This long-awaited fight between Garo and saitama has not disappointed in the slightest thus far and this chapter is no different we open things up to what has to be one of the greatest chapter covers we've ever received we have Garo hunched over in a pose that's simultaneously creates the imagery of a monstrous face Morata is way too good.

And this should be a great indicator as to how incredible this chapter is to accompany this shot we have the words is that a person a devil or a god which highlights the confusion of garo's character and his Direction currently so saitama just knocked Gara away like he was swatting a fly and promised hareo that he stopped the guy's Rampage Gara.

Would skid back and was very clearly frustrated the rate of his masterization was only accelerating more and more bringing him to Heights of power well beyond anything he had achieved prior yet even still no partman felt like he was catching up to saitama in the slightest as just then saitama would leap over to garo's location and.

Immediately question what it was Gara hope to achieve he'd explained that since Garo had been hunting down Heroes he assumed the guy must have a grudge against Heroes yet rather than flippingly hit singara work together with Heroes saving people and even taking down safe centipede from which point he would tell Garo that if he.

Wanted to do that sort of thing he should outright just be a hero plain and simple he didn't really understand the point of girl pretending to be a monster pretty much trampling over garo's hopes and dreams here which understandably pissed Garo off as he questioned the notion of having helped any Heroes at all Gara would let it be known that his.

Involvement with metal bat or Meathead bat as he calls him was purely coincidence rather than a heroic team up he just used the guy that if he's not entirely focused on his own strength alone then he'll never be able to achieve his ultimate goal the likes of which saitama would have to recall for a moment the whole absolute evil plan with.

Saitama then tacked World Peace onto a notion which Gara recoiled from questioning where in the worlds haitama got that idea from and at this point Garo is pretty much acting like a tsundere in his heart of hearts he had some good intentions but it's not to fulfill them by way of some pretty radical means even being selfless enough.

To make himself the most hated creature in the world for the sake of eliminating all other fear and hatred so it's understandable why saitama doesn't by the tough guy act says nothing can ever really be tougher than he is and saitama would really strike a chord when he'd mention the fact that girl's the kind of guy who gets hold to change his ways by.

A crying child now we already know this really hit deep for Garo as seeing tario cry really did have him beginning to waver so when you know deep down you're not about that life and so will I say Tomo pulls your card it becomes either a reality you face and embrace or outright reject in denial Gara would remain silent for a moment as saitama would pay.

His respects atario's bravery then telling Garo he should consider the kids feelings which would prompt the denial-based rejection of Garo as he'd rush in against a guy and tell him to shut up because if Garo listens to him if he gives in and considers the kids feelings then he'd effectively invalidate all his efforts up till now.

In favor of something else now we all know how difficult change can be sometimes saitama would attempt to intercept this Rush with a fist but gar would expertly move the fist of saitama and unleash a shot to the man's Dome piece followed by a severe crack against a jaw a combo sequence would be furthered by a hooking elbow to the.

Abdomen as he signs differential in this Clash has only increased as if we didn't know any better it might look like Garo was bullying saitama but instead of being launched here saitama will grab hold of gara's arm Garo would then swiftly plunge a hand into the space between saitama's arms then using this placement to leverage lift and contort.

The entire body of saitama as he so pleases affording himself the opportunity to sail the unguarded hero for fun with a huge slam of his fist an attack which will be followed up with a seemingly endless stream of fists chops and grips this was God's Slayer instant attack Garo was going all in here and was absolutely so hyper focused in his.

Attacks they failed to notice thatama had actually burrowed elsewhere in the midst of this appearing from under a rock like Patrick Star a huge Rock which saitama would then throw agaro while asking him at the strange way he was moving and making his attacks Miss was some form of martial arts Garo would Shadow the projectile with ease as he.

Expressed that this was the ultimate martial arts technique as previously against a centipede he officially reached the Pinnacle then confidently telling saitama to be grateful for the experience periods of facing such a thing as Garo failed to land a hit on saitama who was just evading with ease Gara would recognize that saitama was.

Moving faster than his combo attacks solely based on his unreal reaction speed and reflexes it even still taitama's technique was absolutely amateur and as such the guy had a myriad of opens to be exploited but of course whether or not he has openings or not doesn't really matter because even if you can land a hit that doesn't mean it.

Does anything to quantify things here to saitama in the beginning of this fight Garo is pretty much like a very powerful ant he sort of species to emerge Victorious against pretty much all others that's all good and well ants can lift 10 to 50 times their own body weight and all that but regardless of the type band if the little thing is.

Just biting your shoe there's not much cause for concern you can end its life at any moment but in this case saitama is trying not to crush it Beyond repair and instead get it to give up or do something else and over the course of this fight Garo continues to evolve and such which for saitama is like going from facing a lone ant to a single.

Cockroach or something probably a bit more Troublesome but still very much killable on a whim and I guess luckily for saitama gara is becoming a roach instead of a mosquito bagara would so boldly Proclaim that the recent saitama was bound to lose to him was because he lacked technique then saying that he could read each and every one of the.

Guys attacks as in the midst of saitama trying to hit him Garo would punch him in the stomach following up with a rapid kick and then setting him a great distance away with God Slayer ascending attack well It ultimately sends haitama into a nearby skyscraper ripping it from his base as it would go on to collide with two others but things had only just.

Begun as Garwood continued by rushing in himself at Breakneck speeds then placing his hands before himself coalescing tremendous amounts of force with this gesture with an attack known as great power attack and good Lord Garo sent all this Force ather saitama and into those buildings I don't believe this is an energy-based attack but rather the.

Accumulation and transmission of kinetic Force gathered from his movements which outright obliterated the buildings this attack right here was like seeing the damage bra sang on as the point of impact was minuscule compared to the Fallout from behind and just like that they'd crumble and fall Garrow would then say to himself that regardless.

About resilience saitama's flesh and Bows may be it is impossible for one to train their internal organs and again like Rasengan this attack should have caused internal damage that would make even saitama incapable of operating as a hero ever again but before he could finish his sentence behind him would be saitama just hanging out much to garo's.

Disbelief the same way I can't believe you'd be this deep into the video without subscribing notifications on yet even more surprising would be these sudden emergence of several civilians from underground apparently they got in trapped in an underground shelter while searching for any stragglers after the emergency evacuation left in complete.

Darkness with no Cellular Connection they feared the worst but on account of these buildings being blown away and tons of rubble along with them the people have been freed and would immediately begin to thank saitama however Cape Baldi would be quick to point the heroic finger at Garo as he won truly responsible girls appearance.

Would no doubt and settle the civilians but after overcoming their immediate feelings towards his Monster's Visage with Express her deepest grounds dude for what he had done a site which entirely caught Garo off guard and that seems to be a rather frequent occurrence as of late Garo continues to be kept on his toes and thrown off by the things.

That end up throwing his way taitama would then urged him all to evacuate and get as far away as they could which they would but one of them would again Express her gratitude before sauntering off and with that there would be a long pause between tsaitama and Garo Garo who is supposed to be this big bad all-encompassing evil did not pose any.

Threat to these folks in the slightest in fact he'd save them surfing to contradict everything he had both claimed to and intended to be and oh man saitama would waste no time at all in trolling him over all this as with a mocking smile he'd speak of how great absolute evil is at saving people pretty much saying he's got it down pact only.

Further making fun of him by mimicking his statement about being the ultimate in martial arts which clearly embarrassed Garo Garo would then lash out at saitama for messing with him as saitama would absolutely Don the face of a troll here as elsewhere we would have the evacuation of an entire city in the wake of a nearby volcano being on the.

Verge of eruption what would no doubt deal a tragic blow to many people's lives as just then lights would faintly be observed from behind the volcanic Mountain as seriously Garo was not kidding about his monsterization making major strides in this one as yet again he continued to evolve Garo would bulk up with hardened protrusions jettisoning.

From his elbows along with a pair of bat-like wings he was on an absolute Rampage against itama throwing blow after blow towards a hero yet despite this tetama accomplished smile on his face essentially padding Gara on the back for getting a little better yet again and with those wings he is definitely in cockroach mode saitama has.

Just been playing with this man all chapter angara was Fed Up the notion of this major increase being little will be questioned by him as he punched itama right into the Mountainside and as saitama was lodged into it gar would rushed in with his monstrous form on full display ready to obliterate his impromptu opponent and do so with a blow.

That would reverberate incredibly and ultimately destroy most of the mountain which blew the minds of those civilians who had no idea what had caused this but with this the lava had been redirected averting their worst fears and it was all thanks to Garo the especially monstrous Visage who was now Breathing heavily after that last move which.

Points out another key difference between him and saitama he is exhaustible saitama is not but before Garo could rest up entirely taitama would deliver a fist of his own that would land directly onto garo's face and send him hurtling into the sky but luckily for Goro he could actually now fly and man saitama aside ivara was as.

Strong as he was at the beginning of his fight imagine how he now compares to others at this point which may or may not be our next one punch man video so again make sure you are subscribed to the channel but anyways after this display Garo will conclude something about saitama if the thing behind him broke apart and he didn't then that.

Means he's sturdier than it is which is to say the saitama is tougher than a mountain which at this point considering the Feats of Garo does feel a bit like a low Ball but whatever either way we would get this really into intimidating shot of saitama from there saitama would take notice of all the people who have been saved and would chuckle to himself.

This whole thing where Garo inadvertently creates such fortunate outcomes for others reminded him of his good friend King which he attributed to Garo having great hero instincts which is very interesting because although saitama knows Kings destructive power to be fraudulent he actually does equate King's Good Fortune to be overpowered.

Heroic instincts very fascinating King's plot armor is truly Beyond Compare and this fight here continues to be both really epic and a whole lot of fun as always I'm celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you outside