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Saitama’s New Ultimate Attack Breaks One Punch Man! Time Travel Power Explained


In the latest chapter of one punch man we were treated to both a feast for the eyes through insane cosmic fighting and something more cerebral with the consequences of gara's actions catching up to him and little chance for him to surpass saitama strength something drastic had to be done he needed a way to undo his ominous future and that came.

In the form of changing how events happen and reversing mistakes but now let's dive deeper into this new development for the series before we get into the why and how of running a timeline backwards let's first get into what made things reach that point in the first place at the start of the awakening of the gods chapter garo is.

Still copying saitama's moves in hopes of someone beating him not only that but he is using blast portals to try and strengthen the blows as they slip through those dark spaces and titan was able to take each hit and give back just as hard every time garu uses more strength saitama adjusts and strikes back with more than before constantly.

Surpassing himself garo has no way to catch up to the hero's power this has never been seen by us before because no one usually challenges saitama and also he is never in a space where he can just let loose without the fear of destruction anyhow garo continues to try to make him break a sweat but all he does is cause him to feel a bit of a.

Chill since he has been fighting naked for a while now and in space no less this isn't the first time that saitama sneeze has caused problems it happened as well in one of the ovas as he ended up killing zombie man by accident however seeing saitama has reached an even higher pinnacle of power his itchy nose meant planetary devastation through.

A serious sneeze at this point garo is sure that shatama is a monster rather than a hero he teleports back to earth after noticing our son with saitama farting from summit cramps and blowing himself back as well back on our planet saitama les garo know that he is not suited to be a hero and this is likely a reference to guilty feels for always.

Arriving a bit too late but he still would never take garlow's life because he is a hero nonetheless with that a lifeless tardio comes into view and of course garo is devastated he tries to run away as if wanting to run for the consequences and undo the radiation he spread it also seems like a foreshadowing of what comes after.

Escaping this version of events and even with the kid and jenna's long gone saitama isn't angry with garo he just points out how strange garrow became after gaining god's power sensing that something was off they share a bond in their feelings of otherness and how it pushed them to become powerful but also isolated them for most people they each.

Had someone that they kept close as i tama askaro if it wasn't a cling for support it's like they represented their last instance of humanity and with both tario and channels gone they are now no longer part of the human race not to mention that every other person or hero around them in the radiation likely died too and that's when garrow thinks of a.

Plan knowing that saitama can elevate anything that gar throws at him if he has a hero copy as perfected technique they can do something amazing together with god's power garo begins swirling and gathering energy from within and saitama is able to mirror it even without the entity's support of course god doesn't appreciate this and sucks.

The power from garo like he did homeless emperor thankfully not as quickly though before he can ring every last drop from gaar's body taitama has learned the technique from a slowly solidifying garo interestingly even watching cosmic fear mogaro slowly solidify and turn lifeless saitam has no worry for him demonstrating once more the loss of his.

Humanity all he does is comment that he tastes salt whether the salt is a referencely biblical turning into a pillar of salt or just a point outside thomas blasey attitude to the situation is unclear i choose to relate it to lot's wife and how she disobeyed god's command and was then turned to salt for her sin.

It just feels like this god entity would be that kind of wrathful being now here's where the supposed time travel comes in to create enough energy to do so garo and saitama imagine a universe inside themselves with that the swirling shifts into both particles and anti-particles moving in opposite directions at the same speed in.

Scientific terms those two things are indistinguishable except that the antimatter particles move backwards because matter at an atomic level is also acting in that way it is able to move saitama's body backwards through time instead of forward as he usually would just a note here the amount of energy required for eating something as.

Simple as an anti-hydrogen atom to be created is extremely difficult and anything more complicated than that is simply impossible for us currently so just imagine how much energy and power garu and saitama must have to create an entire body of anti-matter atoms we see saitama eventually getting dragged away from the space and time he is in and.

Into the past where garo announced he was disaster level god from within the tunnel of time he is passing through saitama simply reaches out his arm it may seem jarring but the level of strength he has due to constantly being challenged and having someone to elevate him put him on a much higher level than ever before so he likely only used a.

Normal punch of his and it feels like one of his series series attacks on this past form of the world though it's described as zero punches because the effect that saitama being thrown back through time with that much power like would have taken down garo's god form anyway this brings up an interesting point stanford describes time travel and.

Reverse causation as different things quote these two notions are related to the extent that both agree that it is possible to casually affect the past the difference however is that time travel involves a casual loop whereas backward causation does not this is why it seems like saitama rather did reverse causation instead of time.

Travel and why he threw zero punches to win the fight it was directly related to what his previous action of building of energy and fighting on jupiter had done to his body and not because he went backwards through time not to mention that the words reversal of causality are used explicitly following that punch had broke gara out of his connection with.

God saitama's body continued to move forward and backward at once and created a vacuum effect that drew the two versions of himself together funnily enough this is most noticeable through his lack of clothing and his sudden gaining of his suit back with that saitama's mind also returned to the state it had been in the past when.

Rejoined with the future self so he lost his knowledge of what had happened at least that's how it looks from his confusion of being there i'm guessing this is because he changed what happened and now that future no longer exists to remember but maybe i'm reading too deeply into this and saitama is just confused by his placement since it has.

Been quite a while since this point in time occurred originally he could have just forgotten and listen i know this is getting confusing but stick with me so because saitama was originally underneath rubble and clothed that erasure of the future could explain why he is so shocked when his family jewels are out plus he is still holding genesis.

Core from the bleak time he shared with cosmicaro however that wouldn't explain why he's so shocked when general smashes into him unless it's because he assumed that if he had the core and then jones died and he somehow missed that event in which case our theory of the original timeline's events being erased still works for argument's sake let's say some.

Things were made in his memory so why did saitama remember the fact that janus was dead when he couldn't understand why he was being pulled out of the rubble earlier i guess we'll have to see what comes next to understand which version of saitama is now here and whether it might be due to some time reversal shenanigans messing with his memories if.

We consider that it is not time travel and in fact just going through the motions and undoing the damage that had been done to create an alternate present then saitama shouldn't be at that extremely high level of power anymore he should be at the level we were used to before he fought on jupiter however if saitama is the version which learned a.

Retaining knowledge of godzilla technique then we will be dealing with a very emotionless person who might be even more detached than before from humanity because that doesn't feel like it would be the same story anymore and also would stray too much from the source material it's likely that saitama is just who he was prior to fighting his.

Base and the fact that genos is still alive certainly backs that up the only thing we gain from this fight is the knowledge of how truly scary saitama would be if up against someone who could challenge him and with no friend to keep him grounded i dare say that god would stand no chance against that version of kate baldi oh and there's also the fact.

That two genos cores now exist how does that work does that mean that genus can use it to enhance his powers or is he one of those pulled out basically just a dark souvenir from an even darker timeline there's even the option that the core eventually rejoins the genesis current active core seeing as it is a key part of him by this i mean the two.

Cores would become one the same way saitama and his pass up were merged into the same body on the other hand genesis core is more of a symbolic part of him and not so much his soul or physical body but hey what do you think will become of this extra core moving forward let us know in the comments as for garo in this new version of events.

Considering his extra power is leaking out of him i'd say he's most likely going to give up on being the ultimate threat i think tareo being alive will influence garu to try and better himself since he can't be as cruel and evil as he'd like to also the extra power from god likely was driving him to become cruel and downright evil to the point of.

Not caring if children died in front of him another theory that has been floating around though is that garlow's evilness was influenced by god and his disconnect with humans and wanting to destroy them that's also possible in the web comic though it's through saitama's forgiveness towards garro and tareo's attachment to him then he eventually.

Stops trying to be a monster in fact if not for saitama's belief in allowing garlic a chance to redeem himself he would have been executed by the heroes sweet mask was the most vocal among them too pretty dark right well i think this is the direction we are currently going on now back on track so to speak of course time travel is a much catchier.

Term but if you think the chapter is indicating time travel instead of reverse causality why do you believe that do you think that timer remembers tario or jenna's being dead is garo gonna keep trying to be a villain share your thoughts with us down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome.

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