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Saitama’s MONSTER CLONE Breaks His Limiter! Beyond S-Class Disaster Level God – One Punch Man


Saitama series table flip has turned the world of one punch man on its head more people know about saitama's strength than ever before most of them just think he's strong and have no idea that he is the strongest but zombie man knows better in fact his plan right now is to gain saitama's strength for himself and to do that he has turned to his creator.

The former leader of the House of evolution Dr genus saitama humbled the once evil doctor in his organization really early on in the series Dr genus was obsessed with the artificial evolution of the human species after seeing that saitama can defeat mosquito girl at full power with only a single hit doctor genius became very invested.

In the guy he sent the elite Strike Team he planned to destroy Humanity with to Z City and expecting them to capture the bald man that way he would be able to investigate the hero's physiology and apply it to his research but that is not how things went they were easily defeated when saitama and genos invaded their secret base Dr genus released his.

Most dangerous and clearly unstable test subject at the time Carnage Kabuto thanks to this he was able to see saitama's Power firsthand and it was more than enough for the doctor to turn his entire life around immediately zombie man meanwhile had been hunting the house of evolution longer than anyone else since he himself was created.

By Dr genus But ultimately escaped and became a hero but by the time he found his Mark Dr genus was using his research and physical regeneration to make infinite octopus tentacles the house of evolution had already become the house of takoyaki at first zombie man could not believe it he was going to kill Dr genus then and there to stop him and his.

Research from endangering Humanity but Dr genus explained that after seeing saitama he realized that his research could never compare Dr genus is easily one of the smartest characters in one punch man when it comes to the study of biology no one else comes close so he might just be the smartest character we've ever seen scene evaluates.

Saitama's power he is also the only character besides genos that knows what saitama did before becoming as strong as he is saitama was totally serious when he admitted that his power development was thanks to doing 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run every day shadows and Carnage Kabuto immediately chalk this up to being.

Nonsense and a blatant lie that's how simple it was but despite being surprised Dr genus was the only person in the room who didn't react like that based on his first-hand evaluation of the hero Dr Jesus concluded and expressed a zombie man that saitama had successfully removed his limiter zombie man didn't understand what the doctor.

Meant it first but the concept wasn't too difficult to grasp all living things have a limit to their growth they improve within predetermined parameters that allow for survival and the preservation of Reason too much strength can become a hindrance that leads to undesirable complications and apparently the bill built-in mechanism for.

Controlling this growth is known as a limiter when he first heard this zombie man didn't really believe Dr genus and was actually pretty disappointed to see his creator be this cowardly the mere thought of saitama's power was enough to make Dr genus tremble with beer but after seeing saitama take down matagaro with a single punch zombie man had a.

Complete change of heart sometime after the raid on the monster Association zombie man returned to the house of takoyaki he spoke to Dr genus and confirmed that everything his creator said was correct and with all that in mind he desperately desired to become like saitama himself more specifically he wanted Dr genus to help remove his.

Limiter too the potential of this on its own is pretty insane zombie man's claim to fame is his ability to endlessly regenerate no matter how much damage he suffers besides that he's pretty mundane he's not especially powerful and is physically outmatched by pretty much every other S-Class hero it took him more than 30 minutes to beat vampire.

Pureblood who was only a disaster level demon not a disaster level Dragon like the strongest members of the monster Association and after winning zombie men admitted that pureblood was the strongest monster he had fought in a while in terms of damage he's really just a guy with an ax and some guns but if you can manage to remove his limiter.

He would be Beyond terrifying to face now when zombie man asked Dr genus to do this for him the scientists responded by saying that the restaurant actually has a basement and down there there was something interesting he wanted to show the hero which is very Aaron's dad of him I mean we already have saitama with time travel so maybe we're not far off.

So what's in the basement there are so many crazy possibilities and one of the craziest ones may have been teased by something the doctor said before zombie man showed up somehow mosquito girl managed to survive being hit by saitama the entire fandom assumed whom she was dead but now she's selling takoyaki after returning to her Creator it seems.

Like he was able to develop some prosthetic arms and legs for her this is interesting because despite armor gorilla being a thing Dr genus is in Metal Knight or child Emperor sorry wild Emperor he is no slouch when it comes to robotics but he's even better with Biology so why wouldn't he just create new organic limbs for her well despite.

Her Jolly your ways after being made fun of by some kids mosquito girl immediately started raging to stop her from going crazy gorilla had to feed her from behind with a syringe full of blood we see what you did there Morata after that gorilla told Dr genus to hurry up and regenerate a new blood sack for mosquito girl to avoid her going on.

Hangry Rampages but Dr genus refused for now apparently the incubation tank was occupied at the moment that's pretty huge we were led to believe that Dr genus had completely given up on his Ambitions after seeing saitama but it seems like that might not be the case after all so at the very least there is an incubation tank in the basement well.

What's in the tank the answer to that might be even crazier remember Dr genus originally wanted to use saitama as a test subject he planned to use the hero for the sake of getting closer to his dream of evolution Beyond Humanity but saitama turned out to be so much more than he could have ever imagined What If instead of just convincing Dr genus to.

Abandon his goal saitama became his goal mosquito girl actually being alive should be more than enough of a reason to reconsider a bunch of assumptions we used to have back when Dr genus first realized how powerful saitama truly is he decided that he was done with his experiments and wanted to change himself instead really that could mean a lot of.

Things we all assumed he had completely given up but that might not be true actually this decision was a reflection of saitama's teachings back then Kate baldy told the Mad sign is that if he was messing with a new form of humanity and evolution he would never make it according to him human strength lies in the ability to change herself with that.

Being the case zombie man pretty much said the magic words here his desire to change himself aligns with Dr genus's Newfound philosophy and goals Dr genus has access to some of the most dangerous technology in the series first He restored his own youth going from an old man to a young one imagine if bang got that treatment he would be able to train.

Garo in his physical prime or what about blast he'd be able to take the fight against God to a whole new level Dr genus also created experiment number 66 zombie man who has infinite regeneration so even though zombie man escaped before he could replicate the Breakthrough Dr genus was able to access immortality with his research besides that he may.

Not have used it offensively but the guy also has access to cloning he cloned himself dozens of times and from what we can tell they were all perfect duplicates so what's stopping him from doing the same to someone like saitama has Dr Jean has been developing a saitama clone first of all Dr genus failed to secure saitama for his.

Experiments that seems to be a bit of a necessity for what he originally had in mind at least the thing about saitama's strength is that a shrouded in mystery as it may be not enough people have actually investigated it for us to say that it is actually that difficult to figure out how do we know for sure that it can't be explained even if only.

Partially by something as simple as a DNA sample the bigger issue would be getting a sample from saitama in the first place he would be hard-pressed to draw any blood from the guy there's also the fact that on account of him being bald a hair sample would be too difficult to get a hold of then again maybe mosquito girl can be the solution.

To the blood issue strangely enough despite his strength saitama really struggled to kill a common mosquito not only that but it even managed to bite him successfully even if it was only a bug bite something actually managed appear used by Thomas flesh and draw blood which is pretty impressive taitama has taken a bath in molten lava he.

Destroyed Jupiter the biggest planet in the solar system with just a sneeze and then propelled himself from there to Earth with only a fart on average the distance between the gas giants and our planets is 444 million miles so with crazy Feats like that it's no wonder fans have been scratching their heads over that.

Mosquito bite for years to deal with genos the mosquito girl called upon every mosquito within over 30 miles of herself and this of course included the mosquito that had been bullying saitama it's a long shot but mosquito girl survival could also mean that the blood sample made it out too regardless if Dr genus really is still conducting.

Experiments it's hard to imagine they wouldn't be related to saitama at all it's more likely that they do clone or otherwise even just a breakthrough related to how saitama may have gained his powers would be huge back when saitama was actively training to become a hero and before he lost his hair he experienced some strange stinging pain.

And was even throwing up blood and not the gang word of advice if your home workout make you puke blood go see a doctor maybe avoid the one zombie man goes to saitama had never worked out like this before so he thought it was normal and thought nothing of it not even genos knows this about him he still thinks saitama is just keeping the truth.

Of his strength to himself Dr genus is definitely afraid of how powerful saitama is but it's not as if the hero forced him to shut down his operation or anything saitama also doesn't really have an issue with monsters as long as they're non-violent he has a pet disaster level Dragon for a dog I'd understand if Dr genus was somehow.

Stalking Keith Baldi and looking into the hero's history as much as he could he may have quit his research but his goal might still be intact he was giving major super villain buys before but now he's pretty chill I think it's safe to say that he has successfully changed himself instead of destroying Humanity to replace them with his Creations he.

Might just want to be helpful and make people stronger I mean he was recognized to be a major helpless Society before he took things too far zombie man's request for help could be exactly what he needs to progress even further and ideally with such a genuine hero like zombie man this sort of research will lean towards the betterment of humanity whatever the.

Case removing zombie man's limiter will not be an easy task saitama experienced that weird pain we talked about and garo's limiter only began to break while he was fighting super alloy darkshine back then Garo refused to stay down even after his entire rib cage had been broken Garo of course got much stronger later on but his limiter was never.

Mentioned again after this and with limiters being such a big deal it's hard for me to save the lack of a follow-up was a mistake so if Goro the closest fighter we have ever seen to saitama strength had only just started to break his limiter imagine how long it will take zombie man with that being said Dr genus isn't the only scientific mind.

That knows about about limiters psychos the former leader of the monster Association also seems to be pretty knowledgeable about them in fact breaking a creature's limiter appears to be the major focus of her experiments apparently she's done everything she could think of to do so blood and cell transfusion selective reading monster.

Cannibalism inducing different types of pain and stress and increasing a subject's anger and hatred levels and after all that she discovered that explosive growth at a whole new level of power may be found if a creature manages to conquer death and being pushed to the brink of death repeatedly is enough to get the job done the problem is that.

Most things end up dying in the process and even if they don't they might just lose their sanity from all the close calls the only creature Cycles managed to really do this with was Monster King Orochi Phoenix man was also able to survive the brink of death and experienced an exponential jump in power too zombie man's survivability is pretty.

Broken so it might just sound like he's perfectly suited for this process but I'm not so sure against vampire pure blood zombie man suffered around 200 lethal wounds imagine how long it would take him to make any progress towards that limiter if that didn't do anything they will probably need to kick things up a notch and also make it feel like he.

Is really going to die instead of relying on his super healing Factor if nothing else doing this successfully would all but guarantee an improvement to zombie man strength it might even Force his healing to become stronger too imagine if he healed faster than any damage could show on his body at all but honestly this is still nothing compared.

To breaking a person's limiter the power boost is huge but it's still just a start there would probably have to be a phase Beyond this what I would like to call the hair loss phase again saitama is the only character in the entire series that has been fully confirmed to have broken his limiter when zombie man asked Dr genus with the price of.

Saitama's strength was the mad scientist told him two things firstly at a glance it was also clear to the doctor genus how empty saitama felt about his otherworldly strength with how hyped up Carnage Kabuto was there seemed to be a faint glimmer of hope for saitama that he'd actually face a real challenge but that turned out to be false but.

Thankfully with saitama being around if a limit broken zombie man ever wanted a challenge he would be able to find one but then again unlike Garo his goal is not to be the one and only strongest he just wants to be stronger so he can do his job better so this first point might not matter much the second point however may have impacted saitama even more than.

The first he's bald he lost all his hair in exchange for his awesome power zombie man may not be the type to care but hey at least it can be an indicator of success or failure to break his limiter it's kind of like a messed up Super Saiyan transformation where instead of your hair growing or changing color it just completely falls out this whole.

Process could take zombie man ages depending on how they decide to go about it based on his last message to Wild Emperor it seems like he is expecting to be on for a while in theory zombie man could end up being the new Garo of our story after the monster Association Arc the story has returned to focusing on saitama more but it's unclear how long.

This might last and speaking of Garo unlike the hero Hunter zombie man wouldn't need to become a monster because technically he already is one but considering psychos's research although we may not have to worry about the hero dying prematurely thanks to the ordeal they're still the matter of his sanity and reasoning whatever he's put.

Through could end up warping his mind and make it more monstrous than usual there were times when Garo completely lost himself and was totally unaware of his actions the same thing could end up happening to zombie man and besides saitama I can think of two other characters that will be pretty crazy for him to encounter during that sort of.

Thing he really cares about wild Emperor so them having to fight will be pretty painful there's also God the mysterious entity he's expecting he will need this strength to go up against God is a total opportunist and is probably aware of zombie man's existence since he killed homeless emperor when the hero grabbed him the creature might just offer him.

Some power too things are changing pretty rapidly in the world of one punch man we have been getting new characters introduced to the story pretty consistently for a while now so really anything can happen but despite all these new additions I also think it's cool how we've been revisiting some of the earliest moments of the story around.

The same time as all this Dr Gina's stuff we also received a follow-up to saitama vs genos that put a lot of things to rest if you somehow missed it go ahead and check out our video on all of that right here