Oh my goodness one punch man refuses to let up week after week we have an exciting chapter to look forward to and this one in particular was really something special with the previous chapter we had the continued clash of bang and garo as it would seem garu now possessed an edge over his former master perhaps thanks to his newfound use of.

The forbidden exploding heart release fist technique bang would continue trying to make a breakthrough and dissuade his protege from such a villainous path to no avail as garo would make use of the whirlwind water stream a technique which previously required the combined efforts of master bang and bomb yangaro had no trouble.

Doing so by his lonesome an assault which bang fought desperately to deflect and at this point the shock waves that came along with each of garo's attacks was enough to disintegrate rock it even knowing this bang would not give up on garo and continue to fight in the end managing to land a crackling blow directly onto garrow's face as he.

Himself was grazed by garu's fist which sent ripples of pain throughout his body rendering him unconscious as garo clutched onto his face shaking with ugly now looming over an incapacitated bang elsewhere zombie man had apprehended homeless emperor and would speak of further interrogations to come yet as homeless emperor looked to the moon what.

He saw was the face of god who was displeased morata would then bless us with some phenomenal color pages as we'd be able to see god emerge from the dark side of the moon and into full view what absolutely terrified homeless as within his mind he would be brought before the entity amidst a rolling field of flowers as both his powers and life would be.

Taken turning his body into an unrecognizable mess with this latest chapter we open up to a cover of the man the myth and legend himself saitama with the words destroy everything to the ends of the earth but to kick things off we would have king and platinum-esque were staring each other down.

Platinum s who now look like the bastard child of frieza majin buu stood proudly in all of their sparkling glory the transformation was complete and as opposed to the hulking form of golden s platinum was far more condensed with a horribly sickening aura that had atomic samurai sweating profusely and so in his fear he'd begin to question to himself.

Why king hadn't done something about them already considering he had this oh so special move that could do so as just then child emperor who mind you was still low on sugar would come to the realization that king must have been waiting for the enemy to show their best therefore becoming a deterrent striking even more fear into the monsters what.

Child emperor would ultimately concede to be a wise call from the strongest man as just then child emperor could not believe his eyes as king king was unfolding his arms things were getting real as child emperor could barely contain himself now king in the process of this will begin to wonder to himself if he could do it.

Could he successfully manage to prostrate himself in front of them as meanwhile everyone else expected him to use his ultimate hellfire burst wave motion cannon and so our various heroes will begin to cheer king on as king would now wonder to himself if they really wanted him to get killed that badly as wham one after another the.

Heroes would be taken out by the antenna of platinum s what seems to have conveniently torn zombie man apart while only incapacitating everyone else with prisoner even managing to defend child emperor from direct harm but yeah platinum wanted king's followers to be silent he would then proudly proclaim to know king's true intentions that all.

Along he wanted a one-on-one battle against him in his now perfect form telling king to go ahead and use his ultimate hellfire burst wave motion cannon as wow that illusion traveled pretty fast didn't it platinum was entirely convinced that in that very same instant he would send king's head flying which then led king to think to.

Himself that he'd better get on his hands and knees as that was all that he could do at this point which would then take us back to the scene of ugly looming over bang ugly would question if gaara was the one to lay him out like this as he would furthermore express it it was his initial intention to melt the man bit by bit to save for his suffering.

However he assumed it would feel a whole lot better to just get a good hit in as internally bang's communications with garo had yet to cease because if you remember when it comes to the exchange of blows between two martial artists of a substantial enough level it may be communicative as bang's final words togaro would question if the boy was in.

Doubt then telling him to follow the voice of his heart as he hardened lens over the eye of gaara would crumble and shatter then revealing his true eye in the meanwhile the sludge-like fist of ugly would begin to plummet down towards bang's body as suddenly garo would release a billowing outcry which immediately caught ugly's attention as.

Before he knew it garo had kicked a hole straight through his abdomen bomb could barely believe his eyes garrow would then skid and in the very next instant bolt all about at the same time king would produce an outcry of his own calling for the infamous ultimate hellfire burst wave motion cannon which in his mind he think to be a load of.

Nonsense furthermore apologizing for being an average man pretending to be this all-powerful hero hoping to be spared death as in a tenth of a second garo would make his way onto this portion of the battlefield and in the next send platinum s packing with the next hundred milliseconds evil natural water would notice garl's murderous.

Intent and sent twin torrents of water jettisoning towards him as garo would deflect for the following hundred having defeated the elemental just after that as at normal speed it looked as if king's ultimate move had actually done as intended with metal bat who was our only onlooker from a far distance believing this all to be king's doing.

King meanwhile simply could not believe his eyes he'd drop down immediately and look over his hands in disbelief ugly would then look down to his body as well and in particular his stomach and realize the hole in horror and while inspecting it he would fall onto himself and dissolve for good as gaara would now swoop down he had done it garo.

Single-handedly took down the remaining threat level dragon monsters by his lonesome in half a second flat what an absolute beast i mean more than anything the most impressive part about this all has to be his defeat of platinum s by far i mean the stratosphere of power we are looking at here is unreal and if you're.

Interested in reliving his progression as a character from the very beginning till now be sure to check out our video on his evolution but yeah garo would then continue thinking about bang with a somber expression as from the eye of his master would spring forth a single tear however in the following instance a tear in the.

Fabric of space would appear near garo and out of it would be saitama flashy flash and the little mike wazowski monster with them now here as they hit the ground saitama says ouch and perhaps we could read into this as an ability of blast actually being able to do something to him but to be fair saitama has set out to mundane things before.

Like having his face clawed by a house cat yet when the back of his head was clawed by nyan a threat level dragon cat monster it was nothing to him but anyways garo would notice them as they would completely emerge and that was the chapter now we most definitely need to talk about the implications to be found with this one garo is now definitively.

In the upper echelon of characters when it comes to this series now this isn't necessarily to say that he is stronger than tatsumaki blast or saitama but at the very least he has some place in conversation now on the point of saitama i don't want anyone feeding into the delusion garo is not on saitama's level.

His feats during this chapter and prior are incredible yes but let us not forget the insanity saitama is capable of garo is strong but he still needs to deflect things garo is strong but he still sustains damage from opponents able to find opportunities against him with that being said despite sort of having met three times now with saitama.

Knocking him out all three times the two do know of one another to some extent at least by name and with garo's face being obscured saitama is unlikely to recognize him janos credited a man by the name of saitama to be his master which caught garo's attention and tank top master had spoken of the hero hunter garo who had hospitalized him not to.

Mention from bang and bang's many disciples so yeah knowing these two some sort of confrontation is inevitable to me and truly the stage has been set as everyone has been rendered unconscious as to avoid the strength of saitama being revealed to those unaware and although garo isn't on par with saitama exactly we do know that he no longer.

Possesses a limiter very much like saitama and like saitama he has effectively been used as king stand with this chapter but yeah guys it looks like the monster association arc is finally drawing to a close and truly this has all been such an entertaining ride and you already know that we will never not be grateful for weekly one punch man.

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