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Saitama’s Secret Was Just Revealed! His Full Power Exposed


I'm sure a bunch of webcomic readers are wondering how close the manga will be following it for this new ARCA one punch man well many of you may be happy to know that the answer is very if that's not what you wanted well consider there's still a chance that things could take major detours further on but for now it is pretty one-to-one at least in.

Terms of events and how they happen like itama gaining a new pet let's dive into everything this chapter holds for us the cover page features a rockian and super cool looking tatsumaki with their hair up and pigtails and her hands out making nuts and bolts float between the big hoop earrings and the see-through top of the low-cut cargo pants I can imagine a.

Lot of people liking this version of her but sadly there is nothing about her in the actual chapter but that might change in the upcoming ones but anyways the title of this chapter is the last guy I want to run into it begins with giant buildings being shown and an unknown man saying he's in room number 104 right as I said before for the webcomic readers.

You know exactly who they're talking about but it makes it no less fun and no other thing Lieutenant didn't greet his neighbors this mystery man plans to give him a piece of his mind but he is not alone he is brought to other mystery Heroes with him the three men were annoyed and would say let's see what kind of jerk he is the Frog costume hero.

Continues to ring more aggressively when there is no answer the taller of the three encourages him to keep at it since he just heard sounds inside yikes imagine the person was just trying to take a peaceful nap or do something more private than that the headphone hero and a kind of saitama look alike points out that there's already rumors about the.

Rudeness that this person has an attitude problem no less so next and this really reminds me of snack he says that they need to show him who's boss screaming probably much louder than needed he shouts hey you quit hiding inside and get out here and of course adding you rookie for good measure whatever the case it works and the.

Person inside gets up and away from whatever they were doing and heads to the door the front door opens slowly and ominously with nothing Darkness shown inside are we sure this isn't a horror manga anyhow the three Heroes stand there proud and ready to at least give the person a piece of their mind we switch back to the view inside the.

Apartment it's pitch black and now there is just a silhouette of a chiseled face starting to appear okay already that's a hint that is not saitama as he is generally much more round faced and Goofy with a simple uh can I help you the person speaks this doesn't discourage you Trio from the confrontation as he bubblegum chewing.

One says we live in rooms 101 to 103. us the readers knew they were disgruntled neighbors so it would make sense they live right next door the tallest one standing in the back makes a cheekiest face when he suggests the person to 104 come out for a little face to face well little did they know King is a man inside room 104 and when even half of.

His face is in view the tides begin to turn the cheeky headphone where looks like he is about to pee his pants and when King speaks it only gets worse the intimidating faces at it again causing these smaller Heroes to sweat and freak out internally meanwhile King admits that he also came to visit the person who lives there but he isn't home right.

Now when he exits fully saying too bad all three of the men at the door are completely shook even the one inside the Frog outfit is visibly terrified trembling inside of it you would think that they saw a ghost rather than an SRA hero it's not like he'd beat them up just for annoying him or is that maybe something they would do that wouldn't be.

Very hero-like though as we move to another location back in the destroyed Z City a helicopter is shown flying around and looking for someone the people inside say there he is two figures hidden in Shadows inside the helicopter discuss how there is a tracker on set person and wonder why he's hanging out in the rubble well rummaging through it.

Rather even from afar just the shape of the person is hard to mistake for anyone else it's Pig God but the perspective quickly shifts to a Survivor early monsters Association a certain black ass hiding beneath the rubble himself once we're given a closer look black s is sweating profusely afraid to be found by the S-Class hero seeing how small and.

Likely powerless black s is now he'd be no match for pick God's stomach he even points out that the extermination should be over already letting us know that a decent amount of time must have passed one of the men inside the helicopter hangs from it dangerously start with a sea pig God just digging through debris and previous destruction yelling from.

The chopper he informs a hero that he should still be resting and that he needs to return to the med lab nonchalantly Pig God just tells him to wait a minute because he's clearly looking for something specific he runs towards an already panicking black ass but he is not out there for him the helicopter lands trying to force a giant.

Hero back but pick God's already scrambling away in spite of his eyes not to mention all the radiation he took says the agent then a hero we have yet to see or hear speak appears from behind the man in the suit his hair isn't spiky Pony tails with pointed brows and massive beads around his neck he paints an interesting and somewhat Fierce.

Picture he accuses S-Class Heroes of being self-centered which can you really argue against that they're always out to prove that they are the best and never want any help even when they really need it now mind you I am speaking generally because of course King always wants some help but yeah I digress this series hero reveals to us that he is there to.

Basically Wrangle Pig God back to Medical Care since he left prematurely the next shot we are given of him he picks a massive Boomerang and a shell dangling from his beaded necklace finally we find out his hero name is air and he is in a class not quite the name I expected considering how he looks but oh well but unfortunately this guy.

Doesn't quite get the assignment and announces he will finish off a wounded Pig kinda overconfident my guy but also why are you trying to end a higher ranked hero the agent blurts out don't finish him off and to miss it even though he's done this pig God is still one of the pillars of the hero Association and for good measure he.

Reminds air not to hurt him because this man is just stalking Pig God like John Wick getting revenge for his murder dog with a burst of speed air is rushing towards a larger Hero at the same time he contemplates how strong or useful these so-called pillars can be if they were taken out by a single hero Hunter though air is spitting facts about them.

Being spoiled and neglecting their training he wasn't there at the time he can't really speak to just how fearsome Garo especially in his Cosmic mode was as if to prove his part of the Majesty of the S-Class has fallen air challenges Pig God to a fight once you get him rudely with his boomerang while they had their stare down black ass is shaking in.

His metaphorical boots hiding behind one measly Rock left unturned back to air he smiles while saying that pig God needs to be obedient and go back to getting medical help or else he'll have to face him to have his freedom and uh when exactly was his freedom in question I honestly don't think air is any less self-centered with the way he is saying.

This to be honest in the background the agent is freaking out because why exactly has it come to this he curses the heroes for always causing these sorts of situations and even questions his career choice suddenly a sound comes from behind the two Heroes rummaging in the rubble it turns out to be a not quite destroyed evil natural water if.

You need a reminder saitama had previously destroyed evil ocean water in the past but it looks like it is kind of hard to completely eradicate something as Insidious as liquid Pig God is shot by the water monster I'd call it more of a puddle now meanwhile air looks ready to fight it before launching his weapon he yells I don't overlook small fry now.

If you recall evil natural water tends to go for whoever is attacking it first it is more instinctive than logical in that way so of course when it sees a boomerang coming at it it throws an attack right back spinning right through the weapon with ease and unfortunately punctures airs throughout at the same time black s is shocked to see his.

Former comrade still alive not even aware it was in the vicinity with him now I know Pig God is a hero a good good one at that but God is he terrifying when he opens his mouth to completely swallow the remnants of evil natural water he even Chelsea monster in with both of his arms to make sure he didn't miss any part of it with a difficult.

Gulp he tries to ingest it getting holes pierced through him for his trouble Pig God looks like he's been shot about nine times but survives even with blood escaping his mouth and a blank look in his eyes it certainly freaks out the agent in charge of him he starts to question everything he's just seen like what that was and if Pig God ate it he.

Also kindly tells him to spit it out clearly worried for the hero who wouldn't be but big God just looks on with a serious expression wants to take responsibility for any messy Heroes might have left behind with a psychedelic background and a strange angle for emphasis on the weirdness of the situation Pig God says it's okay.

It's digested now they agencies lots of words with that suggesting they return to the medical lab now even after having holes shot through him and eating an unknown creature Pig God still wants to eat more he says he will find his way back on his own after stopping at a Ramen Shop but he also admits the helicopter probably can't take his.

Weight which I was wondering about before he goes however Pig God points out that air needs more medical attention than he does and I'm not gonna lie I honestly assume the guy was just dead I guess even an A-Class hero can survive being shot in the throat Pig God points out one more thing as he makes his way through the rubble there might.

Be other survivors in the monster Association and he is certainly on the money with that considering black s is right there hearing everything sweating even more now black ass curses the fact they might survey the area again once all the people are gone the former executive gets out of his hiding spot looking for a new one that can keep him.

Alive a bit longer the reason he's worried is because well he's the only cell left he wouldn't be able to face most Heroes like this looking more depressed than ever he contemplates where to go and how the monster Association ended up defeated price the focused black ass reminds us that it needs proteins to strengthen himself and.

Possibly to create more cells to combine with he calls them emergency extra lives and that sounds an awful lot like Mario and his mushrooms shockingly black s is so weak right now that even a puppy could take him down and considers eating some bugs to remedy that in case you didn't know insects are one of the living creatures with the highest amount.

Of protein in them unfortunately for black s though he comes across a cape Baldi rather than some bugs we see saitama smiling at whatever he's discovered in the rubble it turns out holding a building above his head that it is his old apartment Janos congratulates him on the find while black s does an insane breakdance move.

From his hiding spot from the shock even if no one else saw saitama's naked final punch on cosmagaro Black s certainly did as shown through the flashback and this is the accurate reveal of the title he's the last guy I want to run into with the smallest of sounds behind them genosis sensors are alerted to a presence while saitama happily stares at the remains of.

His possessions poor guy I hope he at least finds his piggy bank black ass shakes with fear at that certain that he's the target of Genesis piercings there but instead he calls for saitama holding up a smaller but still large Rover I don't know about you but I worry sometimes for saitama's memory he doesn't seem to recall fighting Rover.

And doesn't recognize the dog anymore now that it is shrunk down in size but I'll give it to him since he looks like a kid on Christmas morning black s is surprised possibly pleased to see another monster survived of course he sees it as bad luck that Rover is lost most besides and likely Can't Fight The Duo who discovered the dog monster.

Through his imagination they are depicted as cool giant shrouded in Darkness ready to destroy a helpless monster black s sees this as harsh luck and even prepares to run away to avoid being caught next and man can you imagine if these two chose to kill Rover it would certainly change my view of them especially with saitama who tends.

To prefer to talk things out beforehand at the last moment though black ass turns around and sees Rover being gently lifted into the air by saitama the panel itself is really cute and honestly wholesome regardless of the two monsters found in it seeing that black s can't help but keep watching saitama exclaims what a nice dog surprising no one saved.

For the monster in hiding our hero keeps looking down at the small Rover while black s observes and analyzes the situation he wonders if saitama likes animals and that's why he is taken to a mini Rover eventually he begins to recognize that saitama will avoid nila's violence when possible which especially makes sense for someone who kills most.

Things with one punch at that black s begins to have some hope that he can survive by joining along with Rover we shift to the two Heroes discussing Rover and saitama taking a liking to the dog whom he previously trained pretty quickly Janos even wonders Vicente always liked dogs and it turns out that it was just recently probably in the.

Monster Association headquarters but seeing saitama smiling so happily and him being able to enjoy a fairly normal moment is nice interestingly genos is shown darkening looking more and more evil behind saitama as he says they are indeed cute are they not so yeah genos is definitely jealous here as saitama's attention is being sent to this dog as.

Opposed to him however this is interrupted what channels gets called away back to the hero Association headquarters though he was in the middle of saying that the cost of food for Rover would be expensive we all know saitama to be a Frugal Penny Pincher and so that was one last jab By Janice before he goes to try and convince his.

Master not to take Rover in putting that aside black s becomes the focus again and settles on his decision to try and join their group and I can't argue with him thinking that there wouldn't be a safer place and to live with your strongest enemy though if you have returned on that person you wouldn't survive for very long even thinking that.

Black s is still sweating bullets preparing himself to come out from hiding with a weird sound or an attempt at making animal noises black s jumps out with saitama looking on in confusion still cuddling Rover I'm sure you're wondering if black s's plan will succeed and well I guess we'll just have to wait and see until the next chapter know for.

Sure but what we do know is that genus is not as pleased to saitama to have a new pet dog maybe because he knows how scatterbrained his master can be at times with that said what do you think will happen next will black s become just another pepper Kate baldi's household and also let us know how hyped you are to have the return of one punch.

Man after this Hiatus as always I'm slash otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you foreign