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Saitama & The S-Class Fight God’s Army! – One Punch Man Chapter 198


We've got a special Christmas cover for one punch man after 198 titled habit tatsumaki is raising your cuteness levels and has a special gift for everyone meanwhile Santa saitama is using Rover and Watchdog man as reindeers after having their duel interrupted by the Heavenly ninja party flashy Flash and Speedo sound Sonic.

Decided to team up and take them down flashy flash asked if these guys were the underlings of that man the founder of the Ninja Village and blast for a sidekick that joined God and empty void and by join God I don't mean he's dead he's been gone for a long time but that's because blast gave him a beating after you Reed power from God Sonic.

Confirmed Flash's suspicions he added that even with the village gone these fools didn't have the willpower necessary to do anything else with their lives they were loyal dogs for life and with this context I can see why both flashy Flash and Sonic hate how obedient Janos is towards saitama violent Force turned and called on galewind and.

Hellfire flame they were going to attack first as the Vanguard group destructive Devastation began chuckling with him as they told the two nervous ninjas to do the honors by creating an opening between their opponents Hellfire knew that the Heavenly ninjas were planning to kill them along with Flash and Sonic but they had a plan to turn things in.

Their favor and make their fellow shobi regret using them like this flash discreetly told Sonic that they would be leading the others into attacking them all at once considering they were so dependent on The Village's teachings he expected them to be awful at working together he remembered a with a mohawk and a tank top which obviously makes him.

Stronger telling them all not to think of each other as comrades that if they meet one another after their graduation it would be for the sake of killing each other by waiting for them to get in each other's way they would be given a ton of openings to capitalize on Sonic was smug he didn't need flash to spell it out for him a moment later and their enemies.

Were on the Move Sonic and Flash split up Sonic began recounting The Village's teachings too they were taught that when dealing with multiple targets they should focus their efforts on killing the weakest one first and working their way up to the stronger threats based on that there was no doubt in his mind that flashy flash would be attacked first.

After all he was sure that they saw his dual with flashy flash moment ago and you know we saw that too and I don't remember Sonic doing anything overly impressive so I really wonder if he's just that delusional either way Sonic let out a reluctant sigh seeing as it couldn't be helped he decided that he would cover for his inferior comrade for.

A bit but just then practically all of the Ninjas surrounded Sonic with their weapons drawn and the face that he's making here is hilarious his head is completely empty he was beyond shocked by this suddenly he was repelling the blades of more than a dozen S-Class level ninjas Sonic was infuriated and blame their tunnel vision he would never.

Forgive them for this insult meanwhile Wind and Fire were back to their Team Rocket Shenanigans as they used connecting wires surrounding flashy flash with them they used joro spider curtain Gallows violent force was shocked they purposely deviated from The Village's teachings and went after the stronger opponent flashy flash that way.

They were able to avoid being torn apart by the others and thanks to their poisonous wires they can keep flashy Flash from moving at high speed the Tenino members were terrible at working together and kept getting in each other's way taking advantage of that would be their best bet and chance to escape speaking of Escape flashy flash.

Got out of the enclosure by diving in and out of the trash the ninja duo could not believe it but just as quickly their wires were used against them and they became tied up from behind several blades raced toward Sonic his anger continued to rise but before he could counter flashy flash intercepted with a sword shattering kick Sonic made it.

Clear that he did not need Flash's help but the S-Class hero replied that Sonic was the one who suggested that they work together in the first place also Sonic's nose was bleeding now back to back the two batted away countless strikes Sonic began to say that even without Flash's help then he rolled over Flash's back to take on the other side he could easily.

Beat these guys and they contined to battle fiercely shrieking scream was thrown off these guys were in the middle of arguing but were in Perfect Harmony to ballistic bullet it was as if the two had been training to work together for a long time which is a testament to how closely they worked together back during their Village days Wind and Fire have.

Taken an L yet again flash called them small fry and told them to stay down without causing any more trouble since their threads were poisonous they might die if they struggle and cut themselves by accident Sonic wondered why flash wouldn't just finish a two idiots off himself flash explained that when he fought them in the Monster association's.

Hideout they were monsters he was hoping that they could be test samples that would bring them closer to undoing monsterization lucky for them flashy flash was introduced to those experiments just before this encounter flashy flash added that if all goes well maybe that man would open his eyes and the whole picture would change none of.

The Ninjas knew what he was talking about flashy flash Darkly mocked their ignorance and the chapter abruptly ends there this is a fourth really short chapter in a row it seems like Morata is currently busy with a bunch of other projects so he doesn't have enough time to drop the usual 30 page bangers he's apparently working on an indie anime.

Project called Zuki and The Moment I Saw the baddy with a gun and short shorts I understood why the chapters have gotten shorter we all know them Ro loves drawing female characters he'll even bring back characters like d s and mosquito girl who should absolutely be dead just so he can bless us with the cover pages now based on how this.

Chapter ended it honestly seems like one normal length chapter has been broken up into multiple parts that being said I'm grateful to be getting anything at all so many of the stories I've enjoyed over the years have gone on lengthy hiatuses so I can't be mad when we're still getting regular doses of one punch man greatness there's also been some talk.

About the art being less imp impressive these days and listen man Morata on his worst day is still leagues ahead of most he's arguably the greatest manga artist of all time and I'd like to think that if it really came down to it that is an argument that I would be able to win kind of like how flashy Flash and Sonic are pretty much guaranteed to win here.

On paper all of these ninjas are S-Class level but not all S-Class characters are created equal their lack of teamwork makes them pretty pathetic as opponents meanwhile blast and saitama should be dealing with that man since the guy has history with blast it's more likely that he'll be the one to show off a bit if Zama does it'll have to look like a.

Fluke otherwise blast will know about his power and it's probably too soon for that although a hint towards his connection with God would be pretty crazy but yeah even though it was a short one I hope you guys enjoyed the video all the same as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.

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