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Saitama vs The Machine Gods of One Punch Man!


The organization is one of the most mysterious groups in one punch man they're also one of the biggest threats in the series and by the end of this video you'll understand how deeply they've been controlling things since the very beginning every member of the organization that we've seen so far has been a robot with artificial.

Intelligence while their goals still remain unknown it is clear that they are always trying to collect more battle data they allowed the paradise Faith cult to steal their battles suits so that they could be tested in the field they sent machine God G4 a disaster level demon robot to kill the strongest man on Earth King It was supposed to be.

A performance test for his battle AI a surprise attack would not let it collect any data so G4 made his presence and plan known to the hero the organization is indifferent when it comes to the lives of humans G4 PL to kill 10 people a minute and ultimately destroy all of m city if King wouldn't fight him at a glance Janos could tell that GeForce.

Technology ol was arguably better than his own and saitama even said that G4 looked pretty strong but that was only G4S outer shell his true body was much smaller but even more dangerous molten metal couldn't do any damage and his laser systems were insane Janos managed to win but it wasn't thanks to Superior technology Janos thought outside the box.

And was forced to act more tactically than we have ever seen him be we didn't get the proper ending of their battle on screen but Jos was in terrible shape afterwards he brought g4ce parts to Dr kuseno so that he could add them to jeno's design now it's subtle but Dr kuseno seems to recognize the organization's technology to be fair we.

Don't know Dr kuseno all that well he seems like a good guy but maybe his past is connected to the organization we know that the good doctor has been hunting mad cyborg for even longer than jenos could this mean that there is a connection between the organization and the monster that killed janus's family either way GeForce parts made Jos.

Stronger and faster but it wasn't until his monster Association upgrades that Jos was able to match El late G4S laser system and eventually G4 was replaced by Machine God G5 G4S outer shell was a cybernetic Knight g5s outer shell was a cybernetic Samurai any guesses for what G6 will be based on I don't know about you but I am really hoping for a.

Cybernetic ninja G5 joined the monster Association this was a big bra strategic move within an even bigger Galaxy brain plan let me show you how deep this all goes the organization is very well connected a financial backer of theirs is a man named ninki Mr ninki is also a financial backer of the hero Association his contributions account for 7% of all.

Their funding making him one of their top three sponsors talk about Connections in high places and conveniently enough Mr ninki son was taken High hostage by the monster Association as a way to force the hero Association to take immediate action against them with his child in danger Miss ninki was impatient and frustrated.

By the hero associations in action so he decided to take matters into his own hands he gathered a private Squad of trained Fighters and equipped them with secret battle suits made by you guessed it the organization their members were Captain tungara SOI shinpi Asami noria sonon and ago these suits of theirs may have been improved versions of the ones.

Used by Hammerhead and the paradise Faith cult if they could successfully save his son waganma the billionaire promised to pay them so much that even their grandchildren would have more money than they could ever use we don't exactly know what level they'd be at in terms of Hero rankings but giod did not have a single scratch on him after.

Fighting them they were also taken down at their best by atomic Samurai disciples who respected their strength I'd guess that their each B Class class or lower a class level at best the organization seems to be very thorough when it comes to data collection with their Battle Suits Nar rinki's private Squad was able to kill two members of.

The monster Association thanks to this the organization may have gained a solid understanding of how the sus perform in the field or considering ninki Squad prefers Ambush strategies as sneak attacks they weren't able to gather proper data for the organization so from there giod delivered them as a gift to the monster Association.

As punishment for killing monsters Nar rinki's private Squad would either be killed or forced to eat monster cells but G5 proposed a different idea that was said to be based on its fight against them because of their battle suit's High battle potential G5 suggested that the monster assciation used them as pawns since the suits had.

Been customized to match each of them and no one else especially not monsters their lives would need to be spared the monster DS used her unique mind control powers to turn them into her love slav this instantly granted them Peak physicality and their suits advanced proportionately showing that they're able to grow stronger with the wearer.

And the suits changes were permanent their suits were even able to repair themselves from damage but because their weapons weren't made like their Battle Suits the squad wasn't too difficult to disarm even the second third and fourth ranked a Class Heroes had a hard time destroying their suits and ultimately couldn't the suits also had the chance.

To be tested against the number one a Class Hero sweet mask in the original version of the fight sweet mask absolutely slaughtered the group in what is perhaps the most graphic display of Carnage in one punch man history then he smashed their new master DS but these events are no longer cannons in the current version practically 2 seconds.

After leaving things to sweep mask Atomic disciples came back and miraculously knocked out the entire group they were just struggling against and seizing the opportunity sweet mask neutralized us freeing them from from her mind control as badass as the original version was it was also an abnormal level of violence against human.

Characters for the series not to mention the fact that it would instantly make sweet mask pretty irredeemable but let me tell you the real reason Morata decided to change this he's not just a man of culture Morata is the culture this man refuses to let baddies die in this story mosquito girl took a hit from saitama and survived d s was supposed to.

Die for her failure like awakened roach but was spare then she had her head crushed and survived psychos got clapped by tatumi then she fused with the most powerful monster on the planet fought damn near every S-Class hero and made a deal with God that she later failed and still she survived with all that in mind let me give you guys a.

Better look at Asami and noria despite being mercenaries they're apparently very playful and of course the chest pieces of their suits were made detachable I'm telling you morato would sooner redraw the entire series than let three baddies go to the grave in one chapter but while the battle suit experiment was being conducted G5 was.

Reverse engineering and studying Metal Knights technology Dr booy's favorite machine entered the monster association's base before anyone else but it was defeated by monster King Orochi so fast that it wasn't able to activate it self-destruct sequence from there G5 got its hands on the remains and stress test the machine Beyond beond.

Its limits although reconstruction was unsuccessful a number of Parts had been deconstructed almost perfectly with virtually no damage but even with such an incredibly short amount of time to study the pieces this one member of the organization was able to create two giant robots they were both taken down by the S-Class hero zombie man he's.

Better known for his regeneration than he is for his strength but they did manage to deal a fair amount of damage to him however the fight was made a whole lot easier thanks to child emperor correct theory about their weaknesses although when child Emperor went up against G5 knowing that it was machine type he decided to use big basket his.

Enemy machine disabling device a cage of high voltage cables that also blasted its targets with signals that would force it to shut down proving that the organization's technology was Superior this did absolutely nothing to G5 child Emperor then resorted to using three of his faithful Underdog man robots and G5 actually took offense to being compared.

To such a dog level artificial intelligence while G5 fought the fusion Underdog Cerberus child Emperor took the chance to run away only one of the three dogs was able to survive the encounter meanwhile G5 was totally unharmed G5 was later able to acquire battle data from Atomic Samurai after watching the S-Class hero Slaughter dozens of.

Monsters G5 was confident that it had a complete copy of the samurai sword techniques the two had an epic Samurai standoff but in the end G5 couldn't measure up and was mercilessly torn apart however G5 was able to escape because all the damage had only hit its outer shell ultimately his true body was totally destroyed by Jos in one hit.

Showing how far his own Parts had developed in only 2 months but this definitely wasn't the end of the organization's involvement in this war and that's because they played on both sides the hero Association was sure that there was a traitor among them that's why they kept the raid a secret from Heroes like bang and Jos most suspicions.

Point to Metal Knight these days after all his technology which had a ton of hero data miraculously ended up in the enemy's hands he also refused to disclose the location of the monster association's headquarters and didn't show up to help until all of the fighting was over which is exactly what he did when the heroes fought boros and.

The Dark Matter thieves but I believe Dr Buoy is Being Framed It's Not Unusual for S-Class Heroes to have deep histories with the various evil groups groups of the series tatsumaki was experimented on by suku yomi as a child flashy flash came from the village a training ground for ninjas that was made by one of God's minions zombie Man was.

Created by the house of evolution and there is no doubt in my mind that drive Knight is a double agent for the organization think about it Metal Knight likes to add a bunch of eyes to his robot designs meanwhile the organization prefers Theirs to have one eye just like Drive kn G4 and G5 both have outer shells based on ancient warrior.

Professions well drive Knight does too instead of emerging from a suit he enters one his Bishop form is a Spartan but unlike G4 and G5 his doesn't come with a weapon or does it I mean it suddenly had one when he fused with genos more on that later in the video by the way that being said G's energy signature was recognizable to Jos.

Because he fought G4 the fact that he doesn't pick up on the same thing from Drive Knight implies that the cybernetic Hero's components are nothing like theirs in fact we still don't know if Drive Knight is a robot or a cyborg like Jos however we do have official art of him eating food so yeah let me know what you guys think anyways because the.

Association typically Picks Them hero names tend to be pretty simple but drive nights is unique because for whatever reason he was allowed to name himself and this name of his is reflective of his tactical transformations silver Chariot Knight flying Chariot bishop and gold are all terms from shogi otherwise known as Japanese chess and that is.

Exactly how he and the organization are playing everyone Drive Knight was one of the heroes at the scene of the alien invasion but he didn't actually do anything to help them fight once the battle was over dri Knight approached Jos he cryptically told the cyborg That Metal Knight is his enemy he warned venos to stay away from him then he left.

Just before Metal Knight arrived on the scene and although metal Knight's technology fell into the enemy hands for a while it seemed like the same thing had happened to drive Knight before the raid Drive Knight entered the monster association's territory ahead of schedule when they lost the signal from his tracker the hero Association had no.

Choice but to assume the S-Class hero had been defeated they chalk this up to him being overconfident on account of never losing a battle before but that doesn't exactly like line up with how tactical Drive Knight has proven himself to be whatever the case a totally unharmed Drive Knight suddenly appeared and revealed his abilities to us with.

This fight against nion a disaster level Dragon monster but that was only after Drive Knight watched a cat monster tear his fellow Heroes to shreds he did this for the sake of gathering battle data that would give him the upper hand G5 previously asked Goro Goro if monster Association members were allowed to kill one another psycho's pink play thing.

Wasn't a fan of the idea so G 5 played Knights meanwhile Drive Knight didn't have to play by those rules he torturously interrogated a number of monsters to gain information on every member of the monster Association that was disaster level demon and above he presented this in a complete map of the enemy base to the hero Association as a.

Result of his solo investigation easing their suspicions before they could even form but he didn't really explain why they lost his signal when G5 first showed up guroo wondered how the robot was able to find their Hideout without getting lost the puppet also asked to speak to G's Creator but the Samurai Robot didn't respond to either Drive.

Knight managing to enter the monster association's territory undetected is an insane feat remember Metal Knight couldn't do that he got taken out by monster King Orochi faster than he could properly react yoro Goro was very insistent that they avoid letting their forces dwindle yet Drive Knight killed a bunch without being discovered to have.

Gained such thorough schematics of the monster Association Hideout he would have needed to have scoured the whole thing on top of how unbelievable that is on its own yoro guro was able to telepathically sens presences like goo inside the base even if Drive Knight is a machine that shouldn't matter Goro Goro was able to send child Emperor.

Scouting robot immediately after beating nion Drive Knight was quick to accuse Metal Knight of being a traitor to the hero Association he claimed that Dr booy plans to grow his personal military force to eventually take over the world that by linking many of his robots into one autonomous unit Dr booy's weapons are able to send and receive battle data.

In real time improving their overall battle efficiency and immediately after this conflict he did give the hero Association a bunch of robots with adaptive disaster level artificial intelligence Drive Knight pointed towards the machine's data being the key to the monster Association gaining control over Dr bofo weapons which would.

Include missile launch codes and the passwords to unman bombers but here's the thing aside from G5 there isn't a single member of the monsters association with the knowhow let alone the patience to extract and make use of that information in fact G5 was the only one to bother with the broken pieces I believe that Dr booy is a very practical.

Man he doesn't explain himself to others and is pretty blunt when it comes to his actions but that alone does not make him a villain he refused to give the heroes the monster association's headquarters despite the enemy having a hostage but that's because to him doing so would only lead to everyone dying along with the hostage Metal Knight is playing this.

Chess game too and the Heroes all rushing into war would no doubt leave their side of the board vulnerable to a Checkmate which is why he's been at the Forefront of their defenses too bad saitama's been messing that up keeping what he knew a secret was the most rational call he could make in accordance with his own principles on.

Justice but it wasn't the monster Association alone that Dr bofo was afraid of according to him there are other evils out there that continue to eye the world that when humanity is at its lowest point they will strike and take everything I'm under the impression that he's talking about the organization here and I don't think that the.

Similarity between Metal Knight and drive Knight's names are just a coincidence child Emperor is also a really good kid it's hard to imagine such a skeptical character being taught by an evil genius and not noticing that he's a bad guy at all Dr booy warned child Emperor to be careful that's a fight for justice this he only needed.

Himself that he should accumulate and preserve his power drive Knight described how vulnerable the hero Association was while a strongest Heroes were busy fighting monsters besides most of the S-Class Heroes a number of a and b-class heroes were part of the raid too drive Knight then confirmed that the S-Class hero Watchdog man was also away.

From hero Association headquarters then he asked the kingar a hero Association executive if blast would show up if headquarters is attacked while everyone is away once a kingar let him know that it was unlikely and that blast is pretty much retired as far as he knows the robot Hero's appearance darkened and despite his bold claims about Metal.

Knight dribe Knight didn't actually have proof of any wrongdoing just once a kingar tried to call headquarters to tell them to increase security G5 showed up and shot his hand off Drive Knight barely reacted to the attack singar expected Drive Knight to fight the machine but the so-called hero did not move an inch he claimed that he could.

Barely even want walk anymore due to a lack of battle energy this was blamed on dozens of hours of non-stop operations and a difficult fight against nion but I'd like to remind you guys that nion didn't deal any real damage to drive Knight instead of acting Drive Knight continued to ask the kingar if he could get into contact with blast despite.

Saying that he was having trouble moving after jenos took down G5 Drive Knight refused to be carried away along with the injured and instead of killing nion Drive Knight planted disect and studied the monster as a reference for biological weapon replicas later drive Knight helped his fellow S-Class Heroes fight against the psychos Orochi Fusion.

He did this by commencing a fusion of his own with Jos this was made possible by coalescing their energy cores to maximize their power output but I have to wonder how they were compatible enough to fuse it all well by this point a fair amount of genos's body was based on the organization's technology jenos getting his hands on their stuff wasn't.

Part of the plan but maybe he's become yet another field tester for them it's unclear how exactly they view jenos but based on dried Knight's actions we can assume they especially want him on their side after all the name of their Fusion was Dragon King that is the strongest piece in regular shogi I'm sure the organization has plans for him when.

Janos and drive Knight first met Janos was still very new to being a member of the hero Association before that finding and destroying mad cyborg was the only thing that Jos cared about about which leads me to believe that drive Knight and the organization might have information to share about genos's arch enemy in the comments let me know what.

You think the connection might be as always I'm slice otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you a