Man oh man these onigima battles just continue to amaze in so many different ways there are so many fights going on simultaneously and oda seems to be making it his mission not to neglect even a single one with the previous chapter the members of cp0 would have a conversation in regards to the current happenings of the battlefield along with.

The plausibility of kaido actually being defeated here rob lucci would express that in the event that kaido were to be taken out the world government would seize direct control over the country but regardless of the outcome nico robin was to be captured and brought back elsewhere monosuke and yamato had split up for the sika covering more ground in.

Their efforts to avoid the disaster of odingashima colliding with the capital so while momentosuke worked diligently to produce flame clouds strong enough to support onygashima yamato rushed elsewhere to handle the armory beneath the skull dome so that the worst case scenario would at the very least be lessened from there we would see sanji.

Continue his struggle against queen the entire time tanju would wonder what in the world was going on with his body he would strike queen sure but the damage wasn't nearly enough to keep the behemoth down queen would then unveil a serpentine form of his in the most bizarre way possible but in doing so was able to constrict around the body of.

Sanji with a grip that had gotten the better of several armament hockey masters in the past and so when sanji walked away from this he looked absolutely ragged but even still he was alive strangely enough in fact he'd shift back into proper form rather quickly and so at this point it looks as though he has awakened his latent german.

Powers but while he contemplated this queen appeared from behind and struck sanji with his blade yet the impact against sanji's body was enough to shatter the blade queen could not believe his eyes while sanji was afraid of turning out to be a monster like his siblings with this lady chapter we pick up right from there as he blade would.

Clatter elsewhere both queen and his goons would wonder what exactly happened they would conclude that this could not have been armament haki as just then queen would recall a certain desire from judge back in the day something about making more durable humans with accelerated healing factors enhanced physical strength and finally hearts of.

Ice now this feat of durability was something that really impressed a little grandpa chopper but sanji was really concerned he did not want to end up like his siblings he did not want to become an unfeeling monster and so in his panic he turned around and just began fleeing from the battle again questioning what in the world was going on with his body.

He absolutely needed to figure out the cause for these sudden changes pretty much asking for a timeout as more than anything he feared he may lose his emotions but as he ran away he would be recognized by a number of kaido's goons who would then fire off shots at him all of which did connect however despite hurting on some level they were far from.

Lethal and instead more like an annoyance and boy was queen loving this he wanted sanchi to put on his raid suit and show him what germa's science was truly capable of what was ultimately a desire to prove his own technological superiority elsewhere kid in his fight alongside law against big mom had suddenly collapsed and during this.

Moment of weakness big mom would seize the opportunity to strike she'd call upon hera and napoleon to deliver the blow kid would simply continue to hold his head as law would have to step in against big mom to distract her he would use counter shock against her before being attacked by prometheus and all.

Throughout this kid could not get a hold of himself big mom would then slam napoleon downward striking the ground laying both the pirate captains out in the process kid would then think to himself that whatever was happening to him right now was not simply just a headache and this majorly frustrated him considering what was before him was a.

Shining opportunity the opportunity to take down a yonko and that if he were to die like this his pirating career would be a joke forever and yeah even big mom would speak of how rough kid was looking as if he would die on his own at any given moment from there we'll transition to the source of kids pain as hawkins was violently slamming his head into a.

Nearby structure as all the while killer would beg the man to stop as he laughed against his own will and to hawkins the fact that killer had eaten a smile fruit was pretty amusing from there a number of killer's allies would question why they couldn't intervene and help with the fight but killer was pretty adamant and would refuse their desires however.

They were all pretty panicked on account of the fires nearing their location from there a bloody killer would again beg hawkins only this time he would offer his own life in exchange for his captains hawkins however would not be very fond of this prospect and instead opted to kick kill her while he was down hawkins would furthermore express that.

Right now kid is fighting against big mom and probably believes this to be his chance to take down a yonko killer would tell him to stop getting in kid's way but to this hawkins would say that killer could take him out at any point with his sights if he was so sick of him although alternatively he was still open to a surrender and would even.

Offer to put in a good word with kaido for him and furthermore that the sidekiller was on had no chance of victory according to him the reason the yonko ruled the seas like they do is obvious to anyone who has seen them they are unbeatable and here we can all see just how frustrated hawkins is by this i imagine his dreams were all crushed.

Beneath the weight of kaido's power and so the mere idea of someone else fooling themselves into thinking they are better than that annoys him terribly and killer could see this too that hawkins had major regrets with the path that he had chosen here they were fighting against the odds he had deemed impossible while he simply proved himself to be a coward.

Hawkins would then draw his blade and express that they would see who made the right decision when this conflict was over and killer was alright with this all-or-nothing approach however he did have a few questions for hawkins firstly what happens if hawkins takes damage that has nowhere else to go hawkins didn't really seem to understand the.

Question as in a flash killer would slice off the left arm of hawkins hawkins would begin panicking in pain a severe degree of damage he never expected to sustain however kid does not have a left arm and so because he damage had nowhere else to go hawkins straight up lost his arm like he normally would killer would then remove the doll from.

The severed arm and ask his second question without this doll how many more lives did hawkins have as hawkins would admit that this was his final doll hawkins in his desperation would call forth a straw reaper of death which killer would take care of really quickly without any issue hawkins would draw yet another card to discern the outcome of.

Their battle and to his horror it was the tower card and with his sonic blade killer would finally put an end to hawkins and because of this kid was no longer struggling physically you see the tower card stands for great change an uprooting of the stylish order with a hidden meaning that indicated the opening of a new path entirely killer.

Would then urge his captain to do his absolute best and that was the chapter finally someone has taken hawkins down this guy's devil fruit was certainly one of the more annoying ones to deal with and so for me it is really nice to see him knock down a peg like this now in regards to this big mom versus kid and law fight these two young pirates have.

Plenty of potential yes but no way they actually managed to do anything too substantial here to be real with you big mom scares me several times more than kaido does so i just don't see her being taken down here if anyone is going to go down it will be kaido now in regards to sanji it's not as if his siblings have absolutely no emotions but rather a lack.

Of empathy what i imagine would be the greatest signifier of such a change would be a shift in his beliefs in regards to harming women not his attraction to women mind you as even his brothers are capable of that but instead a desire to save and protect women for the sake of chivalry now you know what i never really felt too connected to kid.

Or killer as characters beyond them simply looking cool but you know what i really enjoyed the killer content that this chapter provided for sure and hopefully you guys enjoyed the chapter as well if you did be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on to keep up with all that we do because when it comes to bringing you some of the.

Best one-piece content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you