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Saitama Wants Revenge Against Tatsumaki! – One Punch Man Chapter 176


What is better than two psychics duking it out well three of course and that is exactly what happened in this Fierce Battle of a chapter filled with enough reveals to keep us satisfied until the next one comes out and like most one punch man chapters we also get some fun saitama moments as well so let's not wait any longer and Dive Right In the.

Cover this time features fabuki and psychos in their school days with a spiral behind them to indicate their psychic powers in fact it even hints at the whole third eye thing that psychos is connected to having the chat to be called epicenter not only points back to how important Cycles was during the monster Association Arc but also to this.

New battle surrounding her not to mention how the swirling behind them looks like a tunnel through time but we'll get to that in a bit back in the past psychos truthfully told fabuki all the progress they had made in their second group she reveals that it was due to including demonstrations for people and not just giving them explanations.

And this makes sense since it might be hard to believe otherwise with an innocent blush on her face psycho seems almost unrecognizable from the power hungry villain we have seen thus far in fact while she explains that it won't be long until the society for Supernatural research sees his control of the world fabuki looks unimpressed.

And almost cruel well thankfully we get that partially answered back to Psycho she pushes her glasses up like a true anime genius discussing a radical ESP group called The Invisible Hand and how they see their group as a threat well if I were them I certainly wouldn't want to pick a fight with these two psychics especially knowing what Terror comes if.

You hurt fabuki the image of this rival ESP group certainly makes them out to seem evil almost demonic with flames burning behind them or perhaps this is meant to be the rage as psychos feels seeing as they called the research team just a group of school children playing around whatever the case the invisible handle is likely thoroughly beaten.

Because Cycles reveals that they are now a subsidiary of the research group with a cold look she continues to say since we made a good choice in letting them live and so at this point I had to wonder if they might be a precursor to sukuyomi but that answer will certainly come in time after that evil glasses moment psychos goes back to being.

Bashful as she admits that she's been getting more powerful recently but of course habuki is still far ahead of her and there is no need to even mention tatsumaki as she is in another dimension of power entirely during this exchange fabuki listens but says nothing likely thinking about the ways that you'll be stopping cyclist's growth in the future.

Even so psychos continues to praise fabuki revealing that in high school she could already lift an entire 18-wheeler and psychos has struggled to just lift a human with her telekinesis but that's what Spurs psychos on to try and improve herself in other ways that involves researching a new ability to see into the future using the third eye which we.

Know that she successfully acquired all she wanted it for though was to use it in the same way that shibabawa did predicting events and averting any disasters with it not only that but her goal was more personal psycho's new other looming power tatsumaki had and so she wanted to use this to fight and counter her unimaginable abilities.

However this was not for herself but for fabuki's sake she even refers to tatumaki as the president's Nemesis after a lot of research Cycles began to feel the effects that night as she tried to sleep it began to they splitting headaches so painful she's covered in sweat and sees something something terrifying enough that all we get as the.

Image is a page full of black lines scribbled over and over this is the future she says following that look into what's to come psychos can no longer be her ambitious self hoping to impress masses of non-psychics instead she screams that world domination is utterly pointless pushing it further she accuses regular people of doing nothing with.

Their lives and even calls them a plague of insects devouring everything what was it that she saw in the future to have such little faith in us whatever it was psychos feels like Humanity doesn't deserve to be alive and should start again from zero which we can assume means that she would like to create more powerful psychics to help change the.

Future these thoughts are driving psychos mad as she sweats and grasp her head in horror she then finally admit that there is nothing left to do but destroy them and have a clean sweep it is clear something has happened deep in her mind she asked Kabuki if she agrees even so and as we know fabuki back then only cared about surpassing her sister.

And being the best a total annihilation of humanity would mean no one for her to show off to so of course she did not agree but this is confirmed as psycho screams and frustrations saying you will regret this someday in the previous chapter we had this same angry speech but without the context of knowing what caused the belief that people needed to.

Be exterminated we then return to the moment where the last chapter Ended as fabuki tries to capture a heavily wounded psychos as it turns out fabuki was able to subdue her and even broke her glasses in the process as she recalls his moment she wonders what psycho saw to change her thinking so much psychos collapses.

Having spent all her power and fabuki carefully touches her indicating some level of caring even now that or a feeling of culpability for what Cycles became now unconscious and bloody from using too much psychic power fabuki looks down at her with worry psychos hadn't been this way before so what changed as she continued to hold her.

Fabuki slowly moves her hand to her head thinking is he source of your Madness something we'll find out when the future comes at first we could have imagined it was related to Garo and saitama's nearly world-ending fight but it is more likely that other thing as soon as fabuki makes contact she is struck with something monstrous it is the same unknowable.

Planetary size being the calls itself God hovering over them a dark Aura sees from it and surrounds you to psychics fubuki cannot help the terror in her eyes and the beads of sweat covering her face but thankfully her group members arrived to pull her out of that state it may have been a trap to latch onto her the way it had tried with a vulnerable.

Tatumaki asubuki regains her composure she says she has captured a very important person of interest indicating that she was he recent hero Association had her imprisoned in the first place we can assume that fabuki didn't want her sold off to sukuyomi for cruel experiments though at sabuki's allies congratulate.

Her on winning all she can think about is the being she saw and that is what leads the present wanting to know what psycho saw and what that massive entity was she walked into the cell where Cycles is unconscious and surrounded by The Men Who made a deal for her life the unmasked man looks shocked at her sudden appearance after all no one was meant to.

Be coming down there faluki shoots him a cold look as he just seems surprised that it is her maybe even afraid of who else might be coming one of the businessmen of the hero Association as he guard what is going on since his sponsor was meant to have priority and we can assume privacy to do as he pleases the guard can't say much not.

Having a good explanation and saitama chimes in with who are these guys Saluki Cuts in though Shadow movie visit is over and they need to evacuate immediately this sets off some alarm bells for the tsukuyomi member seeing as she didn't tell him to leave so she can visit but rather so that he can escape meaning something bad is about to happen.

Fabuki continues on explain the list of incarcerated people has been updated with psychos's name on it in other words a certain ill-tempered small psychic with Monster's Powers is aware of psychos's location right now famuki bluntly states that she will come to finish her off just in case it wasn't clear at that we see tatsumaki hovering.

Over the base with a threatening Aura the ceiling above them begins to crack and split apart with ease frightening the innocent guard saitama looks up at the damage not as scared of course but takes it as he sources his apartment's destruction and he's probably not wrong the the bookie group space is behind him are terrified but he is purely annoyed.

At realizing who made him have to move he may have his priorities a bit skewed but oh well just then tatsumaki breaks at the ceiling scattering pieces of rubble everywhere surprisingly the tsukuyomi person doesn't seem to be phased by this the hero Association businessman starts sweating and panicking though tatsumaki.

Immediately lasers in on psycho strapped to the chair and unconscious with an angry look she says why is she still alive and that's when the fight kicks off fabuki and the mysterious man both want psychic attacks to prevent any harm come to psychos as satsumaki drops as many pieces of concrete as she can on her chair the man is struggling quite a.

Bit to keep it back and tatsumaki just tells him to get lost throwing him to the wall fabuki tells he businessman to escape while she and her group hold off her older sister those poor weak members they can't even believe their ears they're expected to fight too that is the epitome of bringing a knight to a gunfight except it's more like they.

Brought a fork tatsumaki acting like her usual impatient and aggressive self demands to know what her sister is doing she even accuses her of being brainwashed for wanting to protect a monster like psychos Kabuki doesn't say anything and is instead focused on keeping psycho safe and this is when we get an interesting twist tatsuma is.

Aware of everything and is even in on it with fabuki in fact they were at dinner together discussing tsukuyomi and their experiments interestingly the alphabuki had on for the cover of chapter 174 seems similar to the one she's wearing as a meal Shirley sleeves and necklace are different but close enough as it turns out tatsumaki knusukuyomi was.

Coming for psychos oh and she eats her spaghetti using her psychic powers of course she does tatsumaki also admits that despite not liking psychos due to her actions she wouldn't give her up to the organization that had done testing on her in the past as she slips her spaghetti like a child turning into a comedic chibi form she tells fabuki to.

Help her with a little act fumuki can't help but lean over and what he saws from her older sister's face even pointing out how bad her manners are but who needs them when you can flip people away with a finger and honestly it's pretty surprising to have tatsumaki and Michi once protect psychos for her own reasons or mystery I love it back to the fight.

At hand the member of tsukuyomi strikes down the your Association members so he can reveal his new plan to take these psychic issues back with him to experiment on he also makes sure to destroy all the cameras in the room before revealing that looking just as menacing as when he had his mask on he steps out from the hole on the wall with.

A dark Aura around him tatsumaki takes his threat very seriously especially since it includes her baby sister her eyes turn wild with anger as she says I guess there's been a tiny bit of progress in development of artificial psychics whoa now that is an interesting reveal so tsukuyomi's goal besides wanting to see into the future is.

Creating their own psychic Warriors Suzuki does look worried as she thinks he's pretty strong for getting back up saitama on the other hand well he's just mad because he knows who destroyed his house and they don't seem to care at all all you psychics can do is demolish things huh and it's hard to take him seriously when Ross keep bouncing off.

His head Saluki tells him that she is lucky he came along which is a funny way of saying I made you but sure saitama could care less but she continues on about how she sees a lot of strength in him even saying that she thinks he is the one who defeated Garo but saitama does not remember that whole time travel Switcheroo so he is not trying to play.

Dumb like she thinks and more rock just bounce off his shiny head fabuki continues on knowing how strong Gara was since she faced him for a bit before too she reveals that he had reached a peak and ascended which means that someone like saitama who defeated him would have to be at the same level or higher and we know it is actually much higher.

Interestingly fabuki admits she has given up on gaining that kind of power but can still recognize as it in others and that sends us to a shot of tatsumaki looking demonic with white eyes and her arms crossed as the tsukuyomigai uses all his power to try and fight her off The Clash of extreme psychic abilities leads to the floor of the room splitting.

In two with saitana hovering over the giant fissure like some Looney Tunes character who ran off a cliff fumuki's eyes go comically large as she watches him fall down the hole and what looks like slow motion with his arms raised and doing nothing really or is he doing a bonsai for finally being done with his psychic battle the expression of.

Fabuki's face is honestly one of the best things ever she usually tries so hard to keep a cool looking attitude so seeing her Panic at seeing him fall into a small Abyss is hilarious it's okay though we know he won't be hurt by something like that he ends up falling down to a monster container floor actually the demon Level Threats.

Discuss how the powers of the cages is already shut down but now someone has fallen just in time to be a meal considering these aren't even Dragon level monsters it is going to be easy work for saitama they may not be scary to him but saitama does wonder why so many are being kept inside the new hero Association complex and it is true why.

Would they need monsters unless they were doing experiments as well maybe after seeing what monster human hybrids like psychos and Garo were capable of anyway saitama takes it to me that he shouldn't get in trouble for having two pets in his apartment if they can have a whole slew of these creatures down here it's a pretty sound argument if you ask.

Me and that's a chapter as always I am slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you foreign