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Saitama Reveals His True Power so Nobody Ever Challenges Him Again – One Punch Man Chapter 194


The cover page of one punch Man chapter 194 titled right away features Tatum Maki Jos and saitama in elaborate military uniforms we open up to Butterfly DX and Shane and Toad checking up on saitama's pets apparently roer hasn't been eating any dog food lately DX wondered if he might be sick but toad pointed out that the dog's coat is.

Looking better than ever this was of course thanks to Fuki taking care of him and putting him on a premium beef diet she's been treating this little guy like a pageant Champion since having a disaster level dragon on their side has done wonders for the blizzard group black s meanwhile is more than happy to eat Rover serving along with his own so.

He can get strong again too he let them know that Rover usually goes out and gets food from somewhere else but it doesn't seem like they process the monkeys ability to speak Fuki meanwhile was shocked to see that the dog she abducted decided to leave you really can't beat a dog's sense of loyalty Zama is the Apex creature and Rover.

Recognizes that above everything else even food but I'm sure he'll go back whenever he's feeling hungry just then butterfly and Toad noticed some commotion going on above them it was saitama and this time he was interacting with flashy flash toad recognized him to be srank 13 however that's not entirely accurate he's the former rank 13 hero.

But thanks to Bang's retirement and wild Emperor's resignation he's actually the number 11 hero now that being said at least in terms of personal power he's roughly the third strongest S-Class hero right now right behind tatsumaki although you could argue that with his recent upgrades Jos may be able to compete between his connections with Jos.

King and flashy flash butterfly had to wonder if forto was right about saitama being a dangerous guy from there we make our way to the hero association's training room number three flashy flash proclaimed that if saitama could land even a single notable hit on him the baldman would win the interior looked like a rock climber's Paradise flashy.

Flash was generous enough to give saama a 30 minute time limit that is so ridiculously pompous for a guy that admitted to himself that saitama outsped him when they first met if saitama loses he would need to officially become flashy flashy student and Obey all his orders which is totally backwards usually a disciple is the one setting.

These sorts of terms instead if saitama wins he didn't want to hear anything about disciples from the ninja ever again totally confident flashy flash happily agreed and with that he decided that it was time for them to start and the moment he said that saitama rushed up to him so fast that Morata couldn't even draw him properly before he was in.

Front of the guy flashy flash jumped back like a scared cat the moment he realized forget 30 minutes he almost got one tapped in less than a second now he was completely on guard he totally forgot how impressive saitama can be since his personality is so plain saitama just looked at him casually flashy flash however was now totally.

Serious he finally remembered remembered how saitama caught his sword attack in the past not only that but even though he wasn't sure if it was fact or fiction saitama was even said to have beaten goo flashy flash tried to do the same and failed but in his mind I'm sure he's rationalized the loss to be on account of it being a three-way fight including.

Platinum s and he didn't have his signature weapon available but that wasn't even G's final form either way flashy flash decided that the best thing for him to do here would be to use all of his power from the very beginning after rushing forward he swiftly delivered a dragon thrust kick when saitama tried to punch him he swiveled.

Out of the way with spinning top slide this transitioned into Falling Moon Palm then Misty mantle followed by Falling Lee's Mirage but flashy flash was only just getting started he moved all over the battlefield wind blade kick blew Tempest Fist and flowing Shadow feet despite going all out he wasn't using his sword at all perhaps as a show of.

Mercy since he wasn't slaying a monster here not that it would make any difference though but all of this was just set up for his ultimate technique flash fist but before he could land saitama responded with a well-timed fist of his own one that made the Shinobi's eyes go wide death the only future he saw for himself after receiving such a.

Blow like this would be death it is the same bewildering fear that made the gulf between them so clear to Jos at the beginning of the series and just before the blow could land Janos called out to his master the below back was enough to collapse a large portion of the enclosure as flashy flash flinched and saitama wondered what was up Janos.

Apologized for interrupting his master's training session with a new disciple applicant but there was a monster alarm for them to tend to between this chapter and the last it's clear that Jos is very shady he'll take any opportunity to talk trash about anyone who doesn't recognize his master's greatness flashy flash was in utter disbelief and sweating.

Profusely he couldn't believe that this was possible he didn't even have time to use a forbidden move whatever that means I'd like to think that any forbidden move of his must include a sword because it's hard to imagine you wouldn't have used one during the monster Association Arc also he says a forbidden move implying that he has more than one as if.

His grocery list of techniques wasn't long enough and speaking of time given how fast flashy flash is faster than the speed of light based on his previous Feats and the fact that he's not holding back this battle of theirs if you can even call it that has only managed to last a handful of seconds at best joining the.

Two Heroes with a nervous smile on his face flashy flash loudly proclaimed that it was too bad saitama wasn't able to land a hit on him he was even nice enough to Boone their match for the time being genos's sneak dis upgrade kicked in again as he wondered if the guy was just going to ignore the fact that he was sweating bullets right now saitama.

Meanwhile insisted that jenos lead the way to him following flashy flash was bound to get them lost this is on account of flashy Flash's poor navigation skills when they first met so flashy flash is pretty much the Zoro of one punch man from there we head on over to East City it's actually our first time visiting this location three tired.

Heroes were facing off against some monsters we've got a class rank 28 Peach Terry a class rank 33 heavy Kong and b-class rank 57 bone they were up against three towering humanoid monsters one of them was talking about crushing a guy who responded to him with a mean comment in the past the anger from which gave them strength collectively the.

Three were a disaster level demon threat and went by the name internet Surfers apparently these guys couldn't handle being Cyber Bullied on message boards and turned into monsters because of this they decided to destroy all of humanity since it's rotten to the core see guys this is what happens when you forget to touch grass the heroes on the scene were.

Completely overwhelmed and outclassed they wouldn't be enough to stop these guys just then heavy Kong noticed something there was a mysterious figure observing them all Kong told the stranger to evacuate as quickly as he can since the monsters were indiscriminate when it comes to clobbering people but one of the.

Monsters decided to imprint the bottom of his Nikes on all of them knocking the heroes away then the same one ass he hooded figure what he was looking at the one in a suit wondered if the person thought they wouldn't get attacked too they intended to show the guy that this online despair of theirs wasn't their problem alone getting aose close up this.

Guy is wearing a pretty solid minimalistic Tech wear fit with the Balenciaga speeds on which should make it even more obvious who this is The Smiling man admitted that he had no business with the monsters at all he was just here to wait for the appearance of a certain hero he told them not to mind his presence at all they could Rampage.

As much as they wanted to and a part of me feels like there would be a lot of people like this if we actually had superheroes and monsters like these in real life just hanging around danger to see their favorite superpowered celebrities anyways the monsters weren't having it they assumed that the guy was planning on uploading videos of them.

Online as a joke which would probably happen in real life too honestly if Spider-Man were real there would probably be a major spike in health insurance claims trust me living in New York can be expensive so Spidey might need to save a few wallets too the one in a tank top which might actually make him the strongest one here said that.

Their antenna were picking up on Annoying signals from the guy and really they're not wrong this is kind of like a troll scouter on that note this guy kind of reminds me of Captain Ginyu here just then the hooded man noticed the appearance of the very hero he was looking for checking over his shoulder the one wearing plaid noticed who the.

Guy was waiting for but as far as they were concerned it didn't matter how many Heroes show up they're not scared at all finally lowering his hood the man was revealed to be none other than speed o sound Sonic immediately speaking to saitama he was pleasantly surprised to see that the bald hero actually showed up it totally made following such a lame.

Fight worth it but before he could issue a new challenge his eyes went wide he noticed the other hero that was with his Target flashy flash who was just as surprised to see his fellow ninja here quickly his expression grew dark with recognition Sonic's agitation grew as he questioned why flashy flash was with saitama a question that saitama himself.

Still didn't know the answer to genos's shade throwing ability kicked in yet again as he asked a question of his own what was going on did flashy flash know this sorry excuse for a ninja too flashy flash shut the conversation thread down immediately and told demon cyborg not to pry any further furthermore he told the loyal dog to lower his muscle since he'd.

Handled the monsters himself jeno still wasn't willing to listen to him though and told the guy not to try and Order him or his master around Sonic told his fellow fans to back off he wondered if this was saam's attempt at avoiding a one-on-one battle with him this whole situation was becoming more and more of a pain for our main character by the.

Second upset that they were being totally ignored here the monsters angrily called out to the bickering group they sought to clarify that the three of them combined were a disaster level demon yeah a combined disaster level demon is pretty embarrassing just then this scene became an even more crowded reunion as a familiar voice was.

Happy to see that both of their targets had grouped up together this would save them the trouble of looking for them individually it was galewind and Hell flame I couldn't believe my eyes they were supposed to be dead they were willing to give Sonic a second chance to join them if he helps them kill flashy flash now these guys were never the.

Brightest but either they have something new planned or they're just complete idiots last time they met flashy flash soloed them both without even breaking a SWAT furthermore because they've eaten monster cells it's not like they can get any stronger than they already are they've been capped saitama was dist draw to see that more weirdos just keep.

Showing up flashy flash thought them them being here was strange the internet Surfers wondered what was going on too as jenos questioned who these guys were Sonic had to remind himself of their names and was surprised to see that they were both alive he thought he sent some small fry nearby okay it seems like everyone suddenly has Amnesia when it.

Comes to the previous fights Sonic thoroughly struggled to handle them and couldn't even land a single hit in fact when gilwin monsterized Sonic broke into a cold sweat the gulf between them was so massive that he decided to become a monster so I really hope this isn't just empty trash talk like influencer boxing and Sonic has actually gotten much.

Stronger since then it's really hard to power scale a guy that only likes to challenge saitama flashy flash raised an eyebrow at the two newcomers he distinctly remembered cutting the two of them in half he wondered if they were planarian monsters or something a planarian is a type of flatworm best known for its ability to regenerate if.

You cut one into pieces each of those separate pieces can regenerate into a new organism Hellfire mocked the stupidity of their enemy if they were planarians they would have multiplied galewind was embarrassed by the fact that his partner responded to the insult at all now the idea of joining them thoroughly upset Sonic he had a bone to.

Pick with them since he believed the monster cell they gave him must have been rotten or something thanks to that his stomach was so messed up that he dropped a whopping 4 lbs of weight from the severe diarrhea it caused and although I laughed for a solid 2 minutes after being reminded of that diarrhea is no laughing matter Believe It or Not.

Millions of people die from it every year I'd rather fight saitama than fight for my life on the toilet like Sonic had I can totally understand why he would never forgive them but according to them the monster cell was totally fresh the real problem is that monster cells are meant to be eaten raw Sonic might be a total Gremlin but he's pretty civilized.

When it comes to Cuisine and decided to Chef it up he even enjoyed a glass of wine with it at the time he actually wondered if he should have cooked it at all but rationalized that no one in their right mind would eat something like that raw meanwhile no one in their right mind would want to become a monster in the first place but in that.

Case Hellfire told the younger ninja to wait until they kill flashy flash they claim to have trained harder since their defeat and said that things would be different this time again training is completely pointless if you've gained power from a monster cell gilwin recalled the fact that back in the village flashy Flash and Sonic used to.

Hang out together they plan to make the S-Class hero remember when he was a miserable failed student from there we got a quick flashback to when Flash and Sonic were kids despite the whole Ninja thing they seem to be in a pretty high-tech facility two older men enter the room and demanded to know what the kids were doing in the restricted area.

Apparently they were skipping their training from there the two of them were manhandled this made flashy flash remember something very important within the restricted area it was a cube a god Cube seeing these idiots again was actually helpful flashy flash had completely forgotten about the Village from there he pointed towards he threats.

And proclaimed to saitama that it is a disciple job to handle their Master's light work and told him to go saitama was shocked and not happy at all to hear the command neither was Jos the internet Surfers finally had enough and decided to strike the figures speaking below them saama didn't move a muscle but Jos and flashy flash sprung into action.

Faster than the eye could see and just as quickly the monsters had been totally obliterated flashy flash quickly punched the two Rogue ninja in the face at nearly the same time jenos meanwhile was busy incinerating the monster corpses Wind and Fire reeled from the sudden blow and just as quickly flashy flash managed to cut them in two yet again but.

Thanks to his substitution technique flashy flash just cut two logs instead unfortunately the two monster Shinobi have gotten away yet again forget palarian these guys are more like cockroaches and in all that commotion Sonic rushed saitama and ended up lodged beneath the pavement Wind and Fire fled as quickly as they could while being.

Frustrated that flashy flash has gotten even stronger which although entirely possible again it's far more likely that they themselves just haven't improved at all considering Sonic attacked saitama instead of himself flashy flash assumed that the bald hero must have some sort of connection to the guy too saitama claimed the Sonic has snuck up on him.

Like three or four times now Sonic meanwhile thought to himself that this was in fact his 14th defeat against saitama K Baldi sighed deeply he decided that he was just going to look for Monaco in his own way he figured that she was probably having a tough time somewhere with that in mind he urged flashy flash to just go home already the.

S-Class hero was confused by this saitama confessed that he wasn't interested in any of this become my disciple or rival stuff he didn't want to teach learn compete or anything like that all three harassers thought to themselves for a moment and had the same concern in mind did saitama lack confidence jenos assured his master that.

It was fine saitama was caught off guard by the Tranquil response with a smile jenos let his master know that he learns from him every second flashy flash gave his disciple a wink while calling him the personification of potential and telling him to have confidence and man I can't even look at Sonic's face here without laughing saitama self-proclaimed.

Rival admitted that he's always impressed by saitama's decent response whenever he attacks him from there the three of them rushed off elsewhere saitama was at his Wit's End no matter what he says these guys never understand he quickly turned to one of the very few people he actually likes being around and texted King that he should come over.

To play video games judging from the last few chapters King is over saitama's house pretty frequently these days holding a flashy flashes crew drong a Monaco saitama told King that he was looking for them and this was actually a problem king would be able to help out with since he was pretty sure he'd seen the creature before back when he was.

Making his way home from the final training ground he briefly ran into a creature that he thought might be a bear retracing King's steps the two sprung a trap it was a huge plate of Curry and rice a meal so delicious that it caught the little monster pretty quickly and the reaction of the two Heroes was honestly adorable soon after saitama.

Invited flashy flash over to meet with the monster as she chowed down he was surprised to see that the job was already done saitama admitted that he was able to find her in about three panels which is insane saitama is so strong that he is breaking the fourth wall and for me this kind of puts things into perspective a bit more let me know.

If you guys remember but there was a Dragon Ball super filler episode that had aeli battle against Goku and Vegeta and because she was a gag character she had no problem keeping up with and even overpowering them at this point it's hard not to imagine saitama is the same way flashy flash was relieved to see that the task was complete but wasn't so.

Happy that saitama had taken care of it before he could and again saitama spoke of his poor directional skills and if I'm being entirely honest I'm the same way so I can relate to his struggle flashy flash knew that it was a bit sudden but once the monster's stomach was full he wanted her to tell him everything she knows about the entity.

Known as God Monaco gulped deeply at that she began to sweat a bit and pretended to know exactly what he was talking about however she also claimed that her head was spinning a bit that perhaps a bit more curry would help jog her memory that's when flashy flash realized that she's just as clueless as they are but hey at least he has his.

Little sidekick back from there flashy Flash saitama and Monaco entered an elevator within the hero Association flash decided that they should go speak with sit that way he'd be able to get them in touch with blast directly saitama wasn't paying full attention and instead told Monaco that he makes Curry from time to time so she should come.

Over sometime and remind him Monaco was surprised by the invitation looks like saitama gets along with yet another character enough to willingly invite them over make your bets how long until we get a cover page dedicated to Monaco and will Morata give her the same treatment as most of our other female characters now considering Monaco was.

Formerly a member of the monst Association running into Rover and especially black s could be very interesting once they made it to floor 55 flashy flash realized that communicating with someone who hops across Dimensions is probably a difficult task but surprisingly blast just happened to be right there.

One punch man is seriously heating up right now we've got an impending ninja Village Art and even direct communication with blast this channel is the best place to lock in with all of that so I hope we can all enjoy the hype together as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.

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