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Saitama’s Epic Power Is Finally Revealed to Tatsumaki – One Punch Man Chapter 177


Saitama Finally Revealed his true power to the second strongest hero on Earth the cover of this epic chapter features a gorgeously dressed habuki decked out in late fur and a fancy dress acting apart as a high-class lady meanwhile saitama and jennos are placed at the bottom of the image dressed as old style gangsters with a Tommy gun ready to.

Defend her honor this chapter titled the Supernatural and wrist begins inside the expensive hero apartment complex with a young couple talking about how monster disasters hit an all-time high this month in the background we see many other residents enjoying their meals and being served there is even a piano in the corner for them one thing we can.

Criticize is the view there's not much to look at really the couple seem fine discussing how people are being attacked by monsters and how things are being destroyed because of how safe they feel within this complex in fact this man probably thinks he's already subscribed to plot armor with notifications on saying something like we're perfectly.

Safe in here they'll be proven very very wrong pretty soon but for now they can enjoy cafes and restaurants along with an upcoming mall that is being built for the residents from the way the man describes it there would be no need to go anywhere else everything would be within walking distance inside the complex for those who can afford it he.

Even says as much telling the woman only a select few of us get to live here she responds with a smile saying that it's good his father is part of the government and he'll encourages that mindset telling her it's good she decides to date him what's your regret in a second because as she laughs taking a sip from her drink she immediately.

Notices something's wrong with the woman's cup shaking the two begin to worry that it might be an earthquake but the man says that's impossible since the entire facility was already made with that in mind he even accuses her of shaking rather than believing that anything could penetrate the amazing apartment complex he has so much faith.

In with that he's somehow convinced her that it is nothing and that they should just appreciate where they live and enjoy it but it's not long before the entire restaurant begins to shake dishes fly around tables flip over and general Panic fills the room they can't deny these shaking is real but they have no clue what's causing it still convinced.

It is something like an earthquake meanwhile the security staff are trying to find the cause and swiftly confirm it to be the basement of building number four which is the same place where the experimental monster containment is located but more importantly it is exactly where saitama is right now but because of the monsters being held there.

The security believed that one or more have escaped and are causing this massive trembling that's when we cut back to tatsumaki in full esper mode she surrounded herself with an aura to defend against an attack the tsukuyomi man while also trying to get psychos who is still strapped into her chair but seeing him struggle to not be blown back.

By the massive output that tatsumaki is letting flow really doesn't convince me he could protect someone else unfortunately for him with his eyes bulging he realizes is his telekinetic output can't really match her only caring to admit that he's at a slight disadvantage he's only trying to keep his ego intact merely seemingly affected.

Tatsumaki taunts the man even calling him poor little guinea pig getting back to the tsukiyomi member his neck veins bulging he's obviously irritated that she thinks so little of him but seeing him struggle that much to keep up with tatumaki kind of proves her Point meanwhile fabuki who panicked when she saw saitama fall into the mini Abyss is.

Trying to pull the crack in the ground apart to get to him admitting that she needs his help right now she has no doubt that he has survived both the fall and whatever monsters were down there suddenly a wave of something washes over her as she falls flat on her face fabuki's crew rushes to her Aid watatsumaki looking both shocked and.

Confused at her sister's sudden collapse the tsukuyomi psycho explains that he broke a capsule full of sleep medicine in cyberbuki using his abilities he follows that up with the threat of breaking one with a deadly poison next and that tatsumaki goes full rage mode ready to rip him limb from limb no one threatens her and no one hurts her.

Little sister to make matters worse the man explains these slippy capsules into fabuki's daily Beauty supplements to get it into her system mostly sedated fabuki has enough energy to ask how he did it still covered in Shadows tatsumaki realizes there must be a traitor among the people that fabuki has contact with with the rabidi manufacturer distributor.

Or one of her loyal members tatsumaki doesn't know them and certainly doesn't trust them she uses her power to push the group members away from fabuki and the zukuyomi man satisfied that he's gotten his point across tries to use fabuki as leverage tatsumaki pretends to be compliant crossing our arms and being quiet even lowering her telekinetic.

Output to a more natural level thinking he now has complete control over the situation the man begins to speak to her condescendingly as he fixes is high he decides she needs to be made easier to carry as if she's not four foot seven or something Bo saying that she couldn't see how this would turn out despite her abilities he begins to twist tatsumaki's.

Body in unnatural ways her legs face frontward while her body is bent back and her spine is treated more like jelly than bone according to him natural psychics lack balance possibly hinting at the fact that they don't need to prepare for multiple types of situations since they're born with a gift and learn it on their own which will probably come.

Back up later on fabuki may be unable to move but she can still scream out for tatsumaki any position she's been put in thanks to her pointing his fingers like a gun again the Man reveals his belief that natural psychics are a defective species that needs to go extinct he Bracey door mechanism behind him prepare him to take these psychics with him.

Leaving the Escape monsters to attack the people Left Behind These monsters are demon Level Threats whose Rampage the artificial psychic intends to use to cover his own tracks as the doors slide open the monsters become Restless already voicing their need to come out he easily lifts psychos with the chair as well as hatsumaki and fabuki fabuki's.

Group members can't help but panic at the site wanting to help but they're all powerless against this level of foe and that's when one of their own members a new guy who had joined not too long ago floats up to meet the tsukuyomi member and the girls he was the cause of the Betrayal not the members who had been with fabuki all along as he floats his.

Hair is lifted by the wind and a large scar like he won his colleague has is revealed proving he also had surgery done to gain psychic powers they prepare to leave and the monsters grow ever closer growling and stalking up the stairs the hero Association staff rushes to close the doors and keep the cages shut but the exit won't open if they.

Can't keep the monsters out they'll be doomed to fight or be eaten with the sounds getting closer and closer fear fills the room and darkness engulfs their hearts as they expect the worst but arriving at the perfect moment so Thomas slammed his way through the crowd of monsters ripping them into pieces with no more than a punch the people in.

The room fall backwards not expecting such a display while saitama is covered in Gunk and guts looking bored and unhappy with his turn of events the tsukuyomi members are now stunned and unable to leave with fabuki looking beyond happy to see saitama again even her group is surprised and probably impressed by him saitama then Falls.

Right after breaking out that distraction is enough for tatsumaki to find the capsule implanted in fabuki's body saying as much as she showed off her renewed confidence even breaking out of that pretzel hold revealing that she was just going along with his nonsense until she could remove the danger as soon as he sees tatsumaki prepared to.

Attack he shifts his Focus to fabuki readying the poison he had in her meanwhile tatsumaki explains that what she's going to do next will hurt and that fabuki can see it as a punishment for her bad choices the clueless tsukuyomi member tries to trigger the poison capsule but tatsumaki already has it under control having found its.

Location she Twisted it into a fine needle shape wringing it out and making it thinner than a strand of hair so she could safely extract it from her sister's body tatsumaki also figured out how to find it by copying the man's wavelength and and tracing it back to whatever was connected to his specific abilities in a Flash the needle was.

Pulled from fabuki's side and completely removed from her body and yeah despite its size it seemed pretty painful but tatsumaki is not done she sends a needle-shaped capsule towards him aiming to inject the poison into his body he tries to block but both hands are pierced and It ultimately goes through his eye as he bleeds and suffers from.

The pain of it tatsumaki is a prize he hasn't already died she even wonders if he has some sort of resistance to it tatsumaki gets very close unnecessarily so telling him that she's going to ring out everything he knows about the sukuyomi organization and we can guess that it is meant to reference the actual ringing she has done in the past pieces.

Of the walls and stealing crumble as tatsumaki holds him in her grasp and in no time at all she uses the broken pieces to create a spherical prison holding the member of tsukiyomi inside it the other one who had infiltrated fabuki's group thinks he is safe and tries to flee but tatsumaki slams him against the wall before he can get very.

Far she brings his spear down along with the two psychics and lets out a competent huff at a job well done fabuki is still feeling the pain from the needle being pulled out but is not as bad as what the capsule would have done we then get a shot of the entire area and the people gathered together was still in shock but even so they begin to.

Cheer at being out of danger and finally safe again once they regain their calm they start to run towards fabuki and check her injuries however now that everything's resolved they've got a lot of complaints and questions but before fabuki can answer anything tatsumaki shouts shut it as loud as she can her Fierce defeated from before has returned.

But now it is aimed at fabuki's group and she tells them to get lost since it has nothing to do with them afterwards tatsumaki begins scolding her sister for her poor judgment and surrounding herself with people who can't be trusted not only that but she calls him wrath who would let the enemy take advantage of her without missing a beat tatsumaki.

Orders herbuki to cut ties with them so that nothing like that could ever happen again but tatsumaki's true thoughts are then revealed I can't protect them all she doesn't want to risk her sister being hurt if one of her group members is injured or killed in the future she also has little faith in fabuki being able to take care of them on her own.

Seeing that she had to be saved from Death just now the members all plead with tatsumaki to reconsider showing their loyalty to fabuki they even offer to try and work on their faults and be better in the future but tatsumaki is having none of it blaming them entirely for what just happened tatsumaki is being a bit unreasonable but perhaps it.

Is because she feels partially to blame too tatsumaki puts on her villain mask and threatens to cut ties for them if they won't do it by choice her hair beginning to stand up as evidence of her increasing power with a blank look she tells them she'll hurt them just enough to not kill them but to ensure they can't ever return to hero work.

Afterwards was fabuki still suffering from these sleeping dose earlier and the pain in her side she can't do much except for beg for her sister to spare them while the group looks on in fear but then it happens tatsumaki's outstretched arm is firmly grabbed by saitama who had been quiet up until now with earth-shattering tension.

The two look at each other tatsumaki's irritation has reached a whole new level what she asked with a cutting glare with a darkened expression taitama admittedly sisters are just like each other then taking on a more normal look he continues by telling tatsumaki that she's going too far with her lecture and that Heroes shouldn't be fighting each.

Other but when tatsumaki gets this angry the only people she will listen to are the strongest so saitama will need to prove himself as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you foreign