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Saitama’s Next Big Change Is Here! – One Punch Man Chapter 183


The cover page of one punch Man chapter 183 titled trade-off yet again features morata's favorite character fabuki to kick things off we have an aerial shot of the area surrounding the hero association's headquarters and housing complex with this many craters it looked like they had established a base on the moon you would then be taken just.

Outside of saitama's apartment as a trail of footprints can be seen leading towards it after finally making it back to the comfort of his own home saitama would begin to inspect and dust off his feet although he was completely unharmed during his encounter with atsumaki taitama's clothes were in rough shape so he figured it would be a good idea to.

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What are you waiting for use our link below to download Opera GX today as seated around a small wooden table would be the same a class Neighbors from before chain and Toad butterfly DX and Forte all of whom saitama wasn't really happy to see after all nobody invited them over and so far they have only been a headache for him they should have at.

Least asked for permission before barging in and making themselves comfortable but instead of responding to saitama's words here butterfly DX would explain that Forte has something he wants to say as while removing his hat and sunglasses Forte would call out to saitama by his name and even apologize for before he challenged saitama to a.

Fight and ended up getting hit by a car in a parking lot and even after that he was already planning on getting his revenge but after what he saw in the hospital that's all a thing of the past having overheard saitama as he entered the apartment Forte proposed it as long as saitama doesn't mind them being used he can replace his ruined clothes and.

Shoes with Forte's old ones he'd even tells saitama that there are some cool shops in the facility that they could go check out together sometime after losing his original home saitama has been very limited in the clothing department even his hero costume was completely destroyed during the monster Association Arc a new look may be just over the.

Horizon for saitama now but this sudden shift of character from Forte was creeping saitama out but Forte would not let this stop him instead of expecting saitama to bow down to them as a new addition to the A-Class listing Forte would now say that they are all A-Class buddies and he's looking forward to working with saitama which was really.

Weird to everyone but listen after seeing what saitama can really do at least Forte didn't convince himself of something completely different to maintain his grip on reality like so many other people have he immediately came to terms with the fact that he is not him and decides to be a fan instead I mean it's hard to blame him as he.

Followed the others out of the apartment while walking with crutches Forte hotel saitama to let him know if anything else ends up bothering him which saitama would uncomfortably agree to do imagine being the strongest being in a known universe and everyone just thinks you're a no-name superhero saitama is finally beginning to be recognized for a.

Strength and it is a really weird experience outside of the apartment butterfly DX would wonder what was going on with Forte even going as far as the question is being hit by a car gave him a personality but Forte was a lot more serious than he previously LED on after all he saw saitama fighting according to him saitama's movements were.

Otherworldly that even if all three of them went at him at the same time they probably wouldn't stand a chance in fact he doubted that they'd even be able to last 10 seconds he's on a whole different level which just goes to show that although he recognized his saitama to be a Powerhouse Forte is still Way Off the Mark when it comes to what.

Saitama is truly capable of but even this is enough to shift him entirely butterfly would then tell him to not be so dramatic urging Forte to instead go get some rest but Forte was dead serious he'd admit to his friends that the earthquake they all felt wasn't caused by a monster in reality it was the impact from saitama's.

Fighting from there he turned their attention elsewhere here he would urge them all to take good care of saitama's dog and monkey since it'll be good to have him on their side meanwhile some other Heroes were checking out the piles of monster remains saitama left underground something that Crescent eyebrow would consider a scene Straight.

Out of Hell lightning Max was at a loss there were even more Monster corpses on the level beneath them and most of their bodies were Beyond unrecognizable his only conclusion being that they must have killed each other and looking at the surrounding damage it's clear that back when they were alive these monsters were incredibly dangerous blue fire.

Couldn't believe that such Troublesome monsters were being kept under their noses like this he'd even begin to question the hero association's risk management which is when Mountain ape of the blizzard group chimed in with what they'd been trying to tell them all along after a bit of explanation blue fire still wasn't convinced that a.

Single A-Class was able to take down all these demon level monsters he'd even wonder if they were all just seeing things which they completely denied meanwhile some hero Association Executives were in a conversation of their own at this rate these guys are bound to be in trouble after their dirty dealings with tsukuyomi the group of.

Evil espers they now conveniently knew nothing about according to them they just so happen to have some free time and made their way down below as now to his side gear spur would Express his belief that eyelashes fell for their scheme according to gear spur tsukuyomi is a made-up secret society that's been an urban legend in s for circles for.

Ages a completely ridiculous rumor with absolutely no merit at all he'd even go as far as to say that maybe the survivors of the monster Association decided to take back psychos while pretending to have to be some sort of trade-off after all there were a good number of espers in the monster Association a possibility that eyelashes.

And needle star couldn't exactly deny but were clearly unsure about it looks like gear spur might just be a sleeper agent this wasn't exactly subtle so we'll see how this plays out for him later on meanwhile another executive was having a pretty good time smoking a cigar before being called by his name Mr McCoy the person calling over would be.

Fabuki every Mohawk member of her group we saw reveal something to her in the previous chapter with a smile on her face it was clear that fabuki had a pretty good plan in mind she'd Begin by pointing out that he'd secretly been keeping several demon level monsters underground ones that were never documented on the containment list and.

Those very same monsters endangered her group Mr McCoy's cover story was that the monsters were test subjects for a classified weapon being developed by Metal Knight a lie fabuki seemed to expect and not mind at all and that's because she had evidence of him trying to sell the monsters to an outside organization for large sums of money.

From here the once confident executive would begin to sweat the guy with the Mohawk would explain the emergency lines they have are surprisingly easy to hack into fabuki would then begin to delicately threaten him with the dangers of this information going public the executive would pause for a moment before asking fabuki what she wanted and.

When it comes to this sort of thing Kabuki is clearly very confident she's suggest that while the nearby cameras are offline they take the monster remains and scatter them out on the surface that way it would seem like tatsumaki was fighting against a horde of rampaging monsters instead of developing a Crush by literally trying.

To crush a guy the added benefit of this would be that the rich people living in the apartment complex would trust them again as ultimately they were protected by the best of the best and as habuki said all this Mr McCoy's mouth was wide with amazement fabuki would like to avoid her sister getting into any trouble because of this incident the.

Plan sounded pretty good to Mr McCoy who was all too impressed by fabuki whose reputation precedes her moments later the ground began to elevate like a giant pimple before exploding into a horrific spew of monster guts tatsumati was spreading this stuff everywhere after taking a look at the road she noticed the car she was looking for with its.

Passenger door open and a severed monster head to the side of it as tobuki extended her telekinetic Powers the monster flesh would begin to shift before an unconscious psycho should burst through with tremendous Force once she had gotten a hold of her fabuki would tell Mountain ape and eyelashes to hit the gas a Delirious psychos would.

Then look up to the woman holding her and instead of seeing fabuki as an enemy psycho saw her as her president like when they were still in school but from there the cars were off we then skip ahead to a few hours later just outside of hero Association headquarters where the news network owned by the hero Association will cover this apparent.

Monster Massacre it would also be reported that the group of demon level monsters were all defeated by tatsumaki one of the residents would recount how terrified they were then there was a guy with gold teeth and sunglasses that was completely sold on the value of an S-Class hero then two fangirls with Express their appreciation for tatsumaki.

And watching this broadcast was the family from before that saw what actually happened and nearly got flattened by tatsunmaki's Rampage but now seeing a more optimistic possibility the little kid from before would happily championed tatsumaki again despite her being terrifying when she's fighting saitama was watching this broadcast too.

And was really annoyed by all the lies and considering he was the one that stopped out to Maki it was as if they were all calling him a monster because of this Janos would immediately call to file a complaint but suddenly saitama would manifest the ability to enlarge his ears as he heard that the estimated cost of Damages were in the billions.

After hearing that he gently lowered genos's phone from his ear when Janos turned around to look at him saitama put on a Chad face while he pretended to take The High Ground by letting tatsumaki have her moment to shine Janos was stunned by this and then just like the good old days of one punch man he'd begin to furiously take note of the.

Perceived generosity inside Thomas heart as saitama himself ordered more Ramen meanwhile it was reported that psychos had escaped while meeting with many Executives tatsumaki would pushing narrative that psychos must have gotten out through a hole in the ceiling or floor during all the chaos and confusion admitting the issue to be her fault.

Tatsunmaki was prepared to say full responsibility by taking sole control over these search efforts a prospect that clearly upset many of the executives who couldn't fathom the reason for all this trouble believed that she was in any position to make demands but when tatsumaki pointed out that all the residents trust them again.

Because of her along with the fact that they'll be able to cover up their mismanagement nobody was able to continue arguing she then downplayed the threat of a dragon level monster saying that it's all the same as long as she brings psychos back quickly enough and because she has the way pattern of psychos's power totally memorized she.

Was by far the person best suited to hunt her down with all that said tatsumaki would begin to take her leave while telling them not to involve any other Heroes since they'd only get in her way to this Mr McCoy contemplated from there he would Express his surprise towards how to maki's sudden generosity pausing for a moment to look back at him.

As she approached brighter expands tatsumaki would then say that some days she's just in a good mood and after getting to know saitama I bet she's having a good day Mr McCoy would chuckle at this before expressing his appreciation meanwhile someone else entirely was completely onto their scheme totally shocked child Emperor.

Would think to himself how he thought the incident looked suspicious from the very beginning and after a bit of hacking it became clear to him that the entire thing was full of Fraud and cover-ups and so I'm really curious if child Emperor will be added to the list of characters that know saitama's secret let me know what your guesses are in the.

Comments as always I'm celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you oh