King can't really fight and his luck is somewhat questionable but what he can do without fail is be in the right place at the wrong time an example of this was him receiving a visit from a giant crow inside of his apartment as he is playing video games with saitama luckily there to help kill the flying monster but there's more to the man with the.

Prominent scar in order to get a full picture of king we need to look at his life beyond his hero status and analyze his simple and solitary way he lives by asking ourselves who is king and how did he become a member of the saitama group looks and abilities king has long slicked back blonde hair and bright blue eyes he's also very lean and tall as.

Well as older than both saitama and genos however he's still only 29 years old and younger than many other s-class heroes before the start of the series king had much shorter hearted hair that more closely depicts his loner and homebody nature prior to gaining a role in the hero association just meant as a tease king actually passed by in the.

Very first episode of the anime wearing a hoodie a cap and a backpack likely full of games and a few seconds afterwards a monster begins devastating the area nearby why mention this well if you know king then you also know that trouble is never far behind with saitama usually cleaning up the mess we're gonna be getting into everything king can do.

With his limited power but before then don't forget to drop a like and subscribe to plot armor where notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best one punch man content on the platform plot armor has you covered king is also referred to as the strongest man on earth and the hero's hero but since.

These titles were actually due to saitama's acts of heroism he has to resort to intimidation tactics so he can avoid dying when faced with threats the most infamous of king's abilities is his king engine though believed to be the sound of him preparing for battle it is just king's heart beating so loudly that it can be heard from the outside in fact.

The more anxious and afraid king is the more effective it is on his opponents due to the sound increasing accordingly this wouldn't work without king's reputation of being one of the strongest men and also his severe expressions speaking of which king also relies on his intimidating face to destroy monsters or villains from attacking him.

With king having no known fighting prowess to rely on he has perfected his glacial stare towards enemies he has even scared off monsters he didn't even know were there just by putting on his battle face during the raid on the monster association not only that but one of the monsters got so scared it stabbed itself to death with its bones.

Along the same vein i'd also include king's ability to keep a straight face to be one of his strongest techniques even when inside he's absolutely terrified and ready to bow down and beg for his life like during his fight with platinum s his facial expression is stern and cold almost blank revealing nothing of his true thoughts i mentioned.

Earlier the king's luck was questionable but how does it function as an ability well for starters king has the misfortune of attracting the attention of mysterious beings whenever he goes out to buy a video game or even at home also since his reputation paint him is such an impressive man he is forced to deal with attempts on his life from.

Criminals as well this might make it seem like king is constantly in danger or on the verge of dying but his luck also tends to keep him alive if it were for heroes like saitama arriving in the nick of time though saitama wishes he could arrive sooner king would have been long dead in fact king was only giving credit for saitama's deeds because he.

Just so happened to be there and just so happened to survive thanks to the hero's interference and that's why i wouldn't quite say it's good or bad luck it's just luck that sways back and forth like a pendulum and we can only hope that it continues to keep king alive a bonus talent that king has is his gaming skills long before gaining his hero name.

King won gaming tournaments all the time and his expertise persists even now because any time he plays against saitama he obliterates him and leaves the bald man fuming but he has also beaten garo suru and a number of other strong opponents easily in fighting games where they were using vr sets to show off real martial arts and he was.

Only using a gamepad aside from those abilities king also uses king hand his analytical skills and his ultimate hellfire burst wave motion cannon if king's heartbeat does not scare off his target then he tries placing his hand on their shoulder to further intimidate them and dissuade them from fighting him this move is called king hand alluding.

To it being a heavy hand of a higher ranking person with more power behind them on the other end of the spectrum king also employs his gaming expertise and abilities to strategize and predict his opponent's moves within a battle ensuring he can make it out somehow this relies heavily on verbal bluffs instead of physical ones such as pointing out.

The uneven ground between homeless and burst feet to trigger a slew of worries that weren't even in his mind until king said it but we'll be going more deeply into that confrontation later saving the best for last we have to discuss kings ultimate hellfire burst wave motion cannon which not only helped defeat the vomited ugly but cemented his position.

As a hero's hero a number of s-class heroes around were either incapacitated like tatsumaki or putting all their hope in king being the victor like child emperor in terms of how it looked a massive blast of energy is shot from king's hand to demolish his enemies within seconds of impact including monsters like platinum s with this.

Destructive speed and power not many heroes could even compare to that level of talent save for saitama and you know what since we're on the topic let's get into how the two men first met this is king's first meeting with saitama pre-series before saitama became the overpowered baldy that we all know and love he was a normal guy just like king.

Who would cross paths with vicious monsters who helped save helpless people around that time when saitama still had hair and got plenty injured king was attacked by one of those random monsters in fact the pink tentacle monster slashed his face so badly that he ended up with the three deep marks across his eye that became somewhat of a trademark.

At this point king was going by his real name which isn't known to the audience just yet and saitama wasn't acquainted with him king was simply a poor soul bloodied from being in the way of a monstrous rampage the very first monster were introduced to in the story vaccine man is killed by saitama but the credit wrongly goes to king he just so happened.

To be in the area and fell on the monster's body parts and the same thing would happen over and over again saitama would kill a monster and king just so happened to be the person who was still there when his corpse was found and with this repeating enough times king gained his notoriety and reputation for killing strong mysterious beings when in fact it.

Was all saitama's work afterwards without even passing the hero test king was sent an s-class certificate and given his current ranking alien conqueror's arc when well-known fortune teller shibawa dies all the s-class heroes are called to meet with saitama also in attendance there we are given our first glimpse of a stern-faced king.

Uttering no words during the entire meeting as the aliens begin to attack a city saitama creates a hole in the sturdy building to check out the situation and king climbs through that same hole as he has asked his opinion on what to do seeing as his spaceship is too high to reach for one king tells them the truth nothing i can do but.

Because of who he is and how he's perceived they don't understand that king is being honest and explaining that he's just a regular guy with no super jumping or flying powers and no way to smash the ship and kill aliens surprisingly king notices that the ship is dormant and that it is a good time to call for other heroes like metal knight.

Stay charged with the situation but of course tatsumaki who doesn't believe in leaving her fate to others gets mad at this and it clears she'll just do it herself all the while super alloy dark shine is trying to calm her and warn her that she might get killed by king if she pisses him off the king engine is going off loudly at this point and you would.

Think that heroes that train and build their bias to the extreme wood immediately senses someone like king has no special powers but i guess that's one of the mysteries of one punch man needless to say king stays out of this battle and it was a good idea considering how strong boros turned out to be.

King arc yeah that's right king has an arc named after him short as it may be besides appearing in the first episode before even saitama king also has a starring role in episode 1 of the following season our first look at king's abilities comes as he encounters a perverted mysterious being called tongue stretcher this monster used to be.

Human but loves reptiles so much that he transformed into this and now intends to use his long vile tongue to harass cute girls in the panic of everyone fleeing king's hat is blown off and his frightening stare is revealed a dark aura surrounds king and the monster openly admits to being startled by him as king's engine begins to charge up and.

His expression darkens tongue stretcher is overwhelmed with fear deep down king just wants to stop being a hero but with everyone around cheering him on he has no choice but to continue this facade thankfully the monster knows of king and his deeds so he collapses to the ground and begs for forgiveness king continuing to feel burdened by this situation isn't.

Doing a single thing and now the monster is having seizures as said by someone in the crowd with the monster taken care of everyone starts to surround king and we get the sense that he is really uncomfortable both with the attention and the amount of people there when people speak to him he doesn't mind but when a man asks for a handshake he just.

Says he's busy as he probably knows that if he shakes one person's hand then they'll all be lining up soon enough and he won't be able to get back to playing his games after getting away king makes his way back home when he comes across machine guard g4 who intends to kill him even in the face of him in danger king does not break from the persona that the.

Public believes in he calmly states you're aware i'm king class s rank 7 hero and the strongest man on earth fully expecting this to make the killer robot back down instead king's words just spurred on further making it draw its golden blade from its back as the wind from the giant blade blows king's hat off his king engine begins to rev up.

Meanwhile the onlookers are commenting about no monster having survived after hearing the engine completely unaware of how terrified king must be a battle machine has no sense of preservation the way a monster or a human would so having a reputation like kings means nothing when g4's goal is to simply gather intel for his creators and measure strength of.

Heroes it's like expecting to be able to scare a toaster before a jump scares you not gonna happen luckily g4 says he only wants to fight king at his full power and king uses that as a means to stall the fight he tells a robot that he needs to use the bathroom otherwise he won't be able to focus on the fight and the data g4 will acquire will be inaccurate.

King uses verbal bluffs to the fullest here knowing he has no other way out more understanding than we'd expect of a monster g4 allows king all of 10 minutes in other words king has 10 minutes to either find a solution or come to terms with lots of people being killed because of his escape what do you think he chooses well after a meltdown of the.

Bathroom with tears and sweat king can't even handle the situation with no one around it is easy for him to admit that his king engine is nothing more than his cowardice being exponentially worse than normal people in the face of danger admittedly king knows he wouldn't be facing his current predicament had he told the hero association the truth he.

Was given credit for someone else's hero work with king's stomach twisting into knots and making some gnarly noises g4 begins to battle nearby and as much as king is convinced he's the most cowardly human alive he still tries to come up with some kind of plan although not that he thinks very long since he quickly just runs back home covering his face.

This points the king knowing there are many other heroes potentially around to cover for him and fully relying on them i think if king knew he was one of the few heroes able to face g4 or any other monster he would have come clean long ago to avoid having people's deaths on his conscience once at home king completely calms down and enjoys his.

Dating sim doki doki sisters too while talking to himself he is so enthralled with what's going on on screen that he doesn't notice saitama's arrival nor his suggestion for a character name to use after a moment of ten staring and trying to regain his composure king uses his hero voice on saitama to intimidate him into leaving his apartment when the.

Topic switches into video games king can't help but show his true colors and even feel embarrassed for his current game choice besides being shot in saitama's blase way of treating people who are ranked higher than him he is also uncomfortable with him acting so friendly when king is older his opinion of saitama obviously changes later when.

He sees what he can do as saitama continues to pressure king about why he left the fight and whether he is so strong he is bored of fighting monsters king can't find anything to say with sweat dripping more and more off of his face eventually when saitama is about to leave a giant chrome monster comes crashing into king's apartment on the.

22nd floor saitama blindly comments that monsters must be attracted to him for some reason but king internally agrees with yeah i've always been super unlucky king furthermore adds that it has been getting worse lately interestingly without his rank king was always confronted with dangerous monsters but the fact that it's more now has nothing.

To do with him being unlucky it stems directly from him being an s-class hero and one that monsters like we want to confront in order to test themselves not to mention a lot of criminals want to get rid of king to ensure their activities are not interrupted with saitama questioning whether king will fight the bird monster king's resolve.

Begins to crumble and he finally decides to tell someone the truth as he is certainly not aware of the person he is telling it to it's clear that king expected them to die and at least wanted to get that off his chest before the end but it wasn't the end saitama kills a monster while king soils his pants making it all the more clear who the.

True strongest man is this whole time king was so afraid and trapped in his own mind that he hadn't realized who saitama was even though he had already encountered him hearing are you okay from saitama in his sane confident and neutral tone triggers king's memory of the man suddenly he knows exactly who he is even with the loss of hair and he.

Can't help but cry realizing the mistake he has made he has stolen this man's identity his reputation his position in society king makes himself very small his hands on his legs as he sits prostrated before saitama not quite being lectured but something close to that defeated king is more than shocked that all saitama wants is to play games.

With him once in a while some time later king does play games with saitama a team game but instead of sharing and trying to work together he insists he can do it all by himself and saitama doesn't need to be involved which sounds eerily similar to how saitama faces monsters never needing any help in that way they have parallel mentalities considering.

They both know what they're good at and want to do it alone also when king is playing games he has the same bland and somewhat cool personality that saitama gets when he is facing threats fubuki group while fubuki is busy trying to recruit saitama king stops by to ask whether or not he has his game and the expression he makes as he appears is.

Straight out of the shining popping his head in the door and fabuki then makes an understandably frightened face hit him being there as it turns out saitama deleted king's save file of his game i was afraid to tell him because of how bad he felt fabuki sitting with the boys cannot comprehend why someone like king is visiting this low level on a sumihiro.

In her mind s-class should not be mixing with lower classes and king should certainly not want to be around a b-class this may seem like a mundane scene in king's life but it gives hibuki more insight into who he is as a man as well as jenos and saitama normally he keeps himself and no one knows anything about his personal life but now fubuki.

Was given a free glimpse and though saitama's worried about king's reaction to the game debacle king ends up taking it pretty well maybe because he knows he can replay it easily he is a master gamer after all hero hunt arc interestingly as garo is looking through tarya's book with him tareo points out king as his strongest s-class hero in.

Terms of ranking king wouldn't be the strongest hero but apparently many people think he is despite being rank 7 overall maybe that's why tario feels so comfortable asking king for help savangaro when he begins to monsterize later on king is contacted by the hero association to be a bodyguard for the investors due to the growing monstrous.

Threat in society keeping his voice serious as usual the king persona activated he declines because he is busy battling a monster when in fact the reality of the situation is one he can't be a bodyguard since it would ruin his reputation and the truth to come out and two he doesn't want to because he'd rather be playing video games king is a.

Master of manipulating the truth in order to get out of tough situations and this is no different he's technically not lying when he says he is fighting a monster and about to reach a boss because he is and that makes his bending of facts more believable even if he is just talking about a video game but because king turns down the request.

Metal bat is called instead but lucky for king he didn't have to face his centipede that showed up super fight arc during the super fight tournament the monster association sends out dozens of monsters to destroy everything cause chaos and injure humans as monsters terrorize multiple cities and saitama learns about martial arts.

Through the competition king busies himself with video games as per usual the only reason he is alerted to anything going on is because his power goes out he finally removes his headphones and notices the emergency sirens blaring outside warning everyone of the ongoing attacks not much later king decides to take a bike ride with a.

Disguise into the city since alarms have stopped he ends up bumping into saitama who was walking back from the tournament king had been hoping to buy a manga he wanted but because of the terror all these stores were closed when he looks at saitama he notices something is off this is interesting considering kate baldi usually has a neutral even bored.

Expression on his face which makes him hard to read unless he gets angry from losing to king in video games since king could tell right away how bummed saitama was it is clear how much he has honed his observational skills king despite not being much of a people person offers an ears to saitama even suggested he keep hoping for the best and not give up.

On his hair this of course ralph said tama up since he wasn't worried about his baldness he's worried about how he is so strong that no one can even offer a challenge being weak himself king doesn't understand why being too strong is an issue soiru had thought the same thing and from a gaming perspective being good or strong may see game easier.

And causes less stress but even in terms of heroics king finds that reaching a milestone like that would be useful in order to complete hero work because saitama thinks that king can only analyze in terms of gaming he says that his power level would be like king reaching a level cap on a character king counters that example with the fact that.

There are other things to do in the game regardless like item collection interacting with other players and breaking records and you know what despite this referring to games it is actually pretty sound advice if saitama only focuses on how strong he is and not on how the public perceives him nor how other heroes feel about him then of.

Course he is going to feel like there is nothing more he can do as a hero when that advice doesn't seem to appease saitama king offers some more gems join a club go on a trip meet people outside of his work but saitama knocks everything down which causes king to just start getting annoyed sounding more wise than ever king continues with his.

Observations of saitama's behavior he's bored but he's not willing to make an effort and he refuses to leave his comfort zone to experience new things these are some pretty great points although i can't say that king is the best person to be complaining about this considering he is a loner who stays at home all the time to play games but.

That's another story eventually king kong saitama down by reminding him that life is a great unknown that isn't like a video game with an expected ending there's a difference between becoming the strongest and being the strongest hero funny that as i said before people consider king the strongest hero even with his ranking having said that king.

Reminds saitama that a hero's job isn't to kill all the monsters and be content with that but rather to save as many people as possible even if saitama points out that king shouldn't be lecturing about hero work king is right to tell him that being the strongest doesn't equal being the best taitama himself feels like he always arrives a.

Little too late when he is meant to save people and that could be something he very well works on but in the end we can't really give king too many props for his deep and insightful speech because he took it all from a manga which i imagine we all have to some extent before king does manage to get saitama out of his rut by inviting him.

Over to play games and allowing him a handicap saitama insists he won't even get mad if he loses because he feels so numb but once king mentions he'll only be using two fingers taitama's blood is boiling the game is back on but before they get to king's place garo comes across the two heroes completely ignoring saitama he remembers seeing.

King in tareo's book he even has his photo on his wall attempting to hunt king gar rushes in intending to predict his next move one of dozens of scenarios just as garo is in front of king startling the scared man saitama swiftly kicks him aside had saitama not been there king would have stood no chance demonstrating once more his pendulum of.

Good and bad luck coming together visibly shaken and sweating king admits he had no idea who he is but when saitama asks about any news he tells him about both the monster attacks and the hero hunter not realizing they just neutralized him when gar awakens all he remembers is facing king and imagining all the ways that king could move next.

He drags himself out of the clothing store he was kicked into holding his sides in pain though wanting to attack death gatling next he realizes king gave him much more damage than he imagined too bad it was actually saitama but it's the norm by now in the next scene we jump to king vs saitama with saitama pumped up and screaming.

Over and over again king calmly sighs while saying yada yada and proceeds to destroy saitama in the fighting game with just two fingers as promised king successfully completes a 99 hit combo against saitama's giant monster character with his sexy bunny girl at least king feels bad for the combo considering it was a 5 minute endless.

Attack that leaves saitama a drooling mess this dynamic is also very reminiscent of how cytometry speedo sounds sonic don't you agree especially if you remember how bad saitama felt when he accidentally hit his knuckle on sonic's parts monster association arc king and saitama continued playing video games to see monster association a waste.

Hero's arrival and at the same time garo becomes more and more monster-like king also continues to win but that goes without saying then a sudden ringing noise appears and king remembers that he has a device that sends out distress signals in his shirt pocket but king notices that another hero is already on the way there with jenno's missing king.

Asks where he is and saitama admits he hasn't been back since yesterday this worries king more so than saitama because he is aware of the monster situation going on consider that if king never noticed jenos was missing and didn't worry for safety would saitama have checked on the young cyborg seems to me that king might have saved him as.

Well as bang and bombs lives by getting saitama involved with the elders had to be destruction before getting to the location where elder centipede is king has he foresight to ask for information from the hero association he wants a way to provoke the giant bug with the association expecting him to lure it away from the injured heroes once he's.

There king does not hesitate to conjure up every last drop of his courage and poker face powers to get elders and zippy to come his way he shouts with a loudspeaker not stuttering once spewing all the insults he could think of while also tempting the monster with blast's name as cowardly as king is he doesn't hold back even telling elder centipede.

That he ran away pissing himself because of blast even a stronger hero and by that i mean one that can actually fight might just be petrified in the face of this massive monster so if nothing else our boy king deserves some praise for this tactic not only that but king already thought of the risks involved like the small time frame as well as a.

Blast radius that can be caused from facing elder centipede everything is well assessed and planned for with saitama having the simple job of just showing up at the right moment and punching the centipede into oblivion later king plus bang and bomb are shown hanging out with saitama and genos recovering from the hard-fought battles.

Fubuki arrives wondering why more and more people are outside thomas place not to mention they're also relaxed and uncaring of the eminent dangers from the monster association though side timeout blows off her freak out of how dire the situation is king agrees that it is not the usual but thanks to fubuki the gang is made aware of the distress signals.

They've been missing due to their broken gadgets eventually jenos attacks a high-speed person arriving and shoves king out the door completely obliviously pool of sweat forming all over king's body luckily it turns out to be dr caseno with some meat but the fact that king faced the enemy must prove that he's getting braver in some ways right.

Unless he was only brave because he knew all the heroes were inside the apartment to back him up in case he needed help too bad he hasn't gotten physically stronger though he misses out on the hot pot with all these strong people around stealing every piece and knocking him out after waking up king brings outside thomas garbage still covered in the mess.

From yesterday's fight the monster and the hot pot in spite of missing the meal and being knocked out king appreciates the good rest he got seized thomas city is quiet due to the monsters living there and a lack of population but he realizes that having to deal with monsters all the time wouldn't be worth living in a peaceful area back at his.

Place the hero association staff are looking for him when they ask where he's been and he tells him the city you know the one that's abandoned and full of monsters they mistake the hot pop mess on his clothes for remnants of monsters he has killed king is brought into headquarters because now that rinky's team has a return with his son he needs.

To rely on heroes as he should have to begin with king is escorted to where his hero teammates are and with perfect timing since they were all at each other's throats and uncooperative as usual his aura is overwhelming and fills up the room as soon as he steps in funnily enough sweet mass rough way of speaking and constant questions catch.

King off guard and nearly makes him tell the truth as to where he has been but the staff members who brought him quickly cover it up without knowing and help repair his image i mean even tata maki is impressed by the story of king who was fighting monsters all night but it also guarantees his spot on the counter-attack against the monster.

Association yikes king flees the meeting hiding in a room he assumes is empty too bad that bang's also in the room and manages to startle him when he asks what are you up to it's really the perfect question because king certainly wants to find a way out of the mission without them noticing and he's been caught but as bang presses king for more.

Information he can't help but let him know about the s-class heroes headed underground he gets pressured so much that his king engine begins roaring and even zombie man can hear it through the walls with nothing to lose now that king has spilled the beans he has to come up with a new plan he has been assigned an entry point to the monster association.

But he is meant to go alone we all know that could only go wrong so in order to avoid certain death king convinced his band that they bring genos and saitama with them and since the monsters can be found under z city all they have to do is meet at saitama's place like usual with a plan like this what could go wrong a lot goes wrong like king ending.

Up alone in the base but we'll get to that as discussed king misi heroes at saitama's place but the bald hero has already gone ahead of them with the true strongest man out of round king's mask of bravery slips ever so slightly and now he is sweating with no idea what the next move should be he figures they should wait for saitama for one because.

He is the only one who knows the truth about king and fabuki agrees but not for the reason you'd think she announces them as being the new fabuki group which we can also refer to as the saitama group seeing as they are always somehow together in the end jenos the poor innocent naive boy they is says it's better that they go first while he stays.

Behind to wait for saitama in other words king is back to being in a tight spot while his heart rate skyrockets into space as expected king ends up alone separated even from the saitama group of friends feeling the blast of saitama's fighting with overgrown rover he can't help but be scared to death and i guess that's one good thing about.

Being alone he doesn't have to worry about keeping a straight face but all king can think about is why when they split into two groups did he end up by himself his math checks out however since they don't know his real abilities which i'd say lie more in mental attacks king got the short end of the stick all he can do is keep calm and keep moving.

Hoping monsters cross other hero's paths before they reach him and if that isn't enough king tries to erase his presence by becoming a cloud or a microbe if it had succeeded we could have added it to the list of amazing things he can do but instead a flying creature finds him seeking out the heroes to report back to psychos right after king flees from the.

Surveying monster his name is called and he nearly has a heart attack his face reflects a true form of terror honestly behind him stands a small boy laganma which if you've been following is now on the surface this fraud cries and pretends to need king's help but as he tries to approach king's engine goes off again now this is likely because the.

Shock he just got but it works perfectly to defer this fake wagon the boy stops and distracts at the sight of king's haunting expression though he tries to warn the child that he's not the right hero to rely on everything he says sounds like a threat because a fake knows he's trying to trick king even if the intimidation tactics this time.

Weren't done purposely they still worked the more king tries to tell the child how useless he is and how pointless it is to believe in him the more his gaze turns dark and threatening when he says it will only turn into despair the monster can't hide his own fear and he is so frightened so certain nothing but death awaits that he dies from his form.

Melting apart and stabbing into his organs who else can say they killed a monster with fear alone king continues on still more than shaken about what he just experienced because of that his king engine is still banging into his chest when he comes across tareo the real tareo his expression remains cold and evil a deadly glare aimed at the.

Lost child if warfare king hadn't just seen an imposter he would have been more welcoming of tareo yet even with his unwelcoming stare tareo cannot help but feel relieved at seeing him and rushes forward but king won't fall for the same trick twice even if it's not a trick with the same confidence he tells a boy that is useless because he already knows.

He changed his look to a piercing gaze his eyes round and sharp like bullets when tario has no idea what he's talking about king approaches with an accusing tone and warns the monster off and wouldn't you know there was actually a monster waiting to attack behind tareo a small invisible monster shows itself and apologizes before running off where it.

Came from when king realizes his mistake and remembers who he is at least to the public he calms down and offers his hand to tario let's not lie though we know it's more to comfort himself on their way back up to the surface king has to climb stairs with tareo his heart pounding because of how out of shape he is tario instead takes it to mean that.

He is raring to go into battle when they discover an elevator the relief on king's face is one of a kind it's an odd elevator that requires water to fill a bucket in order for them to go upwards and they have no choice but to watch and wait unfortunately in the time they're waiting saitama starts fighting with orochi's long limb spreading throughout.

The tunnels he ends up breaking some pieces of the wall and it drops inside the bucket connected to the elevator after much screaming and panicking due to the elevator's wall movements not to forget the tremors caused by tatsumaki's fight king and tario are protected by a telekinetic protective orb and tario calls it king super king state it is not.

In fact even this light surrounding them cannot protect them from the breaking of the elevator cable as they begin to fall king tries his best to slow the fall with the hand brake but his arms are not strong enough to force a stop but as luck would have it king and tario's elevator crushes part of roche's squishy body and it not only slows their descent.

But also helps him get out of that death trap king lands on the pavement with tyreio close to his chest on top of him we gotta be proud of him for at least trying to protect the young boy just then jenos asks where saitama and the rest are but king has no idea since he has been alone this whole time the remnants of hiroshi's body tries to.

Close in on them and absorb them but jenos new additions make it easy to destroy these sticky globs for the most part king stays away from the fighting by using tario as a shield and an excuse besides even the other s-class heroes couldn't face psychos in her ultimate form king tells genos they should leave the fight into tatsumaki not even.

Knowing how scared he is under wraps everyone is too busy watching the psychic power battle anyways and tatsumaki watching king leave thinks he made the right decision because of her abilities and the scale of the fight king may be the strongest man but he is still ranked number seven meanwhile king is just released to be running as fast.

And as far away as possible with tario in front of him still i can't help but be impressed by him putting the little boy's safety first even if it also works in his favor because if he was truly the big scaredy cat that he thinks he is wouldn't it be easier to run ahead and hope the kid makes it but no it's not what he's doing he's going at tario.

Speed to make sure he gets away safely king's worst enemy returns though stairs as tario runs up the staircase easily king goes slower panting and sweating but when the building tips over from tatumaki twisting the city's map they're forced to run down these stairs instead king has been through numerous life-threatening ordeals and is still.

Not any closer to being safe after the obstacle course of death ends king and tario end up coming across a strange vehicle blocking their way in the middle of the road it's not visible but it is a nuisance nonetheless so king decides to go around it with metal bat having the same idea from the opposite side it turns out to be a reinforced vehicle.

With a quantum stealth shield that some lower ranked heroes were using to keep themselves safe from ambush it's cool and all but king just wants to know if it's possible for him to borrow a slab so he can run off undetected king then gets congratulated for saving tario by sekingar with king wishing he could say he was more helpful but knowing that he.

Wasn't so king gar share some powerful words about every person counting when they're doing the right thing in the right place king contemplates what that could mean for someone like him he remembers how even if he couldn't fight elder centipede he was able to lend a hand by getting his attention with that king results would be useful in the same.

Way until a stronger hero can make a difference with his assistance he will be like a stone which metal bat takes as king being humble but before king can go taro makes a request of him please save garo and don't bully him however king isn't told his name nor does he know who tadeo is referring to since he only calls him uncle metal bat the absolute.

Mad lad riggs up a slingshot for him and king to use to get back to the battlefield and lend a hand now i don't know about most of you but if i was told i'd be climbing into a giant slingshot just to avoid some cracking streets i take my chances with the cracks but king is pulled back and forced to go so he doesn't resist holding onto metal bat.

For dear life shaking while putting on a brave face for the kids he is flung so fast that he barely has time to control himself and his loud screams until metal bat reminds him to be quiet and shushes him luck must be encouraging king to do good deeds because he lands into a sports net and falls down into a bush without much injury though king's fear.

Is mostly unwarranted from where he is as the heroes facing the monster executives are in much more danger tatsumaki has used up most of her power fighting psychos sweet mask is ripped apart by ugly tank top master can barely keep himself from being chewed alive bubuki has no energy left after deflecting rover and saving generals.

From an explosion and bang bomb and genos can only do so much they need king when everything seems absolutely hopeless king does what he does best he bluffs the hell out of everyone much like his namesake king stands on top of rubble his arms cross confidently and his shirt blowing in the wind his heart rumbles with the king's engine we know.

So well as he faces down black s and goldenness among others king continues to keep his gaze steely and locked on the seat of black s discussing how to deal with him now he's also got the attention of evil natural water and homeless emperor though he finally speaks to let out a cocky laugh this is unlike any other situation king has been.

In these monsters are at the peak of their power his king engine did nothing but make them seek out the sound with bloodlust his intimidating bluffs won't work this time and he knows it too well because that's just how powerful these executives are when he considers how to get out of this deadly game he's in king hears someone call his name and.

Brightens up immediately thinking in saitama it is not king's luck is clearly swaying on the bad side right now his face turns blank and disappointed when he realizes it is child emperor and pretty pretty prisoner the stare down continues king tries to keep himself alive by not making any moves and the monsters take it as him waiting for them.

To make the first move in a way they are right since king definitely won't be the first to strike homer's emperor wants to test out king's abilities first intending to shoot his light energy at him which would vaporize him instantaneously but king of the bluff strikes again before homeless emperor launches his attack king's eyes widen.

And he turns very serious bringing his attention to the ground beneath his feet saying nothing but mundane things like those little chunks of rubble are unstable king successfully gets inside his opponent's head now homeless emperor's mind is reeling with thoughts and what-ifs worrying that he might be overlooking something about the.

Strongest hero king appears to him like a giant obstacle with no flaws able to smash any foe down into nothingness unknowingly homeless emperor turns the tables on king but mentioning that he'll show everyone the real him that gets a blonde man sweating laughing out of nervousness with his eyes wild with fear making him look pretty insane honestly.

But wouldn't you know luck returns to king because homeless emperor mistakes his comment about being just a regular human for a mark about himself homeless emperor loses cool and thanks to that zombie man can grab him and pin him down king one homeless emperor zero with that first loss black s begins to worry as well he wonders why evil natural water.

Is an attacking king and wrongly assumes it is because the hero abandoned his killing intent as to do that he would actually need to have some to begin with then comes child emperor's brilliant plan to group all the monsters up so king can unleash his super spark in king mode and release his greatest attack after hearing that and knowing child.

Emperor's brain doesn't work as well when he's low on sugar king understands that sugar levels are important but that's not all he also finds out that black s and goldenez combined makes up a massive 54 trillion monster to defeat even for a gamer like king this is way beyond fighting the final battle as chad emperor tries to make king attack before.

The merge happens we all know king kant platinum s is created king can't think of a way out of this mess anymore so he prepares to beg for his life and possibly forgiveness but his motions are so epic and strong that everyone watching is in awe and excited for what's coming next the heroes begin to cheer him on the hero's hero but king.

Only takes it as them pushing him closer to his own demise as they all get cut down for distracting from the fight platinum as always king's next move with a confident smile the two prepare for an attack at the same time king won't step away from groppling but deciding to finally shout ultimate hellfire burst wave motion cannon does he believe it'll.

Work no not in the least but does it well king doesn't suddenly develop powers but gar races in between them so quickly that he knocks over everyone and kills ugly as a bonus the timing is so impeccable that even king can hide his surprise at how well it went he stares at his hands in shock falling to the ground as he continues to question where.

That suddenly came from upon seeing saitama king presumes he is the one who saved them all he grabs his friend's shoulders with relief smiling and finally calming down so glad for this to be over now that saitama is around as porgaro is getting his credit stolen now while king continues to blubber and release attention he had built up he.

Notices geno's nearby and clears his throat the facade must be maintained at all costs king changes his story to how glad he is to has shown off his power to saitama he also suddenly switches topics by pointing out that genos did a good job saving tatsumaki released from the fight at last king focuses on helping the injured heroes just as he is looking.

Over tatsumaki blast makes his appearance and makes king's eyes go cartoonish utterly shot that blast knows who he is king has to school his expression back to a neutral one when he calls his name he is therefore tasked with taking care of tatsumaki as blast must go and she is still unconscious of the people there only king and saitama.

See into the portal that blast opens up and all the heroes inside that are clearly not of their world and just like that blast is gone as more monsters appear naval natural water turns into an ocean king is left stranded with atumaki surrounded by water and destruction at the same time fabuki arrives with their new group proud that they have all.

Survived king can't really recognize sanctum master though because of how bloated he is even with a flood and a vessel head of their way king can't help but panic but he does not abandon tatsumaki or the group somehow tank top master gathers enough strength to lift them all up including super alloy dark shine tank top master asked king to use.

His power to catch everyone but there is absolutely no way that could ever happen king makes up a lie about how these shock waves might hurt everyone so it's better not to rely on him saitama then appears to top the vessel unbeknownst to everyone else and king almost seeming to squeal at his arrival turns back into a proper bold hero and tells him all to.

Wait saitama as we all know can do some pretty impossible things and king believes in just that happening again the waves get deflected with none of them seeing thesaurus so king gets a credit for his good decision as he waves begin to rise again pig god rushes to them leaping with his mouth wide open and inhales them all the way swallow.

Them up just as he has them all safely in his mouth will there be any casualties who's to say but we'll have to wait and see how this unfolds although at this point i'm pretty sure we can all agree that it is unlikely that king will die though what's next for king since king told saitama he'd like to not let down the people who.

Truly believe he's a hero hopefully we'll see some kind of training arc for him in the near future or maybe he'll really retire from being a hero so we can go back to having a peaceful gaming life after all if you're expecting king to get some kind of power up don't the author said a while ago the king will continue to be just as he is a regular.

Guy as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you