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Sanji’s Evil Form Makes Luffy Look Weak – One Piece Chapter 1077


The cover page of One Piece chapter 1077 should have noticed sooner features Caesar Clown and judge Vin smoke they're exhausted from fighting each other and seems to be on the verge of a truce thanks to their shared realization that Dr vegapunk was the problem all along inside one of Egghead factories an interest sentimaru urges the Island's.

Inhabitants to evacuate immediately the Sci-Fi looking crowd can't help but wonder what's going on an especially questioned why the pacifists have been deployed all over Egghead surrounded by them all Santo Maru begins to speak about the island O'Hara which had been wiped off the world map one day he further specified that this was because.

They defied the world government as a refresher we're reminded that the island of Ohara had the largest Historical Library in the world the scholars were all killed by Marines for deciphering the pornoglyphs and lastly the only ones who survived the destruction was Nico Robin sent omaru figures that the world government is willing to eliminate the.

Smartest man in the world that they void all the pros and cons and will stop at nothing to erase him right now oh the situation on Egghead is shaping up to be worse than the events of ohara's Destruction which is saying something we're looking at an almost Marine forward Level news event already so Santo Maru is growing impatient waiting.

For Luffy to transport vegapunk cutting to the command room Luffy and Company are having a hard time with their opponents Luffy is using gear fourth while Luchi attacks with his human Beast form and even then they can hardly get a spirit of budge Kaku remaining in his human form goes after s hock with a tempest kick Slaughter while Zoro uses a.

One sword draw and sheath move but not even these powerful combinations can do much more than get their clothes dirty much to Luffy's disbelief Luffy is really frustrated now these two got back on their feet in no time it's to the point where he compares her durability to that of kaido's which as a guy who fought kaido longer than anyone else and.

Pulled out all these stops to keep him down that's a major statement in facing them Zoro comes with a sudden realization that the seraphim resemble his previous opponent on wano King this really surprises Shaka who's in disbelief that kaido had a lunarian on his crew which Zoro couldn't solidly confirm nor deny Jaco would then.

Recognize him to have been Alber a former Punk Hazard test subject that escaped lukaido I'm not sure why him being on the crew would be such a big surprise given the circumstances regardless King's blood is now being used by the seraphim with this information Zoro gives the other guys a heads up that they should look out for.

These flames on their backs since they're pretty much Invincible when they're lit Zorro even apologizes for causing them to waste energy but not noticing sooner but Rob Lucci is grateful for the information regardless but after Zoro described the matching characteristics Luchi joined Luffy and Kaku and yelling at him maybe Zorro.

Doesn't see color after all Filthy questions where Shaka is going and it turns out that he has an idea of where Stella might be as Hawk isn't willing to let him leave but is stopped by Zorro who yells at him to get out of their way since they're in a rush on the third floor of building a we get a very nice nice shot of Nami as she summons both.

Zeus and her own courage to face a shark although he looks like a kid version of her friend he's heard of her real friends she tries to verbally convince herself that he's not adorable while closing her eyes as Zoo supports her by proudly taking the initiative nami's big mom level lightning bolt actually flies a shark and Nami feels awful about it.

But as he fell as shark Splash into the ground using his green blood ability which Brooke noticed quickly going into a panic and shifting his head back in place Brook would cry out for Nami to run as Zeus himself was now shocked with disbelief as s-shar closed in on her like a hungry Predator Brooke prepared an attack but would soon be overshadowed.

By an angry Sanji Swift approach with both legs he strike and damage as bear more severely than Luffy and Luchi were able to against S Bear together having launched a shark off the map Sanju would check on nami's condition while yelling at the seraphim if he's managed to actually do some notable damage here despite as strong having his back flame.

Active we could be looking at a whole new level for Sanji it took Zoro pouring out all his hockey against King for him to win so it'll be interesting to see how Sanji does here and with a Sinister look Sanji is now determined to execute a shark for upsetting Nami now if you notice his eyebrow has flipped around this could be the cruelty of his genetic.

Modifications kicking in and when it comes to strength this all tracks well since Sanju was actually able to match King's Physical blows more easily than Zoro could back on onigashima on the third floor of building C pankulillah yells at a snake for turning York into stone we then get another nice shot this chapter as Lewis fires a bubble gun and.

A snake who easily Knocks The Creation aside we'll stop shocked for a moment before s snake suddenly collapsed and for the first time one of the seraphim begins to speak confused by what's happened lilithn explains that the bubble is made from sea energy making it the weakness of green blood and devil fruit users usop and Pythagoras begins.

Cheerleathon who enjoys the praise as Frankie decides to remain on task and capture the seraphim while they still can but a suddenly talkative snake would quickly yell and kick him away unfortunately the effects didn't last very long since the bubble only grazed her a snake would adorable pout and fire off more shots than jaw while Frankie.

Came at her from behind with a massive bubble in hand her observation hockey must be pretty lacking because Frankie did manage to kill her down with it usop and Lilith will begin these celebrations early as Frankie enjoyed his Triumph but once a snake appealed to his sensitivity he immediately folded and let his guard down and just like that she managed to.

One shot our boy Frankie and turn him into stone USA begins to panic while Lilith fires off countless shots all of which as snake was able to evade appearing before them like a cute little angel she managed to turn these two to Stone just as quickly this is now officially the fourth statue of Usopp in the one piece world the first was on.

Skypeia the second is on the tone taught a pirate ship usoland the third is Andres Rosa and now there's this one of the ryalusa this is a really big deal we're officially down to Straw Hat pirates for them to ever rejoin the story again and snake will need to de-petrify them not even the real Hancock can undo this this means that no.

Matter what some level of resolution with a snake is guaranteed and if she's speaking and communicating like this actual conversations become possible and like how Luffy is immune to Hancock's Powers because he's not into her like that because Luffy's like Michael Jordan when it comes to kids he'll probably be immune to her powers too if Hancock ever.

Finds out about this biological child refers and they're able to share a load for Luffy we could be looking at a whole new family Dynamic for the three but of course the Surefire way to get the seraphim to obey orders will be to have a high-ranking official make the decision so for all we know Luffy could end up forcing a member of the gorse to.

Make the call but at the same time what's up dropping a snake from destroying them now that they've been turned to stone this is quickly becoming one of the most challenging situations these straw hats have ever been faced with elsewhere things would only get worse underground in the former double through lab as Shaka made his way in.

He'd noticed several people being contained who would then wonder if he was the one responsible for their capture this devil fruit lab must have been abandoned for a very long time and completely untouched for some reason because Shaka had no idea these Cypher pull Asians were here at all meanwhile they weekly beg for their lives Shaka.

And Dr Vega pong Stella would then notice each other relieved to see his senior Shaka would wonder who did this to him but much to shaka's confusion Vega Punk would question who he'd come along with as we'd see the peaking of a gun and just like that Shaka has been shot in the head sudden deaths are hard to believe when it comes to one piece.

Especially after Kian mon but things are escalating quickly and nobody knows what's going on the straw has only tactical hope and the only one who knows Stella's location has been taken down Escape is looking impossible born peace community at this point seems to think the trader is either as Flamingo the neglected evil of vegapung's brain.

Spandam the yeti coolbrothers vivi's duck or Hattori what about you as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you