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Saitama’s New Hero Rank Revealed! Hero Association vs Saitama


Nevertheless remnants of evil natural water have been taken care of we get to see how saitama is doing with his new pet or pets plural in this chapter not only that but the hero Association has created a space for Heroes and the privilege to be safer uh sure anyway let's jump into a chapter that is finally more focused on our favorite.

Bald-headed protagonist seeing this Halloween is just around the corner against Morata and one wanted to join in on the festivities somehow for that we get a Super Fun cover page featuring a lot of characters in amazing costumes the main focus these psychic sisters are dressed up as witches this is fitting for them since using telekinesis could.

Look similar to someone using a spell if you don't know any better also they might be getting a spotlight due to the arc we are currently entering being named after them looking more closely the basket they have is filled with interesting Easter eggs like saitama being peas in a pod due to his round head then we get gems like pick God.

Dressed as a literal Pig and Watchdog man as a different furry animal a panda as well as king as Frankenstein's monster Sonic as a cat sweet mask as the devil metal bat as a Noni Atomic Samurai is a ghost not too sure why on that one drive Knight looking like the perfect Headless Horseman and even Monaco way in the back as something with a frilly.

Headpiece finally the best costumes are flashy flashes at night Shining Armor bang as they want to be Merlin zombie man as Jason with a hockey mask and super alloy dark shine as a mummy or I think that's what he's going for his muscles kind of broke out of the wrapping back to the chapter now with a title like new home it's hard not to.

Know what you're going to see next but we bet you didn't expect it to start with saitama screaming his lungs out at black ass still pretending to be a pat funnily enough he says I can barely handle a dog let alone some weird monkey considering how little fake genos has for saitama even taking care of Rover this is a pretty hilarious statement.

Coming from him especially since saitama thinks his only issue is time when black asses weird monkey sounds don't get the job done he switches to speaking normally shocking saitama with his knowledge of human language even though timer rejected him he won't take no for an answer and follows a long offering to help with tours and whatnot and it's.

Interesting that black s can go from such innocent begging Expressions to such a devious look when saitama's back is turned apparently his inner thoughts about not being found out as a monster can't be contained to just his mind his plan surprising no one involves hiding out essay Thomas home while he waits for some cells to regenerate meanwhile.

Saitama faces his own crisis unsure whether his new place allows pets that's easily solved though he can just make a doghouse outside for Rover black yes is more than happy to hear that wanted to make that place his Hideout still deep in thought saitama barely reacts when black s puts himself in charge of the new dog explaining that his name is.

Rover the reason saitama's mind is elsewhere is because he's remembering his small monster friend Monaco but he's not very good with names so he describes her as sasadango due to the Belt she had tied around her waist with only a vague shape and a single eye to go off of black s Emily pictured gyaraguero instead he might have never met Monaco.

To begin with with seeing as he was among the elite of the monster Association regardless because of saitama's specific food comparison black ants thinks that is likely not his boss maybe these guys are just really hungry and that's why they're using so many food descriptors the conversation continues with no one really getting a.

Satisfying answer and saitama wondering tatsumaki might have taken out Monaco as their conversation tape resolves saitama notices his new apartment building or should we say gigantic complex it is so massive that you can see it from far off in the distance almost looking like a pyramid in the desert but it is certainly nice to see inside Thomas.

Seeming so positive as he says my new home when he slowly walks towards it with his new pets in tow as black as prices decides and clear defensive capabilities of the home a sign of the background indicates that they have a two kilometer walk to get there it's not a very long walk but it is certainly not easy for someone as small as black ass.

Which could explain why he's writing Rover as if he is a horse delving inside the new construct next we see someone speaking to the new residents of the apartment complex with with a projector next to him according to this worker it took the combined expertise of the entire hero Association to make this building into a reality but before we.

Continue to get into the nitty-gritty of the new apartments don't forget to subscribe with notifications on so you never miss a video and also smash that like button for some more one punch Man videos nearby two A-Class Heroes discuss being called out of the blue not even understanding the purpose of the meeting though we have seen them before it has.

Been a while and it was back during the beginning of the monster Association Arc at the time so many Heroes were involved that it was hard to keep track of them all back to them though the one with a garden on his head explains that the facility is made to hold at least several hundred households but since it is reserved for people tied to the.

Association they had to find other ways to fill the empty Apartments that's why they're holding this meeting among the rich hoping to entice them to take one of the luxurious places available not only is this the most high-tech facility it would be the safest you could find in almost any City maybe having Watchdog man is better but that's to be seen.

Focusing on the crowd of listeners it is obvious these are the most those wealthy people with most of them being older men with a serious look plant man as I'm calling him until his name is properly revealed explains that more and more people are willing to pay whatever it takes to make sure they can be safe I thought for sure the battle suit dude.

Was going to disagree with that decision but actually he completely understands it in fact he says monster disasters these days are no joke and seeing as a war just concluded with the monster Association he is obviously right apparently demon Level Threats would only show up once per month before and now it is far more than that kinda makes.

You wonder if someone is behind the increased attacks back to the presentation these filing agent confidently says that monsters are no threat at all for the newly built complex gotta give it to him he's really trying to sell it to these rich people at least there is the fact that the hero Association members are among the.

Tenants so that does help not only that but he points out that the heroes have to be a class or hired to even live there and are elites with proven track records with that many of the people in the crowd are pleased and consider taking him up on the offer to live there honestly some of them seem Rich through sketchy means like the guy with the scar.

Across his cheek and even the dude with the hitler-esque mustache in the back but I guess you shouldn't judge a book by its cover right whatever as the speech continues the man finally reveals while the two heroes are there they are residents and are meant to confirm the presence of the a-rank and above Heroes available to protect them to make.

Matters worse they are told along with the crowd that they are to be personal bodyguards to these Elite people with that we are finally given names to the two poor saps a rank 25 quests and eyebrow and a rank 24 green just a note in Japanese eyebrows name translates directly to Crescent Moon thick brows but I guess that's too much of a.

Mouthful wearing the previous solemn look green realizes that is why he was allowed to stay in the complex rent free while eyebrow is visibly panicking beside him when a rich woman finally gets some Spotlight it is to voice her concerns with the so-called safest complex she rightfully points out that it doesn't mean safety is completely.

Guaranteed seeing as the heroes are only human too as if in the comments the agent has a retort ready though because Heroes wouldn't really be absolute safety since they can also be worn out or get into accidents while he goes on talking about no hero being absolute in this sense we are immediately shown saitama he is well pretty absolute as.

Far as we know it was his addition of a mini Rover and black ass at his side I'd say he's building a pretty strong group of Associates going back to the meeting the man points out that only people can't be described as absolute and now the projector comes into more use as he reveals that they are going to start a special presentation only meant for the.

Attendees in big bold letters the screen says this is a hero Association secret weapon with exciting music in the background apparently green and eyebrow were aware of this because as he screams shows the new defensive system they're discussing among themselves the system is described as integrated anti-monster disaster defense but when it is shown it.

Just looks like a mass amount of Metal Knight robots and in fact it is confirmed because they point out that it was designed by him because he's an Authority on Military development technology surprising no one at all they're meant to sense any threats and eliminate them before they can invade the premises which sounds good on paper.

But anyway the good thing is that these AI robots are around 24 hours a day allowing the heroes to at least get some downtime while they can but the way that the video boasts about them not letting any monster get inside it is begging for it to be proven wrong am I right besides we already know of a monster who can easily go in and out without having to.

Worry about being stopped saitama as if to insult the two Heroes attending the meeting there is mention that Metal Knight believes his security system to be more effective than all A-Class Heroes combined now we may not be heroes or have this kind of society but that's just cold eyebrow looks rightfully insulted while green takes it with the.

Same serious and unhappy expression he even admits it is humiliating and of course there is one last attempt at proving how effective the system is by claiming it is absolute which leads us to a beeping alarm sounding off at the front of the complex I Thomas dance with his new pets trying to get in however the system has identified dangerous.

Factors I know it is referring to Rover and black as seeing as they are monsters but I feel like it should also be ringing because I say Thomas inhuman capabilities as he alarm continues blaring saitama is visibly confused by what triggered it oblivious as usual he suspects it is a metal detector and wonders if it is because of the items he.

Found in the wreckage like his wire hangers and frying pan saitama even wonders if he should just throw them away but he really needs them after all so he decides against that all the while the system double checks the threat and measures their danger level preparing to intercept them saitama looks on even more confused wondering if he might have.

Pressed the button black ass almost seems concerned with how bad saitama is with technology pointing out that he's not ghost machines at last a robot exits the facility preparing to confront the threat it beeps a few times almost seeming to have a stare down with them saitama looks bored black s looks worried and Rover well I can't tell with.

His six eyes when the robot decides it is on it's on it moves in extremely fast clearly poised to attack the two smaller monsters black s freaks out trying to run away while saitama just stands there with his bucket when the robot is about to strike all black s can do is cower in fear while Rover was clearly about to launch his own blast that is had saitama.

Not chopped off pieces of the AI not only that but each chop is punctuated by a word of annoyance what the hell he basically smacks the life out of the machine leaving nothing for broken parts in its wake this is followed by a massive explosion that honestly seems too much for just one robot to make but I guess it had a lot of unstable.

Chemicals inside of it as the smoke from the blast clears saitama is shown a bit worse for wear and finally looking slightly more concerned by the situation behind him black ass and Rover look on with fear more are coming says black s and we hear that the defense system has readjusted the Threat Level from Level 1 to level four and that is because of.

Saitama's involvement obviously giant jellyfish looking robots appear pointing their sensors directly at them in preparation to destroy it paints a terrifying scene quite frankly one that is really similar to the machines from The Matrix or Terminator Salvation without wasting any time they begin to shoot at the perceived threats I mean.

Completely unloading all the weapons they have installed at this black s and Rover are forced to flee and it is really nice to see the executives being there for each other a lot of the blast fired each hit saitama directly bouncing off of him or miss him altogether in noise saitama says when appliances act up you can fix them with a good smack.

And as we get a close-up shot of his palm ready to strike I kind of feel bad for the AIS interestingly the next panel is designed like American style comics with smack in a big eye-catching font style back inside the security guards were clearly not expecting an attack so soon one of them was napping and in those bubble pops only systems indicates.

That there is a problem going on outside the one with sunglasses stands from receipt shot that the defense systems are activated as they try to pinpoint the monster or what the cause is they can't because of all the smoke cover in the area because of that they decide to call on the heroes to assess the situation going on at gate number nine.

Now Heroes like lightning Max who try to help suyuru during the Super fight Arc are contacted via emergency call but there is one problem the place is so big they can't remember where gate number nine is instead they have to use their hero instincts and try to find it through sound as we get back to saitama's destruction it is obvious he.

Broke every obstacle that was blocking him from going inside the complex massive chunks of robot Limbs and pieces of debris are scattered everywhere at the entrance but alsoitama is bothered by is why human attacking robots were able to get into the headquarters he even goes as far as to say the security is lacks clearly having no idea how much.

He has set them back with what he was just demolished behind him black s is getting a bad feeling because of what just happened as saitama calmly makes his way deeper inside the facility black s and Rover along with him agent after agent runs past them tries to find the source of the explosions one of them stops the question saitama but before.

Kate Baldi can out himself as the culprit someone else says Ah the defense robots these things cost nine billion each to develop and finally we have saitama realizing not only how badly he messed up by destroying them but that they were certainly not against him in the first place his eyes bulge so comically wide that it is almost.

Refreshing to see him have such intense facial expressions that don't involve missing grocery sales as he begins sweating profusely knowing he's the cause of this mess black s worries nearby as he cleans her over side praying he is not caught not wanting to have to pay damage just seeing as he has basically no money and no belongings to.

His name saitama lies even from far we can see these sweat pouring off the shiny bald head he quietly says they just exploded but that's not enough for the agent to be satisfied he demands to know every detail that saitama can give him just that the situation looks hopeless a familiar voice speaks up what he said is true it's none other than.

Saitama's gaming friend King for someone with a reputation like him back in saitama up there is no way they would question the LIE right with his appearance the agents are so blown away from just seeing the f-class hero that we seem to forget the issue altogether rather they want to know why he didn't say he was coming imagine that King is.

Like a full-on celebrity for the hero Association must be nice after that small exchange saitama takes King aside with a guilty look he found the game he had borrowed from him but it didn't survive the battle which makes sense looking upset even with himself saitama hands it to King saying it was all busted up again despite saitama.

Destroying his stuff or racing his saved game king is not bothered it doesn't look mad in the slightest he admits he gave the tryout a new fighting game but saitama is admittedly annoyed since King doesn't show any Mercy to newbies without rejection King leads to go feed his goldfish which is that a new development I don't remember ever.

Hearing about him having a pet black ass still hanging on for dear life to Rover's fur overhears them king's name is recognizable to everyone and black s is no exception realizing way way way way too late that he is in the hero association's headquarters black s starts worrying for a whole new reason remember the headphone hero that was.

Coming to confront saitama last time well we get to see him again as he overhears King and satama chatting in the hall the guy in the frog suit doesn't say anything but it is clear that he also feels intimidated by saitama's connection to the S-Class hero If Only They knew he was friends with genos and bang too as they all whisper.

About him wondering who the Newbie is in his final revealed saitama has been promoted to an A-Class hero in a mostly plain but large shot saitama Zoom ranking is a class number 39 but man that Kate Baldi hero name has to go and that will come into play later but for now that's all we have for the new chapter was there anything that.

Surprised you are excited to see where we go from here and how well do you think saitama will take care of his new pets let us know what you think in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you thank you.