Today I'm going to be attempting to make a Thanksgiving feast cake making the cakes was super simple I just used this box of Jiffy cornbread mix I mixed one egg with 1 3 cup of milk we're going to put one layer of our cornbread on Top Stuffing can be simpler I just brought up some water to the boil add some butter then poured the stuffing mix in.

I'm going to add a little bit of gravy oops gonna add another layer of cornbread I'm gonna add our sweet potato along with a little bit of fluff now we're going to put our third and final layer of cornbread on top we are going to frost it so I cooked up a little Cornish game hen.

They're really really cute and tiny look how cute it's about the size of my face so I'm gonna place my little cornish game in here next I'm going to garnish with a little bit of greenery look I'm so happy look this turned out beautifully.