to be causing the problems and it wouldn't make much of a difference if he did either way at the information desk Stinger panics because the elevators get involved is broken while lightning Genji notices that people are stuck underground due to that as well in other words they can't really do anything to help them as tatsamaki continues to warp the surrounding area in impossible ways the fabuki groups slides around falling through cracks with mountain 8 being the only one standing even in This Disaster fabuki's members surround her trying to protect her from everything falling and breaking away reminded of the destruction tatsumaki caused when they fought psychos in the past saitama confronts her for her disregard for people's property he tells.

Her straight you treat people's houses like Rags but all she does is laugh probably at least a bit impressed that he's still handling her power but enough is enough saitama grabs how to make his whole body like you would a child there's no way anyone else has ever tried to even touch her or force her into their grip the way saitama has so this is all brand new to tatsumaki and her Godlike esper abilities wanting to keep the damage to a minimum as much as he can at this point saitama leaves with her outside of the entire complex and into the air at the same time he tells her that if she's gonna do this then do it outside it's almost as if he's flying without high and fast he's going but it's really just his immense leg strength propelling him to these immeasurable Heights his goal is to get away from places where people can be put in danger as fabuki looks up at all.

The layers of holes that saitama's made it feels more like a black hole in space Than A View From The Basement of the complex it just goes to show how insanely massive these buildings are and how crazy powerful saitama has to be to fly through them with a leap all fabuki can say as she looks up with awe is saitama and Big Sis it's begun she makes it sound really ominous as if their fight will destroy the planet not long after blonde hair peeks out from above asking if everyone is okay it's lightning Max along with stinger blue flame Genji and an unexpected bandana wearing hero is unexpected because as far as we know grave H is a C-Class hero so unless a hero Association call for backup outside of the A-Class he's been promoted by two ranks in another part of the complex a number of villains notice they can now leave with the.

Power cut off the cells opening up and walls falling everywhere this is the best chance they'll get to Escape even they just think it's an earthquake and not fights between Heroes the monsters include ones like the perverted tongue monster tongue stretcher from all the way back in season 2 to turn himself in because of how much King intimidated him he has two other monsters with him man eating capybara and beer belly both are not as immediately familiar nor do they seem like much of a threat and considering that in the webcomic fabuki killed men eating capabara I don't think we need to worry much regardless they make a break for it with all the damage to the structure running through unknown hallways just as tongue stretcher finds a suitable door and pulls it open with his tongue things go A bit wrong without having seeing what's waiting for them.

Inside they try to intimidate whoever is there shouting you human pieces of how dare you lock us up inside such a place but what greets them is a room full of Heroes who either live there or called over to the hero complex this includes Heroes like spring Mustachio magic trick man twin tail smile man and even both of Forte's Pals these weak monsters stand no chance whatsoever the dangerous glare they get from all the heroes really says it all and they must know it from their Frozen expression so they immediately turn tail and run in the opposite direction while they say nothing going on here so yeah so much for the rampaging they said they do as always I'm celestable taku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you it's outside.