Listen one punch man is back and ya boy is too best believe it hurt terribly not being able to cover the previous chapter personally but hopefully we can make up for it with this one and oh man did one punch man chapter 167 have a lot to live up to with chapter 166 dropping bombshell after bombshell and saitama's confrontation with a seemingly.

Unstoppable garo reaching its apex it was sure to be a hard one to follow up but man did it deliver the cover page of this chapter provided an absolutely insane shot of saitama angaro voices strike against the backdrop of an outer space atmosphere this gives us a clue as to where this fight is headed along with the words opposing each other polar.

Opposite fists but jumping into the contents we immediately see blast using his dimensional manipulation to move them all into outer space as their battle rushes to a crescendo this is a lastic attempt to keep garo and saitama from destroying the earth which he feared they would after the event of the last chapter showed him just how much.

These two are capable of and hey with blast now fully aware of just how powerful saitama truly is our video theorizing the potential of attempted recruitment looks all the more promising however even the sudden efforts of the hero association's number one s-class hero seems to merely be a band-aid solution garo and saitama simultaneously.

Launched saitama's series punch against one another resulting in a collision a virtually incomprehensible force dubbed serious punch squared this cosmically cataclysmic clash caused an absolutely massive explosion just above the vulnerable planet this zen blast who would appear invulnerable to both the vacuum of space and its lack of oxygen.

Into a panic considering to himself mentally that his warp gate couldn't possibly handle the fallout of their confrontation he fears that he can't keep him far enough away from the earth and resolves to divert the energy of the fight away from the earth's surface by any means necessary but just as he is in the midst of making that observation a.

Shadowy figure appears beside him stating that we underestimated earth but you know what you shouldn't underestimate the amount of awesome plot armor content you could have in your life by hitting subscriber notifications on to never miss an upload and don't forget to serious punch a like button this man and the two other mysterious.

Figures beside him look to be members of blast group we last saw him in the replaced version of chapter 164 which has now been retconned but since his design is the same it is likely he is the same guy that being said the one member of this collective which we had seen in her entirety may have been altered somewhat here as at the very.

Least her hair is no longer kept back in the same way it once was the underestimation of the earth was previously provided by the lion-like creature but considering the circumstances behind that original conversation has been altered we may instead just generally presume they didn't expect much from earth combatably.

As a collective as they assemble behind him one of them is amazed that a human hero besides blast could keep up with someone as divinely gifted as garo in a fight and wonders who saitama is they then offer their help to blast and extend their hands behind him the relief on blast face when he recognizes them makes me think that their health was.

Much needed and mind you as opposed to the many visages previously on display in both the original version of chapter 164 and the group's original teas in chapter 156 here we only have the three members that have been shown the most backing blast up the others may then be presumed to be keeping god at bay together before them deflect the energy.

Of garo and saitama's attacks away from the earth creating a ray of energy that seemingly obliterates everything in its path now along with this visual we receive a new look at earth's moon which is rather unsettling at first glance one may presume this to be the impact caused by boros previously sending saitama crashing into the surface however this.

Is actually the dark side of the moon which appears to have an entirely different crater with what looks to be like a spinal protrusion in the pit of it this is terrifying and speaking of terrifying there aren't even any stars left in the distance where the energy has traveled an amount of power that is difficult for me to even comprehend.

Given that the nearest stars to earth are four and a quarter light years away as in if you were to move at the speed of light it would take you four years and four months to reach one the energy it would have taken to obliterate them is absolutely unreal and multiple of them multiple suns we are talking about here and subsequently an innumerable.

Amount of solar systems that have subsequently been extinguished instantaneously when one punch man raises the stakes it raises them to absolutely insane heights now mind you scientifically even if these stars were destroyed they would still be observable in this way as our observance is merely unaccountedly traversal of their light.

To the point of visibility ergo the lego display is from at least 4.3 years ago if we are going by alpha centauri which is the closest star system to our own but who cares it's cool after deflecting the energy vector away from the earth blast and his companions wonder what happened to garo and saitama one notes that they could have been thrown a great.

Distance away by the recoil of their own attacks and indeed they have been garo seems to have been thrown into the surface of a planetoid which we will soon be able to better identify causing a massive explosion on impact i'd hate to see the size of that crater but if that hurt him at all he barely shows it getting up before the dust even settles.

Just after that saitama makes a crash landing as well getting to his feet on an elevated plateau above the crater that garo's landing created his cape and costume are torn but he still hasn't let go of genesis core which he clutches in his hand as garo looks on from below and here we get yet another absolutely epic shot that maratha has colored here we.

Have garo glowing purplish blue looking up at the silhouette of saitama who stands above him beneath the swirling visuals of the largest planet in our solar system the gas giant known as jupiter therefore identifying them to be on one of the planet's 79 moons which we will be able to further identify momentarily the positioning of saitama.

Being so far above garo that only a silhouette is visible is very telling of saitama's superiority after the epic shot we cut to another that gives us a better idea of the moon that we are presently on this is io the fourth largest moon in our entire solar system simultaneously boasting the greatest surface gravity of them all and so to.

Even move on this bad boy is a major feat in and of itself which only makes the proceedings of this chapter that much more spectacular tektama expresses confusion not knowing where he is and says that the place makes him feel deja vu of course referring to his prior situation against boros yet it would seem that boris was still beneath him in.

Power that proper recollection isn't even afforded to the occurrence also saitama is speaking and not holding his breath at all which further emphasizes the point that despite holding his nose comically in the past he never actually needed to garo meanwhile being the educated young man that he is speculates that the planet nearest them is jupiter.

But doesn't understand how that could have come to be it seems to bother saitama far less though as he can now go all out with alfira destroying the planet he lives on but perhaps even more fascinating than that here saitama mentions the fact that he can actually go full power against someone who can take his hits which is a really really.

Big deal his acknowledgement of this is absolutely monumental but like before garo continues to be more skeptical and rattled than saitama he is so shocked by saitama's calmness that he begins to question whether or not he's even human meanwhile a pensive saitama realizes that he has finally found what he wanted a fight with a worthy opponent but it.

Doesn't feel nearly as good as he thought it would this is everything saitama along for at the beginning of the series but he now finds it to be empty one punch man is of course largely a parody of shona's stories yet i find this particular subversion of the main character's climactic accomplishment of their dream to be especially compelling.

Saitama tries to put genocide's core in his costume but decides against it since it would fall out if he ripped up his suit any more than he already has instead he decides to hold it in his free hand and so even in the case's greatest challenge yet or perhaps his only challenge yet saitama is going in with a self-imposed restriction but.

Considering that it is all he has left of his closest friend it's not exactly surprising that he'd do anything to avoid dropping it garo though has other concerns he tells saitama that he thinks they've landed on one of jupiter's moons and asked him to help him figure out a way to get back to earth but saitama interrupts him telling him to shut up.

That he's not going to think about going home until he has given garl the beating he deserves still holding on to jonas's core saitama tells garo that he only needs one hand to beat him and this right here is one of the most badass saitama moments of all time as he challenges the most formidable monster the world has ever seen to a fight with.

Only one hand and even more than that he is protecting genocide's core so he has to avoid damage there and this seems to snap garo back into battle mode as well as he creates a portal beneath saitama but it doesn't do much saitama simply kicks it away like a soccer ball it's pretty hard to overstate how absolutely insane that is and garo is visibly and.

Understandably shocked that moment of surprise gives saitama time to land a vicious hit to garu's face that launches a man turned monster far out into space not easily knocked out garo creates another portal to launch himself back to the surface of the moon but when he tries to attack saitama grabs hold of the gate and yanked it into the perfect.

Spot for him to land a brutal hit to the underside of his chin this man saitama is casually grabbing onto literal holes in space and time then firmly planting garo into the ground beneath him unimpressed with his opponent's performance saitama's haunts garo asking if these attacks are all there is to his ultimate martial arts and deservingly.

Calls his moves tricks garo though is a lot more worried about the fact that saitama can grab his portals than he is about defending himself from those taunts you know as one should be this is far from a funny chapter but you gotta appreciate the humor created by juxtaposing saitama's dead serious calmness in the face of unbelievable.

Power with garo's completely logical worry even so garo does manage to spread the attention to be offended by that telling saitama that he has copied numerous styles of martial arts and is able to use them all together to deadly effect that and not any trick he says is his true power and he shows it off by launching himself between portal after.

Portal winding up for an ultimate attack roaring aura sky ripping water stream rock smashing exploding heart release whirlwind iron cutting nuclear fission gravity knuckle and you know it is really easy to forget that this is a parody manga until you go and take the trope of calling out the names of attacks to the most ridiculous.

Level possible anyways fittingly for an attack with such a mouthful of a name garrow's ultimate punch manages to land a few blows on saitama and it culminates in an explosion whose scale is difficult to comprehend the surface of the moon is obscured by massive clouds of dust as garo explains those attacks are unavoidable because they come from all.

Directions at the same time to which saitama replies that he can do that too even though his costume seems to have been totally destroyed by garo's whirlwind saitama still holds tight to genocide's core and he kneels down to embed his available hand into the surface of the moon in preparation for his counter-attack the ground will begin.

To collapse in girl's direction this is serious serious serious table flip something webcomic fans have been eagerly awaiting for a while now just a few fingers being the ground allows saitama to create a fissure that ripped through the moon's surface in ways more devastating than even the greatest of earthquakes an absolutely.

Colossal wall of debris rises in front of garrow who is visibly in awe of the power of saitama's attack and it isn't long before the moon's surface is completely torn to rubble io is no more that is some table flip the proceeding throws garo into the air discombobulating him so badly that he can't even properly orient himself which.

Is bad news because aitama has more coming using the flying chunks of debris he launches himself in all directions so quickly that he creates after images in preparation for his responsive attack this is omnidirectional serious punch garo tries to use a portal to escape and is shocked to see saitama rising through the portal beside him only to punch him.

Straight through it saitama's punch sends him flying into a field of airborne debris ricocheting off chunks of rocks at such great speeds that he cannot stop the momentum is so great in fact that it makes the previous visual phenomenon created by the three-way fight between garrow platinum s and flashy flash look like a parlor trick in.

This colored shot garo pinballs with such incredible speeds that he essentially maps the debris back into a vaguely spherical shape i mean these feats are getting harder and harder to track however garu manages to pull himself together eventually forcing himself to focus by telling himself that saitama's attacks albeit insane are.

Still rather simple as far as garo is concerned he is only showing off right now and as long as he can get above the fields of rocks saitama will lose his only way of moving around and be unable to continue chasing him but when he tries to ward to the surface garofan city has lost all sense of direction similarly to a caged insect rattled by a.

Child and that vulnerability allows thomas to sneak up and land another serious punch onto him but that does not stop garo who is sure he can beat even a limitlessly strong opponent as long as he copies his techniques he once again don saitama's facial features and prepares to attack with that saitama and goro both land hits that have the other.

Spewing what at first looks like blood but this is a visual we have seen in regards to saitama before without it actually being the case and so i am still not convinced the guy has drawn blood goodness gracious what a phenomenal chapter of one punch man this was and boy does it feel good to be back as always i'm selective otaku thank you.

All so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you