With this latest chapter of one punch man we finally received the grand finale of our monster association arc and boy oh boy was it unreal first and foremost we received one of the most powerful fist bumps in all of fiction as the fists of garro and saitama meet in full color accompanied by the words awakening of the gods now that is most definitely.

A heavy proclamation and as you can see there is something a bit off about garl's arm here which we'll come to better understand later on in the chapter kicking things off in blurring motion we would have guar reeling back a punch from a distance only to then cut set distance almost immediately by way of a warp gate intending to assail.

Saitama who had instead managed to successfully avoid the blow entirely yet as garo's arm remained extended beyond saitama would seize the opportunity and usually get guard opened to do what he couldn't and deliver and as he flew back garo opened yet another gate doing so in an attempt to catch high time off guard from behind the two would then strike.

One another in perfect unison as if engaged in the most violent display of synchronized dance ever performed garu kicked onto saitama's head embedding him further into the rubble beneath his feet and saitama grid his teeth as he plunged his fist deep into the abdomen of the space-themed hero hunter therefore sending him right back from.

Once he came yet in the fraction of a millisecond that took garo's body to partially emerge from yet another rift in time and space hoping to hit the bald wonder saitama propelled upwards now located on a massive boulder of bogoro he'd suddenly launch off faster than any rocket ever conceived the sheer force of this would easily shatter the impromptu.

Foothold as he would uphold his depraved expression from there you deliver a chop onto garl's neck what i find to be pretty disrespectful to a character this will thoroughly price himself on his martial arts prowess but then again it wouldn't be the first time but good lord this time the fallout would distort the world around them saitama intended to.

Disrespect garu here by copying the man's moves and used them against him once gar realized this saitam would begin to taunt him bringing up the fact that garo previously swore to copy saitama when he's serious the sake of surpassing him saitama now would beckon him to do so no matter what he was going to punish garo at this point garo was.

Being pummeled and he had no idea how since he was countering the guy with just as much power yet every time saitama hit him these strikes became harder and harder to the point where he could not keep up gar would plunge his fist into saitama's stomach only to then receive a mean uppercut to the chin as he recognized himself to be far behind.

Saitama at this point any time he met saitama the bald man would suddenly excel even further beyond the attacks were becoming both more numerous and more dangerous at this rate garo knew as his body began to break down that eventually one of these punches would prove to be fatal and kill him garo may be able to match saitama string from.

Moment to moment but he certainly cannot do so in regards to the man's durability and endurance but what is downright chilling is the announcement that even at this point saitama was continuing to grow as it turns out his rate of growth had gone completely unnoticed by all on account of nobody being even remotely on par with his strength yet on account of.

His loss of genos is already virtually incomprehensible growth rate had increased exponentially this was all on account of a surge of emotions the likes of which he had never experienced before ladies and gentlemen this is the equivalent of saitama going super saiyan on planet namek and based on this associated charge saitama is now at.

Least twice as powerful as cosmic fury mogaro and that is only in a matter of milliseconds we are counting milliseconds here remember this fight is going at the speed of light and beyond so this is at the millisecond mark if this were to go on for a minute long two i mean that is just downright mind-boggling especially when we.

Consider the fact that even now in holding general's core and deciding not to outright kill garo saitama is still holding back regardless the base level has risen we have actual confirmation that saitama does in fact continue to grow and that is both an incredibly hype yet terrifying revelation frankly this.

Uproots everything we know about the guy garrow right now in this particular moment in this particular instance is the only one strong enough to observe saitama's growth but saitama was growing so fast that at this point he would not be able to do so for much longer saitama however was beginning to get a bit chilly on account of having his whole.

Outfit destroyed which is very fascinating indeed as we now have an idea of just how cold conditions need to be in order for him to even remotely fuel the effects note that on average the temperature of outer space is negative 455 degrees fahrenheit or negative 270 degrees celsius now that is just.

Crazy garo now was very frustrated by the increasing futility of his efforts when an attempt to get a warp punch off yet again a pointless attempt as saitam would catch his fists without issue and it was in that very moment that shaitaan had gotten way too far for garo to even comprehend his power saitama would begin to inhale on the precipice of a sneeze.

And sneeze he would doing so with enough force to park the sea of the breeze behind garo this was a serious sneeze and in mere moments it would not only collide with the gas giant known as jupiter but furthermore disperse the hydrogen sea of the planet to the point of clearly very clearly exposing its core now mind you.

In regards to size according to nasa if earth worthy size of a nickel jupiter would be as big as a basketball suffice to say it is a good thing there are no holes in garrow's armor these sneeze would send the two hurtling elsewhere as garo's fear of saitama began to really show he was sure that someone like saitama shouldn't be able to walk around.

On earth on his own owing to then think to himself that perhaps he's saying could be said about him and here the visuals for garo kind of remind me of how phoenix man looked towards the end of his life however just then garu would notice his son and soon after after just a bit more scanning he would also take notice of earth knowing that all he.

Needed to teleport to a location was to have it within range of you garbly luck to still be on his side here for the sake of making his escape gara would punch saitama in the face resulting in an expansion of a massive ball of light and with this he would rush away from the hero then use his teleportation to take him elsewhere and with this goro.

Successfully made it back to the hospitable planet and doing so believed himself to be the victor but to spoil his fun to be saitama just behind him complimenting the convenience of garu's move as victory and hope left the eyes of the young man now shaking horribly garo could not make sense of things as he was certain to have sent saitama.

Flying in the other direction to which saitama would respond to by saying that he had a stomach ache from the cold and was holding it in when the flash of light surprised him a fart came out propelling him just behind garo as he had just enough momentum to catch up what an absolutely ridiculous and juvenile move but totally a saitama one.

Indeed and before garo could even respond he would have saitama's fist to taste as the hero brought them back down to the planet below saitama here is humble and garo by bringing him back down to earth once they met the ground as saitama looked down the false visage of his own face would be shattered and destroyed.

Saitama now recognizing the location to be the same as before would wonder if gar was aiming to come back here specifically as high timer lifted his face gar would wonder why he wasn't being killed saitama would pause for a moment before admitting that compared to someone with so many quick costume changes like gara or king he wasn't.

Really cut out for this line of work at all and he hated it but the reason he aspired garo was because he is a hero not only that but it was tareo's final request that he stopped garo without killing him now garo didn't really hear much beyond that last part as he would then look away from saitama and what he saw was the lifeless body of young tadio.

And absolutely nothing chilled him more than that the sight of the boy he so cared for now being so devoid of life crushed him as he cried out in despair gar would then get back on his feet and run in the opposite direction while screaming a reaction which confused saitama as again tario was in the opposite direction and it's with this.

That we would now have cosmic tier mogaro as he cried his eyes out knowing damn well that this was all because of him that he was too close to tario and it killed him from there gar would trip on a rock and fall as he continued to sob and as he did so he'd recognize himself to be the ominous future saitama would admit that garo had been acting.

Strangely since he fell down from the sky i would ask if the guy was sure some weirdo didn't do something to him gar's only response would be that if they did it was because his spirit was too weak to begin with garo found his own story to be so laughable as by failing to defeat saitama he couldn't possibly become absolute evil and to make matters.

Worse the hero that took him down doesn't even believe he's suited for hero work if only saitama could have pretended for his sake that if only saitama simply killed him fueled by his own lofty sense of justice he would have gone out like the villain he intended to become that now the person he wants to save first by changing things was gone.

All because of him a notion which cytomel would question wondering if instead girl was just clinging to him for support a concept which angered garo as in his mind a being of such unimaginable power couldn't possibly fathom the prospect of leaning on another but when he looked at saitama he corrected himself he took notice of.

Genesis core which was still within saitama's grasp and realized that even saitama was acting similarly he couldn't believe that someone of this level of power could be mentally normal saitama then questioned what garo intended to do from here garo who this posture slumped would ask saitama for a favor gar's proposal was for saitama to copy him.

Which saitama found to be a bit strange after all you'll be copying a copycat but garo despite not wanting to see saitama with the hands still wasn't a fan of his mockery this chapter was already crazy but here is where things become truly unbelievable it was garl's firm belief they saitama should be able to replicate his techniques and even go.

As far as to surpass them what he intended to do was provides to saitama the most powerful ultimate technique of his fist that even he has yet to make use of despite having stolen the power of god garu felt entitled to saitama's gratitude but saitama wasn't really feeling it as this was hardly a polite way to request a favor saitama also.

Didn't see the point but garo insisted that he'd try and see the results for himself and after seeing the newfound resolve in garrow's eyes saitama would agree willing to take whatever he could at this point and at that it only made sense for someone like saitama to skip ahead to the ultimate technique gar would then begin his demonstration fully.

Believing that if someone could stand to master the power of god without taking the creature's hand it would be saitama from which point however god would decide to rescind the gifts of garo a declaration that this time saitama would actually be able to hear interestingly enough the kiteness exterior would then begin to fade from garo's body what.

Oddly enough tasted like salt to saitama but this was no time for that as gar would yell out for his former adversary to concentrate which saitama would follow giving his full attention and in doing so the two men will begin to imagine their own inner universes which is just madness mind you within garo there are particles and anti-particles.

Created in pairs by its cosmic rays and as each subatomic particle began moving in opposite directions the two began to imitate the movement of the other meanwhile when the particles within saitama did this something monumental would occur gar would then tell saitama to go and defeat it from here saitama would jettison beyond reality garu had.

Faith in saitama more than anyone now he placed the responsibility of taking down that ominous future onto him as his last words before being made into a brutal statue that blew away in the wind after god reclaimed all of his power and with this saitama began to travel back in time talk about mind blowing i mean even saitama was in awe and with that he.

Would finally recognize garu's martial arts to be incredible after all but while shifting through time saitama would hear girls past self claim to be the ominous future disaster level god teitamo wasn't all too privy in regards to the nuance of all this time travel stuff but did as he was told to the best visibility and swung towards the prior.

Instance agaro with that we would head back to the moment where cosmic fear mogaro stood before the many heroes they became overcome with fear and you already know it is smelling crazy in that location at this point guru again would look to the sky and begin to utter the words thank you only to be interrupted by a major fist to the face.

Saitama had regularly been further empowered during his time on i o and by way of going back in time his fist landed before he was thrown this was a reversal of causality the typical notion of cause and effect had been rendered irregular in this particular instance and the blow is completely and utterly unavoidable in fact confusingly enough.

Perhaps this didn't actually take one punch it literally took zero punches to finish this battle long story short science is freaky now interestingly plenty of heroes are here to witness this act by way of saitama which is quite contrary to the typical situation with him we even have jenos alive and somewhat well calling out to him and.

Claiming him to be his master publicly bang would cry algaro's name which would then prompt many of the heroes on the scene to recognize this to in fact be the hero hunter which is a big deal as regardless of their understanding of his capabilities at this point or not garo had managed to defeat several s-class heroes so to beat him just like that is.

Huge garu would recoil from the strike and quickly begin to feel his power escaping him as he cash onto himself in confusion and despair from his body was soon emerged in illuminating light that covered the entirety of the surrounding area but before anything else saitama would suddenly be pulled in a certain direction as this timeline saitama.

Finally emerged from the rubble he was beneath future saitama as we'll call him was on the verge of crashing with his prior self now actually realizing what was happening as once they met they'd become one and once they were saitama here was now really confused he'd wonder what he was doing as he could only remember garo using a special move which.

Is to say that his memories of the omnis future have been erased along with his knowledge of how to time travel it is a one and done ladies and gentlemen however things didn't entirely go back to normal saitama's eyes would suddenly widen as in his hands as he shook in terror was genesis core and to make matters worse his shlong was out for.

Some reason what had to be an absolutely terrifying series of events however this does tell us something his body did become one with his quote unquote future self which is to say that saitama got much much more powerful we not only have saitama time saitama we have saitama times a stronger saitama in theory at least but yeah in the midst of sphere.

Genos would intrude by headbutting his master knocking him a distance away and onto his head jenno's having done a far less playful version of this tagaro in the previous timeline would apologize to saitama for getting too carried away however saitama was just glad janus was still alive despite the core in his hand now frankly this was a very hefty and.

Dense chapter of one punch man and so with that there is most definitely a whole lot that we'd like to further discuss with all of you over the course of subsequent uploads so please be sure to be here for all of those and please let us know what you thought about this my mind is just blown titanic and time travel like what but as always i'm slice.

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