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The cover page of one punch Man chapter 186 titled Turning Point features saitama walking in the middle of the road in a pixel art style now with saitama after receiving some much needed upgrades and dealing with a disaster level Dragon monster general spoke of how his master had changed his place of resonance like many other Heroes.

Saitama's reasoning for this was pretty simple his old place was obliterated so when he was promoted to a class it became a pretty easy decision for him Janos wondered if he should speak to the hero Association and see if he could arrange for a more spacious apartment there's no doubt that such a luxurious place has even better parts to live in.

Saitama didn't want him to do this though in fact he specifically requested the smallest room they have his reasoning was that it made him feel more at ease hearing this genos decided that in that case he would go ahead and bring all of his Essentials over tomorrow he was pretty sure that everything he needed would be able to fit in the.

Corner of the room hearing this attempted rehash of their roommate situation saitama's brain began to race as he realized causing him to frantically tell genos to hold on for a moment saitama reminded genos that this place was even smaller than the last one he doubted there was enough room for the two of them to live together again but.

Genos was quick to provide a solution according to him all he needed was a space to sit down placing himself in the same corner he told his master to just imagine him as a sort of decoration if that makes things easier but to saitama that was just really creepy Janos would remind saitama however that he is his disciple saitama would tell genos that.

Watching him go about his daily life wasn't going to teach him anything at all to this genos pulled out a crazy long stack of notes and told saitama that wasn't entirely accurate saitama hadn't even realized that Janice was still taking notes at all past this General's changed his subject and became a lot more serious he wanted to ask his.

Master for a big favor he wondered if saitama would be willing to have another sparring match with him in real time that happened in the manga almost 11 years ago and surprisingly saitama agreed without any issue after all he was just thinking about heading out for a bit anyways so all they needed to do was find a nice open space ways just.

Like the last time as they approach their destination saitama spoke about how many monsters there were lately he figured it was easier to find a monster than it was to find a stag beetle at this point Janos agreed with him telling saitama that he'd actually just gotten back from dealing with one earlier that same day but finally they'd made it but.

Figuring this should be as good a place as any the two men stared at each other for a while just then genus's newly upgraded torso began to Glow as his hair flew up and he thanked his master in advance for the opportunity the life from his chest only grew brighter and brighter this was lightning core an astonishingly bright light emitted from.

His chassis towards Kate balding taitama immediately recoiled from the site it was just way too bright with that generals rushed in with all his mice ready to hit saitama with everything he had his fist hurdles were inside Thomas shiny Noggin at Breakneck speeds cutting in the air like a hot knife to butter with this newfound proximity the flash.

Of light being released from Genesis core became even more unyielding as saitama continued to Shield his eyes from the onslaught channels observed the expression of his master as he remained on the verge of impact but just as he neared his master genos slammed his foot into the ground ahead of him the resulting force and air pressure were.

Enough to fracture the world around them splintering into a spray of rubble and gale force wins now finally opening his eyes taitama noticed that genos had stopped dead in his tracks and wondered what was going on behind them was now a titanic-sized cloud of billowing smoke what's insane about this is that when these two first fought saitama had done.

The very same thing he stopped dead in his tracks ahead of actually punching genos not only that but in the aftermath of this halted fist a colossal cloud of smoke was created and general spelled at the time that he would never be able to match his master strength yet here he is sadly the only creature in attendance to see this incredible feat was a tiny.

Reptile Seated on a boulder saitama wondered if jealous wasn't going to fight after all Janos confirmed his master suspicions he had changed his mind he realized that the only thing fighting saitama here would do is get his master's outfit dirty instead of partaking in such a futile attempt he decides to ask his master something as.

Saitama took the siege jennos wondered if his master thought he had gotten even just a little bit stronger during their time together saitama wasn't really sure he figured jennos was probably at least a little bit stronger after all he changed his parts so many times by now looking out into the great expanse Janos wondered if simply changing his Parts.

Would truly make him stronger looking up at him saitama asked genos if he was feeling down lately faking to himself saitama figured that this was where he should act like a proper master and give his students some wise words of encouragement now with a more serious expression saitama called out to genos he told him that the flashing light move.

He just done was super bright so whether or not he's gotten stronger at the very least he's gotten brighter despite the solid expression saitama knew in his head the complementing genos on a better flashlight feature wasn't exactly all that encouraging genos just stood there for a long while thinking to himself he thought about the fact that when he had.

Seen his master earlier he knew in his heart that he wasn't just closing his eyes because it was too bright sulking Abyss genos knew the reality all too well his strength was simply of no concern to his master and At His Feet a sty Beetle went past him rolling a ball of dung Janos had to face the facts saitama had never been watching him he'd.

Been nothing to him from the very beginning it had been over two months since he'd become his master's disciple but he was sure that From saitama's perspective he hadn't grown at all and generous self had a big sense of this truth as well the reality was that he was still nowhere near being inside Thomas league and he couldn't ignore the.

Overwhelming sense of stagnation he now felt and although saitama is terribly unperceptive of strength outside of his own there is absolutely no question that genos has gotten a lot stronger it's just that when you're trying to measure up to someone like saitama no matter how incredible you yourself may be he will always dwarf anyone that stands next to.

Him Janos just needs a more reasonable opponent to prove himself against finally speaking again Janos would tell his master that for as weak as he was saitama had seen it fit to give him a beginning assignment of making it into the top 10 of the Hero rankings but speaking honestly as of late the status quo had made him feel like he was stuck.

At a dead end competing in a place that was at a far lower level compared to his all-powerful master he felt that no matter how much time passed he'd never be able to obtain the strength he so desired so he thought about things for a while and consider changing the environment he decided to place himself in he then informs saitama that very.

Soon a new organization would be established and its name was Neo Heroes despite saying this he had a feeling that his master was already well aware of the group but saitama totally wasn't genos explained that to combat these sudden spike in Monster disasters the extremely wealthy Mr ergoni partnered with both political and corporate forces.

To establish the hero Association now this Mr Agony character is very very interesting and that's because of his chin do you guys remember the button kid the saitama risked his life to save back when he was still weak and had his hair no way that that is just a coincidence anyways by the fourth year of it being around many people began to doubt its.

Many policies and overall management structure on top of all that a series of staff member related scandals began leaking to several different media Outlets excessive damage caused during combat by certain Heroes and misuse of funds and so much more at the moment the hero Association was still in the process of.

Trying to clean up their image by way of biased media coverage and propaganda commercials hearing this saitama immediately knew what Janice was talking about since he had seen tatsumaki's little twist you commercial jedos added that each of the hero Association scandals that were scheduled to be leaked soon would end up being.

Critically damaging ultimately if things don't drastically change the hero Association itself could very well cease to being zaitama despite being underwhelmed by Genesis strength was impressed by just how much his Protege knows and even wondered where he'd heard all this Janos continued by saying that for all these reasons a new group of.

Active Heroes known as the Neo Heroes have entered the scene they had already begun scouting for talent among the existing members of the hero Association they also seem to have even greater anti-monster systems and compensation packages for Heroes they had even told him that they were taking into account the intelligence the hero Association.

Had gathered over the course of its existence along with a keen awareness of all the mistakes it had made for the sake of strengthening and improving their own taitama wondered who the people that told Janos this were unsurprisingly they were Scouts with the Neo Heroes apparently Heroes connected to this new group refer to themselves as.

Neo-heroes instead of pro Heroes not only that but at the moment the number of Neo hero candidates was currently over 2 000 which was huge compared to the hero association's mere 600. the Neo Heroes had reached out to each and every top tier Pro Hero in the association and genos believed that even some of the S-Class who you make in the transition.

With this three strong candidates come to mind first they're shout Emperor he's been severely disillusioned by the association's many cover-ups and greedy practices so much so that he even re-established contact with monster chickman for additional information he's also not really on good terms with her lead tech developer Metal Knight his.

Contributions to such a group would no doubt be substantial Drive Knight is Another Hero that is very distrusting of not only the hero Association But Metal Knight as well he's of the firm belief that Dr beaufoy is an inhuman Evil Genius that is hell-bent on world domination lastly their super alloy dark shine after being absolutely disgraced.

By Garo he hasn't been the same since not really sure what an employment shift like this would do for his mental struggles but it's all too likely that it'll happen saitama meanwhile was annoyed by the fact that he wasn't approached like the others Janos added that the Neo Heroes also plan on securing several strong Heroes who were.

A complete mystery to the public he figured it might be possible for him to learn how to become stronger from them saitama called out to genos to re-establish something he wondered about Genesis reasoning for Desiring greater strength wondering if it was still in pursuit of Revenge without hesitation Jones confirmed this as fact he needed.

To destroy the rampaging cyborg the one whose true identity was still unknown but took everything from him four years ago saitama wondered if genos was sure this rampaging cyborg was even still alive it was possible that someone might have destroyed them already with his eye ominously glowing genos expressed that he had been unable to confirm any.

Information about this among the data obtained since the hero Association was founded but there was some records of an incident from the same time period that detailed the existence of an especially vicious monster saitama looked at Janos again this time wondering if maybe it wasn't a Pro Hero that had taken it down but him what if saitama killed it Janos.

Was unfazed the rampaging cyborg was extraordinarily powerful saitama of all people may have been able to take it down but if he had fought against it genus was sure that it would undoubtedly remain in his master's memory as an especially powerful foe saitama wasn't so sure about that he could barely remember any of the monsters he'd killed.

He'd asked genos if he believes can take his enemy down if he were to face him now Janos wasn't sure but if he ever does find him when that happens he would be sure to win Janos began to flare up with the Flames of Vengeance behind him and it was for this reason and he was thinking about making the move over to the Neo Heroes saitama acknowledged.

Genos's desire and wished him luck to this genus would Express in the Neo Heroes actually wanted to know if he could introduce them to anyone he found to be especially capable Janos wondered that if saitama wasn't overly attached to the association would he be willing to make the transfer with him saitama remains silent for a bit genus would.

Sweeten the deal by saying that his endorsement would likely mean a lot to them not only that but the association didn't seem to Value his master all that highly so he wondered what saitama thought saitama was still silent but then he finally admitted that he's not interested at all it would be too much effort and like the loyal follower he is.

Janos decided that in that case he wouldn't do it either so saitama and jennos will remain with the sinking ship that is the hero Association as always I am slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you together.